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Breakthrough. Phenomenon. Crisis(?)


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It's the year 20XX. Humanity stands on the edge of despair coming to a disillusioning realization; we can not advance any futher. As a species, we have peaked technologically. Resources are dwindling as the population continues to rise. Attempts at revitalizing the Earth have failed. In such a hurry to get ahead of everyone else, no one seemed to consider what would happen when we hit that inevitable ceiling and could elevate no further.

War was a distant memory, not because of mutually assured destruction and deterrents, but defense systems had become so incredibly advanced that there wasn't a point in attack. The world was in a record peace time. Computers were so fast and advanced that home entertainment had hit a standstill in development. Cellular devices no longer required satellite, access to internet is provided by the country and is available at all times to the public with strong signal literally anywhere a person could go. As far as luxury is concerned, the Earth had all but become a paradise.

Despite the futility felt globally in terms of ascending the laurels they currently rested upon, research still extensively continued in some fields, particularly that of neurology. As much as we knew about the human brain, we still knew very little about how it really worked and just what it was capable of. 

On a pivotal day, while monitoring the signals sent through the brain to the body, researchers succeeded in something thought impossible; artificial simulation of physical sensation by stimulation of the brain with sensors and pulses meant to mimic the activity. At first, they couldn't duplicate the results on their test subject, but on the verge of such an amazing discovery, they pursued it vigorously and without rest.

Finally, they were able to replicate the experiment with success, again, and again, until they adjusted the intensity and range of the sensation. It started with a simple feeling of something light brushing across the wrist of their volunteer until it intensified to replicating the sensation of a massage, it wasn't quite as intense, but the signals sent through the brain telling it that it was happening had the muscles and nerves fooled enough. They'd done it, and they sought to perfect this breakthrough.

Of course, with this revelation that progress could still, in fact, be made, researchers in other fields were energized and movitated to get working in a serious capacity again. The dark cloud of hopelessness and monotony hanging above them was gone, a hole was blown in that ceiling and soon, they elevated once more. 

Scientific fields soon flourished, having breakthroughs in stoage space capacity, upload and download speeds, improving the strength of the online access of world around them and even assisting the farming markets in helping them find new ways to grow more crop quickly and safely without the use of genetic altering chemicals. Space exploration was being funded and looked into again, the computer market was booming and along with it, the videogame industry was revitalized.

The leaders of various corporations heading digital design and engineering came together in a think tank, knowing they needed to get in on this booming market with something new, something no one had ever seen before, something that everyone would have access to that would revolutionize technology as well as entertainment. They pooled their resources together, assembling a team of their top engineers, programmers and designers to work on a new product, codenamed Project New World.

For this bold new project, they would need something new that has never been available to the public, and they knew exactly where to look. The leading minds behind the breakthroughs in neuroscience were contacted and offered a ridiculous salary to join the project, have their research funded for life as well as the promise of changing not just the field of neurology, but the entire world. They just had to accept the offer, it was too sweet to pass up, under the condition that they would be able to select their own programming and designing teams to work under the leads chosen by the corporations.

Together, the conglomerate took on a new name - NexTech.

NexTech went dark for several months after the announcement of the partnership, several heads turning in their direction in suspicion, curious as to what it was that the future held after they promised to "Alter the world" with their newest project, which was announced under a code name and then released no updates on it's status. Some blogs and news outlets were passing it off as a publicity stunt, something to get interest in stocks and product of NexTech's parent companies... 

Until the Electronics Expo the following year. NexTech had a stage to themselves between game companies revealing their latest software and concepts to the public. Naturally, this drew eyes into the Expo from around the world. The time came for them to take the stage and when the lights turned on, the representative stood with confidence, a neurologist stood at his side. On the stage with them was a plan, but rather large black box that resembled an older PC tower and something covered with a cloth. Near it was also a chair that resembled something from a dentist's office, laid back. 

The explanation was given for the amount of time it took for updates on their project. Through their funding and manpower, extensive testing was undergone to perfect the studies started years ago. The cloth was removed from the hidden objects, revealing a VR headset and two handheld control devices. The audience groaned at the concept of another attempt at virtual reality. NexTech's confidence didn't falter, even for a moment, and they called a member of the press to the stage and had the audience decide, to prove they didn't have a plant meant to be pulled into the demonstration.

