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Character Profiles From Old Group

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If people want to take the story in other directions they can.  And feel free to make your own characters or claim others, but I kept and thought I would repost old profiles from the previous version of this story (some my characters, some used by others, which could be reclaimed if you want).


---My Profiles----


Name: Sinashuna

Race: Half Juraian, half whatever Ryoko is considered.

Gender: Female.

Loyalty: Ryoko.

Age: New born, but with a young adults body.

Hair: Blood red, in Ryoko's style.

Eyes: Green.

Height: 6'2

Clothing: Black body suit, with long thin cuts in the arm legs and sides of the hips and torso that expose her skin. Much of her chest is also exposed.

Weapon: Energy swords.

Powers: Combination of Ryoko and Zantan's powers and the ability to feed off the life forces surrounding her.

Short Bio: The daughter of Ryoko and Zantan (see below for his profile, he could be replaced with someone else’s character).  Ryoko had her both so she could have an heir, and to fight Tsunami if necessary, one of the few beings left that make her nervous. Her intention was to be a better mother than Washu had been, though she does a very poor job at it herself. Her power is such that she is forced to feed off the life of those around her and if she lets it grow too long she is required to eat entire planets. She is incredibly innocent, not understanding much but this includes a sort of innocent evil, she kills and plunders out of fun, not understanding the evil in it, and as any child of an alcoholic she has been born with Ryoko's need for alcohol, and she is generally free to have as much as she wants.  The only rule she understands is to obey Ryoko. She is being held back as a secret weapon for the time being, but her time to be released is coming soon.

Sexual Orientation: Mostly straight, but she has an obsession with Tsunami.



Name: Duke Tarando Vornos.

Loyalty: Ryoko.

Race: Juraian.

Gender: Male.

Age: 4500.

Hair: Long Silver.

Eyes: Green.

Height: 6'3

Clothing: White robes, with wide golden belt, sashes across his chest and borders, black boots, a number of golden medallions.

Weapon: Two-handed energy sword.

Powers: Energy shield, lightning blade, energy arcs from swinging his blade quickly.

Short bio: A cousin of the former Empress Misaki, Tarando is connected to but not officially part of the royal family. He is an elder noble often respected by most around him. He tries to resolve any arguments and fights with diplomacy, though will fight if pushed into a corner. He has grown disturbed with the current state of the royal family, which combined with old with respect for Zantan has caused him to become a secret supporter of Ryoko, though he confines his opposition to spying and propaganda, he has voiced his displeasure with the current state of affairs, but hasn't openly said or done anything that would be considered dangerous or criminal.  Unfortunately he is the lord of several strategic planets near the capital which could be used to weaken the defenses of the homeworld.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.



Name: Zantan Antinisia

Race: Juraian

Gender: Male

Age: 1200 (looks in his early 20s)

Loyalty: Ryoko

Hair: Long dark blue

Eyes: Red

Height: 6'3

Clothing: Black pants, black long sleeve shirt tucked in, golden belt, boots and gloves, black cape.

Weapon: Energy bladed halberd, sliver shaft and head with a golden blade.

Powers: Energy chains for binding, can conceal him in shadows and can swing his halberd to make energy waves.

Short Bio: The former heir to a very powerful noble family of Jurai. He was originally an enemy of Ryoko and tried unsuccessfully to fight her when she attacked planet Jurai, but she defeated him after a long fight. He hated her for killing his Emperor, but when Ayeaka and Tenchi arrived for their coronation his mind changed.  While he had great respect for Ayeaka, he is at heart racist to non-Juraians and hated Tenchi, finding him unworthy as Emperor. He is quite aware of his royal blood as great grandson of the late Emperor through Prince Yousho's line; he still finds Tenchi's Juraian blood too thin to be an acceptable Emperor. So he went to Ryoko and after an awkward moment pledged loyalty to her. He is now the only one she really trusts, and the only one always with her on Ryo-Ohkie. He is her enforcer but also her toy. The one who gives her 'physical
favors' both sexual and non-sexual. He accepts this without taking it as an insult, both because it fulfills his lust and he thinks it will eventually lead to a great reward when Ryoko wins the war as he is convinced she will. And he has been declared a traitor by Tenchi and Ayeaka and lost his rights to inherit his family’s title and wealth. So he knows he is stuck with Ryoko now, as to return to Jurai could lead to his execution.

Sexual Orientation: Straight.



Name: Countess Minea Jurisana.

Race: Jurian.

Loyalty: Jurai.

Gender: Female.

Age: 2479 (looks in her late 20s/early 30s).

Hair: Long fiery red.

Eyes: Green.

Height: 5'10.

Clothing: Red dress that matches her shade of hair color, elaborately decorated with golden threads, and epilates sewn throughout it, silver cape, and tiara with a large red gem in its center, silver firm bottomed slippers.

Powers: Blinding light can control nearby trees, energy shield for protection, white energy ball attack.

