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Rape roleplay

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Looking for a guy (or multiple) to do a public rape roleplay. Ageplay would be preferred. Message me for further details.

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    • Reyna
      By Reyna
      The following plots are based on the OCs that are in my albums. Those are the only characters I will be using, but you can contact me if you have a different plot in mind!
      I have to admit that I'm currently on a rape fetish with a hint of teasing and/or sex toys~ And possibly some bondage and maybe some slave training. I'm kinky-
      Plot #1: (Nerezza)
      You're a knight who was recently evicted from the castle under false accusations. With nowhere else to go, you find yourself living on the streets with no hope. Suddenly, a young looking mage approaches you and offers her hand and a place to stay, in exchange for your protection. But, who is this mystery girl...?
      Plot #2: (Gina)
      You're an assassin, of what kind doesn't really matter. However, your jobs/targets are constantly being stolen by someone else. All you know is their name in the community: The Silver Bullet due to their sniping skills. Tired of constantly losing your money and annoyed by the constant interference, you decide to make this other assassin your new target. And, when you discover their true identity, it's time for some revenge.
      Plot #3: (Kusana)
      You’re a demon hunter, searching through the woods, doing whatever you were doing when you come upon an aggressive and animalistic female. She takes out a group of hunters like it’s nothing and starts to leave. She’s no demon, but you can tell that she’s part dragon, and her scales would be worth a lot. So, why not capture her and break her down little by little? But then you realize she’s worth a lot more than expected...
      Plot #4: (Shizuoka)
      You’ve been childhood friends with the red haired female for the longest time. She’s always been at the top of magic class, and every other subject, excluding gym. However, you’re also her only friend as nobody seems to like her. And when you both join the royal family’s personal mages, she’s become distant and cold. Perhaps it’s time to teach your childhood friend her place and who she truly belongs to.
    • Quotation
      By Quotation
      1st - In the dark, grim chambers with a bonfire. A single bonfire in the middle to light up the metal and rusted room. The fire keeper builds up the courage to say goodbye to the one knight she knew closest. Before he has to go to battle, she finally opens up to him about her feelings. Feelings that she's kept bottled inside for too long. Unlike the way she thought it would happen, he accepts this reveal. There seems to be just a slight bit more hope in the world for them . . . 
      2nd - In the dark, grim chambers with a single bonfire. The fire keeper awaits her knight to come back from battle, battle of the dark hollows and other creatures. She ends up waiting a bit longer than she thought she would have. Almost losing hope, he does come back. But, he is worn out. He's been changed. He's more vicious seeming than usual, and his equipment's almost broken looking. She quickly realizes that he's gone hollow, leading to him becoming fueled by his held back lust . . . 
      So, I am looking for maybe a female sub/dominant/switch roleplayer to do this Dark Souls roleplay with me! But anyone's welcome to.
      So if someone can play the fire keeper for me, that would be amazing! If you are interested, but want to tweak some minor things about the scenarios, EcchiText me about it! I'm a very literate and detailed roleplayer, so I'd love if someone could do 6 - 7 lines per post. Replies that are detailed and have expression in them are my favorite, and make me do better. So if you can do that, great! Feel free to EcchiText me anytime.  ^w^
    • Imouto Kanna
      By Imouto Kanna
      Kanna in her Oniichan's room! This was the first image of Kanna I ever did.
    • The-Silver-Waifu
      By The-Silver-Waifu
      This is just a quick little idea i had after being inspired by the image, uhm. i probably wont be taking on any new partners for now though. so it's just a future idea.
      Hopeless Butler
      Our story takes place on the small island of Fuyu Suru Yume though it's mostly just known as Fuyu to the locals. The lackluster island was forever changed after a successful colony was established during the height of the industrial era. (So think colonialism, but its a fictitious world)
      The island was originally picked for it's warm climates and was intended to be used to grow cotton or tobbaco, however the relatively unstable prices fro these led to the "Vritish" to scrap the idea. the colony suffered greatly until the Vritish found something else to grow. Tea. 
      The Vritish really had a love fro tea, and prices and demand were through the roof, The Vritish however needed to purchase tea from their competitors and the lack of demand for Vritish goods left them woefully unable to meet the demand, so instead they turned to all these old colonies in the region. 
      The colony flourished for decades and even now tea is it's biggest export. The islands tea however is controlled by the Thompson family. in this age they are pretty much seen as the noble, or aristocracy of the island.  infact they owned just about every industry the island had. 
      Despite their best efforts in the 21st century Jobs are tough to come by and for most advanced educations or life away from the island seem like a pipe dream. So At first you couldn't believe your luck, you'd just landed your first job, taking on the roll of butler to the esteemed Thompson family. you were over the moon, their must have been hundreds of applicants for the position and surly some more qualified to be a butler. 
      however you're way out of your depth, only realizing that you were infact the only butler to the estate, sure you had a small army of maids, but their roles were bizzarly limited and getting them to lift a finger more than they needed was impossible.  all of this was just about enough to get through if  not for the young Miss thompson. 
      Young miss Thompson is a nightmare, put on theis island for the sole purpose of making your life living hell, shes not evil or anything and to be honest rarely seems to mind if you even do your job or not. she is however an incredibly naive kudere, with absolutely no respect for you or any idea of consequences, the young miss does what she likes and on her own time, the laze fare attitude utterly bewildering to someone who has to work, no struggle through their every day life. 

      Haha so thats that, uhm sorry if it's a mess i was really making up most of it on the spot, and remember this is about the Vritish! definitely  not any other monolithic tea obsessed empire. 
    • XR900
      By XR900
      Please EcchiText me to work out more kinks and ideas! (Rape only!) 

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