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I'm kind of stretching what constitutes a haunted house here but go with it. Explicit links will be labeled as such*. Warning for kinks present beyond those tagged:


Cheating/NTR, exhibition, impregnation, (sort of) mind control?

Jack had a pretty good life. His asshole dad had been an idiot and knocked up his secretary so naturally his mom divorced him, kicked him out, got the house, full custody, child support, and alimony all from his really well paying job. He lived with his mom, twin sister, older sister, and, for the time being, his girlfriend since her parents kicked her out as soon as she turned 18 and she didn't have anywhere else to go. His mom was a total pushover so she wouldn't say no to his girlfriend being around and staying in his room and he could afford plenty of condoms. He was the school's star athlete and had plenty of nerds that would do his homework for him.

The nerds, on the other hand, didn't have things so great. Jordan (the tall one) was similarly too much of a pushover to do anything about Jack's bullying and got easily shoved around by him. The other three (from left to right) Stu, Maxwell, and Ricky were all runts for their age which made them prime targets. They were all smart but also excelled at different subjects. This made them the perfect group for Jack to force to do his work and shake down for spare cash if he needed it. Well the four of them have had enough of his bullshit. They were desperate for a way out so they turned to the impossible. Maxwell had found a dusty old book in his attic and they decided to try one of the dark rituals in it. Miraculously enough, it seemed to work.

Jack had practice after school so he got home late. "I'm home." He called as he stepped into the foyer. "Mm, something smells good." He said, heading into the kitchen. "What's for din- mom?! What the fuck!"

"Watch your language, young man!" She turned around, chiding.

"Why are you... like that!"

"Hmm?" She looked down at herself. "Oh! Well, some of your friends came over and they're staying for dinner so I figure I'd dress up nice for them instead of the boring old things I normally wear." She turned as she heard footsteps. "Oh good, everyone's done playing upstairs." She noted, starting to set the table. Down the stairs came his two sisters and girlfriend... followed by the nerds.

"The fuck are you losers doing here?!"

"Jack! That is no way to speak with guests! These boys were nice enough to help with some chores around the house." She said, more assertive than usual.

"Yeah Jackass." His older sister, Beth, chimed in, taking a seat at the table. "Y'know, housework? The shit you always ignore because you're oh so busy with practice and fucking Lily?"

Jack turned to his mom to see if she was going to say anything about his sister using that sort of language. Apparently not. He sat down as well and they had dinner. Jack was glaring at the boys he normally bullied, not sure what was going on. Over the course of the meal, the four of them chatted politely with the four women, as if they were neighbors or something.  His mother stood up, asking if anyone wanted dessert. "No. Lily, let's go." He grabbed her hand and headed upstairs. He slammed the door shut, turned his stereo up loud, and grabbed a few condoms. He was going to fuck her brains out, feeling a bit grossed out at the thought that she might have been talking to those nerds for the past few hours.


The following day at school, everything seemed to be back to normal at home. His mother was clothed - he still didn't understand why the fuck she wasn't wearing anything but an apron last night - and when he got to school, the nerds tried to avoid him as usual. He found Maxwell and slammed him into a locker. "Got my trig homework?"
"N-no Jack, I'm sorry I couldn't-"
"Why the fuck not?" He lifted him off the ground.
"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I had a project I needed- it's after lunch right? I'll get your homework done during lunch! I swear!"
"You fucking better." He punched Maxwell in the gut, hard enough to wind him a bit but not so much he'd need to go to the nurse or anything. He started walking towards his first period class when his phone buzzed. A text from his mother. Something about dinner last night and having fun and playing games and he missed out. Whatever, not important. His phone buzzed again just as he got into the classroom, before the bell rang. He sat down in the back and pulled out his phone, though he dropped it on the desk out of sheer shock when he saw the message and attached picture.

"You really missed out. Maxie was kind enough to take the picture for us. The boys even made their own desserts for me to try! You should join us next time!*"


(Probably gonna try to expand on this bit by bit. I've got a general plot in mind but I might try bringing in the occasional kink to reflect the prompt of the day.)

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(So I'm gonna be using images as references generally for this story. They might not fit perfectly but just try to imagine the incongruant details fit the written description instead.)

Jack was dumbfounded. There was no way that picture was real, right? He'd heard someone talking about those new programs that could take someone's face and put it on someone else and make fake porn of them. This definitely had to be that - there was no way his mom would have fucked any of those nerds, let alone all of them - but... how did it come from her number? Had they stolen her phone last night? Or hacked it? Or... she was naked under that apron the entire time! Oh god had those pieces of shit drugged her?! He was going to beat their asses into a pulp!

Every chance he got that day, he made their life as much of a living hell as he could get away with. He ended up going a bit overboard with it, and they ended up going to the nurse and then sent home. Naturally he was scolded but overall he didn't really get punished in any serious way. He had to stay with a staff member after school a bit, which was annoying. He noticed light on his smart watch. A notification. He opened it up. A message from... Math Nerd? What did the want? He unlocked the watch and went to check the message. "Your sister likes to act cold and tough like you, but she's actually really nice! Must get it from your mom." He scowled a bit. What the fuck did that even mean? He knew Jackie (his father wasn't exactly creative with names) was a bit of a bully herself and had picked on those four from time. Not as bad or as frequently as him, but it happened. He only had to stay here like half an hour. Near the end of it, he got another message from Math Nerd. As he read it, an image was sent directly after it. "Jackie really likes going to the park."

