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Lv. [4]

HP - 70

SP - 50

Str - 0

Mag - 8

Skl - 2

Spd - 8

Lck - 1

Def - 8

Res - 2

[Armageddon] MT 7 HIT 80 CRT 0

A katana with a scabbard that inflict magic damage based on his magic stat and the red blade shine upon near death of the enemy's departure to the afterlife.

Total Damage - 15

Total Hit - 85

Avo - 12

Crit - 1

Dodge - 1


[Eiha] MT 4 SP cost 4

Deal Dark damage against one foe

[Agi] MT 4 SP cost 4

Deal Fire damage against one foe

[Sukukaja] SP cost 8

Raise the user or teammate SPD by 3 for three turns and using it again during the effect extend the duration to four

Exp. - [105]

Blood Crystal - [1,060$]


Poison - 15%

Burn - 0%

Stun - 0%

Paralyze - 75%

Bleed - 0%

Charm - 75%

Silence - 60%

Blindness - 0%

Physical -

Gun -

Agi -

Bufu - [Weakness]

Zio -

Garu -

Psy -

Nuclear -

Aqua -

Magma -

Force -

Curse - [Null]

Bless -



Vergil will block physical attacks with a trigger chance of 15%


Flee Orb [1]

Red Vial [1]

Blue Vial [1] 

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