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Monster Girl: Manticore (IsabellaRose x Dark Soul Opera)

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Zydala paced back and forth in her cave, the tufts of fur at her thighs brushing against each other, the claws of her furry feet scratching against the rough stone floor. Her legs were covered in a soft, downy fur from the tufts at her thighs all the way to the dangerous claws on her toes. Her arms were similarly furred up to mid-bicep, and her claewed fingers looked deadly. Two bat-like wings protruded from her back, and soft, furry ears rose through her hair from the top of her head. But the most unique feature on her body was the long, scorpion tail that swished back and forth behind her. 

The tail was segmented, like a scorpion, and lined near the tip with retractable, venomous spines. These she snapped in and out, highlighting her irritation, as the tip of her tail swung back and forth. Rather than a scorpion stinger, the end of her tail was an football shaped lump of flesh with a small opening at the tip. This knot of flesh served a single purpose, and it was that purpose to which her mind now drifted.

She was hungry for the taste of man, desperate to fill her body with his mana. She had never tasted a man before, but her sisters had described the hunger, described the desire, and she knew it was man that she wanted. Her tail thrashed back and forth as she spread her bat-like wings wide, then folded them against her back.

The rumors she had allowed to spread of treasure in her cave should bring treasure hunters to her sooner or later. She had already waited far too long for her liking. Impatience was one of her weaknesses, and she grew more irritable the longer she had to wait for anything.

Thus it was that Zydalla was stalking the woods outside her cave just before sunset when she heard the sound of someone approaching. She crouched in the bushes, taking cover, her tail curled up and behind her back and around the side of her head, almost as if it could peek over her shoulder. She felt the folds within the tip of her tail pulsate as she watched the road through the bushes.

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Dark Soul Opera

Isaac trudged through the thick brush, his machete hacking away at the branches and bushes that blocked his way. It was clear not many had been through this way, a good sign that he would be the first to seek this treasure he had been hearing about. Isaac's was tall and muscular, his light olive skin dripped with sweat as he continued to make his way through the woods, the tall trees above providing little protection from the heat of the day. His messy, black hair was covered by a brown bandanna in an attempt to keep the sweat off his face as best as he could.

The rumors around town had started popping up only a few short weeks ago, though to his knowledge no one had yet ventured out to confirm them, but Isaac was too curious for his own good so he loaded a backpack with some supplies and took off into the woods. If what he heard was true, he was going to be rich, and he couldn't wait to see the look on his buddies' faces when he beat them all to it. The thought of it made him smirk as he whacked away a tree limb and then stepped out onto a more well-beaten path. He slipped his machete into its scabbard on his hip and followed it along until he hit a clearing against a large rock face, just what he had been looking for. 

He placing a hand to the cool stone before looking up, it was too sheer and smooth to climb, this cave had to be on the ground. He turned his attention back to the ground and began to follow the stone wall slowly, keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary, then he stopped when he heard it, a slight rustling in the brush nearby. Isaac placed a hand on his machete and turned to face the direction he had heard the noise coming from. He didn't speak, he simply narrowed his eyes and darted them around, trying to see where the sound had come from, completely unaware of the danger he had gotten himself into.

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Zydala stood motionless, sizing up the human male. His skin was smooth and glistened with sweat. She could see the hard lines of his muscular frame, eyes traveling from the curve of a bicep across to the powerful chest. He was even handsome and from here, he smelled good. He looked like a suitable mate. 

She wanted to drink his mana, wanted to gulp it down, drown in it. She smiled, licking her lips, and decided to see if she could lure him closer. She took a breath, affected an air of weakness, and cried out.

"Oh, please, help me!" Her voice was soft and sweet, high pitched, with a note of panic she was particularly proud of. "Please, I'm stuck!" She pulled back a branch, the leaves revealing a glimpse of her bare stomach, the curve as she tiwsted her body decidedly feminine. The flat, toned stomach seemed to be attractive to most men. She bent lower, allowing a glimpse of her cleavage, two massive orbs of flesh barely concealed by a tight top, before letting the branch snap back and obscuring his line of sight.

