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Tactical harem

Monster Girl RP ideas

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Tactical harem

Plot 1: (Roseary the Vampire) there is a high school of monsters. A human accidentally gets transfered to the school and is in a dangerous situation. All the girls here are stunning but each could kill him very easily. So he has to be careful not to make them mad and survive his time there.


Plot 2: A monster Hunter named Jullian Van Hellsing usually kills all monsters he finds. But running into you makes him instead capture and sexually take from YC.

Plot 3: agressive Mintor men have found YC in their cave. Time to break YC and take you further down to more monsters to enjoy.

Plot 4: A lonely young wizard in school casts a speed to try and summon a GF. He accidentally summons YC and now he can't send you back. He has to try and pass you off as a witch while dealing with YC in his day to day.

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Plot 3 sounds amazing!

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Tactical harem

I normally do not do RPs on the weekend. Send me a PM when your able

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    • The-Silver-Waifu
      By The-Silver-Waifu
      This one is more of a modern set up, a rare novelty in my rps!
      Just the ticket.
      You come from a very rich background, silver spoon in hand you lived a life of luxury  in the central district. skyscrapers and neon as far as the eye could see the humans who lived here were decadent and always in search of the latest craze and fashion.. a huge walled off community filled with the cities elite. the outer rim was split into two sections, the inner rim, filled with the poorer humans, the forgotten down trodden, knuckle draggers. and worse still was the outer rim, a squalor ridden alienage, filled to the brim with demi-humans. they were left to simply survive in the outer rim, little food, running water etc. life is generally a struggle out here. most jobs were seedy, dangerous or involved working in the inner rim. generally as a laborer etc. but these jobs were wildly restricted, Any demi humans caught in the inner rim during night would likely be carted off never seen again. 
      Your family made a name for it self in the decades before pioneering and monopolizing a brand new market. training the demi-humans from the outer rim to be pets and servants, it became a huge mark of status and wealth to have a demi-human pet, not to mention the seedy under market that slavery can bring. by the time you were in your early twenties your family was wrapped up in a huge scandal. stripping you of most of your wealth and power you were forced out, into the inner rim. 
      With a burning desire to get back to the centre you set about thinking up a new plan, having only one skill monster training... and being on the inner district could be an opportunity to get back on top, you just had to find something no one had ever trained before, a simple Neko, or Inu wouldn't be enough, you'd only get one opportunity. After a few days of skulking around the rims you find nothing that could work... plenty of birds, cats, and even a centaur... but nothing that would work. 
      You've just gotten home after another long night of searching, the sun already rising as you pull at your tie, trying your best to get ready to sleep even if just for a couple of hours. lazily shuffling towards the boiler cupboard to put the heating on, your not really paying attention, slapping your hand where the switch would be it hits you... hand running across the smooth silk like scales of my tail, your in shock, staring dumbfounded at the sleeping Lamia that seems to have snuck into your house for warmth. your ticket back into the center had just landed in you lap... and you weren't going to let me get away. 
      (Authors note; lamia are rare in the outer rim and have been notoriously hard to train, indeed you've never even heard of one being caught let alone sold. with any semblance of training. not to mention they're rather dangerous with large fangs and a potent venom.)
      (Authors other note; The venom isn't deadly in small doses, it's actually an aphrodisiac, not that anyone knows that really) 
      Thats another one down, please let me know if you want to play it or want to ask a question etc. Hope you guys have fun. 
    • The-Silver-Waifu
      By The-Silver-Waifu
      Here's another one just cos i like you guys. 
      It's a potentially longer tale, with lots of opportunity to nurture and grow it, depending on the partner. expect lots of goofy highjinks and awkward blushy moments. 
      The Lamia maid
      So, this is a fantasy world though humans are still the predominate species, with many kingdoms etc. You our Mc, are a young noble busy managing your estate in the stagnating kingdom. one day on a hunting trip on the far reaches of the kingdom you and your retinue come across a Lamia. An almost unheard of sighting in the kingdom, but i'm exhausted, injured and mal nourished. most of your men simply suggest putting me out of my misery and take the scales for a fortune. however instead you call your trip off early. and nurse me back to health. 
      To repay you for this i swear to serve you, and despite your initial refusal, you eventually agree to make me one of your maids at the estate, where i'd be expected to cook, clean and attend the various guests. Despite my best efforts, turns out a ill experienced lamia ,doesn't make a very good maid, honestly even causing more harm than good often. but their is a saving grace! 
      You're a bachelor and have been hosting constant parties to try and find a suitable spouse and it turns out your new pet Lamia is a rather good showpiece, the exotic beauty really turning heads. so long as i'm not busy spilling trays of food or tripping over my tail. 
      Sadly though people are starting to talk, the exotic Lamia pet whos beguiled the young noble. It's hard to dispute considering my worth as a maid and all the extra work you'v e put in to keeping me content, even giving me a different room and custom bed from the other maids. not to mention you often seem to find a reason to be around me, even memorizing my shift patterns to keep me close to hand.  The reverse is also true, I'm head over heels for my master but fully understand that us being together is problematic to say the least. 