"What the fuck...?"  He grabbed his bag and got up seeing the picture of his sister posing in the park they used to go to as kids. He headed to practice, where he got an earful from coach about being late, saying he'd have to run laps after practice. He figured as much. He headed out to the field, putting his phone and watch in his gym bag when he set it down on the sidelines. Though there was another message. This time it was from..,. History Nerd? That was... what was his name? Stu? It was followed by a picture as well. "Wow! Your sister is really good at fighting! It's a good thing she's so nice, otherwise she'd be way scarier than you. She's so cool!" Where the hell were they getting these pictures?! There's no way his sister was actually at the park with him. Maybe... maybe they were on one of her social media accounts? That was probably it. This one was a bit... much, in his opinion, but he supposed if you could wear a bikini then there wasn't much wrong with this. He put his stuff down and went onto the court. someone passing him the ball. They were practicing passes. Not his favorite part but he supposed it was important, especially for the others to pass to him.

After a few different passing routines, they did a bit of cool down as the coach went to bring out a whiteboard. They were going to go over some new possible plays. He pulled out his phone to pass the time while he waited for the coach. There was another message waiting for him, this one from Book Nerd. The tall one... Jordan, was it? He opened it up to read, though his eyes shot wide open at the following picture. There was no way that was on Facebook, was there? "We went for a walk in the woods, it was really calming. She's been so friendly today. I think being at the park has put her in a good mood." He felt his blood boiling as he started writing up another text (in all caps) cursing him out and demanding to know what they'd done to his sister or if they'd hacked her phone. Before he finished, he received another message from Math Nerd again with another attachment that just pissed him off even more. "This park is great! I haven't had this much fun in ages! I think the fresh air is doing wonders for us all." They were back at the park, though it seemed like they were kind of at the edge of it since he could see most of the place and Jackie's back was to all of that. Hopefully no one had seen her. He added a string of curses and slurs to his accusatory message before sending it.

He tossed his phone back in his bag, looking up as they went over plays, trying to distract himself from what was apparently happening with the nerds and his sister that he absolutely couldn't understand. Once everyone was familiar with the plays, they would practice them a bit. He went to put his bag away but had to check his phone out of anger and morbid curiosity. A new message, this time from Science Nerd - Ricky, he was pretty sure. "Oh no! We told Jackie you were worried about her phone being hacked for some reason and she realized she didn't have it on her! We're trying to find it now, she must have dropped it somewhere." She appeared to be, for some reason, checking underneath a park bench with her skirt way more hiked up than it should have been if it was an accident. He threw his bag down and went to run drills. He was going to kill those nerds.

Practice came to an end. His performance was a lot worse than it normally was, he was clearly distracted. Coach chewed him out again and doubled the number of laps he would have to run. He didn't have time to check his phone but he grabbed his watch so he could at least time his laps. He clicked it on and headed out to the track. Once there he stretched his legs a bit and woke his phone up to go to the clock app, only to see another message. History Nerd again. "No good! We've been searching forever and retraced all our steps. We emptied out all our pockets in case she handed it to one of us to hold but no dice. We checked EVERYWHERE!*" She was standing with her back to the woods! Was this still at the edge of the park but turned around?! Jack clenched his teeth but knew he wouldn't have time to type out a full response from his watch so he just opened up the clock app on it and set a timer to record. He tried to use the jog to work out his anger and frustration. About halfway through his laps when he went to hit the lap button on his timer, he noticed another notification. He put it off for a lap, seeing it again when he hit the next lap. Okay, he had to see this. His jogging unintentionally slowed down a bit as he read the message before scrolling to the picture. It was from... Jackie?. "Hey it's Ricky! Max pointed out that she doesn't have a purse or pocket and didn't hand it to any of us, and we realized we didn't see her with it so we went out to check her car. Her phone was in there the whole time! Untouched! Haha. Thanks for looking out. Althoguht since we spent over an hour looking, I think Jackie kinda feels bad.*" Jack stumbled a bit when he saw the image. She... did that? Right in front of the fountain in the middle of the park! He heard the coach yelling at him for stumbling and losing good time so he picked it up again.

He finished his final laps and went to his smart watch to lapse the final round, only to see a message from Science Nerd again. As he read it, the picture followed and when he got to it, he tripped and skid against the track a bit, cussing. "Hey, looks like I was right! Jackie said she felt super bad for making us spend our free time looking for her phone when it wasn't lost. She said we were so sweet to help her so we deserve something sweet! She said she's gonna treat us.*" She was posing like that right in the courtyard of the park! He could see some of the food vendor carts in the back of the picture! They were pretty near the ice cream one in particular. He heard the coaches coming over and he quickly slept his watch again. They helped him up and took him toa bench. One brought out a first aid kit and cleaned up his wounds, bandaging his knees and sticking a gauze to his cheek. He noticed the light blink on his watch again. He tapped on it, though thankfully the picture that accompanied it wasn't too bad. "Now we feel bad! We all got a a Popsicle from the ice cream guy but they were out of Jackie's favorite flavors. At least the ice cream guy was nice enough to take this picture for us!" Math nerd. It was just the four nerds sucking on popsicles with Jackie standing in the middle of it. He sighed a bit and went to pick up his bag so he could go home.

