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Lv. [4]

HP - 70

SP - 50

Str - 0

Mag - 8

Skl - 2

Spd - 8

Lck - 1

Def - 8

Res - 2

[Armageddon] MT 7 HIT 80 CRT 0

A katana with a scabbard that inflict magic damage based on his magic stat and the red blade shine upon near death of the enemy's departure to the afterlife.

Total Damage - 15

Total Hit - 85

Avo - 12

Crit - 1

Dodge - 1


[Eiha] MT 4 SP cost 4

Deal Dark damage against one foe

[Agi] MT 4 SP cost 4

Deal Fire damage against one foe

[Sukukaja] SP cost 8

Raise the user or teammate SPD by 3 for three turns and using it again during the effect extend the duration to four

Exp. - [105]

Blood Crystal - [1,060$]


Poison - 15%

Burn - 0%

Stun - 0%

Paralyze - 75%

Bleed - 0%

Charm - 75%

Silence - 60%

Blindness - 0%

Physical -

Gun -

Agi -

Bufu - [Weakness]

Zio -

Garu -

Psy -

Nuclear -

Aqua -

Magma -

Force -

Curse - [Null]

Bless -



Vergil will block physical attacks with a trigger chance of 15%


Flee Orb [1]

Red Vial [1]

Blue Vial [1] 

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      Character Identity Information
      Name: Cole Norton
      Age/Date of Birth: February 25, 2001
      Gender: Male
      Religion: None.
      Species: Human
      Origin: Delwore, Ashaea
      Nationality: Ashaean
      Physical Appearance
      Height: 5’10”
      Weight: 140 lbs (not including gear)
      Eye Colour: Dark green
      Hair Colour: Black
      Physical Description: Cole is a slim male, despite how he looks with his normal gear on. He is normally seen wielding a homemade rifle with a customizable barrel to range from sniper to shotgun with a scope attachment. He normally wears camouflage colored or dark clothes to hide from the relentless hordes of the undead. He wears an eyepatch on his left eye due to the loss of the sensory organ half a year into the epidemic. He carries a large backpack that he had salvaged from a collapsed survivor’s hut. His black hair is often kept groomed, but will also be often seen sporting broken twigs, leaves, and dirt. He is normally ever seen with a serious expression, and it is rare to ever see him smile.
      Personality, Traits and Abilities
      General Overview: Cole is always thinking of the safest route through any town or city, constantly trying to keep from being ambushed by the living dead. He always keeps an ear out for sudden noises and an eye out for strange or unusual things. He is very thorough in searching for items that can help him. He is an excellent problem solver that uses his brain instead of brawn to solve issues.
      Strengths, Skills and Abilities:
      1. Master Marksman: Even without a left eye to balance things out, Cole has been trained to hit his mark from a maximum of seven hundred meters away.
      2. Stealth: Throughout the last year, one of the most useful skills that Cole has developed is his stealth. He is able to move quietly and use his environment to his advantage. He is able to stand extremely still as to not attract the attention of zombies.
      3. Endurance: Cole has trained his body to be able to withstand high amounts of pain and stress. When he lost his eye, he showed little to no signs of pain and continued onwards
      4. Stamina: Cole has trained his body to work for a long time without tiring as well, good for sprinting from a dangerous area or climbing up a steep surface.
      Weaknesses: Cole is still very much human, and therefore very mortal. He is susceptible to illnesses and injuries, though he does like to avoid them.
      Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): To either find a way to defeat the infinite zombie horde or to find a way from the hellish island country of Ashaea
      Hobbies and Interests: Staying safe, really
      Personal Sexual Information
      Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual, though he has not been given the chance or have a sexual experience.
      Turn ons: Though he has not been able to explore sexual activities, he is not able to pinpoint exactly the things he does or doesn't like. He has, however, fantasized about having his own slut as a pet
      Turn offs: He does not want anything to do with vore, Gore, urine, or feces
      Penis Length: 10”
      Breast Size: N/A
      Sensitivity: Average
      Additional Sexual Information: None (so far)
      STD History: Clean
      Extra Information
      Father: Tevis Norton (Deceased)
      Mother: Georgia Norton (Deceased)
      Siblings: Samantha (Younger sister/Deceased shortly after birth due to heart failure)
      Awards/Commendations: None
      Criminal Record: Murder (Killed one of his own group before they turned)
      Medical Record: Once infected, but given Necrotacin with a sliver of time remaining.
      Bio: Much of Cole's history is normal and boring until the zombie apocalypse had commenced. From that moment, he had been forced through rigorous training, so much as being forced to pull carts of executed zombies up a mountain to be burnt.
      About half a year into the epidemic, Cole had gone on a mission with his father to try and find supplies and food. They had been ambushed by a small group of zombies that killed his father and managed to scratch out Cole's left eye. He had managed to escape back to their group, where he had been strapped down to his bed as the stages of infection commenced. His mother went out to find a dose of Necrotacin, which she had managed to find in a zombie infested hospital. As she was leaving, she was attacked by a zombie that she managed to kill, but not after being bitten. When she got back to the camp, she requested that the drug be given to Cole, and for them to execute her to keep her from turning.
      Cole now wanders through Ashaea by his lonesome in search of a way to escape the island country of Ashaea.
    • Kalvoras Vertal
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      Character Identity Information

