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(Blank Character Sheet)

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  (Some of this information may be considered a bit much for an average rp, especially considering the more intermediate level of writing expected; however, this will help to create certain rival enemies you may encounter. It also affects how NPCs may treat a PC, if it's public information)

Biographical information,

Alias or pseudonym:

Age at arrival:
Current age: (irrelevant to PC)

Sex at birth:
Sexuality and orientation:

Weight: (range or approximation)
General build and appearance:

National origin:
Nation(s) inhabited: (Current set as last)
Language(s) known: (Most to least fluent, please limit to a maximum of three)

Personal information,

Current religious affiliation:
Former affiliations:
Thoughts on each:

Cadence towards friends:
Cadence towards strangers:



Penultimate wish or goal:

Penultimate terror:

Appearance and history,


Reference photo: (optional)

Statistical Survival,

(These are statistics used to determine chance rolls, skill checks, damage dealt, hardiness against attacks, and even the scope of one's ability to understand the horrors which lie before them. A total of twenty-seven points can be doled out in total. Each stat can have up to six points assigned to them, though any statistic of zero would be quite fool-hardy.)

Strength: (Determines wholly physical damage and related skill-checks.)
Agility: (Determines chances of running away and factors into some weaponry. Must be paired with endurance to continuously run from battles.)
Endurance: (Determines physical health and allows greater ability to continue fighting or continue running.)

Criticality: (Without the fortitude to cut words as if flesh and crush these ideas of feverish occulthood like brittle bones, how may a mind fight ideas?)
Artistry: (Without postulation, retrospection, and the ability to think forward, how may a mind continue its assault?)
Imagination: (Without further ideas to erect as defense against unbeatable odds, how can a mind prevent stagnation and breakdown?)

Silvered tongue: (Agreeance and assistance, feigned or otherwise...)
Bladed tongue: (Argument and agitation, cutting or aggressive...)
Blasphemous tongue: (Occult must be spoken to be understood and argued...)
Christened tongue: (Theology must be spoken to be understood and argued...)

Connection: (If such a thing exists before Arrival, then we are surely doomed.)
[Leave at zero unless seeking challenge immeasurable.]

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