The journalist was ushered onto the stage and helped back into the seat. The controls were put in their hands, the headset was placed on their head over their eyes and the neurologist had a seat and put on a set of their own. The lights went dark and the enormous screen behind the stage lit up, showing the perspective of the journalist in a plain VR environment. Soon, the neurologist's blank avatar appeared and approched the journalist's, then... Contact. The NexTech representative stood a few feet away from the journalist with his hands behind his back and the journalist didn't understand what was happening at first. He could feel it. He could feel what was happening in the virtual world and the audience immediately started into a buzz. By the end of the demonstration, the amazed journalist was speechless and the audience was on their feet, shouting question after question, but NexTech had no comments and once they cleared the stage, the company went dark for longer months to follow.

After months of anticipation, Project New World was fully announced with product details and a final name...

Altered Online.

An online game featuring an all new virtual reality gameplay engine, intuitive gameplay, complete control over a player's character in game with neural synchronization with propriety hardware (No PC required!) and a cloud-based network of servers, allowing nearly endless amounts of memory for optimal gameplay, functionality and the expansion of the in-game world's living environment feature.

The whole world, not just the gaming industry and it's followers, shook with anticipation for this technological marvel, everyone curious about how a virtual experience could possibly adequately simulate reality. 

The popularity of streaming gameplay videos had begun to rise again after a long lull in activity or enthusiasm since the technological breakthrough and certain interested parties received a beta testing kit, including prototype versions of the VR headset and controls and proprietary hardware necessary to run the game, allowing professionals to test out their game, live stream and report to the public what they experienced. Beta testers also would receive a special kit to further customise their in-game avatars and abilities.

With something so massive, the beta testers could forgive the minor bugs in certain animations and environments as well as a bit of lag with abilities being activated upon selection. Being able to actually FEEL the in game environment was unbelievable, though the sensation was dulled a bit from how it would really feel. Grass felt soft, water felt cool and wet, they could even taste what their character ate and drank and feel it going down their throats. This, alone, was worth looking into the game, just for the unparalleled experience of immersion into the beautifully designed fantasy world.

The closed beta came to an end and the full release of the game was scheduled for just a few months away. NexTech was prepared, their server in top notch condition, the animations and environments fixed to be seamless, the full living environment program was ready for launch and the neural sync sensors within their VR headset were tested extensively and proven to be absolutely safe for use, even with the optional setting to simulate the pain of your character. It was all an illusion, after all...

The game's pre-order count went into the millions, NexTech offered the hardware necessary to play at a modest price considering the revolutionary technology within at just over the price of a home video game console at launch price, meaning nearly everyone had access to Altered Online if they wanted it. Beta testers, as a thank you for such positive feedback and publication of footage of their experiences within their product, were given final versions of Altered Online by NexTech at no cost.

Altered Online launched with astounding success with tens of millions of players joining at launch and in the days following. The number only grew in the following months and NexTech was on top of the home entertainment market... No, with the experience offered by Altered Online, they were on top of the entire world, their representatives, developers and leaders appearing in magazines, blogs, vlogs, news interviews, talk shows and any other form of media that could get exposure.

Unfortunately, with the spotlight also came attention from less savory parties. The governments of the world saw military application in the technology, seeing a possibility in gaining an edge over other nations if a person could physically traverse an enemy's datascape and tamper with files within, among other applications. Government officials and employees had accounts within the game to learn all they could about it and try to learn how it worked, exploit any part of the system they could to get it to leak informaiton, only to be met with consistent failure.

A few months post launch... It happened. Something amazing. Something inexplicable. Something out of science fiction...

The Living Environment engine was evolving on it's own, it's coding rewriting itself, the in game world shifting, changing and finally, writing programs into itself. Characters appeared in game, monsters and citizens alike, which were not created it coded by the development team. These programs were literally being born of their own volition and NexTech was stunned... And terrified at how intelligent the AI was becoming.

Reports started to come in from players about killing new enemies and not having them respawn later, finding areas not mentioned in any part of the User Manual or in-game maps... NexTech needed to quarantine those parts of the game and respond that they were under maintenance, or were environments planned for an update that leaked into the game somehow.

Then came the effects on players who encountered the wrong sort of enemy. It was very few in number, but enough that NexTech could rule out simple seizures from the VR headset... However, they wrote it off simply as that, claiming no liability as they had a disclaimer before every login session, advising those sensitive to seizures, headaches or other discomforts not to play, or limit game play time. There were four fatalities documented from the seizures induced by an anomaly within their game and NexTech knew they needed to work fast and keep the situation under control and away from the knowledge of the public while they found the source of the anomalies and deleted the coding. Shutting down the game's servers would be too suspicious. Undergoing sudden maintenance would be as well. With unwanted parties already snooping around, NexTech left the game open and the players were unsuspecting of the secrets within the world of Alteria...

Well... Most of them...

