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Birthday at the Haunted Inn


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What becomes of mortals when they die? It's a simple enough question but the answer itself is quite complex. You see I have been obsessed, sort of, with death since I was six years old. I guess you could say it was the first “real” event in my life. I had walked I'm to my family home after school and had found my father had hanged himself from the foyer balcony. It had left a deep impression on my still developing psyche. 

Fast forward twenty years later and I am still searching for an answer to some unknown questions. As morbid curiosity I joined a paranormal investigator club on my college campus. There were only a few of us in the club, the club leader and his twin sister, as well as the co-captain to the chess club, and lastly the newest recruit which was me. It was the beginning of October and we had all met up at the local diner to plan out the things we wanted to do this spooky season. 

"Look, I'm not saying we shouldn't throw a party but can't we actually do some investigations? The closer to Samhain we get the stronger the spirits will be…" A hand ran through luscious chocolate curls as Damien pleaded his case. The twins exchanged a look before turning back to Damien. "We aren't against that D, it's just that we've been to all the ones around here. Our options are pretty slim." Alex shrugged his broad shoulders as he leaned over and stole a fry from my plate. "Exactly. Unless by some miracle we are just stuck with the fake haunted houses and those are just straight up bullshit." Amber crossed her arms and gave Damien a dull stare.

I hesitantly cleared my throat, I had prepared to show something to the group and coincidentally it was just what Damien currently needed. "Um...I found something online. And, I don't know if it's a hoax or not but…" I dug through my bag until I found the pamphlets I had printed. I handed one to each of the group with shaky hands. "There's this old hotel that was rumored to be a brothel in the sixties. It's said that people see things even though the place has been abandoned for decades. And I thought that maybe…" I fidgeted in my seat and pushed the glasses up my face out of habit. "We could go and investigate it. I..have some funds from my mom for my birthday and I wanted to purchase the bus tickets for all of us. But I figured...I should ask first."

Damien grinned as he looked over the pamphlet. Then with bewildered eyes looked at me. "But Sam, that's...a lot of money. Are you sure?" His cool blue eyes searched my face. I nodded and brushed my auburn hair from my face, a blush creeping across my cheeks. "Yea... I mean this is what I wanna do for my birthday anyway so… figured it's better than me going alone." The twins took their precious time reading the pamphlets before finally making their decision. "Alright. We're down." It was creepy how they both said it in unison.

Five days later and we arrived at the old inn. It was eerie how dilapidated yet held together the building seemed to be. As I walked up the steps I had the feeling I was being watched but I pushed the thought aside. "You ready?" Damien stepped up beside me and nudged me with his shoulder. I offered a bashful smile and nodded. "Yeah, it's going to be great." I pulled out my camera and took a few quick shots as Damien opened the front door.

We had the whole place to us for five days, Alex had worked some magic and was able to rent the place out so no one would interrupt our investigation. We all picked our own rooms to stay in, the inside of the building was surprisingly held together. Besides really thick layers of dust and occasional mold the place was quite nice. It was even fully furnished so instead of just our sleeping bags we had actual beds.

After we all settled in the twins decided we should each set up a camera in our rooms. One pointing at the beds, another canvassing the door. It didn't take long to set up and before long we ate dinner together and said goodnight. As I laid on the bed I stared around the dark room. "Goodnight." I said to the darkness as I blew out the candle I had lit earlier.

I was having a really good dream, one of those erotic ones that keep you all hot and bothered when you wake. Cool hands were caressing my thighs, my stomach, my neck. Multiple sets of hands teased my flesh and had me writhing. One of the hands slipped a finger into my folds and began to coax my flesh. A moan escaped me as I eagerly spread my legs wider. More fingers were added once my eagerness was known. Faster and faster they delved into my aching pussy. The other hands that were caressing me began to get rougher. One punched my nipple as others began to hold my hands and feet to the bed. 