      Tada another one down, please let me know if you like it or want to try playing it. 
      Questions are always welcome too!
    • Soft Stroke
      By Soft Stroke
      Greetings members of EcchiDreams! My name is Soft Stroke, and yes, that name means exactly what you think it does~!
      Just so you have it, my Preference Sheet is linked here as well. I primarily play Switch and Bottom (Submissive).
      All my ideas are written below! I use MC (My Character) and YC (Your Character) as needed. NB refers to Futa/Nonbinary characters. If I play a male, it will usually be a Femboy! Please feel free to EcchiText me with any questions you may have!
      This Wasn't The Proposal! [FxM/NB]: MC never meant to enter a proposal. YC, an alien, monster girl or some other supernatural entity, simply happened upon them, and MC said the magic words and actions to somehow propose to them. Now, YC's family is holding MC into that marriage relationship, and the two will have to figure out how they're going to handle it now that it's begun...

      A Uniquely Sexed Assignment [FxNB]: A new job is an opportunity. For MC, it's work. A job has opened up for a live-in maid position, one that is meant to take care of someone that is listed as an 'extremely introverted recluse.' What this means is hard to say, but money is money. So, after accepting the job and moving in, the two learn about each other, and the unique... 'elements' that are required for this particular job.

      A Place Beyond All Decency [FxAny]: The term 'isekai' means 'in another world.' That's exactly what happens one day when MC is dumped into a new world beyond anything they know. A world that is filled to the brim with sex, sexual antics, and was sex mentioned already? Regardless of this fact, as the world sees its first pure human in a long, long while, things are about to go south for all parties involved, be it literally, or physically.

      The Succubi's Betroved [FxF/NB]: When a succubus has sex with a human, they can tell if that human is meant to be their own. If a succubus finds their true partner, then they forever bond to them, their nourishment from them and them alone. In this world, humans and demons live among each other, nervously. Thus, one day, a human opens their door to a succubus, waiting, happily smiling, and asks the human for their hand in marriage.
      His Monstrous Encounters [MxF/NB]: As a variation upon the 'Place Beyond All Decency' idea, rather than being dumped into the world, several years ago a dimension of Monster Girls merged with the current one, allowing for passage between them. As the societies have begun to merge, so too have the people. MC has recently been given a chance to visit this new Monster Girl dimension by staying with an internet pen-pal.
      You Look Beautiful As Them [AnyxAny]: MC attends a local anime convention, and tries their hand at cosplaying their favorite character to do so. During this, they meet up and hit it off with another cosplayer. After spending time looking for figurines and prints and spending time in the gaming hall, the two find themselves simply having fun spending time together, even out of character and out of costume. And as the two of them connect, the two find themselves getting closer even more than just in their time together.
      It Came From Simple Interests [AnyxAny]: They attended the club because they were interested. When they showed up, there was only one member. One person that was interested in what they had. And as the two found that interest together, they found they were far more interested in each other than they initially thought.
      These are currently my ideas! I will certainly be adding more over time. Thank you for taking the time to read so, and have a wonderful day!