When he went into the locker room to change he was one of the only ones left since he had to run laps. That's when he heard his phone go off again. He grabbed it and saw that there was a video attached to the message. He swallowed a lump in his throat, silenced his phone and went through with the message and video from History Nerd. "This ice cream guy is great! When he realized the reason Jackie didn't get anything is because there was nothing left that she liked, he gave her a coupon for a free popsicle next time she's here and he even came up with a great suggestion for a different sweet for her instead!*" He felt like he was going to be sick. That was definitely the courtyard ground wasn't it? And... did he see a wheel from the ice cream cart at the edge of the screen?! Where the fuck was this happening!

"God damn it!" He changed as quickly as he could, slamming his locker shut and running out to his car. He immediately drove towards the park but seemed to catch every red light on the way. About halfway to the park (in a trip taking at least twice as long as it should have) another message came in with the video taking a bit to download. He decided to turn the volume on after reading the message, though he had to watch the video in parts, watching some at every red light stop he had to make. Book Nerd this time. "Jackie really loved her creamsicle treat! She must really love it, or she skipped lunch or something, because before she even finished the first one, she insisted on trying every flavor.*"

"You're recording again? Can't just take a picture?" His sister was center frame working on a 'creamsicle' from one of the shorter guys. Max, maybe?
"Well it's not as fun if you only get a little taste of the whole thing. This way you get the full experience." Jordan seemed to be the one holding the camera. He stepped a bit to the side, another cock entering the shot. When she reached out and stroked it, the moan made it sound like Stu.
"And you guys are gonna send this to him?"
"Yeah, of course." Ricky said off screen before stepping over to her.
"You guys are assholes." She said, turning to look over her shoulder so she could take Ricky's cock in her mouth.
"What, you think he doesn't deserve to, eheh, enjoy the fun?" Jordan asked, zooming in on her breasts before pulling back and recording the others again. She was definitely entirely naked.
"... No, I guess you're right. He's a huge jackass. Definitely more of an ass than you guys." She pulled Max by the cock so he was in front of her so she could suck him, stroking Ricky's cock now that it was slick with her spit.
The little gathering lasted... quite a while. There was apparently an accident on the way there so it took forever to arrive at the park. The nerds kept making jokes at Jack's expense, phrasing it like it was supposed to be a nice thing but the subtext was obvious, like Book Nerd's comment earlier. She worked on two or three of them at a time and they took turns passing the camera around. They were in the middle of the courtyard, he saw the benches and fountain occasionally as the view moved. And there were definitely people in the background, it was just impossible to tell if they were watching or even noticed or if their little orgy was invisible somehow. Jordan did most of the camera work so the other three got the most attention from her. "Ah shit, my battery's almost dead and I think I'm running out of space. Not gonna be able to catch the big finish."

The video ended there. When he back out from it, there was another text from Ricky with an accompanying picture. "Jackie sure is a messy eater!*" (ignore guy on bottom and in back) Jack nearly threw his phone out the window when he saw it but that wouldn't hurt them in the slightest. Instead he threw it in the back seat, revving his engine and turning the radio up while he waited in traffic. He got there eventually but, as to be expected, they weren't still in the parking lot. He went back to his car to pull out his phone and call one of them, probably starting with her. Though when he did, there was another message from History nerd as well as a video. "Why is it so hot this late in the year? Whew! Jackie seems especially hot but thankfully Jordan still had his creamsicle and thought of a great way to help her cool down!*"

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" Jackie moaned as Jordan pounded into her. He could see trees in the background. "Did... did it have to be... against the toilet?!" She asked. Looking at the video, he realized that was the stone building's wall she was being held against by Jordan.
"Well we tried it on the cars but you said it was too cold for your nipples."
"But the brick is... rough!" She protested, though still moaned with each thrust.
"Do you want him to stop?" Stu asked from behind the camera.
"Oh fuck you." She glared at him.
Ricky from off screen commented, "Is that a yes? You want him to stop?"
"Piece of shit- No!" She snapped at him.
"You heard her." Max said to Jordan. "No means no! You need to stop."
"Damn it, don't! I mean, yes! I, argh, I hate all of you. Keep going!"
"Go?" Stu asked. "Alright I guess she wants us to go. Come on Jordan, if she's not gonna drive us home we have to catch the bus.
"Fuck you all." She hissed at the cameraman again. "Fuck me! Keep fucking me! Keep fucking me with your hard cock Jordan! There are you assholes happy?!"
"Yes." "Very much." "Yeah thanks for that."
"Nnnff... I'm definitely... pretty happy..." Jordan said, thrusting harder and faster
"Oh! Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuuuuuck!" She cried out as she came, her fingers clawing against the building. "D-don't cum inside! Jesus I can't believe you guys don't carry condoms. You have to pull out."
"You weren't carrying any either." Stu pointed out. "And of the five of us here, who's the most likely to have sex?"
"..." Jackie sighed, unable to refute that logic. "Just... go buy some."
"We don't really have the money for it." "Yeah, Jack takes whatever spare cash we have."
"Then just... take some of his. Next time you come over, he tends to keep a big box or two in his shirt draw, just grab one or two each." She suggested. She cried out again with yet another climax, then Jordan finally pulled out, stroking himself to completion and finishing on her ass and back.
"Well, guess we gotta get you cleaned up. Again." All of them - all five - laughed a bit at that.
"What is that," Ricky asked, "like three times now?"
"I think so." Jackie said, getting down to the ground again. "Maybe for?"
"Ah shit, phone's gonna die. Quick, wave hello to your brother!"
Jackie smirked and turned her backside to the camera. "Hey there bro." She said, shaking her ass in lieu of waving, still covered in Jordan's seed.