"Please!" she cried again, trying not to giggle at how easily it would be to lure and trap her firt man.

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Dark Soul Opera

Isaac heard the cries for help and saw the brief figure of a young woman from just beyond the trees and immediately pulled out his blade, rushing forward and hacking through the brush to get through to the other side. He had hardly caught a glimpse of her but she seemed to be in trouble, and he couldn't deny what he had seen was very attractive.

As Isaac cut through the brush he began darting his eyes around, trying to see where she was stuck, he had just seen her right there, but now it was as if she had vanished, maybe she was just trying to move about and had escaped his line of sight. He continued to scan the brush until he caught a glimpse once again of her toned stomach and part of her chest as he scrambled to her side "Don't worry! I'm here!" he called out as he raced to her side and got to work attempting to free her from whatever she was stuck in.


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She saw the blade as he stepped into the thicket where she crouched concealed, and a quick swipe of her tail sent it spinning through the air and into the underbrush. She stood now, furred legs and arms clearly visible, the tiny skirt and half top covering her curves, but her all too human stomach bare. She smiled at him, her ears twitching atop her head, and said in a sweet voice that he recognized as that of his damsel in distress,

"Thank you for coming to my rescue."

She smiled again, her tail swinging slowly closer, circling around behind him as if it had sensory organs of its own and could see or smell him. It rose behind him, seeming to peer at him over one shoulder. Her tail wrapped around his leg, the bulbous head circling up to his waist.

"Do you think could do me just one, little favor?"

Her eyes were filled with mischief, but also hunger. Most men would feel fear looking into those eyes. The claws and tail probably wouldn't help to calm anyone.

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Dark Soul Opera

Isaac stopped in his tracks when the blade went flying from his hands and he saw the woman before him in full view for the first time. His eyes went wide and he gulped softly as he watched the monster, eyes tracking her tail as it swished around him, his body unable to move from where he stood due to fear and confusion. 

Her voice when she spoke did not feel like it matched what he was looking at, the human parts of her were certainly quite beautiful, but he had no idea what the rest of her was, and that was what terrified him. 

"W-What are you?"

he asked, but was cut off by her question. His heart pounded in his chest as he felt her tail beginning to coil around his leg. He was trapped, and he was slowly beginning to fear that these were going to be his last moments on earth.

"W-what do you mean?"

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"Mmmm," she purred, staring at his muscular chest, his strong arms. "It's just a teeny little favor, really. I promise you'll enjoy it."

She moved closer, her tail sliding up his leg, closer, her monster paws resting on his chest as she pressed her body against his. She was warm, her fur soft and silky on his bare arms as she leaned into him. She moved her paw-like hands down the front of his shirt, caressing his chest and stomach, then back up to the top of his shirt. She began to slowly unbutton his shirt, smiling all the while.

"I just need you to let me do this one," she leaned in and placed a kiss on his bare chest. "Little..." She kissed lower down his chest. "Thing." Her lips were on his stomach now as she nearly knelt before him. Her tail uncurled from his leg and moved upward, the egg-shaped end of her tail hovering beside her face. 

Her hands slid down to the front of his pants, resting on his belt buckle. She fidgeted with it, but did not unbuckle it.

"You can help me with one little thing, can't you?" She said it from down there, near the front of his pants, looking up at her, batting her eyelashes innocently while her paws moved over and around his body.

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Dark Soul Opera

He looked down at her, a chill running down his spine as she moved in closer to him, her odd beast-like form making his blood run cold with fear. As she began to unbutton his shirt and press herself against him he couldn't help but begin feeling arousal, he couldn't deny she was still quite attractive, but the uncertainty of what she was or what she wanted froze him where he stood.

"T-that depends..." 

Was all he stammered out as she spoke from the ground, his arousal becoming far more apparent as he could no longer hide it. He was becoming intoxicated by her touch, the varying emotions running through his head confused him and all he could do was stare at her, wondering what she had planned for him.

