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Monster Girl RP ideas

Tactical harem

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Plot 1: (Roseary the Vampire) there is a high school of monsters. A human accidentally gets transfered to the school and is in a dangerous situation. All the girls here are stunning but each could kill him very easily. So he has to be careful not to make them mad and survive his time there.


Plot 2: A monster Hunter named Jullian Van Hellsing usually kills all monsters he finds. But running into you makes him instead capture and sexually take from YC.

Plot 3: agressive Mintor men have found YC in their cave. Time to break YC and take you further down to more monsters to enjoy.

Plot 4: A lonely young wizard in school casts a speed to try and summon a GF. He accidentally summons YC and now he can't send you back. He has to try and pass you off as a witch while dealing with YC in his day to day.

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    • kalei
      By kalei
      Hello I'm a sub female but can play as a swich.
      Looking to do a very kinky erp now.
      A erp where a virgin woman gets to have a gangbang time and even transform into a monster girl.
      She got a new job serving around some people but what happens when she gets to have sex with some of then?
      Starting with her first time with someone else.
      She was never in any relashionship before and now this virgin would feel what having sex is like.
      She is secretly a pervert.
      My second idea is about a woman that becomes a futa because of a tentacle monster that invades her place and both get to have a great time
      My kinks:
      No con
      Age difference
      Dirty talk
      Being found out
      Risk of getting pregnant
      Stomach muscles
      Tight fuck
      Public sex
      Mating press
      Glory hole
      Tight/latex clothes
      Not ok with:
      Any toilet stuff
      Food play
      Foot play
      Mind break
      Mind control.

      You can decide the monster that she will become.

    • JennyDK
      By JennyDK
      Roleplay between: @JennyDK and @Mysthero.
      Overall premise:
      As the monsters have been able to finally emerge from the depths, their lives can start fully anew. This also meaning that having to find new careers is a thing for many of them. Of course, with the realization that monsters are a thing, they are very much focused on lately and become popular in many sort of media. Likewise, the monsters are exposed to many, many new things here. This leads us to the devoted and happy couple consisting of Alphys and Undyne, who are also celebrities in their own ways and thus prime targets for many employers to want to hire. The former Captain of the guard is happy being a guard and Alphys working in a school as science teacher, as she has grown much more outspoken and such after hooking up with her partner, Undyne.
      Sometimes, the lizard woman even lets porn spice up some of their fun in the bedroom and secretly has an idea to try and make her and Undyne star in something together....
      Of course, there are also other females out there, who are more than fit for such fun....
      It is another Friday and the weekend is close to being here and the lizard girl Alphys is sitting at the teacher's office, looking through her e-mails and doing some light grading and preparing stuff for next week. There is not a whole lot of work related stuff to go through, so she is mostly clearing out her inbox on the PC. About half of them are spam stuff, but the rest usually varies between personal stuff and a few job offers from time to time. However, one e-mail seems to stick out to her....

    • KawaiiUwU
      By KawaiiUwU
      The amount of porn is tantamount to an H-visual novel. Lots of plot, drama, horror, minimal porn.
      Tsuchi Hasegawa is a teen boy. The only human in a school for monsters, aside from his trap friend Natsume. There, he goes on a heroic journey and gets lots of girls. Cast:
      Tsuchi: Our hero! A bit of a pervert. He has a checklist. Straight
      Make friends Lose his virginity Save the school Maybe solve a murder. Natsume: A cute trap boi. Blonde, tanned, glasses. He’s bisexual.
      Erii: Busty tanned catgirl. Tsuchi’s first girlfriend before their breakup and her subsequent murder by Saruta.
      Akashi: Erii’s twin. Kuudere and Natsume’s girlfriend.
      Mirai: Slimegirl teacher
      and more.
      This is many things.
      Warning: The Erii breaks up with Tsuchi arc contains NTR, rape, yandere (saruta) character death..
      But other than that most of the sex is vanilla.
    • Kitsuyumia
      By Kitsuyumia
    • Kitsuyumia
      By Kitsuyumia
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