      Name: Olivia Drummond
      Age/Date of Birth: 19 years old/February 27, 1999
      Gender: Female
      Religion: Atheist
      Species: Mēfwa
      Origin: America
      Nationality: Ashaea
      Occupation: Artist/Singer

      Physical Appearance

      Height: 4’11” (1.4986 m)
      Weight: 112 lbs (50.8023 kg)
      Eye Colour: Cobalt
      Hair Colour: White
      Physical Description: Olivia is very short for a full grown Mēfwa. She normally carries a happy expression on her face. She likes to wear clothes similar to the ones that she wears on-stage. She has white hair and white fur on her tail and ears. Her eyes are a brilliant Cobalt blue, and her nails are sharp like claws. She has a slim build, and She is often told that she is very cute

      Personality, Traits and Abilities
      General Overview: Olivia is a very outgoing person, something not normally seen in Mēfwa females. She is hardly ever shy, and she loves to perform in front of people on stage. She enjoys taking strolls through the night city, loving the sites and sounds that Blackberry Falls has to offer. She tends to deal with any problem that comes her way by using reasoning. Even if that doesn't work, she will try to find any way that she can to sort out and fix the issue that she's having. She tends to be more sparky and outgoing towards people offstage than most of the other performers that she's met or worked with. She loves to treat her fans with the exact same love and respect that they give to her. She doesn't deal with snobby, overconfident or people that go out of their way to simply annoy people.  In fact, she actively seeks to avoid people like that. She doesn't use her strength unless if she has to. She learned to control it very well after an incident in middle school with her severelyfracturing a classmate's arm. She is very kind to the people that she enjoys being around, which is pretty much anyone except for overconfident, snobby and annoying people.
      Strengths, Skills and Abilities:
      Speed: A Mēfwa can travel on foot up to about thirty miles per hour without breaking a sweat. The fastest recorded speed for a Mēfwa was seventy four miles per hour
      Strength: Mēfwa, even though some may lack expected muscle mass, can lift up to ten times the weight that the average human can. Only a few can break that limit. The most weight recorded to be lifted by a Mēfwa was 1.2 tonnes
      Enhanced senses: Mēfwa can hear 2 octaves higher than a human, and they can see three times better. Their smell is about ten times better than a human's
      Speed: If they're not careful, they can end up seriously injuring themselves by hitting or tripping over things
      Enhanced Senses: If they are overly exposed to things that trigger their senses, said sense can be impaired temporarily or permanently
      Short Temper: Olivia tends to grow rather uncomfortable and annoyed with people that are snobby, overconfident and people that simply aim to annoy someone. She will snap if the bring her to the breaking point and will use nonlethal force to get them to stay away from her if she sees it necessary
      Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams): Olivia wishes to be a world famous singer and artist, to share her passion with the rest of the world.
      Hobbies and Interests: Olivia absolutely loves to sing, paint, and draw. She enjoys taking walks through the city during the night to see all of the neon lights and the night life.

      Personal Sexual Information

      Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
      Turn ons:
      Biting: Olivia absolutely loves being bitten, especially near sensitive areas. Her favorite places are her thighs, her neck, her chest, her collarbone, and her ears
      Ears and Tail being toyed with: Olivia’s ears and Tail are extremely sensitive and will often be a ticket straight to bed
      Unprotected sex: Having had sex a few time with partners proven to be clean beforehand, she knows that she prefers unprotected sex. The raw friction simply seems so much better to her.
      Cum Play: She would live to play with any semen that is given to her, to watch it stick between her fingers and swish it around in her mouth
      Cum Control: One of her fantasies is to be forced to keep her cum in until she is told that she is allowed to.
      Being Treated Like a Pet: She would love to have someone that she knows and trusts, someone that she knows won't push too far, to treat her like they own her. She wants them to make her feel inferior, but only in bed.
      Turn offs:
      Overly Confident Men: If the man is too confident and won't shut up about how good he is at something, she will consider him gone
      Scat/Piss: If there is even close to any of that, then she will be far from it.
      Being Forced: Olivia will turn away from those trying to force her into any sexual activities, and she will use force to make them stop.
      Penis Length:  N/A
      Breast Size: A-cup
      Sensitivity: Fairly higher than average
      Additional Sexual Information: Olivia will purr and growl with pleasure during sexual intercourse, and she will unconsciously scratch at her partner's back. 
      STD History: None. Her family line has never had sex with humans (except for Olivia who prefers to have sex with partners that have been tested and proven clean) or infected Mēfwa

      Extra Information 

      Father: Frederick Drummond
      Mother: Elisa Drummond
      Siblings: None
      Grandparents: Wilfred Drummond & Sarah Drummond (Father's side)/Jackson Fend & Kathy Fend (Mother's side)
      Children: None
      Grand-children: None
      House: A comfy little two-story house in the suburbs of Blackberry Falls
      Car: A red Porsche Carrera GT
      Pet: None


      Awards/Commendations: 2nd place in 2017 art show
      Criminal Record: None
      Medical Record: None
      Bio: To be worked on later
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