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Zydala undid his belt buckle, then worked the front of his pants open. Her eyes stared directly at his pants as she reached inside with one hand, slender fingers wrapping gently around his manhood, tugging him out into the light. She looked at him, tilting her head to one side, smiling.

"I promise not to hurt you," she said, staring back up into his eyes. Not too much, anyway, she thought to herself.

She slid her hand softly up the length of him, feeling the soft skin over hardness beneath. Her tail moved as if on its own, the bulbous head moving up beside her hand, the tip opening slowly, the moist interior hovering just in front of the tip as her hand slid back down to the base of him, and then it was on him. It engulfed his cock, surrounding him in warm wetness, ridges sliding up and down him, squeezing him inside the head of her tail. She could feel his presence in her tail, and it was like an aphrodisiac to her. She ran her hands up her own body, cupping her her breasts, pinching her nipples through the fabric of her top between her thumbs and forefingers.

"Oh my," she said as she stood before him staring straight into his bewildered face. Her tail maintained its hold on him, the muscles and ridges within the tip squeezing his cock inside, giving him more pleasure than he could possibly imagine.

"You certainly are an excitable one, aren't you?"

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Dark Soul Opera

Isaac trembled as he felt her hand around his cock, his eyes remaining locked on her tail as he watched it maneuver itself around menacingly. When he saw it moving closer to his manhood he tried to pull away, but he wasn't fast enough, it had clamped down on him and he couldn't break free, and after only a few short moments he let out a low moan as he grabbed at the tail before his knees buckled and his body fell against hers, grabbing onto her for support as the intense pleasure overwhelmed him. He had never felt ecstasy like this before, and as he felt his heart racing he let out another low moan louder than the first. His brain was no longer able to focus on what was happening to him or who this woman was. He was engulfed in desire and as he steadied himself against her he couldn't resist placing his hands on her hips and feeling the curves of her body.

