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Transhumanist Romance (Spermonator x IsabellaRose)


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Katie Watkins hadn't had this much fun in as long as she could remember. The party was loud, filled with teens, beer, music, food... everything she could imagine. She overindulged in the food and beer, dancing and laughing, random guys and girls joining her on the dance floor, grinding against her for a few minutes, then moving on to some other partner. She was in heaven. She needed to taste everything, hear it all, see what was happening in every room, feel every surface, every body pressed against hers, everything. She was going to do it all tonight. Everything.

She hadn't always been this free-spirited. She used to be the quiet girl, the bookworm, the one who watched everyone else have fun but never participated. The scared one. The one who didn't take risks, didn't take chances. The one who planned everything out to the last detail and stressed when those details invariably didn't fall in line as she expected. But then she had taken ill. At first she had been tired. Just a bit run down. But in only a matter of weeks she was bed-ridden. A week later she had been hospitalized. She lived connected by tubes and wires to various machines. She had been that way for three years. She had missed her teen years.

Of course, she studied. She was tutored. Her father could afford to pay for everything, and she only had the best. But it wasn't the same. There were no after school activities, no school plays, no book club, no yearbook club. All the things she thought she had wanted to do had been stolen from her by her debilitating disease. But today, she was back. All that was over, and she was making up for lost time.

She grabbed another beer and downed it in several long gulps, earning her a cheer from the guys in the kitchen. She flashed them a peace sign, then grabbed another beer and took a sip. She blew a kiss to the shirtless hunk holding the tap and sauntered out of the kitchen and down the hall. She wondered what else she was missing. She'd been in the living room, family room, kitchen, dining room, out on the patio, even in the bathroom where several people were partying. She turned the corner from the hall, headed back toward the living room, when she saw the stairs.

Of course! She hadn't gone upstairs. That's where people went to make out, or have sex, or whatever they did at these parties. She needed to go up there and see what was happening. She walked casually up the stairs, head swaying in time to the music, hair swinging back and forth in front of her eyes. When she reached the top of the stairs, she looked left, then right, then selected a random door. She checked and it was unlocked, so she pushed it open and stepped inside.

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Dexter Helsing was having the best time ever. Honesty when got the invitation for the party he was pretty sure that the event was going to suck. His last experience with partying was pretty bad so he was suspecting that this party was going to be lame and total wasting of time. However after some persuasion from his friends he decided to go. 

Once he arrived he was pretty surprised how many people were there. He immediately felt the good vibe that was being projected by all the people that were having fun. The good atmosphere made him totally forget about his suspicions. He let loose all his fears and begun having fun.He was biggest drinker or dancer so he focused on interacting with people. 

This was a little difficult to achieve since most of teens around where either dancing or drinking. He tried his best to flirt with some of the girls but that didn't work since many of them too drunk get his hints. After another failure of trying he decided to try hishimself luck up stairs. 

He already knew what was going on over there. People where making out and having sex. However that didn't stop him to go check out for himself. Perhaps he could get lucky with some girl. Making his way up to the stairs he reached the corridor full of doors where girls and boys were having some private fun together. 

His heart imideatly started beating faster. He even begun sweating when he made a few steps further and heard some moans of a girl coming from one of the rooms. Apparently the walls were pretty thin so he was able to hear everything. The sound of loud moans really made him turned on so much that he had a huge erection. Dexter didn't even noticed how did that happened but suddenly he felt a very strong need to release his sexual tension which was growing inside of him with each passing second. 

He decided to take a risk and try one of the doors. It was unlocked so he slowly entered the room. It was empty. That was huge relief to him since he desperately need to achieve orgasm put end of his suden sexual desires. The moans from the next room were getting louder so he quickly closed the door and headed for the bed. Laying on it he pulled out his thick fat member and started stroking it trying to finish himself before someone comes in. 

