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A Hero's Lustful Journey [lVergill x Divinity Takahashi]


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The sound of the cheering crowd roars gently at the lonely village hidden among the forest and wild animals at the edge of the world which people hardly know Mithra village since this village had no connection to the big city of this continent. Nevertheless, the village became happy knowing they had a chosen hero to stop the tyranny of the Overlord ruling among their hand and soon letting Vergil go into his destined journey to explore every region to stop her ruling. The elder of Mithra village say his farewell to the young hero as he took his very first step into the forest hearing that monster girls lurk at every corner of this world and majority are loyal to the Overlord which does put Vergil on a large disadvantage. Still, after hearing from what people told him, he had to stop the Overlord despite people never catching a glimpse of her highness so he had to look around for clues and stop her generals from conquering more land. 

"It begins now then, I hope it isn't too late to stop her..." Vergil mutters. 

His right hand lift up for him to glance at this power before clenching it and thinking about how and where she is right now but his guess is infinite since the Overlord could be hidden well from everyone in the world. Equip with magic, he can walk around the forest holding his katana on his right hand but mostly using that weapon against male since Female will be tame by his power and maybe even join his cause which is a lot safer than killing them since he will not rely on death to do his bidding. 

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Divinity was perched upon a tall tree miles away from the little village. "Pathetic.. "she thought.  Here again, someone was set out to stop and destroy her. She smirks to herself as she feels her power swelling. The more land she conquered and souls she acquired, the more powerful she became and she would stop at nothing. No one knew her true form, not even her most trusted servants. She could not risk it. It gave her many advantages in her conquest. Many have tried and many have failed. She holds her hand up and stares, as the black power swirls around her hand. Just one touch. 

Her eyes gaze back to the "Hero" that had been named. She scoffed to herself. Why did anything thing they could challenge her and win? She would do whatever it took to take over everything she could set her sights on. She would turn this world into what she wanted. Her curvy body leans against the tree and she runs her hands down her body slowly, relishing in the fact of a new hero. Her body ached inside and all over at the thought. Her dark eyes peered one last time at the hero before she vanishes, awaiting for the right time to meet this new "Hero" on his journey to stop her. 

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The black-haired young man walks across the lively forest as his red eyes scan the perimeter of any trouble which he found none to find here and walk slowly to reach his next destination that could provide a good intel about where to find the Overlord or at least her a general faithful toward her. The morning sun slowly rises from the horizon as he decides to travel during the morning to have access to the strong sunlight and giving him vision compared to the darkness. Unaware that his presence alerts the all mighty Overlord that has take a good peek at the sturdy, young hero destined to change their fate once they meet and that could blossom into something new ungazed by the sister of fate. 

Vergil's small walk echoes in the forest stepping on dry leaves and stick that made him a bit on edge at the sound that could bring his attention know to any unlucky girls near him which he has no other choice but to tame them if possible. Bless with such unique power, he has a chance on beating the Overlord with the acts of sex which is a bit odd but necessary in order to make her pay by using her own allies against her. The goal for today is to travel this long, thick forest to reach the capital city of Lambert, a place where the queen resides and could provide him with supply and information regarding of the situation of their battle against the Overlord. 

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Divinity stays approached the capital building in Lambert. Her suspicions were right, that the Hero would bring him here in hopes of gaining an edge. Her fings tapped her chin lightly as she wavered on what do to. This new hero was enticing to her. So many nieve people put their whole faith into a single person. The idea baffled her. She did not quite understand the way humans worked and she could care less. They were weak and useless and soon, they were no longer be of any concern. She appears inside the capital building in search of the queen.

An idea appeared as she saw a young woman walking through one of the corridors. Her long pale blue hair ran down her back and she wore a light gray dress that flowed around her. Divinity appeared in front of the girl and hovered in front of her. She gazed into the young woman's eyes, boring her dark eyes into her soul. One of her many gifts was reading the souls of women. She was able to detect this woman worked directly for the queen. An evil smile appears on her lips as she lands softly on the ground and walks around the woman slowly. The woman was in a sort of trance unable to move. 