He sprinted to the public toilet but of course it was getting dark by now and it was evening in the video. "God damn... gonna kill those bastards next time I see them..." He finally gave up, getting back in his car and heading him. As soon as he pulled onto the road, he got another message and image from Jackie's phone. "Hey hey, Ricky again! Sorry my phone died too. Just wanted to let you know we're all alright. Jackie is taking us home. Though she must have worked up one hell of an appetite walking in the park today! We had to stop so she could have another helping!*" Jack just let the phone drop over the back of his hand, letting it clutter to the passenger side floor. More traffic, which was weird for this late at night. When he got home he headed upstairs, though noticed there was another message on his phone from Jackie again. He stopped in the hallway and sighed, opening it up. It had arrived sometime on the road. "Hey Jack! It's Jordon, all our phones died. After she dropped off Ricky and Stu we realized that Max and I live close enough that we could just walk home from your place. We came upstairs because we wanted to stop by and say hi but it looks like you decided to stay out late. Too bad, we wanted to share some of the sweets we had today with you. But don't worry! Before we headed home, we left plenty with Jackie.*"

Jack looked up when he heard the door to the bathroom open. His sister walked out, holding a towel barely over herself, her yellow bunny-print pajamas in her other arm, though it looked like she'd specifically turned it inside out. It there seemed to be some dark, wet spots seeping through... he just stared between the clothes and his sister wordlessly. "The fuck are you looking at, perv?" She asked, dumping the pajamas into the hamper. "You waiting for a slip or are just hoping I'm nice enough to give you a full show?"
"What? No, I-"
"What the fuck ever. I'm too sore and tired to care about you being weird and creepy." She said, tossing the towel in as well and heading into her room. She locked her door. When he headed into his room, Lily was already asleep. He glanced over at his dresser. The top drawer was slightly ajar. He didn't dare check it, instead just kicking of his shoes and pants and collapsing on the bed to sleep.


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Jack couldn't believe what was going on with his life right now. Was this all in his head? Were the nerds actually...? He started getting ready for school and saw the cracked drawer again. He scowled and opened it, checking his box of condoms. Weren't... weren't there more in there? He'd never felt the need to keep count before but he could have sworn that there were a couple more. Two? Four? He wasn't certain. He wasn't sure if it was any but the number seemed wrong. Was he paranoid? Jackie had told them to steal some from him and two of them claimed to have come by the house... no, that couldn't be right. But he had proof... did he? He actually hadn't checked any of the text chains, not even the one from his mother, that had a picture. Part of him was terrified that it wasn't fake. That this was all happening. "Hey Lily-?" He looked around. Where was she? He stepped into the hallway. "Lily? Anyone see where Lily went?"
"To school!" His mother called back. "Shouldn't you be in bed young man?!"
"Wh-what? Why?"
"You told me that you weren't feeling well this morning! I caught you playing on your phone still in bed while Lily was getting ready and asked if you were going to get up or not, and you said, I quote, 'I'm going to be sick to my stomach. I want to die.' If you're suddenly feeling so much better, get your little butt dressed and off to school!"
"..." Jack chuckled, before starting to laugh, going back into his room. "This is bullshit." He said, getting dressed. "This can't be real. This feels more like bad cuck porn than real life. I really am going insane." Even his mother's words about what he'd apparently said this morning were so vague from him that it felt intentional. Jack got dressed and took his car to school.

