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Any BNHA roleplayers?

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Is anyone here interested in a My Hero Academia boyxboy RP?

Right now I'm musing as Hitoshi Shinsou. I'll provide more details in PM. 

I'm open to any ships tbh, so long as they top. 

Check out my preferences and hmu¬†ūüėć

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    • IsabellaRose
      By IsabellaRose
      Haven glided down on a cushion of force field and leaped onto the rooftop, sprinting across the uneven surface to the fallen body of her comrade. Ironside was immobile, his armor rent nearly in half. What had happened? She reached her fingertips inside the rent metal to touch Ironside's neck, searching for a pulse. It was there, faint, but present. He was alive. She turned and looked across the rooftop at the other two members of her team that she could see, both incapacitated.
      Monsoon lay unconscious as well, his chest rising and falling, the remnants of the storm he had called dissipating out across the bay. Wildfire was beside him, her flames extinguished, eyes that normally burned with an inner fire stared blank white at the sky. Haven knelt beside her, unsure of what signs to check for life on an Ikroden. She had never studied the alien physiology of her teammate. She touched her neck, but felt no pulse. She checked for breathing, but then remembered that the Ikroden didn't require oxygen, at least not to breathe. 
      She turned at the sound of boots crunching on the rooftop behind her and saw her nemesis. Titan. She raised her shields instinctively, covering herself and the bodies of her nearest two allies, Wildfire and Monsoon. She hoped that Granite and Apex were still in fighting condition. The entire team had never fallen to a single foe before. Titan must be formidable.
      "Stop right there," she said, sounding more confident than she felt. 
    • Randomchick66
      By Randomchick66
      The plot/outline listed below is Semi-AU to make the Canon characters 21+

      **Very bottom of post has couple list.
      ** These plots are FxMultiM only!
      ** My Roleplayer preference sheet: https://ecchidreams.com/roleplayer-services/preferences/some-of-my-preferences-r691/

