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Do not underestimate your slave


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You are the president of the student council. You are intelligent, beautiful, very popular and really successful. I am a simple guy with average mark, I was cute but that's it. Or actually it's how I look like. One day I confess myself to you but you refuse saying you would only accept me as a slave. You were loving BDSM and domination. You were cruel and sadistic with me. Humiliating me as you thought I didn't have the balls to resist. You had a boyfriend a popular and cool guy that you liked. One day you were hanging out with him but you got attacked by three strong guy, one of them threaten your boyfriend to hit him if he didn't go. And he left you running away ,they surrounded you thinking on how they were going to rape you. I was passing by and I heard you scream, I rush to help you and knock the three of them out in a cool way. It was obvious I knew how to fight, then I hold your arm hoping you were alright. Then you smack me saying that a dog didn't had the right to touch his mistress. Then you run off humiliated. During the whole night you thought about me. How cute I was as a slave but also how cool and handsome I was as a man. But it was obvious I wasn't as worthless as I seem. The next day you ask me to come to your office 

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