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pms welcome Hello,greetings / invite/ Seeking public rp

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Hello, there stranger yes you. im talking to you.

(((I use (  -action- dialogue ) format in Ooc only ))

Hi im LucidREM or Lucid Or Rem how ever you prefer to call me. I am still working out where things are and stuff but this is pretty cool. Ive been role playing for like 4+ years, So I would like to think im competent, But you can check out my profile, and preference sheet, I have given an example of how I like to rp and such. I used to rp on an app called amino, i mean I still do but its mostly just ooc, no one really rps anymore on there, so I was looking for new places, to get my daily dose of role play. And i found this place, crazy right? Well maybe not to you but to me its pretty crazy. Any way Im still trying to make friends finding some partners to rp with so hit me up. Ill show you a good time, you just have to take my hand -winks- Come on just take my hand I don't bite,  -taps my lips- well i do bite not gonna lie, only in bed though .-laughs- 

Oh I almost for got to give you your invitations - Pulls out a Red envelope and holds it out to you.- 

Just hand me the invitation if you should wish to engage in a wonderful dream.

-Laughs and blows a kiss - see you around cutie.


((disclaimer lolz i feel like im giving off such top energy, but im a switch btw. Im cool with all kids of rps, polyamorous and monogamous, etc. ))


Thanks for reading. 


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      These are just some scenario ideas I've had in mind. Message me if you're interested in any.
      1. Furryxfemale. My character is a shapeshifter cheetah named Skye. He was caught in one of your traps and you locked him in a cage. Unfortunately for you, you didn't seem to have locked it properly and Skye got out and he's not happy!
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      Hiya! Yall can call me by Sweets, just a shortened version of my display name 🙂
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      Name: Ari 
      Age: 20
      Gender: female
      Roleplay style: 1st person/2nd person/3rd person, & one liner/semi illiterate
      Kinks:Edging,Ticklish clits what is Ticklish clits its when you tickle a clit by Flicking and depends on how sensitive you are it gets more intense also you either giggle or laugh and you dont cum since your only tickling  
      Limits:Bodily fluids maybe anything else 
      Rules: This is for the Men and women 
      read every rule I have. Follow every rule, no exceptions. Do not message me with "Hi", "Hey baby" or other cringey shiz otherwise I will block you. You have been warned. Also, I'm not changing how I RP
      I'm Looking for an active, long term roleplay partner.Don't like it, don't message me. Be able to play both male and female If necessary. This is MxF & FxF (No MxM).How accurately you play the characters is important If you pick a fandom that i listed below. Be Able to play alot of characters If you do pick a fandom
      Do not be a grammar police, please. It's annoying. Please don't be too busy. Also, if you're busy or tired, please let me know so we can continue later. I want more drama in the RP. Also, if you are serious to RP with me, Do not leave in the middle of the rp Or stop replying Thats Annoying if i wanna change the Lore/Story I Will
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      For Women Only
      1:Sisters/Friends/ Mother & Daughter Semi Realistic (90s Or 80s Decade)
      2:Childs Play(You play tiffany),Nintendo,My life as a teenage robot,Coraline
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