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Any BNHA roleplayers?

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Is anyone here interested in a My Hero Academia boyxboy RP?

Right now I'm musing as Hitoshi Shinsou. I'll provide more details in PM. 

I'm open to any ships tbh, so long as they top. 

Check out my preferences and hmu 😍

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    • KatsukiBakugou
      By KatsukiBakugou
      I have a few plots in my arsenal that, but be aware I really only play as Bakugou in any of the My Hero RPs I do. I have a few rules but other than that everything is fine.
      1. I am semi-lit to literate. I don't mind one-liners if you get brain block but if that's all you're going to give me walk away please. Also it has to be in third person.
      2. I am a BOTTOM. Not a top. Not a switch. A BOTTOM!
      3. So if #2 wasn't obvious about me being a bottom that should also inform you that I don't do straight RPs. I love yaoi and forever will. Plus if you can't read the title of the thread you really are a dumb extra.
      4. I also only RP with Canon characters (Actual characters from the show). I will only accept RPing with an OC if you can possibly catch my interest while also keeping the above rules in play.
      Now for some of the different plots I have. I might only post a few here but ask me for more and I'll gladly send you some more plots. These will be a mixture of some of the ships I'm pretty much ok with.
      Plot 1: (This is an AU) (This plot contains Omegaverse)
      Kirishima has always been one of the kindest alphas. Going out of his way to help those around him even if it causes him trouble. So of course when he sees an omega caught out in the rain during winter with barely any clothes on their back he jumps at the chance to help them. In this world Omegas are treated nothing more than common pets with no rights at all to them let alone not being able to possess quirks like the Alphas and Betas. This is what really put them as pets that people either keeps as pristine dolls, abuses them to the point of no tomorrow, and just a means to breed. However Kirishima gets a little more than he bargained for as he quickly comes to realize that the omega is far from the other omegas he's met as most are just submissive. This one is extremely feral, aggressive, and not afraid to take on any alpha that crosses their path as well as having a quirk. What mysteries will come from this Omega and what real trouble has he found himself in.
      Plot 2:
      Deku and Bakugou are now adults and Pro Heroes and are now married (This can be tweaked if we don't want them married yet). It is their day off and decide to go out to do some shopping and other things when a woman bumps into the two. The moment she bumps into them two children suddenly appear ages 4 and 6 (another thing that can be tweaked if you like to younger ages or even having only one child). The woman takes them to the hospital she works at to explain that her quirk allows her to manifest children for couples that can't have children by normal means, and or have a strong feelings for one another. She then explains that if they wish for the children to disappear it would take about a month, but if they wish to keep the children they are to be given actual names. Now it is up for them to decide if they wish to keep the children or let them disappear.
      Plot 3: (This plot could or could not have Omegaverse it depends one what you would like.)
      Now two years into becoming pro heroes Todoroki and Bakugou have been sent to America on an undercover mission as they are not as famous in America yet and could possibly help in taking down one of Americas worst Villain groups. Of course at first the two don't find it as a problem even after being told they aren't suppose to use their quirks, that is until they find out they have to also pose as a married couple which quickly adds to the problems that will soon unfold when they realize this upon arriving at the American agency.
      Any Ship Plots: (KiriBaku, DekuBaku, TodoBaku, KamiBaku, TokoBaku, pretty much any ship besides MinetaBaku)
      Zombie Apocalypse AU: (Could or could not have Omegaverse depends on you, and depending on if there is Omegaverse the plot will slightly change.)
      As the title says the world has broken out into a zombie apocalypse however there are no quirks. (In Omegaverse there will be quirks however only Alphas may have them.) Since there is no quirks everything is different even with certain people knowing each other. (Bakugou and Deku however will still know one another since they were childhood friends if the ship happens to be DekuBaku.) As such it is up to Bakugou and (Pretty much whoever he gets shipped with) to try and survive the apocalypse and all the new dangers from evil groups, and crazy people that are currently trying to kill them or take them away.
      Yakuza/Mafia (Doesn't matter):(Could be Omegaverse or Normal just putting as an Omega verse plot for now)
      Bakugou's family is a group of Yakuza that have been feuding with (Whatever ship character's) family for years. Whenever the two families are together things go from bad to worst which usually ends in gun fights or Alpha brawls. Being the eldest Bakugou was thought to become the leader with how tough he was like his Mother who ran the family more than his father, however he wasn't an Alpha like his mother or father but an Omega. Looking at Bakugou however one wouldn't think he was an Omega with the way he acted and carried himself. One night a large masquerade party was held in town and Bakugou's mother decided he should attend with a few family members as guards. While there Bakugou ends up dancing and spending time with (whatever ship character) without even realizing it because of the masks they are wearing. However sometime within the party members of each family realize they are there and in a quick moment the party went to hell with gun fire blazing only for it to end with killing a close friend to both sides of the family. A man by the name of Yamato that would go between the two families to try and become some sort of peacemaker.
      With such actions (whatever ship character's) father decides to offer a deal for Bakugou's family to wed him off to (whatever ship character) in hopes to end the feud. Of course nothing never goes as it seems as it was quickly found out that Bakugou was actually an Omega, and now another Yakuza family is trying to ruin the plans in hopes to get both families to cross the line ending each other or gain Bakugou as their own to take over the large Bakugou family.
    • DarlingJane0508
      By DarlingJane0508
      Please dm me to role play
      Andrew has never been one to stick to anything very long. He was always the type to rush from one thing to another; Leaving half finished messes for other people to clean up. 