Divinity lightly chews one of her nails as a small evil rumble starts in her chest and escapes her lips. It would be easy to take on the form of this young woman who aided the queen. She would be able to insert herself directly in the line of sight of this hero without revealing who she was. This way she will be able to follow him on his journey to conquer the Overlord, completely oblivious to her presence alongside him.

She snaps her fingers and the young woman disappears and Divinity takes on her new look of the hand of the queen. Another evil laugh escapes her lips as she makes her way to the queen, awaiting for the hero to make his appearance. 

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Passing through the forest Mithra luckily enough to encounter nothing of the Overlord's loyal subject, Vergil has managed to reach the capital of Lambert and seeing the massive castle standing proudly at the middle of the town below. The strong wall could keep a massive beast from breaking through from the looks of it, he glances at the massive door looming across his horizon and approaches the door to begin his journey.

As Vergil took his first step in Lambert, he did see a large crowd of people booming in this town but not really surprising since this place is the capital of Xenia and not used seeing such large people hanging in one place like this. Their voice echoes in every direction as merchant stand is located at the sidewalk and not paying much attention since his mind is solely focus on the task in hand, beating the Overlord. His little walk has managed to take him into the heart of Lambert where the large castle from earlier is next to him and push aside the door to see the guard push aside knowing of his title which is a bit surprising that his title can reach all the way here. Still, the young hero pushes deeper into the castle to have an audience with the queen and enter the throne room to speak with the queen herself. 

"You must be Vergil, the hero correct?" The queen spoke. 

"Yes, I am indeed Vergil." Vergil reply, "So your majesty, what's the status on the war with the Overlord." Vergil questions. 

The queen remains silent look into the distant since judging by her silent and expression could easily be told Vergil that their war is not going so well lately due to the Overlord having such vast power hidden inside of her. Even so, Vergil clenches his fist since he has his own power to fight back against such a mighty creature that is capable of hidden and yet do so much damage on a global scale which is rather impressive for her. 

"In any case, why don't you rest up in one of the room? I have prepared your own quarter to stay while you rest for the night and we can talk more after your sleep. I do have my faithful servant that can show you into your room and help you around" The queen explains.

"Is that so? Where is she?" Vergil ask.  

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Divinity walks out from behind the throne the Queen was settled into. She steps up next the queen, turning toward her and bowing her head. The queen smiled slightly and gazed back at the hero. The queen did not notice the change in her servant. Good... she thought. The young girl stepped forward toward the hero. The light gray dress flowed behind her as she moved. It was weird being in a human body. It was not as luscious and curvy as her own but she would have to deal with in the meantime. This humans body was still gorgeous, she could feel men's eyes on her. It sent chills up her spine, knowing the power to control humans was so simple and deadly. These humans did not know how to control their lust and greed and it would be their downfall. 

She approached the hero and gave a soft smile. Her dark blue eyes contrasted her pale blue hair. "My name is Divi. Pleased to meet you. Follow me." She did not wait for the hero to respond before she walked past him into a separate corridor that was kept for guests. Her hips swayed slightly as she began to walk down the long hall towards the rooms. She did not say much because there she knew relatively nothing about this hero that is attempting to stop her reign. She would have to play this carefully and cautiously. Though he appeared human, he was chosen as the hero for a reason. 

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Vergil could see a young, beautiful appear on his line of sight since she seems a bit strange but couldn't put his word on it which is something instincts are telling him. After hearing her name with the simple instructions, Vergil follows into Divi's behind to see her hips swaying from left to right rather erotically which easily pull men to easily stare at her soft ass but Vergil resists such lust. After a painful follow toward his room, Vergil enters the luxury room to take a small breath of relief while thinking on what his next move is since the sun is still barely on the sky so he does have a chance to test his power.