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    • Akuja
      By Akuja
      This RP idea is loosely inspired by Manyakis’ “Incubus stuck at the border” animation: https://twitter.com/manyakisart/status/1074343863811112960?s=21
      “When people think about Incubi or Succubi, they often imagine sultry or imp-like sex hungry creatures that go out to any lengths to impregnate or to be impregnated respectively. Both are often restricted to the niche of fantasy and fiction to serve as an avatar of sorts, or one’s own dream partner to whom they’d wish would visit them personally. In other words, they don’t exist at all in the real world, right?”
      “Well, I’d hate to break it to you, but… We do exist, dumbass. And I’m gonna be off honing my skills as an Incubus once I go off to college!” 
      The Asmodeus Academy For Lustful Boys exists hidden from the modern world to teach fledgling Incubi the ways of sex; More specifically, forceful and intensive rape. Each year, many starry-eyed and horny Incubi are enrolled into the academy to revel in unrestrained debauchery and refine it into an art of fine utter defilement of their victims. How the academy goes about achieving this is quite unique, even by Incubi academia standards.
      Other Incubi schools teach their students to simply impregnate a woman for a night or two and simply leave them before moving on to the next victim. Unlike those other schools, Asmodeus Academy actively emboldens and encourages its students to take women as their own sex slaves for the purposes of breeding through numerous repeat visits. These frequent visits become increasingly intense up to the point where the “forceful and intensive rape” borders into the territory of straight up mindbreaking until the victim becomes utterly addicted. 
      Our MC whose name I still need to figure out is one such fledgling Incubus who’ll be attending Asmodeus Academy as a freshman.  Expectations for him along with many other Incubi in his generation are remarkably high, but the Academy will go through any lengths necessary to ensure that each of its students pass with flying colors. This includes counseling from Succubi who are more than happy to personally evaluate and give tips in regards to a students’ sexual performance. Additionally, they may even provide some “motivational cock worship” or be “cock worshipped” by those who feel are lacking in confidence in themselves. While they are all well and dandy, the academy provides what is arguably its most important thing their students can have: Their first sex slave. 
      MC because I don’t have a name yet… is no different in getting to have his own slave, but he notices something odd; While many of the other girls were blatantly vocal about not wanting to be an Incubus’ cumdump, MC’s slave was surprisingly calm. Too calm in fact. It was only when he brought her into his dorm that he finally realized what was wrong with her: She was actually enjoying her predicament. When pressed further on this, MC’s slave explained that it was always her dream to be the plaything of an Incubus and that she intentionally got herself kidnapped just to fulfill said dream. This presses some major issues for MC as a girl who already wants to be his breeding slave right off the bat presents its own problems. Problems that, if left unresolved, may end up giving MC a poor grade at best or suspension at worst. 
      For this RP, I’m looking for a female willing to play as the MC’s sex slave. Optionally, you can even be one of the Succubus councilors who interacts with MC. Feel free to contact me through EcchiTexts so that we may discuss any further details regarding this RP. 
      Until then, see ya~
    • Quotation
      By Quotation
      ~ Where Do You Belong? ~
      The Archean era burned once the cyanobacteria rose to claim their home. For even the most incompetent organisms bested the forces of nature, making it give into their barbaric desires. Knights, spartans, samurais, and vikings roamed to take over once the fossils were buried into the Earth. Such giant creatures, destroyed by the one organism that created them. Terra, Earth. Not a tuned mechanism, but a highly evolved organism! Even the best neurological scientists couldn’t comprehend the sheer vast complexities of the being they lived on, Gaia. The solar system was living, breathing, and the humans never even knew it. How come Earth was the only planet with life on it? Or so one may think, but perhaps there were... Forces beyond cerebral comprehension? The beings who went up, yet never came down. Were they the ones who assisted mankind? Where was Olympus and the underworld? Was Plato suppressed from telling those secrets..?