Short bio: The chief advisor of Emperor Tenchi and Empress Ayeaka.  She is in charge of the day to day running of the Imperial Palace. She is a member of the Council that helps Tenchi and Ayeaka rule Jurai. The council is made up of Emperor Tenchi, Empress Ayeaka, Crown-Princess Sasami, Countess Minea, Mihoshi as the official Galactic Police representative on the Council, and Washu officially has a seat, though she rarely bothers to show up, as well as usually at least one high ranking officer of the military of Jurai. And any other person whose advice is needed is let in as a temporary member.  Minea tries to be a voice of reason; she knows war with Ryoko can not be avoided but tries to prevent any rash decisions and actions. She also spends much of her time meeting with nobles to try to calm down the tensions that are bringing the Empire close to civil war. Her loyalty to Tenchi and Ayeaka is absolute; she will do anything they order without hesitation, no matter how suicidal it may be. If she thinks it’s a bad idea or dangerous to the Empire she will try to talk them out of it, but if they put their foot down she will give in and do it without regret. She is always calm and no one has ever seen her get angry or very excited, she believes it is most proper for a high noble to always be calm and rational. She doesn't trust military officers generally and often disagrees with them in the council. When she is at the court she sits off to the right of the thrones just off Tenchi's side, in a much more humble chair which isn't considered a throne, though decorated enough to show she is of a noble family (Sasami is in a similar position on the opposite side, just off of Ayeaka's side. Though her chair is considered a lesser throne since she is of royal blood, and is the heir until Tenchi and Ayeaka have an adult child).

Sexual Orientation: Straight. But if a woman of higher rank made an advance towards her she wouldn't resist it.



Name: Nalrana Sartor.

Loyalty: Ryoko.

Race: Urnorian.

Gender: Female.

Age: 2100 (young adult).

Hair: Long Silver.

Eyes: Red.

Skin color: Dark black.

Height: 6'1.

Clothing: Black body suit, with silver lining in a bikini shape with two silver lines on both her front and back connecting the chest decoration to the waist decoration, silver knee high boots and gloves that go to the elbows.

Weapon: Black bladed energy sword.
Powers: 'Dark Flame' manipulation. Can speak to others of her race telepathically.

Short bio: A member of the Urnorian race, a warrior race who make up the Demon Legions of Ryoko, which makes up over 90% of her army. All adult Urnorians; male and female are expected to be part of the Demon Legions, and children spend all of their time training for it. They are a race who have become fanatically and religiously devoted to
Ryoko, who seems to fulfill their prophecies about a new Goddess of their people. And with her power and manipulation of the prophecies she has come to be accepted as the rebirth of the Urnorian Goddess of War and Death. It also helps her that they have an ancient hatred of the Juraians, going back thousands of years to when their worlds used
to be Juraian colonies. And now they consider themselves on a crusade to destroy the Empire. Nalrana is an elite warrior and is known for a brutal fighting style. She doesn't show mercy, though she does prefer to give her opponent a fair fight. She has the
common hatred of Juraians like all in her race, though her hatred is less strong than many Urnorians. As most Urnorians would not willing give a Jurian a fair fight, though she will. But she is devoted to the war since she accepts Ryoko as a Goddess and doesn't have a high regard for life in general so the death and destruction of war doesn't really bother her. Rather than a normal soldier, she is usually used by Ryoko as an assassin, and sometimes bodyguard (she doesn't need one, but thinks it looks more impressive sometimes to have one or more.) She and Zantan have a strong dislike for each other, based on their races.  But loyalty to Ryoko holds both of them back from fighting each other.

Sexual Orientation: Urnorians don't recognize specific sexuality.  She could go either way.



--------------Updates to Ryoko.---------------------------------------


Ryoko's appearance is essentially the same other than her clothing, she now usually wears a body suit which mostly black except for the top, which is completely red to the base of her breasts, then has the look of streams of dripping blood from there down too her lower stomach, with zippers both down the center oh her back and chest.  The back zipper being the normal one for taking it off, the chest one is just to distract males in her presence. And she has a diagonal scar across her left eye from the fight with Emperor Azusa, and a long scar rarely seen down her back from the fight with Zantan.

Her personality has become quite darker, quick to violence and torture and enjoying it often gleefully laughing while personally doing it and not being happy with much else. She has become much further addicted (if possible) to alcohol, and to physical pleasures, cruelty and vice is most of her life now. She has repressed old positive feelings towards her former friends at the Masaki Shrine. She is only still on good terms with Ryo-Ohkie and now a neutral-hate relationship with Zantan.

She has control of many worlds and will indulge herself to live it up on many of them from time to time. But her true seat of power is her mobile throne on Ryo-Ohike's bridge. The bridge is dark, with a red carpet leading from the windows to the back of the bridge where there is a large black throne where Ryoko sits, often with Zantan standing close by on her right side, using his own powers to increase the shadows around his Queen. She tends to keep her ship deep in the void of space away from anything else to avoid detection, except for when she is making an attack. She keeps a now severely damaged statue of Ayeaka in her bedroom on the ship that she likes to take shots at.




---Other Member Profiles---


Name: Sasami Masaki Jurai

Race: Juraian

Gender: Female

Loyalty: Jurai

Age: 715 (appears to be in early teens)

Hair: Long blue hair, usually done up in two pony-tails.

