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Imouto Kanna

(Just a small prequel to start us on this Ecchi Journey!)


It was a normal day for Princess Titania and Queen Gaia. A few times a month the Queen hears people's personal problems to see if there is anything in her power she can do to alleviate said issues that person and others may be experiencing. Queen Gaia enjoys doing this so she has an idea of what's going on in her kingdom. Since Titania will soon turn 18, Gaia is having  her daughter join her in these meetings to help her develop compassion for others less fortunate and develop her problem solving skills. This way anyone can see the Queen which humanizes her. At least if they are dedicated enough to wait in the line for hours.They come in one person or party at a time telling the Queen their problems. It was like any other time they hosted these events, until a young man came in late afternoon.  This young man was around average height with a slender build. His hair was a messy blue at medium length with warm, bright gold eyes. When he spoke it was quite softly so the Queen asked him to speak up. Titania was a bit enchanted by this young gentleman. His eyes seemed so inviting and happy. They locked eyes for a moment and Titania felt herself becoming aroused. This was one of the first positive things she's felt since her father died few weeks ago. 

"My name is Ari Jem. I've made a long journey to get here today, Queen Gaia." He repeated himself louder this time. Ari looked around the room before saying, "I've come here today due to unfortunate circumstances all the way from Sappherial. If at all possible I would really appreciate speaking with you in private." Ari said before he bowed politely. He knew this request was asking a lot and he didn't expect the Queen to agree but what he was about to say might embarrass her and the less people who knew the better. He hoped his appearance would put her at ease; he wore a baggy cotton gray shirt and a pair of well worn navy jeans. 

The Queen eyed him carefully and Titania felt compelled to speak up to her mother, "Mother, I think we should trust him."

Gaia had a bad habit of spoiling her daughter and considered Titania's words. "Princess Titania, I appreciate your opinion on this matter, however, having a private meeting with this man would be too great a risk no matter how much you want to trust him." She looked over at her daughter and saw the disappointment on her face. "What we can do, however, is have it so only my most trusted guards be in the room with me. Everyone else you are dismissed for now." All but three guards left the room. As Titania was about to leave Ari then called out, "Princess Titania can stay as this concerns her, too." The Queen was baffled at what it could be this man had to tell her that would involve her daughter, but this man didn't appear to pose a threat.

Ari got closer to Queen Gaia, standing just below her throne so he wouldn't have to speak up. "That is close enough young man," one of the guards yelled out. Respectfully Ari nodded at the guard and Queen and didn't approach any closer.

"Queen Gaia, I know you and the former King had an arranged marriage. and that you were very young when it was decided. It was assumed that both of you were virgins, but the King was not." Ari paused taking a deep breath. "I am the King's son. My mother and I have never spoken up before because my mother saw the experience as preparing the King for his future like it was her duty. They were only sexually intimate a few times so the King would become confident in his ability." The guards remained unaffected by the news they had just heard, whereas Titania was in shock. This man she was eyeballing might be her half brother and all she could think about was how nice it would be to have those eyes staring at her from above. The Queen, however, was in disbelief and her face was beginning to show signs of rage. "I am not here to be the King's successor. I just heard that he died recently and I am so sorry for your loss," Ari explained trying to ease the Queen. 

At this point the Queen was speechless. The man she knew was honest and faithful, but there was never any conversation about him being a virgin before. Gaia became conflicted, and with the King's death being so recent she was struggling to handle her composure properly. One of her loyal guards could sense this and immediately went into the other room to tell the other guards to send the rest of the townsfolk home who were waiting before returning to her post. Ari noticed that she was still uneasy and spoke up again, "Queen Gaia, I am so sorry to spring this on you now but my mother is sick and I was hoping as the King's son I could be given some inheritance to help take care of her. I've been told with the right medicine her illness will not be terminal and some of it could even be reversed. You might even have that medicine required available in the Kingdom!" Ari spoke confidently but politely while kneeling to show his respect and not make the situation worse.