After all, Vergil does need a partner who can share this experience with and hoping to fully tame a monster to make his adventure easy for him. It was decided, Vergil will use the forest nearby to fetch and have sex with a lucky or unlucky monster to tame them to join their cause. With that in mind, he turns to Divi who remain waiting for him in his room and walk past her to rally message. 

"Divi, If the queen is looming for me tell her I am looking for a partner bear the forest so I will come back during the night." Vergil spoke, before heading out.

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“What do you need a partner for? ” Divinity called from behind him. Her curiosity peaked when he stated he would need a partner and why he would be gong to the forest to find one. Interesting.. She thought to herself.  “Why don’t you rest for the evening. I’m sure your journey here was long and could use some rest. There is bath in the back of the room and I will bring you a hot meal.” Divinity smiles softly, she did not want to appear too pushy with her suggestions. 

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Vergil turn behind him to see Divi wanting to help him but he had no time to rest when the Overlord herself push her own limit to make Xenia fall into her grasp. Still, he could take a small bath to ease his mind for a bit and nod to that request since she is doing her work. The young hero return to his room to head into the back of the room to close the door but not lock it since he didn't believe anyone would be entering anytime soon. He remove every piece of clothing to reveal his sturdy, build body while opening the shower head to spray some water and wait for a bit. 

"Divi huh?....Why do I get a feeling that she is something special..." Vergil mutters.

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Divinity waits outside his bedroom door and peers in through the crack of the bedroom door and then peered into the bathroom as much as she could. She did not get to close because she did not want to alarm him. Her eyes changed from a shade of light blue to her normal deep onyx eyes. Her eyes were gifted at viewing others, past what the normal human eye can see. What was so special about him.. Why was he the chosen one?... The same questions revolved in her mind as she tried to decipher who this hero was. She needed to find out fast before he figured out who she was. She would to get a little closer to him and possibly follow him on his journey. 

She saw a glimpse of his body through the crack in the bathroom door and she could slowly feel the lust building in her body. She was made from seduction and lived and breathed it. it helped her bring the downfall to many of her enemies, human, and monster. She had to maintain her seduction aura, she had a feeling the hero would catch on. He seemed very keen to others around him and she couldn't slip.  But still, her onyx eyes continued to stare, almost lost and feeling this deep magnetism. 

He was going to be a problem. She blinked her eyes and in a flash, they were back to a light blue. She smiled to herself and made her ways to the queen's chambers to convince her that her humble servant Divi would be deemed to travel with the hero on his journey because of her extensive knowledge of the forest and the area surrounding the capital. 

Her new journey will begin. 

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As Divi left his chamber, Vergil glance behind him to see nobody there and feeling that strange sense that someone was watching him but it look like he was off on his mark which he ignored to enter the tub. Vergil sigh with relief to take a warm shower putting shampoo into his hair thinking on what to do next seeing that he is on the capital and the queen will rally some info about their current situation. Even so, the hero can't do much by his lonesome unless he has other monster girls to help on his aid since he is much compatible with human and an ironic at how his power work. To rely on monsters to help him rather than destroying them which is funny for a hero to get aid from random monsters but necessary to beat the Overlord and her powerful general lurking around each region of Xenia. 

After taking a warm shower, he came out to start on drying his build body and wrapping the towel around his waist while going out into his room which is empty since Divi left. He quickly lock the door for him to yawn a bit and looking outside to see the night sky already out which mean no time for looking for an ally tonight due to the danger of doing that in the night. After all, the night was an ally to the monster which is a huge risk considering his title and also Vergil always think of head while making the decision so he can easily make a good leader on his available choice that he has right now. With that in mind, Vergil heads toward the bed to relax and begin to sleep since tomorrow morning he will have another meeting with the Queen to talk more about the journey he need to do to save the world. 