Seconds later he heard someone opening the door of his room. His eyes quickly looked at the door way he begun cursing himself in his mind for being so stupid for not locking the door in order not to get interrupted. The boy was just so turned on by the situation of knowing that others were having sex in all this rooms that he totally forgot locking the door. The time was running out and he realised inot horror that the newcomer was about to caught him righthanded masturbating without being able to hide his own manhood. It was purely visible cause of the light in the room. Dexter was totally screwed. 

















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Katie stood in the doorway, staring at the first fully erect cock she had ever seen in real life. Lit by the rectangle of light spilling in from the doorway, all she could really see was a pair of open pants, a hand, and a thick, fat shaft. She stood silently and stared for a long moment, frozen in surprise. Apparently, the owner of the penis was also surprised because he had stopped stroking and also sat, motionless. His cock twitched.

She grinned, wishing she felt more of the alcohol than she did. Damn the biolfilters they had installed, purifying whatever she consumed, filtering anything harmful out before it could hurt her. She only had tonight to party. Even away from the foundation, she was only going to have just so much fun. She felt the weight of reality press down on her, a melancholy she lived with every day starting to creep in despite her surroundings. She only had tonight to experience life. By morning they would have found her, she would be back at the foundation, and this would all just be a memory. She only had tonight.

Anything she could think of to say would just sound silly. Need a hand? Silly. Looks like you've got your hands full? Stupid. 

Her inner critic debated, but standing silently was making her self-conscious. As her eyes adjusted to the darkened interior of the room, she saw the young man laying on the bed, and their eyes met. He looked shocked, possibly scared, very likely embarrassed. Before she could think about it, she opened her mouth and spoke.

"Don't panic," she said. "I'm here to help."

She closed the door behind her, locked it, and crossed the room toward the bed. She only had tonight; she better make it count.

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His cock twitched once again. He blushed when their eyes met and Dexter tried his best to act all cool and avoid looking too embarrassed for being caught like this by her. He tried to smile and look like everything is fine and not so strange. 

"I would love to get some help from you! Especially since you are so pretty! " He said felt a lot more comfortable around her. 

He finely begun to stroke his own thick fat cock right front of this girl once she moved closer to him.That made him more turned on than before so he now had a growing desire to fuck this beautiful girl right here. However he was lacking enough courage to do anything about it and express this desire of his more detailed. 

God,  you are like a gift from heaven!" He couldn't help himself but admit out loud while enjoying her amazing beauty. 

Maybe if get more lucky he could spend the whole night with her, helping him with his sensitive need cum. That would be the best thing ever that he could wish to happen tonight. Somehow his mind already decided that this girl was the most beautiful of all girls that he saw at this party. The fact she wanted to help him, quickly made her his favorite. 



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Katie was standing over him as he lay on the bed, watching his hand stroke the weighty shaft of his cock. She was smiling, her mind racing. Was this what she really wanted? She was here. She wanted to experience everything possible before they found her. She decided then that this would be her boyfriend.

She climbed up onto the mattress, kneeling beside him, and slid her hand under his, wrapping slender fingers around his oversensitive cock. Her other hand moved to his wrist, guiding his hand away from his own member once her hand was upon it. She stroked him slowly up and down, her grip firm but gentle. The skin of his penis was softer than she expected, given how rock hard his shaft was. She smiled as she watched as the head seemed to peek out of her fist, then looked like a long neck extending a one-eyed face to peer at her, then slid back into it's fist shaped home. She giggled softly.

She looked up across his body, up the flat stomach to the rumpled shirt where he had pulled it up and out of his pants, up further to his neck, then his face. She smiled at him, a mysterious smile that promised she was only getting started. Her hand continued to caress him, sliding up and down in a steady rhythm. She looked into his eyes and knew she was giving him pleasure. She whispered quietly, "Am I doing it right?"

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He begun moaning when he replaced his hand with hers. Thegirl was definitely doing much better job than him. He couldn't deny how good it felt to have her stroking his thick cock like this gently. His eyes looked at her breasts for a few seconds before moving up to look at her pretty face. 