Since Jack was late to school he decided to skip first period. He started wandering around, looking into classrooms. He figured out where each of the nerds was and waited for the bell to ring. He found Jordan first and grabbed him, pulling him under the stairs and slamming him into the wall. "Fucking talk."
"A-about what Jack?" Jordan was clearly confused as to where this was coming from.
"About Jackie. Spill it."
"Wh-what? But-"
He punched him in the chest hard. "I said spill it."
"Okay, fine! I've had a crush on her since sixth grade."
"Is that why you fucks did it?!"
"... did what?"
"Don't play fucking dumb with me! I still have the pictures you sent me!"
"What pictures!" He was entirely lost. "Are you okay Jack?!"
"The pictures of Jackie!"
"But I... I've never sent you any pictures of Jackie?"
"And I'm supposed to believe that? Those disgusting things you sent me yesterday-"
"Look I know it's a bit creepy but... I do my best to be respectful!" He fumbled with his phone after pulling it out. "Here. I put all my picture of her in the same folder..." He handed the phone to Jordan. He snatched it and swiped through them all. These were... all clothed. In different outfits. A lot of them were taken from a distance and the ones that weren't were usually from behind or the side where she couldn't see the camera. The pictures he was looking for were nowhere to be found. He backed out of that folder and started going through different ones. "I don't know how you found out Jack but I'm real sorry-"
"Not these, asshole! The ones with her tits out!"
Jordan's face flushed red. "Sh-she... has those sort of pictures?"
He grabbed his collar and slammed him into the wall. "Don't fuck with me! Did you delete them?!"
"Jack honestly! Those are all of the pictures I have of her and I haven't sent you any messages recently!" He opened up the message app to see if what Jordan said was true. Nothing, but...
"You still could have deleted all of it."
"Oh jeez... I know you're probably going to kick my ass for this but... if I had any pictures of her like that, there's no way I'd ever delete them."
Jack glared at him. "Wallet. Hand it over." Jordan pulled out his wallet to take out his spare cash but Jack snatched it up immediately. He started pulling stuff out to Jordan's complaint but he ignored him. Library cards, membership cards, nothing he cared about, he tossed them onto the ground. He didn't see a condom anywhere. He noticed his cash was separated into two folds. He grabbed both of them.
"Hey! I need that one!" Jordon protested.
"Oh, don't worry, it'll be going to a good cause. Gonna buy a big fat box of condoms with this."
Jordon sighed. Apparently he wouldn't be eating that day. "Fine..."He dropped to the floor to pick up his wallet and cards. "Can I have my phone back please?"
Jack looked down at the phone. He had flashbacks to yesterday, the pictures, the videos, everything he saw of his sister that he never wanted to see. The rage flared up again and he chucked the phone hard at the floor, smashing it, ignoring Jordan's whining and bitching.
He went on to find the other three nerds and gave them the same shakedown. None of them had any pictures of her from yesterday or his missing condoms. Each time he took all their cash and destroyed their phones. No more pictures or recordings for or from them that way. Just in case they had deleted them or hidden them just to fuck with Jack.

No more disturbing texts or images for the entire day. His plan seemed to be working. He got home after practice (and a quick pit stop at a pharmacy to grab another box of condoms) and heard quite a bit coming from upstairs. He headed towards the sound when he ran into the nerds coming down the stairs. They greeted Jack as if he was a casual acquaintance, acting like nothing was wrong. He was too flabbergasted by their response to say anything. How could they act like that?!
Jordan was the last one to pass him. "Oh hey, just wanted to thank you for doing the shopping. Did you get more?" He indicated the plastic bag. "Hopefully they're different sizes this time. The ones you got before were kinda small and uncomfortable for me." He patted Jack on the shoulder before going the rest of the way down the stairs.

Jack charged up the stairs, heading for his room, but it was empty.
"Jack? Is that you?" His mother called from Jackie's room. He headed over there and saw her, Jackie and Lily on that stupid oversized bed of hers. He'd wanted the bigger room but Jackie convinced their mom to give it to him because she'd bought a king size bed and needed the space. "Did you get more masks?"
"... what?" He looked around, realizing the room was full of decorative materials and plastic masks. "Oh, that... sale thing." A week or two ago he'd had to go across town to this weird specialty shop and get a big box of a ton of generic masks. The Fall Masquerade was going to be this weekend and everyone was in a rush to buy masks. Some of the clubs were doing sales of masks for the ball, that had been something Jackie had been doing and sometimes Lily and their mom would help her. "Why do you need more masks? You have a ton."
"Well yes but these are all girl sized masks. They're only good for someone of a certain size. They work for all of us." Each of them put on a mask to show him. "But your friends came over to help us decorate some masks to sell for guys and Jordan kept complaining about how the nose part was too small for him and hurt. We were actually worried about that, remember? When you first brought them home I noticed it was masks for women and not the mixed pack? And I told you to go get men's masks and you said you'd get it later?" His mother pointed out.
"Yeah, Jackass. We've only got a few more days to get as many masks done as possible. Tomorrow is when they're allowed to go on sale."
Jack sighed. "No, I didn't get more masks. I'll... get it tomorrow or something." He said, turning to head to his room before sticking his head back in. "Hey Lily."
"Yes Jack Rabbit?" Jackie sniggered at the nickname and he glared at her.
"Uh... I'm... missing some stuff from my room. Did anyone come by yesterday?"
"Oh yeah, when I was doing homework. Jenny said she needed a few condoms for a date she was going to have soon." Jack sighed a bit in relief. "She was saying someone told her that she'd need to bring her own condoms because they wouldn't have any." Jack froze again at that comment. He turned and looked at Jackie, staring at her.
"... what?" She snapped at him. "First last night and now this? Jesus Christ, Jack, you've got a girlfriend and you've suddenly developed a crush on your sister? Gross."
"What?! NO! That's- that's not-! Ugh, I fucking hate you Jackie."

He slammed the door and went into his room to put away the new box of condoms. When he did, however, he noticed something - the first box of his? It was completely empty. he had over half the box left! Why was it all gone?! He thought back to what Jordan had said. No, there was no way. No no no no....
He ran back to Jackie's room, throwing the door open. "Lily, did Jenny come back today?"
"I, uh, don't know... I've been here since I got back from school." She held up the mask and the wig she was attaching to it. "Jackie's room has the most space to work on-"
"Focus! have any of you heard anything? Did she come by and say something?"
"No I don't think so... oh!" She unlocked her phone. "She did text me. Said she was grabbing a few more rubbers for her date, tell Jack he'll need to pick up more."
"Fucking typical."