Titania was becoming uncomfortable. If what Ari said was true, then that meant she had the hots for her half brother. The Princess noticed and sensed the mental anguish her mother was in and interjected, putting her own curiosity about Ari aside, "Ari, do you have any proof that you are a descendent of the King?" Maybe this was all some sick joke, it would make her feel better about wanting to do lewd things with this man. Ari looked over at the Princess and Titania felt her heart rate speed up. "Princess Titania, as I mentioned before I have been living in Sappherial. It is not as medically advanced as this one. I believe you can do a DNA test on me here to prove what I claim to be true." Ari said calmly while still kneeling and now bowing his head, his blue hair covering half of his face.

There was some of the old King's DNA preserved. Since he died so suddenly, medical teams have been trying their best to see if there was a possible genetic factor behind all of it. The Queen knew about this as she was a part of the investigation into the King's death. "We can run a DNA test. If you are indeed his son, I will provide you with assistance required to help your mother. But if you are lying..." Queen Gaia's face had begun to twist into a frightening expression when saying this, "you will be banished from this kingdom and I will make sure the other countries know what you have tried on me today." Gaia did not take this matter lightly; if Ari was not being truthful this whole scenario could really affect Titania. She was also afraid if this was real what this might mean for the both of them and the future of this kingdom. Ari did have some slight resemblances to the King such as his warm eyes, and body frame, but for the most part Ari took after his mother. If Ari was the King's son, it would be smart to contact the Royal lawyers to put what Ari claimed into words- that he would not challenge Titania to the throne when it was her time. In return she would do whatever she could to help Ari's mother.

"I understand and accept these conditions, Queen Gaia." When Ari finished speaking Queen Gaia nodded towards one of the guards who went to go find someone medically qualified to assist in retrieving Ari's DNA. After that, Queen Gaia looked over to her daughter to make sure that she was handling everything okay. Gaia gave her daughter's hand a slight reassuring squeeze and TItania gave a soft smile in response to her mother. Even though the Queen herself was still a mix of emotions, she knew for Titania's sake she had to act calm on the outside. Princess Titania seemed to be doing fine despite the major bombshell that was just dropped. "One guard will stay and watch Ari while the procedure is being done. I'm going to spend some time sorting out the issues people came with me today. When the results are in come find me," the Queen said before leaving the room abruptly with the two guards following her. She knew that if Titania was in need of help her personal handmaiden would be much better assistance to her than she could be right now.

With the guards and the Queen gone, it was just Ari and Titania left in the room. The princess probably should have followed them out but she was still incredibly curious about Ari and could not help but stay back. "How old are you?" The Princess asked, breaking the silence.

Ari was not completely paying attention to TItania and was busy looking around the room waiting patiently. When he heard the feminine voice he looked toward it. "Oh? Ah, 25. I believe my mother said the King was 17 when she got pregnant. This was many years before he married your mother, the queen." Ari looked a bit older than 25, maybe the stress of his sick mother caused him to age or the life he lived was not kind to him. For all Titania knew, his mother may have raised him on her own and the other kingdoms do not have the same support for children out of wedlock that Roygolden has. "She didn't tell him either about me. She didn't want an abortion but she knew the Prince getting a maid pregnant would be bad," Ari continued.

Titania listened to Ari's story, after his mother, Arlala, started to show she was pregnant she quit being a maid for the Royal family and took random cleaning jobs to help save up for her pregnancy.  With the money she saved she moved to a secluded part of the Kingdom and found a stable job that was enough to support herself and the baby. She was lucky at first- the family she was working for also had a young child and they offered to let her bring Ari to work with her. But one day years later they found out that Ari had no father and the family blew it out of proportion firing Arlala because they didn't want her family to be a "bad influence" on their young children. Arlala struggled to find a job after that and eventually she and Ari moved to another kingdom, Aristol. After that things went mostly well for the two. Ari grew up and started traveling as soon as his 18th birthday and Arlala continued working in the same service career path without issue. But within the past year Arlala became quite ill and Ari stopped traveling to come home to help his mother. Arlala eventually stopped being able to work and Ari took odd jobs around Aristol to help care for his mother and her medical needs. News spread quickly when the King of Roygolden became violently ill and Ari did his best to save up money to visit before he died but it was too late. He didn't want this trip to be in vain and came up with a crazy idea that just might work to help his mother.