"Yes, you're doing it actually better than I! " He nodded his head and blushed slightly when he let another soft moan and looked at her cleavage again.  "I hope youlike how my cock feels in your hand! " He barely said between his moans of pleasure. 

"If you continue jerking me off like this, I might cum all over your hand! " The boy admitted, meeting her eyes once again. He warned to warn her of what might happen soon as a reaction of her pleasing his member.  "Oh, you are absolutely amazing! " He bited his own bottom lip. 


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"Oh, we wouldn't want that," she said, watching him twitch in her grip. 

She moved a bit, getting closer, still kneeling beside him, and bent over him. Her face was right there, staring at him in her hand. She watched him, fascinated at the reaction he was having, wanting to know what else she could make him do. Of course she knew what to do next; she had seen plenty of videos online.

She moved her mouth closer to him, close enough that her vision of him blurred. She moved her mouth right before his head, her breath warm on his tip. She leaned in, planting a soft kiss on the very tip, then darting her tongue out to swirl around the head. Before he could react, she had taken him into her mouth, surrounding him with warm wetness. She didn't move so much at first, getting used to that fleshy, salted taste in her mouth. But then she moved her head down, her lips sliding lower toward his base. She engulfed him, lips tight around him as she slid her mouth down his length, and then slowly back up. She let him come out of her mouth for an instant, gasped in a breath, and then she was on him again. This time she moved with a steady pace, her lips and tongue working his length in a steady rhythm, up and down, up and down.

She was excited. She had never done this before, and this might be her only night. She started to moan as her mouth was on him, sending vibrations all through him.


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When he felt her warm breath against his manhood, he trembled in pleasure. Getting a soft kiss on the tip  added additional wave vibrations through his whole body. He bitted his own lip while watching carefully how she was pleasing him with her mouth. The warm embrace of her throat when she took him orally for a brief moment made him start moaning. The feeling was absolutely unbelievable. 

"Oh yes, please don't stop! " He barely managed to cry out when she started moving her head up and down over and over again. 

Dexter felt like he was in heaven.His moans little by little were getting louder as he was breathing now through his mouth. His member twitched again inside of her mouth. He squeezed the bed sheets in his hand while trying his best to avoid getting orgasm. Delaying the inevitable climax was his second objective. Above all else he desired this moment to last as long as possible in order to enjoy it fully. 

"Oh you are so good at this. Such a wonderful cocksucker you are! " He said softly with delight between his own moans while observing how she was serving his thick cock with her tongue and mouth. 

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Katie was getting excited. She had never done any of this with a boy before. She wasn't sold on this particular experience, but his reactions were amazing. She loved that she could make someone feel such pleasure. The look on his face, the sounds he made... she wondered what it felt like to have a penis, to have it in someones' mouth. It must feel kind of like when she played, explored her girly parts with her fingers. She loved that feeling. In fact...

She noticed that her panties were growing damp. It was unbelievable that just knowing she was giving someone else that feeling of indulgent bliss could make her body respond. She didn't know if she should stop or not, so she just kept bobbing up and down on his shaft, one hand wrapped around the base, the other sliding up under her skirt, fingertips moving along her lips through the thin fabric of her panties.

She wasn't sure what she wanted more: to taste his cum, or feel him inside her. She knew she wanted both things, but she had read that boys didn't last as long as girls, and that they usually couldn't go again right away like she could. The videos and hentai she'd watched online certainly told a different story, but she figured they had time between takes. She wanted to experience real sex, not just toys and fingers. She needed him to be inside of her. This might be her only night, and she wasn't going to waste it on a mouthful of cum.

She popped back off of him with a sloppy wet sound, saliva messy on her lips, and continued stroking him softly as she moved one leg over him, straddling him. She lifted her skirt, let it settle around him, then tugged her panties aside with one hand while the other brushed his tip slowly back and forth along her lips. It felt incredible. She lined him up with her entrance, pressing his head softly against it, and moaned as she felt herself open at his touch. She didn't put him in, just left him right there, pressed against her, the anticipating driving her mad with desire, but she waited, looking down at him. Was it too much? Did he not want her? She wondered if she was doing the right thing, worried that he would think her too forward, but she was desperate for this experience.