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      Lieutenant Nina Hayes scurried down the swaying, tilted passageway, bare hands and booted feet scrabbling at the deck as it shifted again. She slid to the side as the entire ship lurched, slamming into the bulkhead hard enough to knock the air out of her lungs. Just beyond her reach was the ladder leading up to hatch that would take her to the next deck and safety. Her lungs burned as she tried to catch her breath, still fighting for forward momentum as she slid slowly back down the passageway. She could hear them behind her, chitinous tarsi clicking along the metal decks and bulkheads. 
      In the darkness something brushed her ankle and fear lanced through her brain. She redoubled her efforts, forcing her weary muscles into action. The sole of her boot caught on the deck, she pushed forward and her fingertips caught the last rung of the ladder. Her grip was tenuous, but she gave it every ounce of effort she could muster, and managed to get her fingers around the rung, pulling herself up as she used both feet to kick off the bulkhead and deck behind her, getting both hands on the ladder. She scrambled up, pulling herself with only her arms, searing pain in her biceps and triceps, but her mind refused to let go. She had to get to the hatch, had to get off this deck.
      She climbed high enough to get her legs onto the ladder, and it became easier once she added their strength. She clambered up the ladder, grasped the dogs, and turned. Someone had secured it from the other side. She could get it, she could get through, she had to make it.
      There was a sensation on her leg as if someone had traced a finger up her calf. They were here. She pulled on the hatch, trying to release the dogs, but they held fast. Her teeth were gritted, and she felt a touch on her thigh. She kicked out, trying to strike at the damned thing that was right there, but it was too late. There was a pinprick sensation on her thigh. She knew what it meant, even as she looked down to see the thing upon her.
      Eyes wide with terror looked down into the face of the insectoid creature. Three lidless eyes, ocelli, she remembered, from their briefing, stared up at her along her body. Its mandibles were in the meat of her thigh, holding the wound there open, as the long, thin hypopharynx and labium disappeared into her tissue. She struggled, but the thing clung to her lower body, the claws at the ends of it's six powerful legs grasping clothing or flesh.
      Nina felt the scream working its way up her throat, and just as it burst from her wide open mouth, another one was there, in her face, ocelli to eye, blocking out her view of anything but the its face. Those emotionless eyes bore into hers as she screamed. It cocked its head to one side as if listening to her scream, and them it's mandibles were on her mouth. To an onlooker it might appear is if the thing were kissing her, but the grip of its mandibles on her lips was painful, and when its hypopharynx and labium entered her mouth, her screaming stopped, and everything went dark.
      Nina awoke slowly, darkness giving way reluctantly to dim light which brightened almost imperceptibly until it was a soft, golden hue. She was warm, mildly numb, and an odd sense of bliss lingered in her mind. This was pleasant. She heard something moving beside her, but she was too comfortable to bother looking. Her limbs moved, but she only wanted to curl back into a fetal position and go back to sleep. She heard a scream and the thing beside her thrashed briefly, but it wasn't happening to her, and she couldn't be troubled. She was content.
      But sleep was no longer her domain, and she roused gradually, moving sluggishly in this pleasant place. Her eyes fluttered open, closed again, then came back open. She didn't want to move. Everything here was comfort. She looked around herself drunkenly, her mind hazy, almost as if she were disconnected from her body.
      She was in some kind of round chamber, and she was on the floor. She pushed herself up off of her back, propping herself up on her elbows. She was half submerged in some sort of thick, viscous liquid, and she was completely nude. She shook her head slowly from one side to the other, trying to remember what had happened. She remembered a crash, no an attack. The aliens had attacked their ship.
      The Pathfinder was adrift in space, engines dead, hull breached in multiple locations. Her team had been too far from the escape pods. They had crossed through the weapons magazine on their way toward the hatch to the main decks when the bugs had attacked. The men were slaughtered. The women were dragged off. She alone escaped the weapons magazine, down the passageway, and toward the hatch, until... she remembered the feeling on her thigh, the thing clinging to her, its mouth parts disappearing inside her flesh.
      She looked down at her leg. The spot where the creature bit her was inflamed, swollen, and red, with a two inch long gash that already seemed to be healing. The other one had stuck its hypopharynx into her mouth. She touched her lips, but they felt normal. There didn't seem to be any kind of wound around or in her mouth. She looked around the area.
      The walls seemed to be slick with the same viscous fluid that she lay in. It really was relaxing. She turned around and her eyes fixed on the creature. It was definitely an insect of some sort, but it was enormous. Gigantic legs propped up a massive, segmented thorax covered in what looked like armored, emerald plates. The abdomen extended downward toward the ground and was a bulbous mass of what appeared to be translucent flesh. Spherical objects pulsated within the semi-opaque mountain of tissue. A tube of some sort extended from the abdomen right down to a waiting human female.
