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Rape roleplay

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Looking for a guy (or multiple) to do a public rape roleplay. Ageplay would be preferred. Message me for further details.

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    • SuZu~nyan
      By SuZu~nyan
      Loli Artist and Gamer who lives with her older sister Kaoru. The two aren't well known, but online their creations are praised.
      ~.:| Character Info |:.~
      Full Name: Akage Kamiya (Akage-chan)
      Nickname: Aki-chan (Kaoru came up with it ;P)
      Age: 14 y.o.
      Height: 4'11" or 149.86 cm
      Weight: 94 lbs. or 42.64 kg
      Personality: Shy and Quiet/Reserved
      Family(?): Kaoru Kamiya (Onee-chan/Older Sister), Unnamed Mother, Unnamed Father
      Hair: Strung up in a ponytail most of the time, especially during work. Her hair is a light blue that slowly transitions like a rainbow.
      Eyes: Red/Magenta that fades into a dark navy blue. Her pupils are orange.
      Favorite Animal: Kitten/Cat/Neko
      Hobbies: Plushy Collecting, Drawing, Playing with Kaoru, Cosplay
    • Order of Insects
      By Order of Insects
      Hey! Thanks for checking this out. My idea is to play as a harem of lovely ladies from the Legend of Zelda franchise.
      First, some potential dealbreakers, ladies who I for sure will be including are: Saria, child Ruto, and imp Midna. This means child- or childlike characters will be engaged in smutty activity. I also intend for Midna to be a futa or dickgirl, so if you're not into that, then I'm sorry that this RP is not for you.
      Another lady who for sure will be included is Oracle of Seasons, Din. Besides the ladies I mentioned, you are free to request your own additions and I will play them.
      Now for potential plot, and who you will play as. You can be the hero perhaps (Link, someone else, or an OC), and your quest is to form magical bonds with various ladies who have latent magical power. With a harem of magical ladies, you will have the power to defeat the villain. Or you can be the villain (Ganondorf, someone else, or an OC) and seek out and dominate the magical ladies who stand in your path to world domination.
      In the hero case, I was thinking Midna might appear to you first, like in Twilight Princess. Being a futa, she can help you "convince" the other ladies. If you're into furry stuff or bestiality, we can also go the route where you are cursed with the aspect of the wolf, so you can either have a wolf furry/werewolf form or just a straight wolf form. Another idea could be getting your hands on the Four Sword and splitting into four copies of yourself so you can "attack" multiple "opponents" or from multiple directions. Any clever use of Zelda items in kinky sex is a plus.
      Anyways if you want to RP with me, let me know which ideas here you like or don't like, and we can continue to discuss and brain storm.
      Also, the original idea is that I play the GM and every lady in the harem and other NPCs including the villain, but I am also open to making this a group RP, so although I would still be GMing and playing at least one harem member, anyone can go for the role of hero, villain, other harem member, or side character, which is why I ask that you reply in the comments below, so I can gauge 'critical mass' and others can see who's interested in what role or what's already taken.
      I hope to see a lot of interest in this!
    • _euphoriaX
      By _euphoriaX
      I have been enjoying dark roleplays such as these a lot recently. Here are the two ideas. Though, between the two ideas, I can say that I like the first one more than the second.
      The Bride Market (Dark Level: Medium)
      The Bride Markey is a wonderful place for parents to sell their attractive daughters off to wealthy older men. The older men prefer to buy girls still in high school, and still virgins. You, for instance, want a busty high school girl, who is indeed a virgin, and very flexible. You want the girl to also be a blonde, pretty girl- someone who is smart, but also sexy. You want your wife to be submissive, to obey your every command. At the Bride Market, you were walking around, enjoying the many girls around. But soon, your eyes fell upon one girl only.
      Alice is a 16 year old student at Medan High School. She's blonde, busty, smart, and definitely a virgin. Her parents have made sure to keep her a virgin so she sells high at the market. She isn't really excited about being sold off, but she knows that she can't fighr tradition. Her mother has taught her how to be a good little housewife and to obey a man's every command, and how her job is to please her husband. Her mother made Alice wear some nice, black lingerie and some heels.
      You saw Alice walking alongside her mom, her blonde hair flowing lightly behind her, occasionally resting against her back. Many guys were going to be offering lots of money for her, bidding on her. But you knew that you had much more money. You're downright rich and powerful, and Alice waa going to be your little housewife. You were already planning getting her pregnant with many kids early. 
      Now, it's just time to buy her.

      Into the Woods (Dark Level: High)
      You are downright insane, really. You're a 27-30 year old serial rapist who enjoys going after young girls. But, none of them have genuinely interested you. You just want a girl you can keep as yours... forever. You own a little, secret bunker in the woods, odd, yes. You even have specific drugs to make the girls be submissive, and do whatever you say. Though, you like to watch them plead for you to stop in the beginning. No one has been able to track you, none of the girls were being believed with their stories. They had no evidence once you let them go.
      You currently didn't have any girls, though. You wanted one badly, you were itching to release yourself inside a young one, and finally keep her forever. 
      Anna, a 17 year old pink hairee girl, has always been a bit of a adventurer. She likes to stroll through the forest by her house, not knowing of the man that lives in there. One day, she didn't realize just how much her life would change.
      Anna was strolling through the woods, phone in hand, grinning. She was listening to her music, not paying attention to her surroundings. Everything happened so fast- you had found her, managed to capture and subdue her, and soon enough, you were dragging her to your secret bunker. You're quick, able to do things such as kidnapping without making a single sound.
      When Anna awoke, she was still wearing her school girl uniform. Though, her wrists and ankles were tied to the bed she was on. Her heart beat fast as she looked around, "wha... what the fuck?" She whimpered to herself, fear building up in her quick.

    • NekoCam
      By NekoCam
      Looking for a female role play partner who would like to a Kitsune x Male Human Reverse Rape ERP
      Note: This Hentai Role Play will include death such as me or my character dying from life steal/energy drain through sexual contact, so it’s similar to “succubus” or “succubi” since they all do the same thing. 
      (i do like making friends through role play so if you wish I’d be happy to have you as a friend)
    • asami69
      By asami69
      I'm looking for anyone interested in doing an RP centered around the character Touka from the anime/manga, Tokyo Ghoul.
      Touka - an arrogant, defiant girl who has no issues letting you know how pathetic and useless you are. Who is else is better suited for some rape, mind break, and humiliation?
      If anyone is interested, feel free to send me a message.
      Let me know just what you will do to Touka, and what character you would like to play.
      Will you be Furuta? a Shrewd and cunning Ghoul with a clownish personality, who captures Touka, raping and humiliating her, filming the whole thing to show Kaneki, his number one enemy and the husband of Touka.
      Or will you be Kijima? A fat slob of a man, who finds pleasure in breaking the spirits of a strong willed woman.
      Maybe you will be Itori, a seductive woman who finds pleasure in claiming the ownership of pussies.
      Perhaps you will be Hinami, someone who grew up idolizing Touka, but soon grew jealous as Touka married the man she loves.
      OCs are welcome as well
      In addition to RP, I have created nsfw art based on Touka as well. Check my profile picture to see a preview, I have many more 😉
      I'm looking forward to hearing from everyone, and encourage you all to send me any questions. If you can include in your message what character you will be playing and what you intend to do to Touka, and your ideal scenario, that would make my day!
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