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His moans kept going while she was bobing her head up and down. However suddenly she moved away , still stroking his cock gently while her lips covered in messy saliva. Dexter looked at her breathing heavily as carefully watched her next actions. 

When she suddenly straddled him lifting her skirt placing the tip of his member against the entrance of her vagina, he let a moan. He looked up at her and put his hands on her hips slowly pushing her down on his cock. He went all the way into her, filling her up with his whole length. Keeping an eye contact with her and he started moving in and out of her. 

His moans filled the room in no time. The pleasure of being the being inside of her was amazing. He wanted more! He needed more of her. "Yes, ride me baby! Oh fuck you feel so good! I like how your pussy feels! " He barely said between his moans while the bed started moving and hitting the wall loudly. 

She was so beautiful and sexy while straddling him like this. He loved enjoying her angelic beauty with his eyes by checking her out. Doing this with her felt absolutely incredible and he felt addicted to it very quickly. Like being hypnotise, he couldn't take his eyes off her. 

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She stared down at him as their bodies came together, feeling him filling her, stretching her, her body reacting to his presence in ways her self-conducted experiments hadn't predicted. The feel of flesh on flesh, of his warm, hardness inside of her, the way her body clenched around him, the tugging sensation as he almost slipped out, the frictionless way he filled her again and again, it was all so amazing.

She noticed that he kept talking about how she felt, telling her what he liked, telling her what to do. She wondered if she was supposed to say something like those girls in those videos had said. She decided to give it a try. 

"Oh God, your cock is so big, baby," she said, her eyes closed as she felt him hammer up into her. She opened her eyes and looked down at him. He wasn't laughing at her, so maybe she was doing it right. "Fuck me harder," she said. "Fuck me!" It was louder the second time, a result of him pressing up hard.

She leaned forward, laying her body down over his, propping herself up over him with her arms. She held herself above him, her shirt rubbing against his, her mouth right over his. She stared into his eyes and saw the same awestruck desire in them that she felt. She kissed him, long and passionately, gyrating her hips as he continued thrusting inside of her.

"I want you," she said, pulling back from the kiss, "to use my body any way you want."

She looked him right in the eyes. Her voice came in brief bursts between moans. "Flip me over, take me from behind. Pull my hair, spank my ass, do all the things you want to do, whatever they are."


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Her voice was so sexy when she spoke. He loved all the things she said. When she begged him to fuck her harder, he started thrusting much rougher deep inside of her over and over again. His whole cock was ramming her tight pussy quite violently without mercy. 

When she leaned over and their bodies pressed together, he stared right into her beautiful eyes. It's like he could see right through her soul. Then suddenly she kissed him passionately. He accepted the kiss eagerly enjoying it fully. However when she broke the kiss , their eyes met again. Dexter was able tofeel her breath against his own lips. 

Her fallowing words surprised him, but he loved everything she said. He groped her ass and squeezed her ass hard before spanking it with his hands. He was thinking of doing what she said but he loved this pose so much feeling her body pressed against him while she was on top of him. 

However, he flipped her over and once he was on top of her he begun slamming himself as hard as he could into her. His eyes was staring at hers again.  "I want you too! You are my fucking beautiful bitch! " he spoke softlyagainst hesoft lips. 

As fast as he could he pulled himself out of her only to flip her over again and position her on all fours front of him. Then he finally took her from behind. Pulling her hair roughly with his right hand he spanked her exposed ass hard with his other hand. He started thrusting fast and deep into her cunt with his thick hard cock. 

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Katie had never experienced anything like this before, but her body responded as if it were completely natural. She loved looking down at him, but loved it even more when he flipped her over and looked down at her. His weight atop her, the feeling of being pinned under him, literally pinned by his cock deep inside of her, everything about that only served to heighten her pleasure. She wrapped her legs around him as he lay atop her, pulling him in closer, desperate for this to be more than just a random sex act.