Jack went back down the hallway to the farthest room where his older sister was staying. "Jenny!" He pounded on the door. "You took like an entire fucking box of condoms! Shit's expensive! You owe me! Pay up!"
"Uugh... can't get up right now, pay you back later."
"No, fuck that! I need it now! Just tell me where-" He barged into Jenny's room and immediately froze. That explains where the condoms went.*
"Hey bro." She waved at him a bit. "Told you, too sore and tired to get up. Purse's on the dresser."
"What- what the fuck did- how-"
"What did you think you were the only one that has sex in this house?" Jenny rolled her eyes. "Just take your money and fucking go. Take a mental picture for your spank bank if you really need to."
Jack gagged a bit and went to the dresser, searching her wallet for the cash he needed and heading back to his room. He tossed out the old box and opened the new one. He pulled out a condom and set it on the night stand, getting changed and waiting for Lily to come to bed so he could fuck her. He ended up falling asleep while the girls worked later into the night.


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(Starting to run low on good images of the characters I picked for the girls. Gonna try to find images that at least kinda match what's going on, you'll have to use it as reference and come up with the image with the appropriate characters. Will prioritize character images but just saying that now.)

(Additional note: This is going to be a shorter chapter just to make sure I get something out.)

Jack went in to school the following day. He didn't care if they got sent home, he didn't care if he got suspended, he was going to beat the ever-loving shit out of those four. He'd seen it with his own eyes, the condoms were still gone that morning, was he supposed to believe that Jenny just had a single guy over that went through most of a box by himself? And the nerds were just in Jackie's room at the time? First one he saw he was going to knock their lights out.

At least... that was the plan until he actually got to school. Almost everyone was wearing a mask and at least half of them were in costume. Right, they were letting people dress up until the masquerade as long as the outfits weren't too revealing. God damn it... what was he supposed to do? Just start beating up short kids until he found one of the nerds? Yank everyone's masks off? He knew that just wasn't an option. He was lost in thought, weaving through the other students, trying to figure out what he was going to do. Would they just get away with all of this for the rest of the week? He facepalmed. There was that bad porno script again. Just when those assholes pushed it too far, they get fucking plot armor. If there was a god, he was not a fan of his writing.

"Jack Rabbit!"
Jack looked around until he saw a blonde maiden waving at him. "... Lily?" He asked, heading over to the table where she and a few others were at. "Why are you all dressed up!"
"Because it's fun!" She giggled.
"And we need to advertise merchandise, Jackass." Jack's eye twitched, his gaze falling on another costumed figure who was pretty well dressed up but there's no way he couldn't tell who it was with that voice and name. "We're selling costumes and masks. Masks are easy to sell because, well, you just put them up and people can see them. But we figure if we want to sell these costumes, we should show people how they look. We've got a few that we're going to pass around and if someone wants to buy one of these, we'll get it dry cleaned and let them pick it up tomorrow." She explained. "Now make with the cash or move your ass. Time is money and you're wasting both right now."
"I'll see you later, Jack Rabbit." She kissed his cheek. "Make sure you get the masks! Probably not too many, we don't have much time to make a lot, but please? We need at least some for guys. I'll make you one just for you, okay?" She winked at him.
Jack rolled his eyes. "Yeah alright babe. I'll get the dumb masks." He pulled her close and grabbed her ass, getting a real kiss from her, before he headed off to class.

He couldn't concentrate all day. He just kept thinking about what happened the past few days and how he was so powerless to do anything about it. Especially right now. He skipped class, told his coach he wasn't feeling well and wouldn't be making practice, ducking out of the class he was teaching before he had a chance to chew him out. Maybe he could get ahead of this whole thing. He went to that store and looked around for a while until he found a pack of some masks, getting two boxes of 20 masks for them to work on, knowing some were really extravagant and others were just jeweled and painted. Plus there were some others so they'd take a box to school tomorrow and pass them out to the other club members. of course, despite having left just after lunch, he caught traffic on the way home. Because of course he did. He got home a little while after his sister and Lily normally did. He ran inside and slammed the door behind it, locking both locks and putting up the door chain as well. He ran upstairs and heard voices in Jackie's room, running over to it and barging in.

"Jesus, the fuck got into you?" Jenny was there in a pilot costume. She was sitting on the bed working on some anime mask with the fox bandit he'd seen earlier today putting rabbit ears on a different mask. So his sisters were here...
"They're not here?"
"Those four! The nerds!"
"Oh those sweet boys! We asked if they could come over to help today but they were too busy." He looked over to a corner of the room, seeing his mother step in from the bathroom in-
"What the fuck are you wearing?!" He gawked at what little costume she could be considered wearing.
"Watch your language young man!" She scolded. "And I'm... a demon..." She said, looking down at herself. "Do you not like it?"
"No! It's obscene! You shouldn't be wearing that at all!"
"Jack!" Jenny hissed at him. He was about to respond when his mother's eyes started to mist.
"I knew this was a bad idea... we went costume shopping since I haven't gone out much, Jenny was going to take me to a costume party but nothing at the shop fit me. Even this one was too small."
"Well yeah obviously! That costume wasn't made for-"
"I know!" She covered her mouth with a hand as she started to choke up, tears spilling down her cheeks. "I'm too old and fat to wear a cute costume like you girls, I tried to tell you."
"Wh-what?! Mom, that's not-"
"Way to go, Jackass." The pilot glared at him as the fox bandit went over to the slutty demon and tried comforting her with a hug.
"Mom, I wasn't- the problem isn't- you're just too... you're not fat, mom!" He sighed, figuring he wasn't going to dig himself out of this hole too easily. "I should go... where's, uh... the maid?"
"She said she was tired from being on her feet and selling costumes all day." Jenny told her brother, going over to their mother as well to help calm her down. "And we needed this room to work on masks so she's taking a nap in your room." Jack nodded and left the Jackie's room for his own.