Titania had a look of sadness on her face. With Ari working himself to the bone it made sense now why he looked older than he is.  She was so entranced with this man she believed every word that came out of his mouth not doubting any of it. Titania walked over to Ari when he finished his story, eyes wet as if she could cry wanting to comfort him or maybe herself. What was going on with her? Being overly emotional is not a quality Titania possesses. Maybe it was the grief rear its head in a bizarre way. Before Titania or Ari could say any more the medical examiner came into the room with some equipment as well as a guard. TItania turned herself around to try to calm herself as to not alert the guard.

"Alright, looks like we're gathering a couple of swab samples, a urine sample, a fingerprint, and some blood work," said the nurse. Ari grew suspicious, that was a lot of information they wanted from him and what research he did about DNA tests, they didn't require much besides blood work and/or swab samples. "All of that is required for the DNA test?" The guard answered this time, "No, the Queen ordered the extensive testing. She knows that medically Sappherial isn't as advanced and decided to do you a favor and run a full exam. You can follow the nurse and she will guide you to a room where you can do the urine sample." Ari sarcastically clapped back with, "Do you guys need a semen sample to then if you're doing a full exam?" This gave Titania a soft giggle and a smile. The nurse rolled her eyes and the guard made a disapproving grunt. Ari followed the nurse to a single use restroom where he was able to do his business. Shortly after that she brought him into another room where she took the rest of the samples she needed. "We need your fingerprint to see if it matches any of the existing ones on file. The Queen has her suspicions," said the nurse.

Meanwhile Titania decided to wait outside for Ari when he was done, after she changed into different clothes. While helping the Queen she was required to dress professionally which she wasn't fond of. She pulled out a small handheld device and checked the news to see if tabloids had picked up on the secret child story. So far no reports and it should stay that way considering who was in the room with them at the time.  She then started to use some social media called "FaceSpace." Titania wasn't allowed to have any social media profiles as the Princess, so she had a fake one that was of a random girl she found a picture of online. She searched the name "Ari Jem" and nothing came up. A loud sigh escaped her lips, there goes my ability to creep on him while I wait.

It was a little under 35 minutes before Ari came out. He was surprised to see Titania was there and in different attire than before. Now she had on some short shorts and a fitted tank that exposed some of her midriff and ample cleavage. Her long hair remained the same as it was before left natural, but she added some sunglasses. Was she waiting for him? I guess I could spend time getting to know my half sister while I waited for the test results, thought Ari. He wasn't supposed to go too far from the castle either so he could be easily summoned when needed, so spending time with Titania made sense. "Were you waiting for me?" he asked curiously.

"I was actually," Titania said coyly while putting her phone away and playing with her long crimson hair between her fingers. "I was hoping we could maybe go get something to drink together." The legal drinking age in Roygolden is 18, so Titania was too young for that and being the Princess getting a fake ID wasn't possible either.  Most of the servants in the castle left her alone after the first week her dad died and she was using this extra privacy to her advantage. Maybe Ari would assume Titania was already 18 and she could actually get something alcoholic and ease the tension she's feeling. Sadly, Ari didn't respond how Titania wanted, "Well, it would have to be very close by, they said the results shouldn't take too long and I shouldn't go far. Do you know of any good places in the vicinity?" Titania paused for a moment, drat there goes that plan. "We could always get something to go and just enjoy the nice weather today." 

Ari was a huge nature and outdoor buff so that sounded perfect to him. "Alright, sounds great to me." He let the Princess lead the way as he was unsure where he was going, matching her pace. There was about a nine inch height difference between them so it would be easy for him to out pace her. The walk to the store was filled with more small talk. Titania started to talk about her life. She was close with both of her parents but her mother could sometimes be overbearing. Her father was supportive but had some old fashion views in him. Other than not getting to know a lot of people her age and the recent tragedy, Titania's life was what you would expect of someone born in royalty.