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The next morning came and Divinity stood at the side of the queen sitting on her throne. She now wore a tight flowing black dress that was similar to her monster form. It made her feel a little more comfortable being in this new form. She did not know how long she would have to take this form but she did not really try to hide her seduction aura too much. She smiled to herself, she loved watching the humans suffer at the lack of their own self-control. It was highly amusing. Her long purple hair and was braided and tossed over her shoulder. She waited patiently for the hero to arrive to talk to the queen. 

"Yes your majesty, I would not mind joining the hero in his cause. If you will it, I shall accompany him. My people grew up in the outskirts of the capital and there have been rumors of one of the Overlords hideouts that her and her General use. It can not be seen with human eyes, but my small amount of magic abilities could make it seen, your grace." 

The queen nodded in agreement and they both waited for the arrival of the hero. 

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Morning came as the young hero woke up from his deep slumber before stretching in his room and slowly change in his usual attire before marching in the hallways to head toward the throne room. It didn't take any minute before Vergil enters the throne room to see the queen and Divi who has changed a bit since their last time which did catch his attention for a bit before turning toward the queen. Vergil stands at the front stage as everyone has gathered for the big future of Lambert and the whole continent of Xenia ever since Vergil has been gifted by the goddess above them which he didn't let the pressure get to him so easily. 

"Good morning hero. I have been informed that a general could be hidden at the town of Kanavan where Divi lives and she could help you find this hideout that could lead you to our first victory in battle. Therefore, I want you to take my servant and do what you like with Divi." The queen spoke, confident and soft. 

Vergil glance at Divi who look rather calm about this journey but in the end, she is still a human who couldn't help him or be compatible since Divi is a human. Even so, if Divi can help to guide him just for this mission alone then he can allow her to join him and find a partner during their travel. Taming a general seem a bit sketching so the hero won't try that idea just yet and had to find a random girl lurking around to fight against this general. 

"Normally, I wouldn't let a human join me but if she can help me find that hideout you speak of in Kanavan, then so be it." Vergil reply. 

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Divinity spoke calmly and softly, "I may appear human but I am half Fae so I have small amounts of magical abilities which would help on your conquest. My village was not far from one of the suspected hideouts and my magic may come in useful. Of course, I am quite honored that her Majesty would trust a servant like myself to travel with the named hero." She gives a slight bow to the queen to dismiss herself. She slowly approaches the hero, her light blue eyes staring at him, barely grazing over his body, remembering the previous night. She could feel her stomach pool with desire and she took a calm breath to keep a calmness about her demeanor. 

Her hands were clasped together in front of her. "I can be ready to leave whenever you wish. I suggest we head to the dining hall for some breakfast before we depart. " 

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Vergil narrow his eyes look at this half-elf human hybrid to sense something off about Divi but ignore it and listen to her request since he could use the food before departing into Kanavan with full energy to add. Strangely, Divi's eyes look at him quite different than all of the others he meets like she had something on her mind and turn toward the exit before bowing to the queen at his missions with Divi. As they walk together toward the dining hall with the guidance of her assistance, Vergil thinks about the small info the queen has giving him since a general could be a rough start for him but a good start if he manages to defeat her to gain more experience and info about this Overlord. 

"So Divi, why are you helping me? Shouldn't you hide behind the safety wall of Lambert? or do you have some kind of hatred toward the Overlord?" Vergil question. 

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"My fate will reach me whether I hide behind walls or step in front of them." Divinity gives a light shrug. She did not want to give off too much information. "I never had much and the little that I did was taken by soldiers of the Overlord. That was when the queen's people found me and I became a servant. My queen approached me because she knew the area I came from and she knows of my background. If she thinks I would be of some use, I will gladly do what my queen asks of me. Clearly, she and the others have great faith in you to defeat the Overlord.