When he guided her onto her stomach, and then onto all fours, she smiled excitedly. This, for her, seemed like the best position for sex. This put him in control, pinned her down, made her helpless before his desire. That was what she apparently wanted. She felt him flip her skirt up, tug her panties aside, and slam himself into her from behind. Her arms barely held her up under the force of his thrusts, and she imagined what she would look like if anyone walked in. On her hands and knees, fully clothed, her skirt flipped up, a guy whose name she didn't even know taking her roughly from behind, his hand in her hair...

Oh god, she thought, as he pulled her hair. It was like being controlled, and she loved the sensation. He tugged her hair, and his other hand came down hard upon her ass, the loud SMACK echoing across the small room. She squealed when he did it, part pain, part excitement. God, yes. This was exactly what she had imagined when she had let her own fingers guide her pleasure.

She braced against the pounding he was giving her, and felt herself losing control of her body. Her pussy clenched tightly around him, spasming, gripping his cock as if in a fist, and an explosion of pleasure was building up inside of her. She gripped the sheets in her hands, fingers curling in cloth, and pressed her face and chest down against the bed, her ass up in the air, taking him so deep from behind.

She wanted to tell him that she was cumming, but when she tried to speak all that came out was a high pitched moaning scream, a discordant song of pleasure that seemed to grow louder in tandem with his thrusts. Her mouth was open, jaw working to make words while the melody of her climax rang from her throat instead.

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He loved having her this way from behind, pounding roughly with deep thrusts into her. Dexter yanked her hair that he was holding tightly in his right hand while he spanked her exposed ass once again. It was a loud smack that filled the small room again. 

When she pressed her own face and chest down on the bed and raised her ass up he used the opportunity to grab both of her cheeks and squeeze them pretty hard with his hands. He continued slamming himself mercilessly over and over again brutally violently repeatedly. 

"You are mine! " He said possesivly while enjoying the feeling of taking her like this from behind.  "Oh you are such a dirty slut! "

It felt so good to pound her fast so aggressively, that he just couldn't stop. He was fucking her like a machine, loving the girl's sexy naughty moans. The tightness of her pussy was making his hard fat cock to pulsating inside of her, reaching her dark wet depths. 

"Oh, baby you're mine! " he moaned excitingly.  "Only mine....Ah, I love you! " He speeded his thrusts ,wanting to dominate her even more. 


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"Yours," she said between moans, her voice muffled where her face was shoved into the sheets. 

She was in a whole new world of sensation. He kept hammering faster and harder, his thrusts so aggressive they were frightening, but that just made it all that much more arousing. She had done this to him. When she came in, he had been quiet and touching himself. Now he was wild, forceful, dominating her youthful body with a primal lust that drove her over the edge. She felt her pussy gripping his cock, the muscles inside of her squeezing him as if trying to keep him inside of her forever. 

Her second orgasm sprayed all over him, all over herself, it was everywhere. He showed no signs of slowing down, which brought her to a third and then a fourth orgasm. She felt her pussy quiver around his cock, felt her wetness running down the insides of her thighs, and her arms and legs grew weak. She collapsed on the bed, lying flat on her stomach, her butt still lifted up in the air. He continued to slam into her, pummeling her pussy with his thick cock. She lay there, just taking him, being his toy, his fuck hole, a repository for his sperm and cock. 

She started talking then, saying all the things she thought she was supposed to say, everything she heard women say in the videos she had found online.

"Oh, Daddy!" she said. "I'm your slut!"

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"Yes, mine only! " He moaned out and spanked her butt roughly with one of his hand before squeezing it. 