When they made it to the store, Titania stopped and asked him if she could wait outside, as she doesn't get too much time away from the castle. Ari asked her what she wanted to drink and in response she said, "Whatever you're having, oh, and don't worry I'll pay you back once you're summoned," while winking. What he came back with was not what Titania had in mind; Ari handed her a caffeinated soda pop with no alcohol in it. While soda was not what she wanted she accepted it anyways, as the Royal servants monitor her nutrition and she is not allowed such treats often. They made their way back to the outside of castle and found a nice forested area to relax in. This was close enough that Ari should be able to hear his name be called out on the speakers fixed to the outside of the castle walls. "You know.. I was actually hoping you were going to grab something alcoholic," Titania said disappointed.

"Sorry to disappoint you, Princess, but I didn't think going back to see the Queen with alcohol in my system was a good idea," Ari said as he took a slug of the sweet drink. "Also, I don't remember the drinking age of this kingdom and I don't think you ever told me your age," he teased. "Was the only reason you waited for me so I would buy you alcohol?" he inquired with a semi-serious tone. Ari was unsure what to think of Titania, there seems to be something more going on here. It's possible she isn't coping with losing her father well, but Ari definitely didn't want to assist in such an unhealthy way of coping. Especially not one that could get him in trouble with the Queen when he just asked her for a favor.

"No," Titania responded abruptly. "It was just an excuse to spend time with you." she took a brief pause before continuing. "You're gonna think I'm weird, but when you came into the room I was immediately attracted to you. I haven't felt much of anything since my father died and I'm just acting on impulse right now I guess." The Princess started to fidget nervously as she sat on the grass before taking a sip of the fizzy drink herself. "I know you might be my half brother and some people would think that's really fucking gross. But I also don't want to go back to just feeling empty either." A light blush formed in Titania's cheeks, her heart beginning to race again.

If she just wanted me for the alcohol that would have been so much simpler, he thought. Ari found himself checking out Titania. She was a gorgeous woman; long, silky hair, vibrant hazel eyes, pale skin that looked incredibly soft, almost as soft as her lips, and perky, full breasts. She was incredibly curvy for such a petite person. The more he eyed Titania the more he realized that she was very much his type. She was still the Princess, however. She, like her mother, is probably expected to save herself until marriage. "Princess, I am flattered but-" Before Ari could finish, Titania cut him off, "Please just call me Titania."

The space between the two was starting to shrink as Titania began to lean in towards Ari. "I may be the Princess but I am more than that. You don't have to worry either about me ending up like your mom. My mother, the Queen, let me go on birth control years ago."

Ari began to think, well, if she is on birth control it is very likely she is already sexually active. I had heard that this Kingdom was becoming more progressive, perhaps she doesn't have to save herself like her mother did. Especially knowing what they know now. "Titania, what exactly are you wanting to happen here?" Ari asked to make sure he was understanding what she was implying. It had been a while since he had a chance to be with anyone intimately, man or woman, since his mother became ill. If she was hinting at what he thought she was, he might be willing to go for it.

Titania, still blushing, responded with a large grin on her face, "I want us to fuck. Not many people come to the part of the city since it's part of the Royal family's land so we will be fine here." Here was a small secluded part near the castle that had many trees. It was like a park inside the royal castle grounds.

"I don't have a condom on me and I didn't think I'd need to buy one at the store," Ari said casually, hoping this wouldn't be a deciding factor.

"I don't either, but I don't care right now," Titania stated as her right hand slide onto Ari's upper thigh and the space between them continued to disappeared. The Princess got onto her knees and leaned in further to kiss Ari. When she leaned in Ari got an excellent view of her breasts below his face and he couldn't help but stare, they were massive and juicy looking. The kiss caught him off guard and Titania had already pulled back, her face a deeper blush than earlier.