She talked softly but confidently. Divinity had to make sure she came off as the servant she took over.  Before Divinity captured the young woman's soul. she was able to peer into her, learning her life. She walked pace for pace with the hero as they entered the dining hall. She waved her hand slightly towards one of the other servants in the kitchen area and then proceeded to have a seat in the back of the dining hall. She gestured for the hero to take a seat with her. She wanted to ask questions of this hero but decided to keep them to herself. Some hair falls over her face as she sits and she pushes the hair behind her ear and looks at him with her light blue eyes. Why him..The question burned in her mind. She finally looked away from his gaze and placed her hands in her lap, waiting for their food to arrive. 

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"Hm...is that so?" Vergil mutter. 

Vergil follows next to Divi as she struts into the dining hall with ease since she is aware of this castle like any servant would and follow her lead which took him into taking the same table as her. Oddly enough, the male would always stare at Divi like she was some sort of goddess and only baffled since Vergil isn't affected by her lust only feeling a strange feeling which made him question her identity in the first place. The hero remains silent waiting for their food which came as he orders simple pancakes and juice to be enough for their long trip into Kanavan not wanting to oppose on the other orders. Since Divi is going to travel with him now, he is wondering if she is going to replenish his mana when he lacks some since, in this world, Sex is a source of gaining a person's mana back. Of course, Vergil was unique which he can only and strangely gain mana from the monster as if absorbing their mana to become stronger after doing intercourse with them. Vergil had some experience since he needs to learn about his power limit and strength to prepare for any situation that may come in his way which will be the lack of mane which he does need a partner that could provide that. 

"After eating, how far is Kanavan from Lambert Divi?" Vergil asks, curious. 

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Divinity ate a small bowl of fruit and a small cup of juice. Human food did not taste good but she ate it without showing her distaste. Once she was done, she decided to answer the hero's questions. "It's about a 2-day journey from here and the potential hideout is about a days journey past that. No one has actually seen any sort of hideout there, they are strictly rumors. My magic powers should be able to assist in finding the right direction in which to lead once we arrive at Kanavan. When I lived in Kanavan, I sort of felt this pull into the mountains. I was not really sure what it was but it was rumored that anyone with any sort of magic abilities, always females, would feel a pull towards the Overlord. Her seduction and desire aura are unlike any other being. Her power is immense and seems unstoppable. I think this is why lots woman with any sort of magic abilities strayed further away from the pull." Divinity looked down at her hands and let out a soft sigh. "Not everyone was lucky to get away from the pull. No one knows what happens to the woman that ventured into the mountain base. We can only assume they became part of the Overlords army."

Divinity let out another sigh as she stares at her hands in her lap, genuine in the story. She was not telling a lie per se, it just wasn't exactly her story to tell. She was able to reveal the girl's memories and re-tell her story. "I should be able to sense her the closer we get. It has been a while since I have used my magic since its forbidden to use within the city. But I will do my best to assist you in any way that I can. Please let me know if I can be of any service during our journey." She looks up from hands and her light blue eyes hold the gaze of the hero.  She knew how he would need to re-charge and was hoping he would catch onto her offer. There seemed to be a slight change in the atmosphere, almost a little electric anytime she made eye contact with him. 

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Vergil remains quiet to listen to her story since it means there could be trouble brewing in that town since it only affects female and think about what kind of a monster could pull such a trick that like with such magnitude as well. He gently taps the fork into the empty plate pondering on what kind of plan he needs to foretold before charging into the potential hideout but with the small info on his hand, he couldn't do much but hope on gaining some in Kanavan. The soothing word of service during the journey did make his mind shuffle a bit since Divi is aware of even the mighty Hero need sex to even become useful and need to recharge on in a while so he sight not hiding that so well from her. 

"I wasn't expecting that but yeah, I guess I sort do need your help in that category since I do need mana right now in a way." Vergil explains. 