      Natu was a peculiar one to document all of mankind’s history, considering if man saw him, he’d be considered history to the vast knowledge of all life. A round stone that developed consciousness, growing an eye over thousands of years. Witnessing the tragedies and benefits made of humankind. Yet there were secrets he needed to prove to his ancestors, even if they were dead. The secrets of Atlantis, the eighteen gods, and the extra terrestrials that ran away from the burning fire that was awareness. Naturally summoned a girl to help him, one who didn’t have much purpose in her old life, but now did. At least she may’ve thought so, and so... Would she be able to uncover the truth of all creation with the assistance of the eye? 
      ~  ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~  ~
      Hey there! It’s me! I have another little bulletin post for you all! And this time, things are quite a bit different if you haven’t read that up above. Or at least, this idea’s a bit different from the others I’ve made. This one was kinda made up on the fly, so it may be a little confusing, but that’s honestly kind of the main factor of it. Confusing like the world we live in.
      This roleplay is a heavily story focused, ancient mystery sort of thing... Not something you could really summarize I suppose, but basically. It’s about a girl who is suddenly transported to this ancient being who wants to fulfill some sort of quota of knowledge. She is needed to reach others who know secrets about her world’s creation. That’s as basic as I can tell it, for this is a much more lore and story based roleplay. So that may mean not a lot of smut, and that could be a big turn off for some, so I can understand that. 
      For this roleplay, I’d like to play... Well... Many characters actually, as I won’t focus just on the ancient eye, Natu. And for my possible partner, I wouldn’t say to just stick with one character either, perhaps you could do a handful of roles too? I’m not sure, but there’ll have to be a lot of discussion before we’d start.  (Also, there are references at the bottom..!)
      Here are some things I look for in roleplay: 
      Decent Length  (I can write about 3 - 4 paragraphs usually, but I can negotiate!) Decent Spelling/Grammar  (As long as it’s not too distracting, it doesn’t have to be perfect!~) Expression  (Mainly with character details and dialogue, I love a good personality in writing..!) And here are things I don’t look for: 
      One Liners  (It’s a little frustrating to write a whole bunch of paragraphs, only to get a few sloppy words back.) Excessive Fluff  (Small details are nice, but when they slow down or contradict the story, then we have a problem...) Ghosting  (Please do not ghost anyone. Because what’s the point of starting a new roleplay just to corrupt it? It’s discouraging to others, so please let me know if you want to pause or stop the roleplay, I’ll always understand.) With that out of the way, here are some additional details I’d like you to remember. For one, I do NOT care what your IRL gender is, this is fiction after all. So I don’t mind if you’re a man or woman roleplaying with me, as long as we can both play the part well, then we’ll be good! Now... Here’s the one thing that most people roleplay for... K... K... Well, actually, I’m not exactly sure what to put here for kinks. This is a more plot focused idea, so for now I’ll just put... 
      Vanilla! And... H-Hand Holding..?
      And that should do it! I do apologize for the lack of... Well, anything smut related. Yet I really do believe that this is one of my more ambitious ideas. I mean, ambitious is a strong word, but it’s something I thought would be more fun than just another romance themed story. Something a little bit more adventurous I guess you could say? I’m not sure, but anyways-- one request I’d like to ask for, is to have a preference sheet of some kind! I think preference sheets are very important when it comes to communication, so we can always see if we’re somewhat compatible as roleplayers or in more spicy terms I suppose, even if there’s very little of that in this particular story...
      Anyways, with all that wrapped up, I’d love to see one of you take interest! Even if this one doesn’t get much traction, I still hope it was at least an interesting read. I truly do enjoy making these bulletin posts for you to see, so know that! Roleplaying is an incredibly enjoyable hobby, and I’m sure we can all agree on that, so I hope I can make someone’s day with a great story! I’ll see you there!~   (>///O)
      And thank you for reading this~ ♥️

