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AO - Alteria Colosseum

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    • Elena Ichinomiya
      By Elena Ichinomiya
      CREW Captain room : The CREW captain earn a privilege to have their own room which is more advanced than the CREW squad. It also come with accessible computer that can access various data but limited only to captain level privilege.

      Operation/Command Room : Every mission and report are sent/handled here. An NPC will handle the data handling. CREW will get their briefing of their mission here along with their respective squad.
      Training/Drill ground : Do not let this empty space fool you captain, this place can mimicking situation where the CREW will train to get their act together. Once the system start...

      You can commence the training which later show the result for the squad performance to see if they are capable to carry their job. Also, please note you can only change your class on the base.

      R&D Factory : The very haven for Demolition, Engineer, and pilot of Tank, Aircraft and GIANT. This place is where you can mod your Tanks and change part of your GIANT. Remember, while Tank can be fixed on the field, GIANT can only be fixed on the base or retreat to MAV. Do your best not to get GIANT destroyed as it was costly and take up many time to produce. Any plane, tanks, or GIANT that finished their maintenance or built will be sent to MAV for deployment.

      Medic Bay/Repair Bay : This is the place where any casualty are healed. The place has different section. One for human and T-Doll on the other side. While this place more comfortable than your room, please refrain from sleeping here or get injured too often.

      Squad Room : This is where your squad rest up. Each room can hold up to 4 squad member. It has comm which connected to both captain room and Operation Room for emergency communication should emergency arrive. It also come with personal computer but the access to data is very limited. But your squad are allowed to tinker or even install game there for compensation. Just don't forget your duty.

      MAV : Stand for Mobile Assembly Vehicle, UNION made this vehicle work as mobile "HQ" for group squad deployed but only when big scale battle occur. They will setup base around the edge of red zone and move deeper should the area is safe. While big, this MAV don't have any defense mean other than thick armor that can stand even strongest impact of GIANT thrown at them. NPC will handle where they placed. Captain don't have privilege to give command where they should go but they still permitted to report any danger aiming at them. MAV are capable to fly but take time and only used as last resort for retreating. Do your best to defend this big base because they are the only place where GIANT can be fixed and also place where your squad rest should the battle still rage on for days.

      Each MAV also capable to carry aircraft unit but they can only bring around 50 plane for each type (10 carrier, 20 anti-air, 10 recon, 10 bomber)

      GIGAS Port : This may look like typical aircraft carrier only bigger but we assure you, this is mobile seaport. UNION decide to put things into another level by not just bringing war to Tri-Hounds but also showing their engineering might by creating movable seaport. This mobile port can deploy vast amount of ships from destroyer to submarine.
      They reside on neutral area and capable to use satellite cannon etched on their part and multiple cannon for additional defense. While they have big guns, they can't help you with that unless the war are close to the sea. Also those weapon are meant to protect this base in sea warfare. They are controlled by NPC and you can order bombardment IF your OC is CREW Captain. It take some time for them to cool down though so use their arsenal wisely.
    • Elena Ichinomiya
      By Elena Ichinomiya
      Captain/Commander of squad room : This place is where captain of squad resides which basically inside a caravan. While it may look luxury, it actually has limited space but still spacious enough to move around. It also has radio that can directly contact HQ unlike the one on Ops camp

      Operation camp : Everyone will gather here for mission briefing or meetings. Its placed beside Captain caravan but you are allowed to set it anywhere on the camp. Every report are sent here.

      Training/Drill grounds : Even when away from HQ, each camp has their own drill grounds and instructor on the field. Always check here to do something if there's no new mission. You can change your class here

      Provision camp : The place where ammo and other arms are. It also come with R&D for every Tank/Apc pilot to modify their vehicle to their desire. Remember, you can only switch Tank type on the base

      Squad tent : This is where your squad rest up. Unlike captain/commander, all squad have to sleep in one tent. Each tent hold maximum to 4 person. At the end of the squad tent, there's medic tent where the RPer who take role of medic work.

      Air Base : This is where the air bombardment resides. Captain/Commander can request for carpet bombing provided the area is clear of AA (anti-air). From bombardment to paratrooper, its all nested here.

      Port : Aircraft carrier and heavy off map artillery ship are docked here. They are most useful should the battle are happen to be near the water. It is also where submarine resided. This place is protected heavily from both air and water but there's no guarantee of the safety.
    • Adverse
      By Adverse
    • Adverse
      By Adverse
    • Temaelrin
      By Temaelrin
      Jen’s Pleasure Bar
      Bar and Holosuites
      Also known as Jen’s, The Pleasure Bar, the Epsian Bar and so on. It is located in main commercial district and fully visible from the embarkation/disembarkation area around the main column. It is a low-risk, low-danger bar that is covered as part of Station Security patrol routes. I falls under the legality of the station, and therefore there isn’t as much illegality being conducted here as there would be in The Wet Holes, below this bar. This is more than just a bar though, it is a certified pleasure centre of the station; and as such there are twelve large holosuites that can be rented out on an hourly basis.
      It also contains a private bar for Ambassadors, although some have expressed concerns that the room could be bugged there has been no evidence of this, and Jen’starr has flat out denied it because it would be illegal, and she made a promise to Alexander that this bar would be legit and above board. The holosuites in the ambassidreal room are smaller, but they’re designed for less people (Small groups) and can be hired out for cheaper by ambassadors.

      (Mockup - Layout)
      The bar is an important social hub of the station. It is frequented by station staff who come here to socialise and have a good time with friends. It is one of the highlighted facilities in the tourist brochure with a high recommendation from even the Station Captain, Alexander. At the furthest reaches of the room there are large windows looking out into space, although they have holographic overlays inserted into the glass; meaning that Jen’starr can in fact change them to whatever she wants - if she wants to make it look like that Earth is right outside; she can and have it simulate daylight as if the sunlight itself was tempered by special glass to prevent it from burning everyone’s eyes out.
      From the moment one walks into the room through the open doorless space there is a hexagonal water fountain that quietly spits water up into the air seamlessly (Laminar Flow) and each stream of water changes colour through every colour on the spectrum. It is a very, very large room and has a capacity for two thousand people - maximum. There is a stairwell in the upper corner that takes you up to the Stuffed Holes restaurant, and in front of that is a classical band that play bar music (Holographic).
      The bar itself is massive; and behind the counter, on the shelves with the drinks, there is a wall waterfall that flows ice cold water through the semi-hydrophobic bottles that keeps the drinks at a very cool temperature.
      This bar is never empty and is open all the time, with staff that work in shifts around the clock, and as such it’s been a source of jobs on the station which helps keep people out of Down Below.
      Manager: Jen’starr Epsi’rikixi
      Parent Company: Jennaea’s Bar and Restaurants Company
      Location: Commerce District - Right outside embarkation/disembarkation and station’s customs, Main Floor, Andromeda One Space Station
      Services: Drink and Holoservices
      Capacity: 1,000 - 2,000 People
      Opening Times: Always
      For more information about holographic technology, replicated technology and the power source, please read the Company Topic.
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