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Inhabitants of Alteria

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While at it's heart, Altered Online is a fantasy experience, there is also a bit of pseudo-modernism woven into the world to allow players to fully customize their in-game avatars and ensure that no two characters are alike. 

There are various race options such as humans, elves, anthros and many more, limitless clothing options with more being updated into the game regularly and customizable weapon types and skills to add your own personal flair to combat, we want you do feel as limitless as we possibly can! 

The NexTech engine designs your in-game avatar from the inside out to create the most realistic experience possible. Your character has a skeleton, blood and even organs under it's skin, all designed anatomically correct to mimic the body in reality.

It is in fact so realistic and immersive, many of our players haven't grown past Level 1, choosing instead to use Altered Online as a social platform, while others make the most of the experience and go on thrilling adventures in pursuit of power, excitement, riches and the coveted Alter! 

Character Classes and Professions

Once you've taken the time to create your Alterian (don't worry, there are places in Alteria where you can make any changes to your character of you aren't satisfied with it later), it's now time to select a class to determine your character's skills, professions and combat style.

There are three classes to choose from with three professions each, more are planned in coming expansions!

Blade - Exactly how it sounds, these characters prefer the path of the sword, getting up close and personal and feeling the clash of steel in their hands. Bladed weapons can be anything from swords to scythes and anything between. All classes of blade can have their weapons enchanted with elemental damage properties when paired with an Element Magic user. The three professions for the Blade class include:

Single - A Single Blade character carries one handed weapon that can be held in a single hand while the other holds another item, such as a shield for defense, allowing a great deal of balance in combat. 

Dual - A Dual Blade character carries a bladed weapon in each hand to quickly dish out the DPS in combat. Their base damage is a bit lower to compensate for the quickness of their attacks, but don't underestimate them, they will wittle their opponent's health down to nothing in moments if they need to.

Heavy - A Heavy Blade character uses an oversized bladed weapon in combat, making their attacks quite slow, but incredibly powerful when executed with skill with a mid-range advantage as well.

Magic - This also explains itself, our resident magicians in the world of Alteria! Magic characters have the unique advantage of being able to heal with skills, buff an allie's stats as well as weaken an opponent's without the use of special items or weapon modifications. They use staffs, wands and other augments. The three professions for the Magic class include:

White - A White Magic character is the backbone of any decent party, they are the support, the healers and he guardians of their teammates. While capable in combat, they are fragile and are best left on the background of any major conflict where they can safely support their allies.

Black - Black Magic characters are there to dish out the hurt and nothing else from a cool range when needed. They can curse and hex enemies, disorienting them or causing them to flee, even causing their health to drop every moment while putting the attacks on. Like the White Magic character, this character is fragile in combat, but most enemies will never make it close enough to raise their weapon.

Element - An Element Magic character also has unique gifts; Having skills of any element at their disposal to gain an advantage over an enemy's specific elemental weakness. Fire, Earth, Water, Wind, even Lightning, the Element profession has a trick in the bag for nearly any occasion for both attack as well as defense.

Trigger - A long range fighter who prefers the use of ranges weapons such as guns, bows, slings and others. A Trigger character is much like a Blade in the fact that they are primary attackers, but we've often noticed a Trigger paired closely with a Magic character to keep them same. Triggers are at a disadvantage with how much damage every shot does, but their fire rate can be so high that it may not be noticable and what they lack in power, they make up for in high mobility. The three professions for the Trigger class are:

Bow - A Bow Trigger character favors the drawing of a string to release an arrow through the air with skill and precision to take out an enemy. These characters have an advantage over other Trigger characters and even Elemental Magic characters, as their skill set allows them to enchant arrows to inflict elemental damage of any type, once they are a high enough level to learn the skills. Mid to long range, light to medium damage, a Bow Trigger is quite lethal.

Click - A Click Trigger uses guns, normally one in each hand, to rapidly pepper an enemy with damage as they glide around them with acrobatic skill to be difficult to hit. A Click Trigger's equipment will generally do standard damage to an enemy, but they are able to collect special weapons with abilities that can add elemental damage or grant other advantages. Bang-bang!

Heavy - A Heavy Trigger character prefers the power of larger weapons like shotguns, assault rifles and bowguns to get the job done. Like the Heavy Blade, they can deal incredible amounts of damage but at a distance, their weapons can also be enchanted to deal a single type of elemental damage. Their fire rate is low, but you'll be amazed to see how much a single shot will drop an enemy's HP.


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Stat information

Altered Online is a bit different from most MMORPG games. The equipment in Alteria is, primarily, aesthetic and most offer very little in terms of bonuses to stats, though you may occasionally come across a rare piece of clothing that grants your character a quirky ability, which may or may not be useful in combat.

Instead, as your character gains experience, you will be alloted a certain amount of points that can be spent to enhance your base stats, allowing your character to be as powerful physically, as tough defensively or as agile in mobility as you desire, or you could always take the more balanced approach to have a well rounded warrior traversing this mysterious world! 

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