"Do you care?" she asked while softly rubbing his upper, inner thigh as she stared into his gold eyes. Ari gulped as he felt Titania stimulating his thighs causing his dick to start to engorge. It really had been a long time since another person touched him, I shouldn't be so affected by her rubbing me. "I don't think I do." Ari said smirking before returning the kiss with a deeper, rougher one. This kiss caused Titania to gasp in surprise her mouth slightly opening wide enough for Ari to wiggle his tongue through. With her free hand, Titania wrapped it behind Ari's neck to deepen the kiss, their hair mixing together. Titania pushed her weight into Ari causing him to lay on the grass with the Princess on top as they continued to make out. Her hand was still caressing Ari's thigh teasingly and Ari cock was almost completely erect.

He was grateful to be wearing his baggy jeans today and not some tight pants but it still wasn't a good feeling. After he undid the button to give his dick some room to breath, Titania noticed this and smirked in the middle of their kiss. She then helped him out by unzipping his pants. This ended up teasing Ari more and his penis was throbbing, he was about to show Titania just how awful it can be to be teased.  But first he felt like showing off and undid her bra with his left hand. Titania giggled and took her bra off through one of the arm holes revealing her stiff nipples poking through her tank. Ari pulled away from the kiss to gaze at the magnificence of her perky breasts. He couldn't help but reach out and grab them, they looked so soft. The Princess's breasts ended up being larger than Ari's hands and this turned him on more. He started softly rubbing the Princess’s nipples through her shirt. 

TItania softly moaned as her whole body spasmed with pleasure. Her entire body became incredibly sensitive. Ari took notice of this and grinned evilly, he was going to use this to his advantage. But first he flipped them both over and took her shirt off in one fluid movement so that he was on top and Tatiana was now laying on the grass. Her breasts were fantastic. So large yet, so perky and with her petite frame it was even sexier and those small pink nipples, fuck. Ari couldn't hold back any longer and he blew softly on her left nipple to see how Titania would respond. Her body twitched again in ecstasy as another moan escaped her delicate pink lips and her panties became drenched. He took the same nipple into his mouth and started softly teething it which caused Titania to moan louder. Titania was having trouble staying quiet and she was enjoying her nipples being stimulated so much that her hips started softly thrusting towards Ari.

Ari took this as a sign she was almost ready for his dick and removed Titania's shorts and panties, revealing a completely smooth cunt; she must wax or shave it. "Titania, wow, you're soaked," Ari said teasingly. Titania felt a wave of embarrassment wash over her.  She was now completely nude and Ari was fully clothed minus his pants being undone. This shy look suited her very well and she looked adorable compared to earlier today where she looked elegant. Ari stopped teasing Titania's nips and instead spread her legs wide open. Her pussy was a similar shade of pink as her nipples except a bit darker, but just as cute. He slipped a finger inside her hole to see if she was as wet as she looked and she was incredibly tight.

It was hard for TItania to do anything else as Ari pleasured her body but she mustered as much focus as possible to remove Ari's shirt and pull his pants down so she wasn't the only one so vulnerable. Ari gave a soft chuckle and helped Titania out by removing the rest of his pants revealing a large bulge in his briefs that earned Titania's gaze. She couldn't help but reach for it and give it a moderate squeeze causing Ari to let out a soft grunt. She continued to stroke his penis through his briefs before Ari pulled away, his cock was so hot.

It had been a long time since he saw a pussy so sweet and he wanted to taste it before he pounded her. As Ari's dick got out of Titania's reach she felt a sudden sadness in her heart. She wanted to play with his penis more, no she needed to. But before Titania could say anything Ari had already moved his head to her entrance. The next thing she felt was something slimy between her legs; Ari had started licking her labia and teasing her clit. "O-oh, my God!" Titania almost screamed. M

Ari stopped to remind her where they were and if they were to continue she needed to mind her volume. The Princess nodded and begged, "Okay, but please don't stop." Gladly, thought Ari. Ari continued his assault on Titania's vulva and slide his tongue up and down her lips before plunging it directly into her tiny hole and licking inside to the best of his ability, she was just so damn tight. Titania's walls contracted while Ari's tongue was inside her and he knew when it was his cock’s turn he was in for a treat himself. Teasing her labia again, he removed his tongue from her entrance and started to softly suck on her clit. Titania bit her lip to keep herself from moaning but it was almost too much so she scooted herself away from his face so she wouldn't cry out in ecstasy. 