I try to concentrate but the constant assault on my womanhood was keeping my mind muddled. This felt too real to be a dream, and as I struggled to move I felt hands wrap around my neck and began to squeeze. I choke out a cry as yet another finger was added to the onslaught between my thighs. How many were fucking me right now? Two, maybe three? Tears begin to form at the edge of my eyes as I feel the last bit of air leave me. But the fingers don't stop, they grow faster and faster until I feel my muscles clench as I am forced into an orgasm. I try to cry out but only a small squeak escapes my parted lips. And just as I feel the last spasm of muscles all the hands vanish as if they were never there. Darkness consumes me again as I fall deep into sleep. The sexual nightmare finally over. 

When I wake the next morning I am sore all over. Everywhere a hand had touched me in the dream. My hand cautiously moved to my throat and I winced. I roll to the edge of the bed only to realize that my legs feel weak as if from strenuous exercise. I look down at my exposed flesh and gasp as I see bruises. I quickly made my way to the old vanity mirror. What I see in the dusty mirror makes me scream in horror. Bright and fresh bruises wrap around my neck as if made by a man's hands. My horror stricken face is the last thing I see as I lose consciousness and fall to the ground.


                                                 To be continued...

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I woke to the smell of Drakkar Noir, Damien's cologne. My eyes fluttered open to see him leaning over me. "Hey, you okay? I heard a scream and came running to find you sprawled on the floor." A blush creeps across my cheeks at the proximity between us. "I- I'm fine, thanks Damien." He moves back so I can sit up and I realize I'm only in my nightie. My cheeks grow and even darker red as I see his eyes trail over my breasts. I clear my throat and he looks back up at me, a blush on his own cheeks. "So uh…" he looked away for a moment. "Amber and Alex already started investigating the lower floor. We are left with up here… Hey you okay?" He glanced at the bruises that littered over my skin.

I shake my head and go on to explain the strange dream I'd had. "Maybe we should check the cams? Let me go get my laptop…" he gets up and heads out of the room, shutting the door behind him. On shaky legs I stand up and walk over to the balcony doors. Pushing them open I step out into the warm morning sun. I grab hold of the metal rail and lay my head on my hands. A sigh escapes me, was it a dream?  Or had I been assaulted by some entity within the house? And if that was the case, how could I sleep alone again tonight? Fear constricted my throat and I try to swallow it down. 

My head was still on my hands as I felt a hand slide down my side. I shiver and turn to see who it could have been but to my dismay, there is nothing there. "W-who's there?!" I call out but I get no response. Scared, I run for the balcony doors only to have them slam shut in my face, the lock clicking into place. I'm now trapped out here. "S-show yourself!"  I turn around searching for whatever entity was taunting me. As I try to turn around again a strong force shoves me against the railing. I cry out at the sharp pain of the cold metal against my stomach. I try to move but do not have any luck. Whatever was holding me down didn't plan on letting me up.

My legs are forced apart and lifted into the air. "N-NO!" I feel something rip at my underwear, the fabric tearing off my flesh. "P-please…" a whimper escapes my lips as my legs are spread even further apart, at this point I'm practically doing the splits as I hold onto the rail. My fingers are red from the sheer force of my grip, I'm afraid I'm going to fall. I try to get out of the hold but my legs are still sore and I barely manage to move an inch. Tears streamed down my face as I felt cool fingers spreading lower lips. A tongue delved into my inner folds and cry out. It was happening again and I am helpless to this entity. 

It's tongue penetrated me, licked me, devoured me with such a ravenous hunger. My pussy is wet and dripping with need even though this isn't what I want. Where was Damien? I wish someone would come rescue me from this. The entity had stopped tasting my flesh and for a moment I feel relief. But it is quickly dashed when something long and hard slams into my core. I yell out from the sheer force of it's thrust. It fills me completely and I feel my insides try to accommodate its girth. My body had no time to adjust before it began pounding into me. Thrust after thrust my muscles contract against this massive ghost member.

I'm moaning so loudly now that I'm sure anyone outside can hear me. My eyes travel down to the grounds below and to my horror I see the twins watching. Both pair of eyes burning into my flesh as I'm being forcefully taken. I cry out against as something begins to stimulate my clit. I am taken over the edge when it pinched my nub and my body convulsed as I hummed. I am put back on solid ground and curl into myself as I cry. Down below I hear the faint sound of clapping and laughter. Apparently the twins had enjoyed the show…


                             To be continued…

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