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Regarding About The Blade Class/Professions


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Hello there!

I thought it would be a good idea to put up a forum about this topic rather than messaging our Developer directly so others could possibly also have an idea on it. Though let me move onto my question.

The Blade classes seem to be straightforward, although what makes me curious is that it only says bladed weaponry. Do they only wield swords/daggers/anything with a sharp edge? 

Then there is also the fact that while the other Classes (Mages/Triggers) are easy to understand what they do/have, though Blades don’t specify what types of weapons their class can bring. Can a Dual Blade carry two balls and chains? Can a heavy blade carry only one weapon? Can the normal and balanced blade carry a heavy or wield two weapons?

Overall, my questions in a nutshell should be:

-Does the Blade class HAVE to use just swords? 

This was never specified in the class descriptions. It also implies in the Class name (Blade) that this class specializes in bladed weapons as mentioned in each profession. It never mentioned much about the use of polearms, blunt weapons, or uncommon melee weaponry.

-Do certain blade classes have profession exclusive weapons/playstyle?

I am wondering if a Dual Blade could use two heavy weapons, or a Heavy Blade using two weapons in general. I can understand if there are profession/class exclusive weaponry, however still wondering if they themselves could wield (although perhaps without as much skill to the weapon’s specified class/profession).

-Do certain Blade classes have exclusive weaponry? 

Just like how Mages have their own magic, and Triggers have their own ranged weapon, what does each Blade class have a specialization in? Perhaps Single Blade classes can be more specialized in single swordplay, like more advanced Katanas/other sword/offhand weaponry. Dual Blades could have access to more dexterity based weapons, like being able to preform actions more swiftly than other classes of its profession. Heavy Blades could have access to heavier weaponry without trouble with its weight. Just a few ideas in my head about how this could go.

My apologies if this is a long post, although I want to be informative just in case. Please respond as soon as you can @TheSourestPatch !

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Your comment is appreciated!

The server is still in the beta phase, having kinks and bugs worked out in preparation for the full release. More information about classes and professions will be released on the main server in due time, along with various edits to the User Manual where it is mentioned that more classes would follow in an upcoming expansion, to provide adequate information to ensure our users choose the best class and profession to suit their style!

It does sound like you actually have a good understanding of how the classes work with the limited information provided, but more clarification is sure to follow in coming updates.

We appreciate your feedback!



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Ah! Thank you for responding!

I hope the development of Altered Online will be going along smoothly. I am eager to see what sort of classes/professions there could possibly be. Please do mention it when you and/or your team have updated something regarding classes, professions, and/or additional features (such as the mysterious Alters)!

I am glad you say I have a good understanding at how the classes work despite limited information, however I am always willing to pitch ideas if you need help with any!

I eagerly await for the next update!


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The User Manual section has been updated with information regarding classes and equipment per class as well as variety. 

Thank you for your feedback!

- NexTech

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