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Spirit Energy and Demon Energy


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Spirit Energy, alternatively translated as mana or essence (the latter term is usually used only by monsters and only to refer to the spirit energy of humans, elves and dwarves), is a kind of "life force" [1] possessed by humans, elves, and most other types of living things in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world. It forms one half of a metaphysical yin-yang relationship with the opposite demonic energy of the monsters. Very similar to the Eastern concept of qi, spirit energy is lost by vigorous activity and magical spellcasting, while it is replenished by food, rest, and living in a healthy environment. Although monsters do not innately possess spirit energy, they all greatly hunger for it, and for some monsters it represents most of their diet. Since male semen contains highly concentrated spirit energy, this makes it the monsters' most delicious food.

Demonic energy, often abbreviated DE and alternatively translated as monster's mana, is a kind of "life force" which is possessed by monsters in the Monster Girl Encyclopedia world. The yin-yang analogue of the spirit energy which is possessed by humans and other mortal creatures, demonic energy sustains monsters in a basic, metaphysical sense, as well as powering their magical abilities. It has several powers that spirit energy does not; most obviously its ability to corrupt creatures, environments, and even gods into demonic perversions. Monsters also innately possess, and can store, far larger amounts of energy than humans innately can.

However, its disadvantage is that they release more of the energy from their bodies than humans do, and while this does serve various purposes, it also leads to a lot of energy loss (monsters can be said to be high performance, low efficiency beings, a trait common in the higher beings of the MGE world such as gods). This loss is compounded by how, like human women, the monster's ability to recover their energy via internal generation is fairly weak. In the previous era if a monster's internal reserves were depleted too much, and there was no proper source of ambient energy to absorb (or many humans to consume) they would have to enter a period of prolonged dormancy until their internal energy generation completed its work. This comparative lack of generative ability is one of the reasons that monster girls hunger insatiably for semen: it contains more spirit energy than anything else, so constitutes a feast for their demon constitutions and enables rapid recovery or even increase to their max demonic energy levels.

When highly concentrated, demonic energy can appear as a physical substance: a black, tarry goo that spontaneously forms into ominous, tendril-trailing spheres. Too much in one place may spawn its own elemental, a dark matter (though the amount required for this is extreme, hence why there are very few dark matter).

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