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Bad girl must be punished


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You are my big sister. You are beautiful, intelligent, popular. Well you were absolutely perfect. Secretly you were a professional dominatrix. You were quite protective with me. We were sharing everything and we were loving each other like no other siblings would do. We were trusting each other. You were secretly in love with me, hoping that one day I'll come to you. But one day as you were walking back home you noticed me kissing a boy in front of our house completely shocked you took a picture to get a proof. You felt betrayed as I never talked about it to you even though we promessed to share everything. You decided to make me pay that betrayal but in your style as I went in my room to get my homework done you get into yours angrily and prepare your toys and clothes to punish me and in the same time to make me your pet so I would stay at your side.

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