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Magic Glow [lVergill x Fated Melodi]


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Morning came into the small village of Mithra, I woke up to the sound of birds chirping outside which made me shuffle around my bed to feel something touching me and look around to find you next to me. I sigh as you sleep with me once again, but I couldn't say anything since you are a family and rather grateful for all the things you have done for the past 3 years that I have to do something to make you happy. 

"How long are you going to be sleeping, Evelyn?" I spoke. 

I could feel your massive breasts poking my shoulder which made me questions on how you got such big breasts and not get tired from having them around your chest like that which made all the more reason why we couldn't sleep together like this.

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Realizing i wasn't fooling anyone i open my eyes and yawn. I squeeze your arm tighter.

"...I thought i had you fooled" I stick out my tongue playfully "You're such a sore sport"

I push even closer knowing just how much you say you dislike it... Iv always felt a special connection to you and always want to be there for you.


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I sigh seeing you pressing your massive rack into my left shoulder but I let you do that since you being a kind girl to me despite me being a stranger back then and so I have to always spoil you just a bit because of that. My entire life chance back then because of you so I have to protect you from anyone, even though you are a bit popular her in the small village and always so clingy too which cause a rumor to spread because of it. 

"Why did you always want to sleep with me Evelyn? I did told you we can't do this anymore, people will get the wrong idea..." I sigh. 

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Reluctantly i release your arm and lay starring at the ceiling. I know about the whispers and should probably be more concerned about my reputation, but i just don't care what the others think about me, i have strong feelings for you but i'm too scared to admit it. I sigh and roll over to look at you.

"What would you like to do today?" I say attempting to change the subject. This isnt the first time this subject has come up, probably wont be the last either. Not the first time iv snuck into his bed in the middle of the night either. 

I gently slide out from under the covers, stand up and walk towards the window.

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I could see you releasing me since you are the daughter of the mayor of Mithra so I couldn't risk getting you into trouble and she is your mother and also mine as well so it would be a bit odd for us getting a bit too close that the townspeople will get rile up over false information. I could see you standing up to see outside while asking me on what to do since today we are free to do whatever you like and also today is a special day for you since it is your birthday which I didn't forget at all. My job was to keep you away from the village so your mother could prepare a big surprise to you and so I have to come up with something to keep you busy while everyone prepares for your birthday while I pretend not knowing of it.  

"Why don't we go into the lake nearby? We could take a small dip in there to wash our body." I suggest. 

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Hearing that brings a smile to my face, I love the lake, always have ever since I was younger. I used to go there all the time with my parents for picnics in the summer. 

"ok! Let's do that!" I say with a big smile as I run out of the room to get my things together and change. But I couldn't help to have a bit of suspicion. Knowing it's my birthday, what are is he planning?

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As you left into your room to change, I went into my bathroom to bring some necessary items for our little trip toward the lake since I always seem to think of ahead and let you focus on your fun when we arrive in the lake. I began to stuff towels, a pair of clothes, and drink to the lake so we can always be prepared for the incoming bath we will take together while I bring my weapon with me just in case the situation turn south. I always try my best to keep you happy while protecting you from harm since this is a way of repaying you back for what you did to me three years ago and so, focus on that until my paid is fully met. While I head downstairs, I open the door to your family's house to let you know  I am outside and wait for you to lead the way into the lake as I carry the bgs of good with me. 

"I hope we don't encounter any monster..." I mutter. 

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Seeing the door open, i realize you are already outside waiting for me. I walk up to the doorway and peek my head around the door to see you. I can feel my face turn red from embarrassment. 

"y-you're not allowed to laugh!" I stammer out as i meet your eyes. "Geez mom, always treating me like a kid..." I trail off under my breath. I just turned 21 today but she still buys me girly things. I reluctantly move around the door way revealing my frilly pink bathing suit as i try to hide it under my beach top. I put on my beach hat and start towards the lake. The sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky. I glance back to make sure you're still following me. For a while i hum my favorite song and walk to the rhythm. 

After a while of silence, l look back again. Its not a long way to the lake, but walking in silence makes it feel like an eternity. i slow down to allowing you to catch up to me. My eyes instantly catch the light reflecting off your weapon. "Why do you always carry a weapon?" I ask curiously staring up at you. I know fully well the worlds isn't a safe enough place to be careless, but we are close enough to the village that it shouldn't be an issue, no monster ever ventures too far outside of the forest, and if they did, the guards would easily be able to beat it. I look up to the sky, catching sight of a few clouds and what i assume are birds, but they are too far away to be certain.