      Slots: 1/2
      Alright so I know for this rp,
      -I would like my OC to work at a hero agency, I’d like her to be a sort of jack-of-all-trades girl there. Fixing things, delivering paperwork, filling out paperwork, ect. 
      -Some vigilante group (which she is wither a part of for Intel gathering and fighting or just intel gathering). has been..well not trouble exactly. They’ve actually been helping keep crime down. However, they are doing it in a rather..unethically. They are mainly hog tying the villains, leaving notes taped to their chest, with their crimes written on them. Never in the same handwriting though. On the door steps of police stations and hero agencies, In America.
      - The vigilantes are causing so much ruckus, heroes have their hands f
    • Imouto Kanna
      By Imouto Kanna
      Name: SatŇć, Saki
      Hero Name: (still deciding)
      Age/Date of Birth:  14/August, 24th
      Chosen Gender: Female
      Sex: Female
      Citizenship: American
      Ethnicity: Japanese
      Occupation: Student
      Physical Appearance
      Height: 5'0"
      Weight: 98 lbs
      Eye Color:  Blue
      Hair Color: White (with blue tips in Hero form)
      Physical Description: petite. hair to above her bum. rosy cheeks. Wide hips/bum. Perky breasts. Skinny.
      Quirk Type: Emitter
      Quirk Name: Cocoon 
      Quirk Details: The target is wrapped in a hard cocoon which invigorates them, buffing their quirk's ability depending upon how long is spent inside. While inside the target can communicate with Saki to let her know when they are ready to come out. Cannot be used upon herself. Cocoon wears of within 30 minutes after the target leaves the cocoon.
      Quirk Strengths: Other's quirks can be buffed tenfold. Target takes significant reduced damage while inside the cocoon. Can be stacked over a short periods of time to get similar effect to a long stay inside within a 30 minute window (10 seconds here and there)
      Quirk Weaknesses: short-medium range (further away the more strenuous it is on Saki). To get the most out of the ability the target needs to be inside the cocoon for a significant period of time. To keep cacoon up, Saki needs to use mental energy which requires some concentration- if her concentration is broken the cocoon is likely to be undone.
      Personality, Traits and Abilities
      General Overview: 
      Strengths and Skills: Saki is quick to pick up on new things, she has good stamina; can run long distances for example. Fluent in Japanese and English.
      Weaknesses: Shyness can come off as arrogance/being cold. She is physically weak- e.i. she can't pick up heavy things.
      Ambitions: Saki is a shy and withdrawn individual; she is hoping by becoming a hero she can open up more and make friends.
      Hobbies and Interests: Video games, baking desserts, watching anime and reading manga, cosplay, flower arrangement, board/card/tabletop games, collecting butterfly wings, and Japanese calligraphy. 
      Sexual Orientation: Bicurious
      Turn ons: humans, intelligence, friendly, easy going, humor, average to above average cocks, all breast sizes, slender to muscular men, tall 
      Turn offs:  cruelty, overweight and obesity, laziness,  overly large genitals or breasts, 
      Breast Size: 30B-C cup (between cup sizes)
      Sensitivity: Very also very ticklish
      Additional Sexual Information:  Virgin; Saki is also willing to try many things as she is inexperienced
      STD History: none
    • Multiversal
      By Multiversal
      Character Information
      Name: Florence Cynial 
      Hero/Villain Name: Mother Remedy
      Age/Date of Birth: 30 years old/February, 21st
      Sex: Female
      Citizenship: US
      Ethnicity: Caucasian
      Occupation:  Nurse of H.H. 
      Physical Appearance
      Height: 5’4
      Weight: 180lbs
      Eye Color: Blonde
      Hair Color: Amber
      Physical Description: A mother who’s skin is smoother than silk. Florence generally keeps her hair down, and doesn’t wear clothing that covers a lot of her skin. Her curves are developed, though her butt has the volume and the softness of a summer’s cloud. Her hands and feet are also smaller than the average woman.
      (Optional) Hero/Villain Outfit, If any
      Reference Image: 
      Quirk Type: Mutant Type
      Quirk Name: Mother Goddess’ Skin
      Quirk Details:  This mutant type quirk is always active, and grants a few benefits to the skin of the user. Their skin will always be smooth, even without the help of moisturizer or water in general. Though the main benefit is its ability to heal anyone who comes into skin contact with her. The more contact they have with her skin, the faster they will be healed of their injuries. The healing effectiveness can even repair broken bones and burned flesh at maximum efficiency. Though the use of Her quirk affects her thirst, as to maintain the pure skin she constantly needs to drink water. If she doesn’t drink enough water, her skin will become less effective in its healing properties and will begin to lose its smoothness.
      Quirk Strengths: Allows her to heal others via skin to skin contact, smooth skin as well. The more skin contact made, the faster the healing process is. This effectiveness in healing can heal even broken bones.

      Quirk Weaknesses: Skin to skin contact is needed, as clothing will block the quirk entirely. Using this quirk often causes her to be thirsty frequently. If she doesn’t drink enough water, her healing effectiveness will begin to decline and her skin will become coarse.
      Personality, Traits and Abilities
      General Overview: A kind motherly woman who cares greatly for her family. She is greatly protective of Galia, and often scolds her for being selfless at times. Florence is not afraid of skin to skin contact, often not even minding being nude if she is using her quirk for it. She however appreciates her daughter’s willingness to be a hero, and finds it a must for her to attend H.H. with her to ensure her safety. 

      Strengths and Skills: She always makes sure to keep an eye out for those who are injured, as she only needs water to sustain her healing quirk, she can efficiently use it without even expending much energy. As long as she is protected with water in her reach, she’ll be able to last a long time to aid others.

      Weaknesses: She is more protective over her own family compared to others, often prioritizing Galia if she were in a dangerous situation. Even if Galia isn’t in danger, she constantly needs water and for her target to be healed with Skin to skin contact. 