His eyes glance to his side to see Divi starting at him with such strange desire like before and anytime their eyes meet like a small fire unable to hold back to become a powerful blazing fire. The young hero does worry if Divi can handle his intercourse since her body looks fragile and didn't want to absorb too much of her own mana since that could be a problem since his sexual drive is quite high which does bother him. Luckily for him, there are a lot of wild monsters girl lurking around to so quote on quote gain mana back without hurting them and exchange relief them which does calm them down which is rather good on quelling the fire. If they are going to have sex right now, they will probably need to head into his room to get that done before heading out and Vergil has finished with his breakfast since his body moves on his own while he ponders. His right hand reaches for a napkin to clean his lips waiting for Divi to make the choice of going with the mana replenishment or head out with him having low mana during their long trip into the town of Kanavan. 

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"Im not weak you know." She could tell from the look in his eyes, she was just a human. Even though this was not her true nature, she still depised being looked down upon. "I may only be half Fae, but my mother was a decendant of the High Fae that lived once. So I am stronger than most half Fae. I know what you require and I will help you with your mana. It would bring me great shame in not fulling the queens orders to aid you in your conquest. She knew my strength as a half Fae and how they could benefit you on this journey. It would be eaiser than fighting try to tame a monster. If I cannot fullfill her wishes, I do not wish to live." She made her statement bold. This young womans devotion to the queen was extradorinary. If she had not taken the poor girls soul, she would of made her apart of her army. 

She followed behind the hero, eventually sycning to his steps at they made their way to his room. Divinity was excited to be able to indulge in pleasure again. it had been a while for her since she had been so busy conquering lands. The reason she was so powerful was because all beings had some level of desire and lust that was within them. Some gave into and others fought against it. Regardless, it was planted inside every being. She knew how to take possession of it, tame it, manipulate and utilimately destroy its very being. She could tellt his hero was very focused on his journey but knew he could give into his pleasure as well. 

She decided to take advantage of this opportunity. She slowly started to change her aura to that of a little more seduction. She did not want come off too strong, but Fae were known for their seduction as well. As they entered his room she walked in front of him and turned around facing him. She let down her hair from the braid it was and her long purple hair flowed around her body. Her light blue eyes almost seemed to darken slightly as she knew they both were going to indulge in some pleasure of their own. She slowly began to undo the tie that held the front part of her dress up. Not once breaking eye contact, her lips giving a small seductive smile then partly slightly.

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Vergil hears the girl's bold speech which did bring a thin smile on his face seeing that this girl is filled with the desire to prove her usefulness with her words so far into making her life worth something. That alone earned some respect for Divi which did make him quite happy to have met her and a good partner to have sex with since she looks so strong while also having a nice body to boot. Vergil took the lead as Divi gladly follow behind the hero as they made their way into his rook to have some fun before leaving the town of Lambert. Immediately, Vergil could sense that weird feeling crawling on his back since Divi does look excited for this since no many people would get fuck by the hero and so they manage to reach his quarter where Vergil lock the door behind them so no one would interrupt their kinky fun.


Looking for is met with Divi already on the mood for some intercourse as she smiles rather lewdly and began to unwrap her front dress making her large breasts jiggle around her own pair of clothes to loosen up a bit. Still a bit in lust, Vergil didn't want to charge roughly like there other girls since this is his partner so he needs the time to enjoy and savor this special moment between them. His hands slide across her soft curves to gently caress her soft butt cheek and squeeze them to feel her ass which the hero life. His sturdy chest press against her cleavage to help her out and reveal her large breasts to the hero seeking her out. Vergil watch as Divi reveal her upper body to him which he likes what he sees and lean over to kiss her neck gently while his hand continues to tease her behind. 

"Are you ready Divi? I will make you feel like a queen but also a woman~" Vergil sweetly whisper. 

His lips press against her neck over and over again to make her feel like something very important taking care of her lustful body with deep care. The motion of his hand slowly removing her clothing while gently treating her gently for now which make her feel very special and arouse from the constant attack on her body while making her ready for the main course of this. After all, Vergio could sense the excitement from Divi which did make him happy and only want to indulge her desire before going into something heavy wanting to be sure his partner would want something more divine.