      As the son of two wealthy upper class women, his future has already been set in stone for him. Who really has time to make there bed in the morning when you have to catch a flight to Milan in three hours? 
      That’s where your character comes in. Andrew decides to hire a cleaning service which (y/c) is a part of. Andrew just desires a tidy house, but one look at (y/c) and Andrew’s desires become a little less clean. 
      Please dm me to role play
    • Neptune
      By Neptune
      Character Information
      Name: Anastasia Brooks
      Hero Name: She has yet to decide on a hero name for herself.
      Age/Date of Birth: 16, 9th September
      Chosen Gender: Woman
      Sex: Female
      Citizenship: American
      Ethnicity: Caucasian
      Occupation:  Student
      Physical Appearance
      Height: 145cm (4’9”)
      Weight: 41kg (6 Stone 6 pounds)
      Eye Colour: Emerald green
      Hair Colour: White
      Physical Description: Anastasia is quite small, standing at under five feet tall. She has a lithe frame, with very slender muscles that gives her a rather delicate looking appearance. She doesn’t appear that physically strong, and her slimness make it almost appear as if she is underweight for her age and height. Despite this, she has a matureness to her limbs with well shaped thighs and legs, and maturely shaped arms. She has exceptionally pale skin, with almost no flush of colour. This matches with her snow white hair which she has cut quite short. It comes down to just below her chin, with two bangs on either side of her face. She also has a fringe that covers up her forehead and eyebrows, just about leaves her eyes free of obstruction. Her eyes are rather large and expressive looking, providing that she even looks up at anyone in the eyes. Her nose is small, delicate, and her mouth is well shaped. She has a rather heart-shaped face, giving her a sweet appearance. 

      Hero Outfit
      Reference Image: 

      Quirk Type: Mutant
      Quirk Name: Soul Seer
      Quirk Details: Anastasia’s Quirk is a rather passive one compared to most heroes. There is nothing about her Quirk that gives her a means to attack people, meaning that she is best fitted in the role of support to other heroes. Her hair is a result of her mutation, causing it to become white despite the fact that most of her family has dark hair. The mutation though is primarily located within her eyes, allowing her to be able to see peoples Souls. From this, she can read a variety of information. She can get an impression of a person's personality, especially the stronger aspects of their personality. The more subtle aspects might be harder for her to read. The way she views it, is that each soul appears as a ‘colour’ to her, depending on certain traits of that person such as someone being ‘sickly’, ‘oppressive’, ‘kind’, or even ‘cruel’. Some souls may have a multitude of colours, depending on the complexity of the person’s personality. As she is able to see souls, she is able to get a sense of damage to the soul. This can be caused either by a direct attack to the soul itself, or through a long standing trauma. She also has a defensive mechanism that allows her to be able to dodge attacks. She can briefly project her own soul in an astral projection and move to a new location nearby, such as on top of a statue. She can then pull her physical self through, essentially teleporting her to a new location. This occurs in a blink of an eye, with a white flash. She can pull others through with her, but it requires physical contact between them.
      Quirk Strengths: It is incredible hard to fool her eyes. To be able to do so, someone would need to be able to either blind her with a material thick enough to do so, or to manipulate or shield their own soul. Thus her ability to identify friend from foe is extremely accurate. She can even see souls within a dark room, allowing her to be able to pinpoint individuals within the dark, despite not being able to physically see them. Her Astral Shifting allows her to be able to dodge attacks quickly, and with ease. When the is shifting, only her physical body will be vulnerable but will only remain so for a fraction of a second. Her Astral Shifting will also allow her to be able to reach places she might not normally be able to reach, like the top of a statue or even through a wall.
      Quirk Weaknesses: Her Quirk is purely passive and defensive. Thus far, she cannot rely on it to be able to attack someone and she is best suited in the role of support. It is possible to block her Soul Seer vision by the use of materials such as a brick wall. Thin materials won’t be that effective at hiding souls, unless they are particularly dense such a lead. Despite the fact that her body is vulnerable for only a fraction of a second, it is still possible to harm her while she is shifting. If that occurs, it may be possible to either bring her soul back into her body or to actually separate her soul from her body. In that case, while her astral self is wondering around, her body will be in a coma until she returns which can be more difficult than it sounds, especially if she has failed to fit a tether to her physical self. 
      Personality, Traits and Abilities
      General Overview: Anastasia is quite a quiet and reserved young lady. She is quite shy, and a little socially awkward. She’s quite an introvert, thus she doesn’t tend to go out to places and tends to prefer spending time within her room especially after being in a place filled with people. She doesn’t tend to easily make friends but those that take the time to get to know her, find that she is quite gentle, kind and caring. However when push comes to shove, she can put aside her more gentle nature to try and defend others. She doesn't like to see suffering in others, and will do her best to alleviate it. If someone asks for her help, she will give it freely without asking for anything in return. This does leave her open to being taken advantage of, but she can’t seem to help herself unless the help involves the harming of others. In terms of confidence, she isn’t very confident in the slightest. She is quite self-conscious, and quite insecure. She tends to over-analyse any kind of criticism levelled at her, and she also finds it hard to accept compliments. She wants to try and improve herself, but tends to find it hard to figure out how to do this. Despite her desire to put in a brave face, she can be easily scared which may cause her to freeze during combat.
      Strengths and Skills: Her parents have always been quite pushy, thus she has spent a lot of her time studying, thus she is quite educationally smart. They also forced her to take gymnastics, meaning that she is quite flexible and can do advanced gymnastics which she can use when in combat, or in the assistance of others. She also has some hand to hand combat skills, taught to her by her uncle when she was younger. This can help in combat, however against most Quirks, it is pretty useless but it ties in well with her gymnastics. She is a good cook, and she is able to easily make her own clothing, as she was taught how to sew and embroider when she was a young girl. 
      Weaknesses: Physically, she is not that strong thus if she attempts to strike at someone, it will not do that much damage. It is very easy to physically overpower her if you were able to actually catch her. Her insecurity and lack of confidence can be used against her, providing one knows what kinds of buttons to push. This can cause her to hesitate in a fight, which causes an opening in which she will be vulnerable to attack. 
      Ambitions (Hopes/Dreams/Reason(s) for becoming a Hero): After her sister was killed by TV Head, Anastasia felt obligated to become a hero. Not only to follow in her sisters footsteps, but to also help bring an end to TV Head. 
      Hobbies and Interests: 
      Reading is her absolutely favourite hobby, and she will often spend most of her free time doing so. Spending time alone, in peace. Sewing Sexual Information
      Sexual Orientation: Straight
      Turn ons:
      Making love to someone that she has a deep connection to Gentle, loving and sensual sex that involves a lot of physical contact When in the mood for it, she likes things a little rough Turn offs: 
      Gore Vore Scat Necrophilia Water sports Someone being too rough with her, and causing her pain. Rape Being manipulated and coerced into doing something she doesn’t want to do Penis Length: N/A
      Breast Size: A-cup
      Sensitivity: Sensitive
      Additional Sexual Information: At the start of the roleplay, Anastasia is a virgin.
      STD History: Clean
      Father: Michael Brooks
      Quirk Type: Emitter Mother: Sarah Brooks
      Quirk Type: Mutant Siblings: Lillian Brooks