He stepped into the room as saw his pretty little maiden face down in bed, her heels already kicked off and the skirt of her dress crumpled up higher than it should have been. He smirked a bit and looked over his shoulder into the hallway. Those nerds still had the chance of showing up but the door was locked... if they couldn't hear them knock, though, maybe they'd just go away when no one answered. He went over to his stereo, turning the speakers to face his door and the walls between his room and the hallway, not pointing it directly at Jackie's room so they wouldn't complain to much. He docked his phone, pulling up a playlist and playing some reasonably loud music to obscure both the knock from downstairs if it happened and what he was currently doing. He went over to his drawer, seeing the box he'd just bought was still unopened. He smirked, grabbing the box and heading to his desk, opening a drawer and reaching into the back of it.
Jack pulled out a bottle of lube. Lily had been nervous about trying different stuff but he knew she'd enjoy it. He took the bottle and box over to the bed, setting them down and pushing her skirt up to her panties. He started pulling them off, though when he did there was a slight groan of protest. "No... don't..." Her voice was muffled by the pillow.
"Sshhh, it's alright. I know you're tired. Just let me take care of everything, I'll do all the work." He insisted, pulling her panties off and letting them drop to the ground. He smirked, seeing she'd even gotten new panties just for the costume. He spread her legs, rubbing her pussy with his hand. The maiden squirmed at the feeling. His hand moved further up to find her button, teasing it as he pressed his mouth into her crotch. He rarely did this but he really wanted Lily relaxed and in the mood if he was going to try this. She got wet surprisingly fast and he stood up, pulling his cock out and rolling a condom on with one hand, trying to keep her frisky with the other hand teasing her lips and fingering her.
Once he got the condom on his positioned himself before grabbing her ass. He frowned a bit, not as plump as he was expecting. Damn, he was worried that would happen with that diet she started. Oh well, nothing he could do about it now. He slowly pushed the head of his cock into his maiden who moaned into the pillow. Giving her ass a nice squeeze he bucked into her and was soon happily enjoying himself. He quickly picked up the pace as she started to moan louder, soon pushing back a bit, though not very hard. It She was clearly still tired but into it. He grabbed the bottle of lube and drizzled it between her cheeks. Once he had a good amount on her, he scooped some up on his fingers. He pushed a slick them into her ass, now well lubed. He was expecting a protest but instead she tensed up and almost came, he could tell as she tightened around him. "I always knew you'd love it up the ass." He smirked, his voice a bit cocky. His hips slammed into her faster and harder and he pulled his hand back from her ass, instead slipping his first finger into her slowly. He saw her starting to grab at the sheets, moving her head a bit. She moaned and said something even more muffled. Sounded like she was biting the pillow. He pushed a second digit into her, causing her head to curl back a bit. "Hhhaaaahhhhhh!" She moaned out, cumming hard on his cock. The bonnet was in the way so he couldn't see her face, but he liked to imagine her tongue was hanging out.
"Damn, you really are a slut, aren't you?" He began fingering her ass rapidly, evoking more moans from her, only able to put together a messy 'ahhh-hhahhhh' to affirm what he'd said. He gave her ass a firm smack and she buried her face in the pillow, screaming into it as she came again, this time pushing Jack over the edge as well. He pulled his hand and cock out of her, smirking at her exposed backside. "I hope you don't think I'm done with you." He said. She said nothing but he could see from the movement of her hair she shook her head. She raised her ass up more to him. He pulled off his condom, tossing it in the trash and pulling out a fresh one. He didn't take much stroking to get hard again, turned on by the anticipation of what was coming next. He rolled the second condom on and could hear her moaning 'more' into the pillow, waving her ass at him. He lubed up his wrapped cock and gave her what she wanted, grabbing her hips and slamming deep into her ass. He paused for a moment when she squeezed his cock tight. When she started to relax again he began to rock his hips back and forth. He made sure to use plenty of lube so he wouldn't hurt her. He started slow but started speeding up again. The blonde was just left a moaning and screaming mess as he fucked her. She came so hard he could feel it in her ass.
He kept on even after he came a second time, switching condoms and returning to her pussy. He kept taunting and teasing her, calling her a slut and asking how much she loved his cock and how much she loved it up the ass, though he never got anything more than a detached string of moaned vowels as her words broke down. He figured Lily was going to like anal but he didn't realize it would be this much! She never got this excited and into it. Not that she didn't like sex, but she was more a whimper and squeal type of girl, but apparently he'd flipped a switch in her. Each time he came he'd switch between pussy and ass, always putting on a fresh rubber. After the fourth time he took his shirt off and could see she was sweating as well. Once he was lubed up and balls deep in her again he moved forward, loosening the costume and opening the back so she'd get some air. It seems that her sore muscles had finally started to feel better as she shifted back against him as he fucked her. She planted her feet on the ground, spreading her legs and leaning forward on her arms, the costume falling off her onto the bed. "You know, if you love my huge cock in your ass so much, you can have it whenever you want, I don't mind. And since you're such a huge slut for it, I don't think you will either." He kept one hand on her ass to keep fucking her, the other grabbing her long hair and starting to pull a bit. He panicked for a moment, thinking he'd yanked too hard when he started pulling the hair further than he intended. He saw the bonnet slip off and he looked at the blonde hair in his fist and coming out of the hat. A... a wig? He looked up and immediately froze.