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I see you calling me as you trying so hard to hide your rather cute bathing suit which I didn't laugh but only smile at your clothing since it does bring your body out and seeing your rather massive breasts being stretch out by the suit. My eyes watch you carefully as you start to head out into the outside of the village to begin leading me into the lake and carrying my katana with me since this is the last piece of my past while also a weapon for protecting you. Your walk a bit faster seeing you seems so eager to go to the lake with me today but I see you slow down for me and seeing your eyes glancing at my blade on my left hands which prompt you to ask a question regarding that. 

"Because I want to protect you. Even with those guard patrolling the area, I can't ever be too safe when I am around you and I just...have this feeling on protecting you that's all." I reply, softly. 

We walk for a bit before reaching the lake, I could see it in your face how happy you are as we arrive safely here and gently put down the towel to let us have a seat to put our drink and food just in case. I took two towels to hang them near a branch for us to use them when we dry ourselves and head into the lake to take a dive so I can easily get into the mood of swimming with you while feeling the cold water hitting my body. My sturdy, build chest is exposed to you while I had my black trunk as I raise above the water to breathe and sigh to remain floating in the water enjoying the water all around me while hearing you be happy that became here today. 

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"That's so sweet" I say blushing slightly. "Its like i have my own bodyguard..." I continue playfully with a laugh. You have always been kind and never left me for more than a few moments. I feel like i could put my life in your hands and not have to worry about a thing. We walk a little further in silence, my face still red, but a smile nonetheless.

Seeing the water in the distance, i throw my hat to the side and sprint towards the water, jumping at the last second and cannon balling into the late. The water is crystal blue. I attempt to dive under to see the aquatic life, after a few failed attempts, as my body floats too easily for some reason, i give up and float on my back. 

After a little bit, i glance over to see what you're up to "ahhh, this was such a great id---" I freeze and my face blushes as i see you're body rise out of the water. I dip a little below the surface to try and hide my face. At this point, i notice my top has come undone, with a panicked sound i quickly turn around to hide from you while i fix it. I hope he didn't see anything. Iv never shown you my body exposed, mother always said it was important to save that until i was sure it was who i wanted to be with. 

After washing my hair i swim towards the edge of the lake, making sure to pass close by you and splashing you playfully along to way. Once i reach the shore, i get out and lay on the side to get some sun. 

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I heard you speak up as I got up into the surface to see your massive tits expose for a bit before you turn around and making this moment a bit awkward seeing you half-naked made me to finally notice that you have grown up as a woman. We remain quiet seeing you washing your hair a bit before splashing at me so suddenly probably to hide your little exposure of your hot body and laying down where I place the towel. My eyes could scan your body as I became attached to you and seeing that you are indeed a very beautiful girl so it made it that weird for us to be all alone here where nobody could see us. Still, you have become very close to me lately so I have to test you out on something and see if you have some hidden feeling toward me so I slowly get up from the lake to come close to you. 

"Hey Evelyn, why don't I put some sunscreen into your body? Nobody is looking so you can relax and let me handle this." I ask. 

As my right hand dig into the bag, I pull out a bottle of sunscreen for me to use as I began to grab some into my palms and start working on your body. My soft, slippery hands start around your arms making sure your smooth skin is saved from the harsh sun hitting us from above while I watch you relax since this is rather peaceful. I smile thinly seeing you calming down making sure your legs get a piece of the actions and slowly my plan will bloom forth as my hands reach your massive breasts. OF course, I was testing whether you will react angrily toward me or let it happen as I continue to fondle your massive tits while I began to become aroused to feel your breasts which I hate that you had your clothes so I only touch you with your clothes on. 

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Hearing the request, i nod curiously as i watch you dig through your bag. This is highly unusual of you, you have always been reserved and kept a small distance between us, always citing rumors the people of the village speak. 

The sensation of you gently caressing my arms with sunscreen begins to pique my interest, iv never seen you like this, iv never seen you touch me this way either, and certainly not of your own choosing. As you transition to my legs, the coldness of the lotion shoots a sensation up my spine, causing a small shiver, but the tenderness of your touch brings me back to my senses, i notice my breathing becoming heavier and my body warming up, i'm not entirely sure what this means. Finally as you transition to my breasts, my arousal skyrockets, my face blushes bright red and my breathing becomes heavy. "Hnnn,,,,, ahhh.....mmmm" Lewd noises escape my mouth as you tease and fondle my breasts. Its strange, but strangely i like it. A few moments pass and you have me unable to move on the ground, a slave to your touch. I feel like it goes on for an eternity, but its over in mere moments.

After a minute, i regain my senses. My face still flushed red, still breathing heavily. Iv never been touched by a man in that way. Iv always been guarded against those that wished to do so, my innocence sacred and vital to the village as i was an easy political bargaining chip, a woman capable of producing an heir for some rich noble. Of course, that wouldn't be the worse life, but it wasn't the life i wanted. I look up at you bashfully "... where did you... learn to do that?" i ask in a whisper, half joking. 