Ari looked at her mildly confused but then she spoke up, "It's hard to stay quiet when you're making me feel like that, I had to pull away," she said cutely. A smirk appeared on Ari's lips and he happily took the compliment as he slide off his briefs; he was tired of waiting. Titania sat forward staring at Ari's member. It was a solid, uncut 7 inches, maybe a bit more if he did some manscapping.

Ari reached out for Titania's thighs and pulled her closer to him. Then he grabbed his erection with his left hand positioning himself steady at her cunt. He made eye contact with Titania one last time to make sure she wanted this, after this there was no stopping for him. The Princess's eyes softly begged, "please." She could feel his dick touching her and she took a deep breathe to try to relax. Maybe it was just a rumor that your first time would be incredibly painful or so she hoped.

Before Ari pushed his way in he rubbed his tip against Titania's wet vulva to reduce the amount of resistance her tight pussy would put up causing Titania to moan softly and relax. Ari’s dick was incredibly wet on the head so he started pushing his cock inside Titania's virgin pussy. Titania was feeling a mixture of pain and pleasure, her hands reached out and grabbed a fistful of grass to help her ignore the pain. Her virgin pussy provided more of a struggle than Ari expected but eventually Ari got his cock in all the way.

 It had been sometime since he was with a girl this tight. He looked up at Titania and he couldn't quite read the look on her face. Regardless he started to softly thrust his dick in and out of her leaking cunt moaning softly each time he pulled out. Titania was starting to feel better and most of the pain was gone, luckily the pain wasn't too intense or too long; the foreplay Ari did really helped.

Ari stopped, did he see blood? Did Titania just start her menstrual cycle? Or worse.. did he actually take his half sister's virginity?! Titania noticed his hesitation and asked him if he was okay, afterall she was just starting to get into it. "Tell me something, Princess, were you a virgin?" Ari asked after putting all of the clues together  

Titania was baffled by Ari's question. He just called her Princess after she told him to call her Tatiana. She was confused as to why it would matter if she was a virgin or not- it must have mattered to Ari for him to stop and ask, however. "Yes, I was Ari. But please don't stop! I need this right now.. I need you right now." Titania exclaimed desperately. Ari wanted to be mad but at the same time he was feeling too good to stop either. He decided to channel his emotions into his thrusts and started fucking Titania harder.

The sudden thrusting almost caused Titania to scream out in pleasure again but she put her hand over her mouth into muffle her voice. She was being pounded so hard by Ari that the sound of slapping flesh could be heard if anyone was nearby, but Ari stopped caring.

With each thrust Titania's breasts bounced with the rhythm almost hitting the Princess in the chin. Ari knew he wouldn't last too much longer since it had been so long since he had a good fuck. He pulled Titania up and flipped her around so she was on her hands and knees and began fucking her doggy style as he used her hips to help keep his fast and hard rhythm. Titania used this to her advantage and let herself scream and moan into the ground so no one but Ari could hear. SLAP! Ari spanked Titania's ass as he rode her face and tits into the dirt. 

Ari reached around with his left hand and started gently twisting Titania's clit as he thrusted. He could feel Titania's walls clenching down on him and believed if he kept this up, she would orgasm soon too.  With each thrust Titania's face and breasts were being shoved against the ground but she didn't care, this was one of the best feelings she had in her life and she just kept feeling better and better until she reached her peak, As Ari jerked Tatiana's clit she started to orgasm between his thrusts and her pussy tightened and contracted around Ari's dick. While Titania finished her orgasm, Ari started to cum and his hot sticky load filled the Princess to the brim when he let out one final low growl.

