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Titan vs. Haven (Titan01 x IsabellaRose)


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Haven glided down on a cushion of force field and leaped onto the rooftop, sprinting across the uneven surface to the fallen body of her comrade. Ironside was immobile, his armor rent nearly in half. What had happened? She reached her fingertips inside the rent metal to touch Ironside's neck, searching for a pulse. It was there, faint, but present. He was alive. She turned and looked across the rooftop at the other two members of her team that she could see, both incapacitated.

Monsoon lay unconscious as well, his chest rising and falling, the remnants of the storm he had called dissipating out across the bay. Wildfire was beside him, her flames extinguished, eyes that normally burned with an inner fire stared blank white at the sky. Haven knelt beside her, unsure of what signs to check for life on an Ikroden. She had never studied the alien physiology of her teammate. She touched her neck, but felt no pulse. She checked for breathing, but then remembered that the Ikroden didn't require oxygen, at least not to breathe. 

She turned at the sound of boots crunching on the rooftop behind her and saw her nemesis. Titan. She raised her shields instinctively, covering herself and the bodies of her nearest two allies, Wildfire and Monsoon. She hoped that Granite and Apex were still in fighting condition. The entire team had never fallen to a single foe before. Titan must be formidable.

"Stop right there," she said, sounding more confident than she felt. 

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Titan stepped towards her with a hand raised at her.

He snapped his fingers and I high pitched blast shot towards Haven the sound seemed to shake her very core

"Why would I do that?"

He replied his voice a deep commanding baritone

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Haven was the only one who could "see" her shields; they appeared in her vision as faint outlines around whatever she protected. Right now her shield appeared as a dome over her, Wildfire and Monsoon. The blast that washed across her shields was strong, the dome showed cracks almost immediately, then fissures. She could feel the reverberations, even through her shield. She concentrated, strengthening her shields, pouring all of her inner reserve of power into maintaining the only protection that stood between her and this villain. Her shields seemed to heal themselves.

"Because when you face one of the League, you face us all," she said, her face serious. "You may have defeated a handful of us, but you shall not prevail."

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"Defeated? I think you'll find that your 'friends won't  last much longer when some of their organs are liquified"

He snaps his fingers again this time sending the vibrations towards Monsoon

"If you want them to live just surrender. If you do you'll be able to save them"

Another blast shot at Wildfire

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Haven feels the pressure of his snap through her shields, like a fist pounding on her protective barrier. The cracks in her shield are wider this time, and some of the vibrations creep through. She can see Monsoons body quiver, then Wildfire's. She's not sure how much longer she can hold out. He wants her to surrender, but can she trust him? 

"If I surrender, you won't harm them?"

She hears her own voice, and it sounds tiny and frightened in her ears. She is glad no one can see her up here on the rooftop.

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Is he that powerful? Haven wondered, but felt her force fields buckling under the pressure of just a snap of his fingers. She knew she couldn't withstand another hit. She kept trying to rebuild her shields, but he kept snapping them back apart.

"Very well," she said. "I surrender myself to you."

She dropped her shields and took two steps closer to him.

"I am your prisoner. I will make no attempt to escape."

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"Good. Put this on"

He commands while tossing a collar to her

"And call who ever it is you need to get this trash out of here. I'd be quick about it to they do have some heavy internal bleeding"

He gestures to her teammates on the ground

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Haven catches the collar easily, then raises her wristcom to her mouth and says quietly, "Haven to Homestead. Three injured, possible internal bleeding, urgent need for immediate evac, roof of Nakatomi Plaza. I have surrendered to Titan. End transmission."

She unhooks the wristcom and drops it at her feet. "I know, drop the communication device."

She looks at the collar, turning it over in her hands. "I am not wearing a collar," she says, looking back at Titan. "I have surrendered. My word should be good enough for you. I'm your captive, not your slave."

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Haven narrows her eyes. Before she had left Homestead, the headquarters of the League, she had checked the files on Titan. There had been next to nothing on him aside from a brief overview of his vibration control powers and a note from Ironside that had read dangerous, unstable, psychotic and possibly homicidal.

