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Monster Girl RP ideas

Tactical harem

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Plot 1: (Roseary the Vampire) there is a high school of monsters. A human accidentally gets transfered to the school and is in a dangerous situation. All the girls here are stunning but each could kill him very easily. So he has to be careful not to make them mad and survive his time there.


Plot 2: A monster Hunter named Jullian Van Hellsing usually kills all monsters he finds. But running into you makes him instead capture and sexually take from YC.

Plot 3: agressive Mintor men have found YC in their cave. Time to break YC and take you further down to more monsters to enjoy.

Plot 4: A lonely young wizard in school casts a speed to try and summon a GF. He accidentally summons YC and now he can't send you back. He has to try and pass you off as a witch while dealing with YC in his day to day.

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