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A small moan escapes her lips at the contact of his mouth on her neck. She hands come up to his chest and then she slides them down his muscular body landing on his abs. She could sense his excitement and laugh internally to herself at his mention of making her feel like a queen because she already was a queen, just an evil one. She breaks the contact and takes a small step back. Her eyes turn from a light blue to a red amber color. "Let's make this more interesting shall we?"

The air shifts slightly around them, giving off a more potent lusting feeling. She would reveal her true form to him since no one knew what the Overlord looked like. In her true form, the pleasure for both her and the hero would be enhanced and feel like nothing of them had felt before. "No one has seen my Fae side before. But I will show you." Her purple hair grows longer and turns a violet shade, her lips become a light shade of red and her body changes as well. Her breasts and butt almost seem to triple in size from the human form she was taking. Her nails grew in length and turned a shade of black and her tongue grew slightly longer. Divinity still needed to be careful about her true form. 

Staring at the hero as the body shifts make the lust take over even more. She could feel herself get wet and her large nipples were not hard as she imagined what the hero would feel like deep inside her. Her hand slowly travels down her chest, between her overly large breasts, down her stomach to wetness. A small moan escapes her lips at the contact. She was ready to give in to the lust they were about to share. 

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Vergil remains a bit confused by Divi suddenly making a bold suggestion all of the sudden which he watch taking a few steps back and quickly change form like it was nothing before her own eyes. Her large breasts become massive while the rest of her body become divine and gorgeous which did make a small reaction to the serious young hero who scans every inch of her body that belongs to him now. The small moan escape from her lips was soothing to hear which made him slowly become arouse watching his partner moan from just standing still and about to indulge in their kinky fun in their room. 

"Not bad Divi, I think this form suit you best since it does make look gorgeous and a form suited for my lustful partner." Vergil compliment. 

The young hero slowly approaches her kinky partner seeing Divi's true form wearing such a kinky, revealing outfit that he didn't mind her wearing since it does expose her good points and making him feel arouse unlike anyone has ever done to him. His hand gently slide across her sexy curves to touch her bubbly, butt to squeeze and pull her into his sturdy chest to feel her massive breasts which are soft like marshmallows. Their eyes meet seeing Divi's amber eyes filled with lust and desire toward him which he enjoys as their breath collides with each other heavily knowing that will happen right about now. Vergil slowly leans over toward her soft lip to kiss her something he usually doesn't do with anyone but since Divi is his partner he could make an exception and kiss her deeply taking notice of her sweet mouth being devoured by him. 

His wet tongue tastes every part of her mouth to notice that her own tongue was a bit large than his but ignore just focusing on making his partner happy and squeezing her butt to make her stimulate for the main event that will make them both change soon enough. 


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Her seductive smile widens as her eyes slightly darken.  She had to be careful to keep her power under control, especially when their bodies combine for him to replenish his mana. If she lets her power escape, he will know right away. She gives off just enough to make him believe her blood is that of High Fae. He hands slide across his chest down to his abs as he pulls her closer to him. Her body gives off a slight smell of jasmine, an aphrodisiac to make the powerful lust between the two of them stronger. She could feel the warmth in her stomach pool and her pussy aching to be filled. She wanted to know more about this hero who was trying to take her down. 

Her lips move with him, slowly but passionately. She was known as being one of the best lovers anyone could have. The effect she could have on others could drive them mad. But she had to remember to keep it under control. she can really let herself loose the last time they have sex before she takes his life. Her long tongue circles his and licks his lips, taking in his taste. 

