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1 - Beginners

2 - Players that beaten FoL


[1] Red Vial - [200$]

{A mysterious red liquid that heals the player for 20 HP}

[2] Red Potion - [800$]

{A mysterious red liquid that heals the player for 100 HP}

[1] Red Splashing Vial - [500$]

{A splashing powder vial that can heal the entire party for 20 HP}

[2] Red Splashing Potion - [2,000$]

{A splashing powder potion that can heal the entire party for 100 HP}

[1] Blue Vial - [450$]

{A mysterious blue liquid that restores a demon slayer's mana by 20}

[2] Blue Potion - [1,800$]

{A mysterious blue liquid that restores a demon slayer's Mana by 100}

[1] Home Orb [250$]

{A white orb pendant that allows the group to safely flee from the area without the need to use money to escape but only clearing the area first}

[1] Flee Orb [150$]

{A black orb that allows the group to flee the battle, with a rare few being impossible and it will depend on SPD on the holder}

[2] Anti-Paralyze [250$]

{A potion that gives the user an increase of 100% resistance to Paralyze for 3 turns}

[2] Anti-Poison [250$]

{A potion that gives the user an increase of 100% resistance to Poison for 3 turns}

[2]Golden Orb [3,000$]

{A rare orb that revives another person besides the user from the death but with 25% HP}


Attack Orb [1,000$]

{Raise the user's Str/Mag by 20% only during Basic Attacks}

Aim Orb [1,000$]

{Raise the user's Hit by 10 only during Basic Attacks}

Greed Orb [1,500$]

{Raise the user's EXP by 10% once the enemy is finished with a Basic Attack}

Coward Orb [1,000$]

{Raise the user's Avo by 10 only during an enemy's Basic Attacks}

Critical Orb [2,000$]

{Raise the user's Crit by 10 only during Basic Attacks}

Drain Orb [3,000$]

{User's Basic Attack will drain the enemy's HP by 10% damage dealt}

Absorb Orb [3,000$]

{User's Basic Attack will absorb the enemy's MP by 10% damage dealt}

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