Ari's cock popped out of her cunt and and  their fluids that had mixed together slowly started dripping down the Princess’s legs. Her legs were shaking and her butt slowly lowered itself onto the ground as she lay there catching her breath. So this is what sex is like. I could get used to this, she thought as she rolled over still dripping. Ari on the other hand sat down and got their clothes together.

"Nothing better happen to me for taking your virginity," said Ari worriedly. Titania between breaths responded,"I'm not set up for an arranged marriage like my mother, if that's what you're thinking. I'm free to settle down with whoever. Plus no one really needs to know it was you who took it anyways."

"Good," Ari noticed that his cock was still covered in fluids . "Do me a favor since you didn't disclose your virginity to me. Clean my cock with your mouth so I can put my briefs back on." Hearing Ari say this shocked Titania. He seemed like such a nice, sweet guy before all this. A part of her felt like she should be offended and reject it, but she really loved the idea and it made her hot again. She was thoroughly enjoying this rough, dominant side to him.

"Okay," she said as she crawled her way over the grass to Ari. "Can you hold my hair back then?" Ari obliged as Titania put his semi-hard penis into her mouth. It tasted like sweat and semen but she didn't mind. She made sure he was all the way to his base in her mouth and used her tongue to lick him off. When she pulled back she seductively asked, "Good, or more?" 

Ari chuckled. "Good. I can't go again that soon. Also, it might look suspicious if both of us show up sweaty and out of breath to my DNA results." Titania let out a sad whimper but she knew he was right and left it at that before putting her clothes back on. "Oh yeah, your face looks a bit messed up from all the dirt you ate, you might want to wash it or something," Ari stated. Titania blushed as she tried to wipe off the dirt only smudging it more and mixing it with her sweat.   

"If I ever come back to this town, I'll try to hit you up again because that was a good fuck.”

"You better," Titania said seriously.


As the two got their clothes back on and adjusted their appearances, an announcement went out calling Ari back to the castle. No one suspected a thing happened between them despite them showing up together. Ari really was Titania's half sibling, so he got the medicine and assistance he needed to help his mother get better and signed the contract stating he would not threaten Titania's as heir to the throne. Ari went back to Sappherial and his mother got better. Then he began traveling Airilia again. Titania however found herself in many similar sexual situations with strangers, acquaintances, and more.