Eyes: Pink

Height: 4' 2"

Clothing: Commonly wears royal robes, preferring white or pink colours and designs.

Weapon: None commonly worn.

Powers: For the most part, Sasami is just a typical young teenaged girl. Despite her size and age, she is an accomplished combatant, though rarely takes up arms. She is also spiritually linked with Tsunami and controls Tsunami-fune, one of the most powerful ships in the galaxy.

Short Bio: Grievously injured in Ryoko's first attack on Jurai over 700 years ago, Sasami was merged with Tsunami, in the process healing her wounds and sharing their spirits. She stowed away on Ayeka's ship when she went to search for their half-brother Yosho, and ended up crash-landing on Earth. There she spent time in the Masaki household and joined in on the various adventures.

Sasami was saddened when Ryoko left with Ryo-ohki after Tenchi's decision to marry Ayeka. Her own crush dashed, she was none-the-less extremely pleased for her sister.

After Ryoko's attack on Jurai where she killed the Emperor, Sasami traveled back to Jurai with Tenchi and Ayeka, and now currently resides in the Imperial Palace.


Sexual Orientation: Unsure, but currently has no interest in men.




Name: Washu Hakubi

Race: Humanoid

Gender: Female

Age: 20,000+ Looks 12 (sometimes, sometimes older)

Loyalty: Science

Hair: Red/Pink

Eyes: Green

Height: 4'4"

Clothing: Ever since living on earth she had grown to like clothes from there. She wears loose jeans, and a white shirt saying "Science Rocks" on it. But depending on the occasion wears what is needed.

Weapon: None

Powers: Her main power is telepathy with Ryoko, and of course her brain which can solve any problem she is faced with

Short Bio: After Ryoko started her rain of terror on the galaxy again, Washu went to Jurai to use vast resources there in order to find a solution to the problem. Despite many confrontations with the throne, until Tenchi and Ayeka became the royal crowns.

Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual




Name: Ultra (simply known as this)

Race: demon

Gender: female

Loyalty: Jurai

Age: unknown

Hair: long and brown

Eyes: gray

Height: 5 feet 7 inches

Clothing: a normal everyday green kimono

Weapon: none

Powers: She doesn't use her powers she's a scientists like Washu-Chan

Short Bio: Ultra has been always obsessed with wanting to be like her idol Washu. Thus, she began mental training in study and such until she was finally able to follow in Washu's footsteps. Being, Tenchi's secret friend she is loyal to Jurai and Jurai alone. Ultra will never consider changing sides and helps Tenchi in anyway possible. In fact she started a secret thing designed to combat Ryoko. She likes to call it A.R.C.S or Anti Ryoko Combat Squad. Ultra has two daughters one that stays in Jurai to be a final defense. The other is to actually go out their and kick evil's ass as she would call it.

Sometimes, she had indeed taken Washu's work and tried it herself. She succeeded after much study and created Lyassa.

Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual. (likes both)


Name: Lyassa

Race: man made life form. (Made by Ultra)

Gender: female

Loyalty: Jurai

Age: 19

Hair: long and purple

Eyes: blue

Height: 5 feet

Clothing: Lyassa usually wears a power suit made for her by Ultra.  It's white and has a short mini skirt. She also has some armor from time to time if the mission proves much difficult then thought.

Weapon:  Sword of Justu (Future form), laser pistol, grabbing hook, whip, and Glaunts.

Powers: Lyassa's powers are similar to Ryoko's. She can fly, go through walls, has great strength, and of course swordsmanship.

Short Bio: The infamous Lyassa is the main force of Ultra's A.R.C.S.  She is the only non human of the team. She handles every mission, though she finds a few boring but she does them effectively while blowing up everything while doing it. She was created by Ultra for one purpose and that was to take on any threats to Jurai. Though, some would argue that this was wrong of Ultra to make her only for combat... Her sister Kloisa could say otherwise.

Sexual Orientation: she doesn't pay much attention to this so she's mostly shy about who she likes.

Other facts: The sword of Justu- this sword is strange for it has the ability to change its form to match the time period that is around it. Ultra was amazed and even told other scientists that the sword had in some sense an intelligence. Most laughed in her face and called her pretty much a crazy weirdo. The sword indeed however, has a strange intelligence level. It would not let evil touch its hilt nor would a man use the sword to its full power. Only a woman could use it to its greatest level. The sword is currently looks like a beam saber such as the Tenchi sword. A could in some areas match it in ability. Lyassa has no idea of the sword's true powers and therefore has trouble with it.


Name: Kloisa

Race: human

Gender: female

Loyalty: Jurai

Age: 17

Hair: blue

Eyes: green

Height: 5 feet 10 inches

Clothing: simple Jurai uniform

Weapon: a halberd

Powers: has none she is a human

Short Bio: Born, from Ultra and a human partner. She simply helps Lyassa through communications and Ultra with in the lab. She believes in her sisters abilities though some don't.

Sexual Orientation: straight.

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