    • IsabellaRose
      By IsabellaRose
      Zydala paced back and forth in her cave, the tufts of fur at her thighs brushing against each other, the claws of her furry feet scratching against the rough stone floor. Her legs were covered in a soft, downy fur from the tufts at her thighs all the way to the dangerous claws on her toes. Her arms were similarly furred up to mid-bicep, and her claewed fingers looked deadly. Two bat-like wings protruded from her back, and soft, furry ears rose through her hair from the top of her head. But the most unique feature on her body was the long, scorpion tail that swished back and forth behind her. 
      The tail was segmented, like a scorpion, and lined near the tip with retractable, venomous spines. These she snapped in and out, highlighting her irritation, as the tip of her tail swung back and forth. Rather than a scorpion stinger, the end of her tail was an football shaped lump of flesh with a small opening at the tip. This knot of flesh served a single purpose, and it was that purpose to which her mind now drifted.
      She was hungry for the taste of man, desperate to fill her body with his mana. She had never tasted a man before, but her sisters had described the hunger, described the desire, and she knew it was man that she wanted. Her tail thrashed back and forth as she spread her bat-like wings wide, then folded them against her back.
      The rumors she had allowed to spread of treasure in her cave should bring treasure hunters to her sooner or later. She had already waited far too long for her liking. Impatience was one of her weaknesses, and she grew more irritable the longer she had to wait for anything.
      Thus it was that Zydalla was stalking the woods outside her cave just before sunset when she heard the sound of someone approaching. She crouched in the bushes, taking cover, her tail curled up and behind her back and around the side of her head, almost as if it could peek over her shoulder. She felt the folds within the tip of her tail pulsate as she watched the road through the bushes.
    • August Gold
      By August Gold
      Dark Neverland

      The Syne Corporation
      I am an agent of the Syne Corporation. I was sent to the anomalous island of Netherland by complete accident. My usual job involves the investigation into anomalies that are seen as supernatural in nature. Things like magical rifts, possible cryptids, and rogue magicians. However, my most recent mission has proven to be my most dangerous yet. I was sent to investigate a mysterious fog cloud that has been said to claim ships and planes in the southern Indian Ocean. Myself and a team of other elite agents were sent to investigate the fog with the best equipment available to us. That was, however, not enough. For we did not know what we were going up against.

      I will play an agent, or a series of agents (depending on which of the two roleplay options you take; see below) who will be attempting to survive the island by any means necessary. There may be violence, there may be blood, and there may be bad endings. This all depends on what you prefer to choose below. 

      This is where you come in. The island of Netherland has only been inhabited for the past 5 years, but it is a deadly and dangerous place for any who are not the island's main natives. These natives are various types of "monster girls" from differing worlds and realms all summoned here either by accident or invitation. The stronger among the island's residents make up those who were invited. Vampire and succubi nobility, powerful witches, high level elven sorceresses, and the royal leaders of each race of monster girl count among those who were given invitation. While the lower, more feral or perhaps just weaker monsters make up those who were summoned in a similar manner to myself. Some monster girls are violent, some are clever and domineering, others may be sweet or helpful. Either way, what only  the highest ranking monster girls know is that the island was created by a powerful demoness to be used as a private hunting ground. Men are brought in only to be enslaved or, in some extremely rare cases, eaten. 

      So what is my role in all of this?
      A good question! I am looking for someone for either of these two options:
      The hopeless meat grinder - This option sees us doing a series of oneshots (or longer) where you play whatever monster girl tickles your fancy with the express goal of killing (by any means you feel appropriate but I prefer stuff like energy draining or just plain fucked to death) enslaving, or transforming my agent as he/she tries to find a way to escape the island. Maybe you want there to be no escape for them, maybe there is. It would be a shared GM role between the two of us, but with less of a focus on story and more of a focus on action. The story-driven meat grinder - While still labeled a meat grinder, this would see you take an active role in fleshing out the characters and places of Netherland. As it stands I have given very little thought to the lore behind Netherland so as to leave it as blank a slate as possible (that is not to say I don't have any ideas, but I will prioritize your input over my own in most cases). Fetishes
      What I am looking for in a RP partner for this is someone a little sadistic or domineering. 

      Succubi, Elves, Slimes, Amazons, Vampires, etc. are all big time favorites for me in terms of monster girls, but I can go deeper into the lexicon of different monster girl lores and discuss those further with you via PM if you so prefer. 

      Female domination is super attractive to me, as is humiliation and the idea of losing a fight. I want to play a man who is fairly confident only to have that confidence be completely turned on its head.
      Sounds fun, where do I join? 
      I am fairly new to the ED site, but I believe you may send me a PM or an EcchiChat and we can discuss how you would like to proceed from there? I am not a man of hard opinions on chatting platforms, so I am very flexible on rping wherever you wanna do so.
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