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Tactical harem

Looking to RP

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Tactical harem

Hello. Those in the group looking to RP a furry type of RP just let me know. I can play whatever gender and whatever relationship.

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    • ThatLewdCat
      By ThatLewdCat
      Just like Lucy, Alex here was originally a Human-Only character. But later on got a "Furry version" too.
      Alex is an 18yo college student, a cheerleader and a total tomboy. In fact... She's more than just that.
      While her full name is actually Alexandra, she always only uses "Alex" instead since early age. And her actual ID card says that she is a Male. Why? Because she's some kind of a transgender or whatever? Hell no! That's not fun and silly, Alex is not "into" that stuff. Alex is... A FAKE FEMBOY. A double-reverse-trap, you can call it? Basically, a girl... who pretends to be a feminine boy! And yes, she lives in the male dorms... despite actually being a female. It has it's benefits, you know! *wink-wink*
      She's quite sexually open and constantly teases her peers, teachers, coach, the football team and any other supposedly straight males out there on campus or outside during vacations. To playfully and innocently toy around (without true ill intent!) with their "fragile masculinity and sexuality", seeing them fall for the "trap" and actually go sexual for a feminine boy instead of a girl. Or at least... They think they are going for a boy that is. But in reality, it's all just fun and games for Alex! To see the look on their faces when they discover the truth! Let alone explore her curiosity about the ACTUAL "traps" aka Shemales/Futas/girls with extra parts.
      And yeah. no secret there - she enjoys giving oral and taking it "from behind". She even manages to ofent hide the fact that the "bulge" in her panties is fake for the first few times, Thanks to mostly giving oral or anal, you know... Not everyone is attentive enough to care when they are excited - to pull down the panties all the way off, which would clearly reveal the "truth"... Hehe.
      She was created for light-hearted and mostly sexual scenes in college scenery(or outside) based around that whole thing with being a fake femboy, orientation play, polyamory, no serious relationships, possible group sex(a typical locker room scene with multiple football team members!) and more.
    • ThatLewdCat
      By ThatLewdCat
      Originally a Human-only character, Lucy got herself a "Furry version" at one point. This is her, yup.
      Lucy is a 19yo lady with stunning looks that she takes great care of. However, do not instantly dismiss her as a typical dumb bimbo - this girl may surprise you with her intellect. She's quite educated, refined and well-mannered too. She's far from the typical empty-headed blondie that one might see at first glance.
      She was created for one-shot scenes and short-term stories based around either or both of these two topics: incest or/and sugar-daughter for her partner. By saying "and" I mean that... Who says that her "sugar-parent" can't be her ACTUAL parent? But that's obviously only for those who are into incest, which is not for everyone and It's fine. Mainly she is oriented towards older men - either older brothers (especially if it's twin brothers!), her father or unrelated older daddy-type mature men. Alternatively to males however, she's also open to Shemales/Trans/Futas, call it whatever you like - again, older sisters, "mother" or older mommy-type mature "women with extra pats", if you catch my meaning.
      Also, most of the scenery around her would be something of a luxurious, effortless life that her preferred partners can provide - rich older people who would love themselves a bit of the younger body, especially like her's. But at the same time, it's not entirely based purely on Lucy being in it for the money. Plenty of room for actual romance and true love, among other things. ANd not to mention the possible sexual funzies to be had along the way - group sex, light bodnage, pet-play and more.
    • ThatLewdCat
      By ThatLewdCat
      A rather young, but already quite successful fantasy/sci-fi author who prefers to use a pseudonym - not to "ride the wave" of her father's popularity. He also was a writer and left his lovely girl quite an extensive amount of money. Now Viktoria lives a rather simple and relaxed life, spending time writing more and more of her books... Quite often though she has to deal with her condition - nymphomania. Every man wants himself a "nympho-girlfriend", as they say. Until the actually get one and realize that it's not as "fun" as it seems and one man can not possibly satisfy her lust. But sharing her with other men - hell no! After three difficult breakups, it's hard for Viki to actually try and look for the more serious relationships... She knows one man won't really be able to satisfy her "need", but it's very difficult to find a man who would be open to "sharing" her with other men... (Yes, a character that is quite strongly oriented at group sex themes - threesomes, foursomes, gangbangs)
    • The Inflation Mechanic
      By The Inflation Mechanic
      Who I Want
      I'm looking for capable individuals to work with me on one-on-one projects that involve fetishistic inflation and expansion. I like expanding and inflating the breasts, bellies, asses, and bodies of women via various means, and I also enjoy the growth of male genitalia (be it on a man or a woman). If you like these things (or even if you don't, but don't mind being subjected to them or inflicting them on me), we can collaborate.
      If you like minimum-investment stories that require a little bit of effort and love explosive, sexy payoffs, I'll work with you.
      What I Can Do
      I'm well-versed in pop culture, and I can reasonably roleplay a few characters from across media.
      I am also a well-versed writer, and can create story premises and characters in no time flat.
      I'm pretty good at making inflation and stuff like that sexy, and I can reasonably write for a lot of other kinks I didn't come to this site for. (I even have a few IRL. Bonus points if you figure them out.
      What We'll Do Together
      I want to craft a two person roleplay that involves sex, story, and inflation and expansionism.
      We'll decide on a setting and characters and all that together.
      We'll weave a narrative that will enable us both to get off.
      What I Enjoy (or What I'd Like to See)
      Not all of these things need to be in our roleplay, but at least one would be nice.
      Breast Expansion/Inflation Belly Expansion/Inflation Ass Expansion/Inflation Futanari Blueberry Stuffing/Weight Gain Furries (Must be paired with one other thing on this list) Cumflation Body Expansion/Inflation Futanari (Must be paired with one other thing on this list) Dick and Balls Expansion/Inflation Some of these things kinda go together.
      Let's see what kind of combinations we can make!
      What I Don't Enjoy
      Check my preferences here: https://ecchidreams.com/roleplayer-services/preferences/the-inflation-mechanics-preferences-r1018/
      Fetishes can be negotiated, but nothing under 18 or rapey. We can talk about other things and kinks.
      Like I said, some things just kinda work together.
      How to Start
      Comment on this page or message me privately.
      Just say you want to work with me, and we'll figure it out from there via EcchiChat.
    • Mastertarium
      By Mastertarium
      So in essence I am looking for two things. A long term adventure role-play with any female or futa/dickgirl/herm furry but a skunkette would be preferred.
      There are two real scenarios that I wish to play out.
      The first is a sci-fi futuristic scene of a universe where technology has advanced to be able to advance across the stars. There is inter planetary travel as well as travel to other star systems in this galaxy. Whereas this is the future travel, there is high value cargo on the ships that fly through space. With this, there are pirates that want to take it. A notorious pirate captain, Ryu Katsugami, is targeting a fleet of merchant ships and unlucky for you, the ship you are on happens to be the one that is attacked! What will happen? That is up for the story to unfold.
      The second is one in the past of warriors and magic. The highlands are plagued with bandits and rogue mages that wish to claim the gold for riches beyond the wildest dreams that are set to lie in a hidden land. Brighton Markarth is the ring leader of a small tribe of bandits that has secretly found the key to the puzzle. They are looking for one of the other pieces in hopes to find the riches. Your convoy happens to be going through his territory and you have found the ire of this bandit. 
      I am happy to discuss other scenarios. These are just the ones I am most interested in.
      For the sex scenes in this rp I would like a few kinks. They are not mandatory. 
      Kinks wanted: Femdom, facesitting, oral, farting and facials.
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