      The woman was nude, as were the other women in the chamber. Nina wasn't certain why she hadn't noticed them before. She looked young, probably close to Nina's age. She writhed on the floor, moving as if dreaming that she were running, or perhaps dreaming that she were having sex. Her hips bucked and her hands moved over her bare breasts, fingertips pressing against her nipples, down over her rib cage, along her stomach, reaching down toward her waist. But her explorations were stopped by a feeler or undersized tentacle of some sort which wrapped around her wrist and guided her fingers elsewhere.
      The tube-like protrusion coming out of the gargantuan insectoids abdomen moved between the woman's legs, and then an ova opened at the end of the thing. It was at this point that Nina recognized the appendage. It was an ovipositor, an organ for depositing eggs. The end of the ovipositor pressed tight to the woman's labia. Nina watched with a detached interest rather than the horror she should have felt. Something was dulling her senses, hampering her ability to think clearly. She knew the ovipositor was too large for for the woman, but she didn't cry out or shy away, she simply watched as if it were happening on a movie screen.
      The ovipositor pressed tight against the woman's labia, stretched her wide, and pressed inside. The woman let out a low, moaning scream, but Nina couldn't tell if it was a scream of pain or pleasure. The ovipositor seemed to disappear up inside the woman, going deeper than Nina would have thought possible. The woman writhed, arms and legs thrashing, but the odd tendrils held her in place as a spherical object moved down out of the semi-transparent abdomen, through the duct-like tube, and into the ovipositor. An egg. As it squeezed past her entrance, the woman screamed, her entire body spasming, tensing, then going limp. As egg after egg was pumped into the nameless woman, she lay unfeeling, unconscious.
      Nina watched the entire process happen again with another woman, and then it was her turn. Tendrils encircled her ankles and wrists and she was dragged through the syrupy fluid to lay below the ovipositor. Something dripped into her mouth, and she gagged, spitting it out, trying to catch her breath, and then the world turned orgasmic. Her nervous system was alive with pleasure. Every touch of a tendril sent waves of ecstasy though her body. She needed to touch herself, wanted to feel her own fingers moving between her legs, touching herself in the ways that only she knew. But the tendrils kept her from attaining that goal.
      Instead, the ovipositor moved between her legs, pressed hard against her, and then burst through her vaginal opening. Her flesh must have torn, but she barely noticed that. The presence inside of her was like having a two liter bottle of soda shoved unceremoniously into her vagina. She weas stretched beyond any realistic capacity, her insides rearranged for the utilitarian purpose for which the insects used her, and then the egg came.
      It was forced inside of her, shot into her womb like a bullet, bursting through her cervix, causing her to cream in agony, to cry out in euphoric bliss. She was delirious, somehow still conscious as the second and third eggs were forced into her body, and despite her distended organs, all she could feel was delirious rapture. She knew the things had probably done irreparable damage to her reproductive system, would probably kill her, but she couldn't stop her body from reacting as if she wanted more. Her nervous system was alive with a frenzy of enthusiastic ebullience, an intoxicating rhapsody of delightful gratification. The sensory overload was finally too much for her brain, and she passed into unconsciousness.
      When Nina awoke this time, she was strapped to a bed. Tubes and sensors were attached to her arms, legs, head, and chest. Something was down her throat, and something else had been shoved unceremoniously up inside of her vagina. She couldn't move, and she remained motionless, trying to figure out what had happened. She had been attacked. Taken by the bugs. The eggs... the eggs were inside of her.
      "Patient Six Four Three is awake, Doctor. You'll want to see this."
      Nina looked at the person who spoke, an attractive blonde man in blue scrubs and a long, blood-soaked gloves. 
      "Good morning," said another voice, and Nina turned to see an older man with a greying beard and tiny eyes behind his narrow glasses. "What's your name?"
      "Lieutenant Nina Hayes, USC Pathfinder," she said, with more certainty than she felt. 
      "Excellent, Lieutenant," said the doctor. "Do you know what day it is?"
      "No, Sir," she said.
      "That's okay," said the doctor, shining a tiny flashlight in her eyes. "You've been drifting low on oxygen for over a week. You're lucky we found you when we did."
      "Drifting," she said, uncertain what he meant.
      "Your ship, the Pathfinder. Some kind of engine malfunction. Life support was damaged. You were adrift for eleven days."
      Had it been eleven days since the attack? She wasn't sure that was right. She was trying to determine how long she'd been out when a scream of pain broken through the low murmur of voices in the impromptu sick bay.
      She looked back at the orderly, and beyond him past a curtain towards the scream. There were rows of beds, bare feet visible past partially opened curtains. Memories of naked women returned to her. The other women from the ovipositor room.
      Another scream sounded, and she saw blood spatter the shocked face of a some sort of medical personnel.
      The eggs.