Haven nodded, although the very idea was degrading. She raised the metal collar, put it around her neck, and clicked it closed.

"If you're going to take me to some secret base, can we please get going before my med team arrives?" She doesn't seem scared in the slightest, but her heart is beating a mile a minute. 

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He pulls out a remote and hits a button on it the collar pricks her with a needle and dispenses something into her body

"What just happened there was the collar stripping you of your powers. Now let's go"

He turns and walks to the edge of the building before snapping his fingers and stepping on a solid piece of air

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Haven's eyes go wide. Stripped of her powers? How? Why?

She lifts a finger experimentally, trying to raise a small shield, but nothing happens. The place inside her head where she can feel her shields feels... empty. There's nothing there.  Her powers are gone. She remains where she is, immobile, stunned by the sudden lack of something that has been there as long as she can remember.

He's ahead of her, standing on nothing, walking out into the air beyond the edge of the building, but she can't move. But she must. She must move. She must follow him, allow her teammates to be rescued, give them time to recover and plan her rescue.

She realizes she was very close to a panic attack and reaches inward for strength and serenity. Her team will come for her. She only has to play along.

She follows Titan, stepping out into nothingness behind him.

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"Good girl. Now as a reward I'll tell you a bit about my powers. As you know I'm vibrokenetic, if there's any vibrations I can control them. Be it air, sound, machine made, or the vibrations in a human body"

He chuckles slightly and looks back at her

"Its essentially the ultimate power. After all everything has a vibration. It's just a matter of finding it"

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Oh, he's one of those, she thought. The villain who has to explain everything once he has you helpless. 

She nodded as he spoke. "The ultimate power," she says, her face expressionless.

She waits a moment before asking, "Where are you taking me?"

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"Somewhere. I know what your thinking, you think I'm one of those villains who has to explain everything to the hero when it looks like I'm winning or something along those lines. Well your wrong I'm the type that rewards good behavior. You did what I wanted so I gave you info about me as a reward. Think of it as an incentive to do what I say"

He begins to walk away in a random direction

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Haven rolls her eyes at his comment when he turns his back, but follows him. Standing up in the air sixty some stories above street level without her shields to protect her, she really didn't have much choice. She feels the wind whip around them, tugging her hair in random directions, but continues walking, following Titan across the sky.

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"So it'll be a while till we get there. Tell me about yourself"

He says confidence in his voice

"I mean your one of the newest members of The League, if I remember correctly, noone knows anything about you other than you alias and power."

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"That's all you really need to know," says Haven. "My name is Haven. I protect my team with my force fields, creating shields that prevent attack."

She follows behind him sullenly, her mood soured by whatever he did to remove her powers.

"What else could possibly be of interest to you?" She stares down, watching the ground pass by far below them at a snails pace. "Do you want to know what I put in my eHarmony profile? I like long walks on the beach and watching the sunset over the harbor." The tone of her voice is sarcastic, snarky. 

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He snaps his fingers and sends a small blast at her

"Watch your tongue girl. I will not tell you again. I only asked because you'll be staying with me for the rest of your life"

He makes another platform a step below and walks on to it

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Without her shields, the vibrations hit her like a fist. She shudders, knowing that he probably could kill her with a single snap.

She's just beginning to recover when she pauses. Did he say the rest of her life? What did he have planned for her? 

She follows him down onto the lower platform, her mind racing. Hopefully her teammates come to her rescue soon.

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Haven says without thinking, "couldn't you just vibrate the air under and behind you to let you fly? It seems like you could get where ever you're going faster that way."

Wait, why did she just give him an idea for how to user his power? 

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"Oh I can but I can't safely move people with me. Trust me sweety I've figured out everything there is to know about my power and what i can do with it"

He smirks back at her

"Thanks for trying to help sweet cheeks"

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Sweet cheeks? Did he just call me sweet cheeks? A bright blush creeps up Haven's cheeks as she stares at him.

"If you had left my powers, I could have made a force field around myself and your power could have vibrated me all the way home."

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