"God damn, bro. I always figured you were a creep and a perv but I never realized it was this much." Jackie looked over her shoulder, smirking at her twin. "What kind of freak fucks his own sister on his girlfriend's bed?" She noticed that Jack's hips had stopped moving and starting moving her ass back and forth against him. He pulled his hand from her ass and tried to back away but she caught his wrist. "I guess I should have realized my twin is such a creepy freaky pervert..." she yanked on his wrist and pulled him forward against her. He stumbled a bit, tripping into her back. She put his hand on her breast and kept rocking up and down his cock, "... because I'm one, too."
"J-Jackie, stop! We can't, this is-"
She laughed, suddenly letting him go when he tried to pull away, he fell onto the floor. She turned to face him and walked over, stepping on his chest to keep him from getting up. "We can't? Bro I tried to stop you before you started. You can't just fuck a girl for four hours and then just act like there's a problem with it."
"F- four hours?!" He looked out the window, seeing it was getting dark. He tried to get up again but she slammed him back onto the ground with her foot.
"You've already got that condom on and you were so worried about Jenny using them the other day. So don't let this one go to waste." She pulled her foot back and squatted down over him, lowering herself onto his cock with a moan. Despite his mental protests, his body had no objections to his sister's advances. "I'm not gonna lie, you aren't the longest or thickest or most skilled cock I've ever had..." She clawed at his chest, leaning in close to him with a wicked grin. "... but the fact that it's my brother's cock makes it so much better than it should be." She kissed him when he opened his mouth to protest. "What's the matter? I talk to Lily all the time and I know she doesn't give you what you want. She doesn't like anal, she doesn't like giving blowjobs, she doesn't like your favorite positions... let me take care of all of those for you. Hell, you went down on me our first time and you've done that for her what, twice in two years?" Again he was about to say something when Jackie suddenly put a hand on his mouth to shut him up. They heard a click.

"Jackie? Hmm, guess she got up. Jack's not here either. Goodness gracious." Their mother walked over to his desk. From the door she couldn't see them behind the bed, but if she looked right, she'd see two of her children entangled on the ground. "Leaving his phone and stereo on. Ridiculous. Jackie left her phone two." She undocked his phone and turned the music off. As she went to leave, she turned left, seeing clothes on the floor near the door. "These two..." She went over and picked up Jack's clothes as well as Jackie's maiden costume. "Their rooms are always such messes. Maybe they ran out to the park like they did when they were kids." She sighed, turning the lights out and closing the door behind her. They'd hear her calling to Lily and Jenny, letting them know the two of them snuck out the back window and probably went to the park or the pool. "They'll be back sometime during the night I'm sure. That's how they always used to go about it. Hearing the footsteps leave, she finally moved her hand from his mouth.

"Jackie we-mmph!" She cut him off with a kiss, holding it a while, her tongue forcing its way into his mouth. When she was sure he'd need to catch his breath, she broke the kiss and spoke.
"No backing out at this point, bro. You already said I could have this cock whenever I wanted." She massaged him with her pussy, grinding and rocking against him. She moaned softly when he  came again. Jackie stood up, going over to his closet, using the little sunlight coming through the window. She pulled out one of his big shirts and slipped it over her naked body. "You've got two choices, bro. Either come play with me like we used to... but more fun," there was a glint in her eyes as she went towards the open window and sitting half over the sill, "or I tell everyone that you came here and raped me while I was sleeping." Jack froze, speechless and unsure what to do. They heard the others talking downstairs, confirming that the twins weren't downstairs. Lily said she was going to bed and they could hear her coming up the steps. "I'd hurry if I was you."
"I fucking hate you." He grabbed boxers and a muscle shirt, moving to follow her.
"Uh uh uh. Grab the condoms and lube. And some cash, we'll need to stop by the drug store." She smirked, starting to climb down the side of the house. Jack grumbled but did as she said, grabbing his backpack and dumping it out. he quickly threw in his clothes, his condoms, the lube, and his wallet, before tossing it out the window and following her out. Just as he got out the window he heard the door open and close. Lily came over to the window, shutting and locking it. They were stuck outside like this now. Once he was on the ground he pulled out his clothes to at least get dressed. He looked around for Jackie, seeing her wandering over to the fence and hopping into the neighbor's garden.

"Wait up!" Jack hissed, running after her. He really had no idea what happened to his life anymore.


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