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      Hello I'm a sub female but can play as a swich.
      Looking to do a very kinky erp now.
      A erp where a virgin woman gets to have a gangbang time and even transform into a monster girl.
      She got a new job serving around some people but what happens when she gets to have sex with some of then?
      Starting with her first time with someone else.
      She was never in any relashionship before and now this virgin would feel what having sex is like.
      She is secretly a pervert.
      My second idea is about a woman that becomes a futa because of a tentacle monster that invades her place and both get to have a great time
      My kinks:
      No con
      Age difference
      Dirty talk
      Being found out
      Risk of getting pregnant
      Stomach muscles
      Tight fuck
      Public sex
      Mating press
      Glory hole
      Tight/latex clothes
      Not ok with:
      Any toilet stuff
      Food play
      Foot play
      Mind break
      Mind control.

      You can decide the monster that she will become.

    • Trappy
      By Trappy
      Hey hey, i've been wondering if anyone wants to do some incest RP with me?
      Not the type where its like we aleardy had feelings for each other and wanted to do sex in the same day, but something that builds up story from a normal family to incest.
      So if anyone feels interested, lets talk it out~ I can rp as boy or girl, mom or dad, uncle or aunt, anything you find desirable and you can tell me what you wanna rp :d
      Im fine with any age as long its not the forbidden one as example (8) if ya know what i mean, unless its the looks then it might work out, as in a demon looking loli whos age is 9000 or some stuff like that xD as example.
      Im just willing to try out amazing long story rp about a family that leads into incest, it dont matter about subs or doms, just imagine yourself in that situation and what you would do :d realistical logic type of rp instead of just going and groping someone and be like "ooops" you wouldn't do that irl to your family xD but thats just example.
      If you are interested hit me up and lets talk it out who you will be and who i will be and how many characters we both gonna roleplay as or so :d
    • JennyDK
      By JennyDK
      Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @Mysthero.
      Overall premise:
      As the monsters have been able to finally emerge from the depths, their lives can start fully anew. This also meaning that having to find new careers is a thing for many of them. Of course, with the realization that monsters are a thing, they are very much focused on lately and become popular in many sort of media. Likewise, the monsters are exposed to many, many new things here. This leads us to the devoted and happy couple consisting of Alphys and Undyne, who are also celebrities in their own ways and thus prime targets for many employers to want to hire. The former Captain of the guard is happy being a guard and Alphys working in a school as science teacher, as she has grown much more outspoken and such after hooking up with her partner, Undyne.
      Sometimes, the lizard woman even lets porn spice up some of their fun in the bedroom and secretly has an idea to try and make her and Undyne star in something together....
      Of course, there are also other females out there, who are more than fit for such fun....
      It is another Friday and the weekend is close to being here and the lizard girl Alphys is sitting at the teacher's office, looking through her e-mails and doing some light grading and preparing stuff for next week. There is not a whole lot of work related stuff to go through, so she is mostly clearing out her inbox on the PC. About half of them are spam stuff, but the rest usually varies between personal stuff and a few job offers from time to time. However, one e-mail seems to stick out to her....

    • KawaiiUwU
      By KawaiiUwU
      The amount of porn is tantamount to an H-visual novel. Lots of plot, drama, horror, minimal porn.
      Tsuchi Hasegawa is a teen boy. The only human in a school for monsters, aside from his trap friend Natsume. There, he goes on a heroic journey and gets lots of girls. Cast:
      Tsuchi: Our hero! A bit of a pervert. He has a checklist. Straight
      Make friends Lose his virginity Save the school Maybe solve a murder. Natsume: A cute trap boi. Blonde, tanned, glasses. He’s bisexual.
      Erii: Busty tanned catgirl. Tsuchi’s first girlfriend before their breakup and her subsequent murder by Saruta.
      Akashi: Erii’s twin. Kuudere and Natsume’s girlfriend.
      Mirai: Slimegirl teacher
      and more.
      This is many things.
      Warning: The Erii breaks up with Tsuchi arc contains NTR, rape, yandere (saruta) character death..
      But other than that most of the sex is vanilla.
    • LexiIsBabe
      By LexiIsBabe
      This is my first time here, so I'll gladly accept any type of roleplay idea sent until I figure out the site. I like F/F, F/ M so about anything is ok.
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