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I could feel your moan escaping from your soft lips strangely enjoying feeling these big melons on my palms and feeling your nipple becoming stiff while you strangely let me do this kind of lewd thing to you. It made sense since you always had a feeling for me which I sort of neglected all this time but now, after seeing how much you have grown, I can no longer just stay and do nothing seeing you like this. Your cute face blush from my lewd massage as you question me where I learn such things and I smile gently at that since I didn't learn such technique, I only crave for you from the bottom of my heart. 

"I didn't Evelyn, but..." I pause, leaning closer to your ear, "I know your feelings for me and I will make you mine..." I whisper. 

As I spoke my own feeling for you, my hands that left your warm, lewd body came back to exposed your big breasts to me and finally fondle them raw as you can feel my soft fingers touching every inch of your tits. My lips kissing your neck while lifting your upper body to keep you up and ready to take this into the next step soon since you need to feel my love, my yearning for you knowing that you love me. I knew you being the daughter of the mayor made it easy for people to target you so I must protect you, even if I have to make you my wife but these feeling are genuine since I love you too. My hands became a bit rough on your stiff breasts as I became addicted on groping your hot body and slowly face you to hear more of your erotic moans of a slutty girl that you truly are only to me. I reward such kinky attitude with a slow kiss, taking away your first kiss and letting our feeling finally release after so long together. My warm tongue enters your lips as we make out in the lake by our lonesome and letting my hands go wild into your chest as I play around with your massive breasts like a child seeking your attention. 

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At first i'm scared, iv never seen this side of you. I blush slightly when you claim you will make me yours. I stare up at you in awe, seeing you in a new light, more than my protector and crush, now as a lover. My attention snaps back to earth the moment you tear open my top, exposing my breasts.

As your hands begin kneading away at my exposed flesh, more lewd noises escape me. One by one, my inhibitions about this shatter, my desire for you to take me grows with every passing second. Realizing you too are experiencing this for the first time as well, i allow you to continue playing with my breasts, closing my eyes and fantasizing. Then, the moment your lips met mine, i knew at that moment you would never leave me. I didn't need a life of pampering or money, i just wanted to be with you forever, i wanted this moment to last forever. Then you're tongue entered my mouth, playing with my own. This new side of you scared me, but i liked it. I placed my arms around you and returned the kiss in kind. You have always been a mystery to me, not knowing what you were truly capable of... this excited me, what could he do next, what does he want to do next? I couldn't hide my excitement as i could feel myself getting wetter. Iv never felt arousal like this. 

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I could see it now, you actually feel love for me to allow such thing to be done into your lustful body and the many boys back in the village always look at your massive tits which now I hold very roughly. Each rotation on your soft marshmallows made me quite the happy man to do such roughness to you and eager to claim you as my woman while we make out next to the lake. My finger tweak your hard nipple seeing you getting excited with our lovemaking secession and feeling the outside air hitting your naked skin feeling a kick of excitement from doing such thing in the open. I slowly remove my lips to let us breathe while we watch each other and see a thin string of saliva appear between our lips. 

"Evelyn....I want you..." I whisper, softly.

I slowly rise from the ground to make my crotch face you directly to easily see my later bulge inside my trunk getting very aroused from touching you, kissing you so passionately. My hands slowly lower my trunk to expose my massive cock in front of you which it reeks a very powerful aroma into you and driving your mind mad. The juicy, wet dick standing tall in front of you look very tempting and I just wanted to have you as my woman forever in order to protect you from being used by others. I rub my massive, fat cock into your face to burn into your beautiful face and smear my scent into you to mark you as my property, happily wanting to spend the time with you.

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Uncontrollable moans escaped my mouth, this feeling inside was controlling me. I could feel you getting rougher and after as your played with my breasts. As you pinched my nipple a soft scream escaped me, i wasn't even aware i was capable of such lewd noises. Rubbing my legs together from unfathomable arousal, i felt myself getting wetter, my body was begging for you. Then you said those words... I want you... and i lost all control. My face still blushing, a huge aroused smile on my face, i opened my eyes to accept you only to freeze at the sight of your cock resting just inches from my face. The smell overriding my senses and sending me very nearly into a frenzy. As you pressed yourself against my face, my hands found themselves toying with my own body, the arousal and heat too great, attempting to relieve myself. 

Is this what love is? I had never seen you so ravenous, almost animal like. I gently kiss your cock and whisper 2 fateful words "Take me..." The next few moments felt like an eternity, Unsure of what you would do next, i laid there, playing with myself on the ground, underneath you. 

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