Even after the series of orgasms she just had, he could stop slamming his thick cock deep into her pussy. Dexter was feeling that he was about to cum very soon.  "Oh, ahh.....iI'm gonna cum my slut! " He tried to warn her in the last moment. Then seconds later he started filling her fuck hole with his warm sperm. "Oh, ugh...aahh fuck!" He made a series a short series of rapid aggressive thrusts before finely drop his own body on tthe top of hers, pressing against it. He was breathing heavy against her cheek before kissing it lovingly. 

"Oh you are absolutely amazing!!!" He whispered.  "Best sex ever! " The boy tried to cuddle her with his arms as much as he could, still having his cock buried deep into her cum filled pussy. 

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Katie felt herself spasm around him. Her body wasn't done, although the two of them lay exhausted on the bed, she on her stomach, he atop her, still deep inside of her as his arms encircled her, his lips brushed her cheek.

She eased her grip on the sheets, reaching up behind her head to touch him. She liked this part. She shifted her weight a bit to get more comfortable, felt him move above her, their bodies aligning into a position that allowed them to cuddle more comfortably. 

"That was amazing." Her voice was a breathy whisper. She wanted to roll over, to see his face, to know his face like she now knew the rest of his body, but she loved the feel of him inside of her. Her pussy clenched around him again, squeezing him inside of her. She almost giggled at the sensation, but then it made her breath catch in her throat.

"I've never done that before," she said, squeezing him inside her again. 

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"Oh really? Wow! Well I'm glad I took your virginity. " He said before rolling her body over so she can face him. 

When their eyes met, he smiled staring at her lovingly.  "II'm still inside of you so do you want me to continue? Should I fuck you again? " Dexter looked deeply into her beautiful eyes before kissing her cheek softly and cuddling her tightly in his arms. Their bodies were basically pressed together tightly face to face as suddenly he begun thrusting into her pussy again with deep rough thrusts. The bed started shaking again back and forth. 

"I don't know if you have a boyfriend or not but I feel like I want to fuck you every single day till the rest of my life! " He confessed, breathing difficulty against her lips.  "I think I love you...." The boy couldn't help himself but admit while blushing. 


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Katie lay back and felt him thrusting deep inside of her again. She wasn't ready for this to end, so she wrapped her arms and legs around him and enjoyed the sensation. 

"I... I don't have a boyfriend," she managed to get out between moans.

Was that how it worked? You had sex with someone and then they loved you? She had no experience in reality and only movies and videos she'd seen on the internet to go by. It checked out from what she could tell. She wondered what part of the videos was true. Would they be romantic and loving? Would he collar her and make her kneel before him? Would he slap her face and make her have sex with his friends? She had seen all of those things happen in the videos online. Mostly she knew she would be sucking his cock a lot no matter what. It was why she had practiced so much in her hospital bed with anything she could find. She also knew that he'd want to fuck her ass. She saw that in so many of the videos, it must be pretty common for everyone. She had practiced all of it. She was ready. 

She looked up into his eyes as he fucked her hard and deep. He was cute when he exerted himself.

"I'm Katie," she said, then thought maybe that was too informal. "Katherine," she corrected, then remembered what she always wanted to be called, and corrected herself again. "Kat."

She locked her eyes with his. "I'm Kat."

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"Hi Kat! Nice to meet you! " He said quietly between his moans while kept looking straight in her eyes.  "I'm Dexter by the way! You can call me just Dexter if you want. "

He smiled and continued fucking her hard and fast. His mind was occupied with thoughts about her. The boy was wondering since this was her very first time, what else she wanted to try with him. Would she want him to fuck her ass as well? Will shewant to suck his cock again? He couldn't stop asking himself this questions as on the other hand he didn't wanted to make her feel uncomfortable and do anything against her will. All he wanted was to please her as much as he could. 

His cock was going fully into her, over and over again. Her breasts were pressed tightly against his sweaty chest as he was cuddling her warmly in his arms.  "OOh fuck, Kat you are so wet and tight! " He moaned softly in pleasure against her lips, searching for something in her eyes. 

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"De-e-ex... t-e-e-er..." she said slowly, drawn out between short, moaning breaths elicited by his hard, fast strokes.