      Another scream tore through the place, and she could see people scrambling beyond her curtain. Now more screams could be heard, screams of fear and terror instead of pain.
      The eggs were hatching. Hadn't they noticed them on the medical scanners?
      She had to warn them.
      Pain shredded her nerves as if something were tearing it's way through her lower intestines. She went into convulsions, the eggs inside of her hatching, the things being born clawing their way free, entering thing world though her birth canal, the only children she would ever birth crawling from between her legs on their own.
    • EnchantedNymph
      By EnchantedNymph
      Looking for a literate roleplay partner to try out some of my roleplay ideas. I would like to add that these ideas would include actually story lines and depth. If interested in any of them feel free to message me and we can see if we can work something out.
      Alright, I wiped my whole list clean as I have a few specific ideas I really want to try out. I will list them in order and if any of them interest you feel free to ecchitext me! 
      ¤ Thriller/Smut style roleplay. I'm ready to dive into the spooky season. This could mean your character is some supernatural creature on the hunt, a serial killer, or a mixture of the two. My character would be a victim. I can easily switch characters so if one ends up dying, on to the next!
      ¤ Forbidden Relationship. ie siblings, uncle/niece, maybe best friends little sister type thing. (I will add that I DO want a plot with this,  not just sex scenes.)
      ¤  A slice of life type ordeal. Cute as shit type. Like it oozes romance as well as the sex. Our characters could start on the first date and go from there blahblahblah.
      ¤ Lastly I had an idea about my character could be some sort of celebrity and your character an obsessed fan who stalks and eventually kidnaps mine. Bunch of shit could happen in this one so it could constitute as a thriller as well but yea.
      Thanks for taking the time to read~ ✌
      Now let's get this party started ××
    • TinyPandaHero
      By TinyPandaHero
      Well this is my first post for asking for a 1 on 1 role play. What i'm looking for is someone to play a Male character that will be a 'top' to my character. This is able to be MxF or MxM
      (YC)Demonic Cultivator X Disciple (MC)
         The Demonic Cultivator picks up his New Disciple off the streets to bring up into the perfect partner for dual cultivation. The Disciple would have a Superior spirit route suited for             Healing and Dual Cultivation but not understanding any of this.  
      (YC)Stalker X Model(MC)
        The Stalker has always watched the Model regardless of whatever job they did. Wanting to possess the Model and make them theirs. Using any means possible, kidnapping or rape.
      (YC)Emperor X Fallen Royalty(MC)
        The Emperor has taken over the neighboring kingdom into his own hands, Eliminating the Royal family of the fallen Empire other than the beautiful Prince/Princess that they then      took into their own harem by force.
      (YC)Master X Slave(MC)
        No real set plot other than the Master getting a new slave to enjoy and break in.
      (YC)Serial Killer X Victim(MC)
        Serial Killer has found a new target, though instead of killing them they'd rather just enjoy the taste of the other parties pain and pleasure.
    • Hotpocket15
      By Hotpocket15
      Hello! I have been wanting to do this roleplay for a long time now, and I would really love to find the right person to do it right with!
      The first thing to note that is pretty important is : 
      This will be a mainly sexual roleplay. About 98%, if not more, will be focused on sex!
      Another thing to note is that we don't have to roleplay all in one sitting. Either sending lines back and forth throughout the day (If you're feeling risky ) or sitting down for an hour or so at a time works fine for me!
      The base of the story is this : 
      You are the young and hot trophy wife to some old billionaire who barely spends time at home, much less time with you.
      Because of this you have turned to the online dating sites where you meet my character.
      You wanted to have me come over to your mansion and you wanted to feel like you were in charge, but as soon as I enter into the house I quickly force myself upon you.
      I then quickly learn how much of a whore you really are.
      I know it doesn't sound like much, but I feel we could take this scene in a lot of different directions. 
      Even though I already have my preference page linked, I will go ahead and post all of my kinks that I would like included, and my character description.
      Kinks :
      Impregnation, Having a big cock, Piss, You having large tits and a big ass, Facials, Cumshots, Cum Play, Public Sex, Rough Sex, Dirty talk, Risky sex, cheating, Sloppy blowjobs, deep throating, having lots of cum, and having "magical" cum that when consumed makes you more horny.
      Description :
      My name is Jack. I am 5'10 with short brown hair and hazel eyes. I have lightly tanned skin with a slightly built upper and lower body. I usually roleplay with a thick, 9 inch shaved cock. If you'd like I can be bigger and not shaved.
      If this sounds like it interest you, please send me a message with your kinks and limits, and also a description of your character and we can go from there!
      I look forward to fulfilling this roleplay dream!
    • Kaldor
      By Kaldor
      hello so i want to try new types of RP and im looking for a female to help me. im sorry but i wont do full furry but beastkin might be fun. 
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