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      By ThatLewdCat
      Originally a Human-only character, Lucy got herself a "Furry version" at one point. This is her, yup.
      Lucy is a 19yo lady with stunning looks that she takes great care of. However, do not instantly dismiss her as a typical dumb bimbo - this girl may surprise you with her intellect. She's quite educated, refined and well-mannered too. She's far from the typical empty-headed blondie that one might see at first glance.
      She was created for one-shot scenes and short-term stories based around either or both of these two topics: incest or/and sugar-daughter for her partner. By saying "and" I mean that... Who says that her "sugar-parent" can't be her ACTUAL parent? But that's obviously only for those who are into incest, which is not for everyone and It's fine. Mainly she is oriented towards older men - either older brothers (especially if it's twin brothers!), her father or unrelated older daddy-type mature men. Alternatively to males however, she's also open to Shemales/Trans/Futas, call it whatever you like - again, older sisters, "mother" or older mommy-type mature "women with extra pats", if you catch my meaning.
      Also, most of the scenery around her would be something of a luxurious, effortless life that her preferred partners can provide - rich older people who would love themselves a bit of the younger body, especially like her's. But at the same time, it's not entirely based purely on Lucy being in it for the money. Plenty of room for actual romance and true love, among other things. ANd not to mention the possible sexual funzies to be had along the way - group sex, light bodnage, pet-play and more.
    • kinkikitti69
      By kinkikitti69
      In the mood for some more wild gangbang type RPs
      Father and friends: Mother is away on business, and its Friday night poker night for dad and his friends. His 18 year old daughter has snuck out of the house to sneak into a house party for some drinks. She stumbles home intoxicated, only to find her father and his friends equally drunk.
      Family Reunion: Its the annual family reunion, the men decide to stay home and watch the football game, while the women decide to leave and spend the day drinking wine at a spa. Alex is the only female minor, being 16 she is left at home with the men. It isn't long before the football watch party becomes a drinking game party, and Alex wonders if she can join in.
      Father and strangers: for her 17th birthday present, her perverted father decides to take her out to see a movie. What she didn't realize was that he was taking her to the 'bad' side of town into an 'adult' movie theatre to watch a particularly lewd porn movie together, in the theatre screening room, the audience is light, but the only other people in there are older, horny men.
      Shopping alone: Curious teen goes out shopping in the not so great side of town. As she enters a old run down looking store with no signs out front, on the inside she is shocked to discover the store she has entered is an 'adults only' store with toys, lewd clothing, porn and more throughout. The only people inside the store are older men eager for some fun.
    • SataiRolePlayingGuy
      By SataiRolePlayingGuy
      The concept here is a new technology. A bodysuit, that when you wear it changes your body to take on a form of your choosing until you choose to disable it. It has a number of uses but here we are focusing on one particular use of it, being used by certain groups to fulfill their fantasies. The idea is to focus on specific settings, conventions, clubs etc. Where many people meet, appearing as fictional characters. Unsurprisingly a number people use it to fill out intimate fantasies as well. Sometimes two people meet at random, sometimes two (or more) people agree to take certain forms and then they meet. The conventions may even have discreet areas that are actually intended for such things.
      The transformations are complete. While it can not give magic/super powers or anything like that, visually and in voice you become a perfect match of your chosen individual. It can even turn a woman into a man or man into a woman, change height, etc. It can match non-human characters to a limited degree (things like unusual skin colors, pointed ears, horns, tails, fur/scales, things like that. Though it can not give some unrealistic sizes or non-humanoid shapes). Unless you are meeting someone who you pre-planned something with, it is impossible to know who someone is under the disguise.
      These could be MxF or FxF couples (under the disguises it could be boy and girl, two girls or two boys, though there will be no MxM content either way). There may or may not be content with one or both in their true forms here. Ultimately the idea here is a Rule 34 story, with some story, but people only pretending to be the actual characters. It could be more casual or develop into actual relationships.  The tags are a list of things I am pen for, they are optional though and it isn't a complete list either.
    • wetnoodlestuff
      By wetnoodlestuff
      I know I'm a bit of a broken record and have posted similar sibling related (ha) posts before. I've even had a few really good little sisters. And I shall never turn down a little sister! But here's the thing.. it usually doesn't take much for a brother and sister to decide to start fucking. Big brother notices little sister has grown up and takes advantage of her. Bratty sister constantly teases brother until he snaps and calls her bluff. Clingy, obsessive sister continually tempts brother into sex. There's plenty more, but those are just some examples.
      It always seems to happen quickly without much provocation, and that's what I'd like to explore. To take a slow burn method with it. I'd like to establish their relationship as siblings prior to their sexual relationship. And explore more thoroughly what causes them to decide to start said relationship, since it typically doesn't take much for siblings in these stories to decide to start fucking. And once the idea is introduced, they don't immediately start humping like bunnies. Perhaps there's some experimentation and they establish some boundaries. At first maybe it's just a show. "Show me yours and I'll show you mine." Stripping for each other, watching in the shower, watching each other masturbate. Then they can move on to light touching, cuddling and dry humping. Then escalate to heavier grinding, masturbating each other then after that maybe oral is ok, then penetration.. anal at first (not a dealbreaker if you're not into it) then having full on sex.
      And even afterwards, once they've humped like bunnies.. how do they establish their relationship? Do they decide to start a romantic relationship that they have to constantly hide from everyone? Or maybe it's more casual.. "siblings with benefits" type of a thing.
      Sooooo... if you're interested in such a slow burn sibling RP, please let me know! I would be happy to discuss.
      Or if you also want a quick, jump to siblings fucking like bunnies RP... you can let me know also. Will accept all sisters! 😋
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