She placed her palms on his chest. "Slow down," she said. "Take your time and enjoy it. We've got all night." Her hands moved to his hips, pushing back when he pressed forward, trying to set an easier pace. She was practically panting, and she needed to catch her breath.

"Just go slow and deep," she said again, looking into his eyes, hoping he could tell that there was no judgment there, only a desire to prolong the encounter, make it more than just a quick fuck. "Just hold yourself inside me. Right there," she said as the tip of his cock pressed against something inside of her that felt amazing. It was gone again as quick as it came.

"Wait, no..." she moved her hips, lifting her ass, and felt his head touch the magic spot again. "Oh, God." 

She felt her hips buck involuntarily. Her head was nodding affirmation, but she was unable to speak. Her pussy clenched around him, convulsing in its' own, orgasmic rhythm. She opened her eyes, feeling him pressed against her g-spot, her body orgasming just from a touch, no movement. Her legs tensed, fingers gripped his back, nails digging in. She stared into his eyes, her own lost in ecstasy as she came on his cock. Her orgasm leaked out of her, coating him, running down onto the bed.

It ended with her muscles relaxing, a loud sigh of contentment escaping from her throat followed by a long, langorous, "mmmm," sound as her expression relaxed and a smile spread across her face.

"You are amazing, Dexter." She stared into his eyes. "What do you want to do next?"

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"Well since we got all night perhaps I could fuck your ass if you want!?" He smiled slightly while staring back into her eyes. 

He moved his own hips a little before slowly pulling his cock out of her tight pussy. Dexter kissed her cheek with his lips before doing the same with her breasts. By using his hands he flipped her over to get her on all fours. Then he slowly pushed his whole member deep inside of her ass. His thrusts were slow but as deep is possible. 

"Oh, Kat you feel so good!" He moaned softly while he was going in and out of her anus back and forth rapidly.  "Please tell me if you want me to continue or stop. "

His hands groped roughly her ass cheeks squeezing them.He even begun spanking her a little. His penis was so wet and slippery cause of her juices that was coating it that moving himself into her butt was quite easy. The tip of his manhood was able to feel her tightness. It vibrated for a brief moment. 

"Oh this is wonderful! You are amazing! " Another moan escaped his lips.


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      Asmodoeus City was a peculiar one. While a thriving metropolis, It was up there as one of the worst hives in crime in the country, often with some twist straight out of a porno. The place had seen attempts to be tame it, by the heroes and police department, but nothing seemed to stick. Any prorgess would rapidly degenerate quickly, until they came A team of heroes(either exclusivly heroines or some heroes thrown in) Managed to do a great deal to clean the city and keep it clean. This, naturally led them to developing enemies. Ones that wish to take the (prominent) members from their lofty positions and beaus. Time will tell if they are taken and made into the worst the city has seen, or if they may yet be saved.
      Preferred Role: The (female) Heroes
    • Wraith
      By Wraith
      Kinda looking to do A group of phantom thieves reforming society by stealing damning proof of crimes in a semi-future dystopia sorta thing. Though given the thieves are all female with boyfriends/girlfriends that, while kept in the dark, are vulnerable to those in charge to be used as leverage. And then comes (possible) breaking.
      Preferred Role: The Thieves
    • Wraith
      By Wraith
      When the Janic organism was found, the future looked to be at hand. The key to unlimited energy, elimination genetic and incurable ails, pretty much any human problem, arriving on a meteor crashing down in the Southwestern US. Then a mysterious organization showed and overthrew much of the world order, their soldiers humanoid and they are more monstrous the higher the rank they are. In bastion city, the last refuge, They found a new way to fight. Using JOs in combination with nano-assembly tech and new alloys, they created an all female super-soldier squad that seemed out of the Saturday morning cartoon show. The Amazon Rangers, supported by their lovers are the last line of defense. And unknowingly, the lovers are the only thing standing between the girls and a permanent fall to the darkside.
      Preferred Role: The Rangers
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