      Ambitions: Florence was born in the US, and was automatically deemed to be a popular figure even from birth. The mother whom gave birth to her was in lots of pain during the birth, yet as soon as the baby Florence would slowly get out of the womb, the healing effects would take place. Albeit small, the medical professionals were impressed a small baby could already have her quirk active during birth. Eventually, Florence would be a daily help in the hospital she was born in, doing volunteer work as her quirk could at first ease pain. Overtime her quirk became more developed, making her someone who’s in high demand by the many patients in the hospital. Although she was already popular despite being in her teens, she yearned for the day she’d finally get out of the hospital to get a life of her own. As she wished for everyday for it to happen, there was one patient who caught her attention. He was a wounded man who had a run in with one of the many random villains in the world, yet something about him intrigued her. At first, she only made small talk with him, although within time it quickly blossomed into a loving relationship between the two. Albeit it was kept secret from the hospital staff and patients, her lover asked if she would accompany him to be by his side. She instantly jumped upon the chance, as her great love for him knew no bounds. From there on, she had lived a happy life with him. From the proposal, to the marriage, to even the birth of their daughter. She even managed to become a hero, although not popular, she was still viewed as a necessary support to many people. It all seemed like it would be going well... until the incident in which his workplace has fallen from a earthquake. Upon waking up in the hospital bed next to her daughter, she was in a panic over the state her love could be in. To both her surprise and dismay, her beloved was nowhere to be found. From that day, she continued to wish everyday for him to be found. She had a feeling her daughter knew something about it, but she couldn’t push her at such a young age. For now, she will continue to wish and wish, until it fills the black night sky with all the crystalline beauty of it she has made just for him.
      Hobbies and Interests: Cooking, caring for the injured, talking about romance, cuddling
      (Optional) Sexual Information 
      Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
      Turn ons: Skinship, constant rubbing of her body, kissing, seduction.
      Turn offs: Scat, gore, necrophilia, rape, being too rough.
      Breast Size: C cup
      Sensitivity: Normal sensitivity for her body, but more sensitive around her nipples.
      Additional Sexual Information: She enjoys people using the skin on her body for their sexual pleasures. This often results in her slowly rubbing against them during intercourse.
      STD History: Clean
      (Optional) Family
       Husband: ??? Cynial
      Quirk Type: ???
      Children: Galia Cynial Quirk Type: Mind Gaze
      House: A bungalow styled house she owns.
      Pet: None
      Additional information: Florence¬†loves the topic of romance, but always stays true to her husband. She is constantly pushy of the idea of her daughter getting a lover as soon as possible. Also secretly has a set of photos she named ‚ÄúMommy‚Äôs Angel‚ÄĚ. It‚Äôs full of baby photos (and embarrassing ones) regarding her daughter.
    • Multiversal
      By Multiversal
      Character Information
      Name: Galia Cynial
      Hero/Villain Name: Agaliarept
      Age/Date of Birth: 16 years old/June, 6th
      Sex: Female
      Citizenship: United States
      Ethnicity: Caucasian
      Occupation: Student at H.H.
      Physical Appearance
      Height: 4’11
      Weight: 160lbs
      Eye Color: Amber 
      Hair Color: Blonde
      Physical Description: A slim petite body with not much muscle compared to others. Her hair is a usually well kept, rarely ever being messy.  She does not have too many curves, although her thighs and butt have a nice plumpness to them. 
      Quirk Type: Emitter Type
      Quirk Name: Mind Gaze
      Quirk Details: Due to the increased number of neurons in her nerve cells, this grants her the ability to both read minds and communicate via one way telepathy with multiple people. Ultimately not a very offense based skill, however it grants her the access of information during fights and the ability to relay it to others. While she could detect future actions and current thoughts, Her quirk comes with several weaknesses. She can only read current thoughts with her quirk, as it is deemed impossible to try and dig into the past memories of others. She can maintain this ability for a long time, however both range and duration have an effect on her as well. If the target is far enough, her mind reading and telepathy will have a delay to them, before being unable to do any of the two of they are far enough away from her. Using her quirk for too long slows down her own thoughts and forces her body to become relaxed, rendering her to both move and think slower if it were to continue.
      Quirk Strengths: Mind reading of current thoughts, her telepathy that can target up to 5 people at a time, and has a effective range of 25 meters. Her telepathy can send messages just as quickly as she can read one’s mind.
      Quirk Weaknesses: Can not read past thoughts, telepathy is only one way (Only Galia can communicate with others), targeting anyone farther 26-49 meters will delay the responses of receiving thoughts and sending messages to others by a few seconds depending on distance, prolonged use will slow down the ability to think and move.
      Personality, Traits and Abilities
      General Overview: Galia is a playful soul, often enjoying to tease others for her entertainment. The reason for this is so that they could get used to her quickly, a way she has developed so that they would be aware that she could read minds.  Although she does respect the privacy of those around her often, not peering into someone’s mind unless she is intentionally targeting them. She also has a interest in mystery themed books and anything that involves a mystery of some sort. Galia however hates it when strangers know her own secrets. 
      Strengths: Galia is willing to help many people, as long as they wish to live on she will do what she can to help. She’ll gladly follow any plan as long as everyone agrees to it, and if it won’t get anyone into a life risking spot. Despite her frail body, she’s willing to also use it to protect others. Overall she’s selfless, and willing to play the dangerous part if needed to be.