    • KawaiiUwU
      By KawaiiUwU
      The amount of porn is tantamount to an H-visual novel. Lots of plot, drama, horror, minimal porn.
      Tsuchi Hasegawa is a teen boy. The only human in a school for monsters, aside from his trap friend Natsume. There, he goes on a heroic journey and gets lots of girls. Cast:
      Tsuchi: Our hero! A bit of a pervert. He has a checklist. Straight
      Make friends Lose his virginity Save the school Maybe solve a murder. Natsume: A cute trap boi. Blonde, tanned, glasses. He’s bisexual.
      Erii: Busty tanned catgirl. Tsuchi’s first girlfriend before their breakup and her subsequent murder by Saruta.
      Akashi: Erii’s twin. Kuudere and Natsume’s girlfriend.
      Mirai: Slimegirl teacher
      and more.
      This is many things.
      Warning: The Erii breaks up with Tsuchi arc contains NTR, rape, yandere (saruta) character death..
      But other than that most of the sex is vanilla.
    • Quotation
      By Quotation
      ~ Keep An Eye On That Pharaoh ~
      An ancient deity had been summoned to the Egyptian cities to bring food, water, and luck among the civilians. As well as wrath against their worst enemies, and this deity was... To put it simply, an oddball. Gods were feared for their power, and therefore worshipped to appease them. Many of them had sworn prophecies onto the humans, whether it be a time of reckoning or a season of blessings. With this deity however, the changes made for or against these humans were immediate. When the god was pleased, he'd give nourishing rains for their crops. And when he was angry, he’d perhaps let loose dangerous creatures onto the civilians that hoped and prayed for him to calm down. Since this deity wasn’t a giant glowing figure in the skies, but rather a dark pharaoh that’s been with them for generations. A pharaoh, despite him not truly being a king to the humans. 
      There was a period of time where he was unamused, saddened even despite the gifts he received. The finest foods, the strongest wines, and even the pleasure of many women. It was like their god was numb from boredom. Except, this deity had given the humans a prophecy like many others of his kind. A creation of his would arise, and take the form of a human girl who’d be his... Daughter. Or wife? Maybe even both..? It would be unclear of what his intentions were, as he’d never make it clear. However, this prophecy would need a volunteer. Not a sacrifice, but someone willing to complete this process. Yet, this fuming desire would cause much chaos among the deity itself, as his powers would nearly be drained in this process... The question is-- would his creation help him, or take advantage of the situation? 
      ~  ~  ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~  ~  ~
      Mmmmppprrrr! It’s me! The little cucumber that loves playing monstrous characters! I realized I may have intense teratophilia, but anyways-- how are you all doing? I’ll be able to take my laptop with me, so if I get the chance during my vacation, I’d love to roleplay with you people! It’s one of my favorite hobbies, so here’s another idea for you!
      For this roleplay, I’d love to take the role of the playful dark mummy. As you all know by now, I love playing these kinds of characters, so forgive me if I’ve been doing this for so long. As for my partner, I would absolutely ADORE it if they’d fill in the role of the volunteering girl! The one who eventually connects to the deity through his powers, being reborn into his own offspring! Remember though, I do not mind your real life gender that you may be, man or woman. Anyways, I’ve kept this story quite vague so we can develop our own narrative, and actually... I’ve had a few ideas for this roleplay when it came to the story. From an archeologist finding the pharaoh to the Egyptians discovering it themselves. Really, this story is kind of a placeholder if anything, so feel free to let me know if you want to change it up a bit!  (Also, there are references at the bottom!)
      Here are some things I look for in roleplay:
      Decent Spelling/Grammar  (You know, the usual. Occasional mistakes are alright though!) Decent Length  (I usually do 3 - 4 or even 5 paragraphs, but I can always negotiate on that..!) Character Expression  (Through small details and dialogue, expression is one of my favorite things in roleplay!~) Here are some things I don’t look for: 
      One Liners  (It’s annoying to write a whole bunch for someone, only to get a few sentences or words back...) Excessive Fluff  (Details are nice, but when they slow down, stop, or contradict the story-- we have a problem.)  Ghosting  (Ughhhhh, just... Please don’t ghost anyone. What’s the point of starting a roleplay to leave for no reason? Don’t do it, it’s really discouraging for people. If you want to stop it, let me know and I’ll understand.)  Whew, okay. So with that out of the way, let’s move on to more... Spicy subjects you could say... 
      Kinks! Here are some things I think’ll go well with this roleplay:
      Ecchi Scenes, Oppai, Dub Con, Fellatio, Passionate Sex, Spanking, Kissing, Cuddling, and... H-Hand Holding..?
      And that’s it! I hope at least someone appreciates this idea, or any of the ones I’ve made actually. I make all of these from scratch so know this, I love making them for all of you and it warms my little heart up whenever I see people viewing my roleplays. However I have one request before I wrap this up. Please have a preference sheet of some kind! Communication is important, and if you’re usually indifferent about things in roleplay, then please have one available! It’s always better to be clear about these things, trust me. So aside from that, I think that’s all I have to say. So, if you’re interested at all, then feel free to EcchiText me. I’ll be waiting for you~  (>///O)
      And thank you for reading this~  ♥️

    • Vixen
      By Vixen
      Hi folks! I'm a sub fem looking for roleplaying possibilities. I'd prefer a dominant female character, though if you'd like to play multiple characters, including a male, that's also fine with me! I'm flexible about what we play. A few ideas:
      1. Me: a young superheroine who just can't get one over on the kinky villainess, her nemesis, (you) and always ends up captured and taken advantage of. Will she triumph or end up in evil's clutches forever more?
      2. Me: The naive daughter of a powerful lord, captured by his enemy and pressed into her service. What indignities will she be subjected to? What will she discover about herself?
      3. A young sorceress who craves power, and ends up making a possibly ill-advised deal with a supernatural being to obtain it. But at what cost?
      4. A young goth girl runs afoul of the cool kids, who decide to teach her her true place...on her knees.
      If you're interested, please drop me a line!
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