      Quirk Type(s): Emitter. Information: Lillian Brooks was a well known hero by the name of ‘Trip Star’. She was killed five years before the start of this roleplay at the hands of TV Head. During his attack in LA, Lillian’s lover had been killed brutally by TV Head. Afterwards, she used every resource she could to track him down in order to get her revenge. However things did not turn out the way she intended and instead she ended up dying at his hands. Her Quirk involved being able to manipulate plant growth, and to shape plants the way she wishes. Within this Quirk, due to her high intelligence, she was able to do a lot. She always carried seeds of different types of plants that she could grow, which would have various properties in battle. For example, the Star Flower, of which she is named after. When the flower blooms, it releases a pollen that is hallucinogenic in nature and causes her enemies to hallucinate.  House: H.H. School Housing
      Pet: None
      Additional information: While Anastasia desired to become a hero to follow her sister's footsteps, she was a little reluctant to attend this new school however her parents convinced her to join as they wanted to be as proud of her as they were of her older sister before she died. Her sister was a well known prodigy hero, who had a promising career ahead of her. Thus Anastasia has a lot to live up to, although she doubts she ever will. People will often think of her as “Trip Star’s” little sister, and will often expect her to be as strong as her sister.
    • IsabellaRose
      By IsabellaRose
      Haven glided down on a cushion of force field and leaped onto the rooftop, sprinting across the uneven surface to the fallen body of her comrade. Ironside was immobile, his armor rent nearly in half. What had happened? She reached her fingertips inside the rent metal to touch Ironside's neck, searching for a pulse. It was there, faint, but present. He was alive. She turned and looked across the rooftop at the other two members of her team that she could see, both incapacitated.
      Monsoon lay unconscious as well, his chest rising and falling, the remnants of the storm he had called dissipating out across the bay. Wildfire was beside him, her flames extinguished, eyes that normally burned with an inner fire stared blank white at the sky. Haven knelt beside her, unsure of what signs to check for life on an Ikroden. She had never studied the alien physiology of her teammate. She touched her neck, but felt no pulse. She checked for breathing, but then remembered that the Ikroden didn't require oxygen, at least not to breathe. 
      She turned at the sound of boots crunching on the rooftop behind her and saw her nemesis. Titan. She raised her shields instinctively, covering herself and the bodies of her nearest two allies, Wildfire and Monsoon. She hoped that Granite and Apex were still in fighting condition. The entire team had never fallen to a single foe before. Titan must be formidable.
      "Stop right there," she said, sounding more confident than she felt. 
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