      Weaknesses: She despises people who can read her tactics and movements. Her enjoyment in fights come from the surprise of opponents not knowing how their attacks are being countered, and this causes her to become brash with Her quirk, often resorting to using it for longer times than needed. Galia is also selfless to a fault in some situations, sometimes risking herself for the sake of others. Her selfless trait often is triggered if the situations reminds her of her savior. 

      Ambitions for becoming a Hero:¬†Galia Cynial was¬†born into a small family who had a just as small medical business, she was raised with strict yet caring arms. Her mother Florence was strict, although caring while her father she never knew much about. She only knew that her mother had greatly cared for him, despite him being away most of the time for the sake of his work. One day on her weekly visit to her father, the ground beneath them would begin to shake violently. As the building would slowly collapse from one end to another, Galia heard the distant yelling of another woman. She couldn‚Äôt remember who she was, and vaguely remember what she looked liked. The only things that she remembered clearly about that woman, was that she was her savior, and the words that rung through her head that day.¬†‚ÄúIf my body is the small price to pay for those in need, then let it be offered for the sake of the people who wish to live on.‚Ä̬†The next thing she knew was that she and her mother were on hospital beds, next to each other after the indecent. The whereabouts of her father remained a mystery, even after the rubble was cleared. There didn‚Äôt seem to be a trace of him being there in the building when it came down. Her mother, Florence, had hoped that one day he would come back. Galia listened to the thoughts of her mother everyday, about how she wished for him to come back and make it a whole complete family once again. It was then Galia decided to become a hero in her future. She wanted to find out where her father had been, and why he hasn‚Äôt come back to them. She needed to know for the sake of her mother. The second reason... is for the chance to maybe see her savior and thank her.¬†The incident happened when she was 12 years old, so the purple haired woman must be a hero by now right? For now, she will find out the mysteries behind the two, all while doing her best to save the other people who are in need.

      Hobbies and Interests: Teasing others, reading people’s thoughts, mystery related themes (mainly books), being cuddled.
      Sexual Information 
      Sexual Orientation: Bi-Curious
      Turn ons: Soft sex, frequent touching of the skin, licking, teasing
      Turn offs: Rough sex, sadism, masochism
      Breast Size: AA Cup
      Sensitivity: A bit more sensitive than normal.
      Additional Sexual Information: She has not experienced sexual encounters before, but prefers to keep any future encounters to a softer version.
      STD History: Clean
      Father: ??? Cynial
      Quirk Type: ?? Mother: Florence Cynial
      Quirk Type: Goddess’ Skin House: Galia lives with her mother in a bungalow styled house.
      Pet: None
      Additional information: She has a secret stash of her ‚ÄėSherlock‚Äôs¬†Guide: How to become an ace detective! (Outfit and Items included!)‚Äô related items under her bed. This is classified information! No one must know about this!
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