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Kinktober Day 15 - Until the End of the World


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Until the End of the World

The news had said they had until about 4:00 pm local time before the world ended. Teresa and Howard had only been married for six years, but they decided to spend their last day on Earth with Oz. Oz liked to fuck Teresa, and Teresa liked to make Howard watch. It was a unique relationship, but it was the most honest one any of them shared with another human, and Oz had agreed to spend his last day on Earth balls deep in Teresa. He couldn't think of a better way to go.


Teresa could see Howard sitting in the plush chair in the corner of the bedroom staring longingly at her from behind. Teresa ignored him as she combed her long, dark tresses, staring at her reflection in the full length mirror. She glanced at his reflection, his knees pressed together, palms on his thighs, leaning forward, staring at her from behind. His eyes moved up and down the bare skin of her thighs, traced the line of her panties along the curve of her ass as if he were going to attempt to draw her from memory, as if his hands longed to be upon her body. He wanted to touch her, but she wouldn't allow it. He hadn't earned it.

Howard watched helplessly as Oz moved directly behind Teresa. The man was a mountain of muscle. He towered over Teresa's petite body, the angles of his powerfully built frame as stark a contrast to her feminine curves as his dark skin was to her pale complexion. His massive hands came to rest on her waist. He could practically encircle her waist with his hands. His chocolate colored hands moved up from her waist to her sides, cupping her small breasts from behind. She sighed, and Howard felt his heart beat faster, his jumbled nerves fraying even further as Oz tweaked Teresa's nipples between his thumb and forefinger. But that's my wife, he thought impotently as he remained where he was seated.

Teresa let out a tiny squeak of pleasure and set down the comb on the vanity. Oz pulled her to him, his semi-erect phallus pressing hard between her ass cheeks. She gasped and tried to turn, but he moved his hands quickly back to her waist and lifted her, turning her to face the sliding glass door that overlooked the balcony and stepping her toward it until she was pressed against it. Her cheek was flat against the smooth, cold surface, and her breasts were pushed into two flat pancakes against the frosty glass. She pressed her palms against the solid pane as he tore her panties away with a single tug. She loved this part.

Oz did not take his time, and was not gentle. He thrust into her hard and fast; the sound she made was a combination of excitement, fear, and pain. He loved the way this tiny white girl fit his cock like a glove. She squeezed him inside of her like a soft, wet hand gripping him. He pumped into her a few times, listening to her little squeaks of pleasure, and then she started the part he didn't get.

"You worthless pecker," she said to her husband. The guy was sitting in the corner like a kid who had been bad. "If you were half the man Oz is, you'd be fucking your own wife like this."

The guy just sat there, face red, looking for all the world like a kid in trouble. Oz had to admit, he'd been skeptical about this the first time. The sexy little white girl had come on to him at the gym, asked him to lunch, then asked him to fuck her. She was young, tight, beautiful and her tiny little body was exactly what Oz liked. When he got into her apartment and the husband was there, he was ready to leave. But the husband had explained it. They liked to play this cuckold game. She let another guy fuck her, her husband watched, then she dominated the shit out of him. Sometimes he got to fuck her, sometimes he didn't. 

Oz didn't get it at all. Teresa was a prime piece of ass. If she had tried to treat Oz the way she treated Howard, he'd have shown her who was in charge. But he guessed that's why he was the one slamming into her pussy from behind right now while she berated her husband.

"Look at how big his cock is," she said between moans. "You couldn't make me scream like this, you worthless little shit."

Oz grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled. Her face came away from the glass, and he could see her reflection in the window, her mouth open in a silent "o" as he pulled hard while driving into her from behind. The combination was too much for her, and her pussy quivered around him. He wondered if she was really cumming, or if this  was just for her husband's benefit. She moaned and he could feel her spasm around him. It almost made him want to cum, but he held off.

Howard felt his hard on pressed hard against the inside of his jeans. From here, he had a perfect vantage point as that gigantic black cock hammered his wife's tiny little pussy. Her moans and cries drove him wild; he wanted her to make this sounds when he was inside of her. He saw Oz wrap his hand in silky black hair and pull, watched as Teresa's face contorted in pleasure. She loved hair pulling. She was probably cumming on that huge black cock right now. 

Teresa looked out the window and saw the orange glow in the sky, the dark spot growing slowly larger. Her heart beat faster. She glanced at the clock on the nightstand. 3:45 pm. It was almost here, and the time had been an estimate. She pounded on the glass twice, getting Oz's attention. Howard jerked to his feet as Os slid out of Teresa and took a step back.

"Let's go on the balcony," she said, opening the door. The air was warmer than it should have been, given the time of year, but she supposed an asteroid this size would probably have an effect on the climate. She stood naked in the warm breeze, black hair tugged this way and that in the strange gusts of air this high up. Oz stood beside her, his cock still at attention. They stared out at the dark spot on the horizon. It was getting larger very quickly.

"Oz," Teresa turned to look at him. "Thank you. For all of this. This has been the best six months of our marriage."

Howard stepped up beside the burly man and nodded silently. 

Oz just shrugged. "No was I could have said now," he said, looking down at her bare breasts, her taut stomach and perfect hips. "Not to this."

Teresa smiled, then took him by the hand. She reached out and took Howard's hand in her other hand. "My boys," she said.

Howard's look of surprise amused her. "We're going out with a bang, Howard. Time to step up."

She pulled the two men toward the edge of the balcony where the black, wrought iron chair leaned against the railing. She guided Oz to the chair, pushed against his chest and watched him sit down. She climbed onto his lap, straddling him. She reached between them, grasped his cock, and lowered herself slowly onto it with a moan. She looked over one shoulder at Howard.

"You've always wanted my ass," she said. "You've seen Oz take it enough times. Now it's yours until the end of the world."

She reached back with one hand, found his shoulder, pulled him close. 

"Come on, Howard. Be a man," she said, sounding very much like she didn't think he was capable of such a thing.

Howard worked quickly at his belt, then the front of his jeans, tugging them and his boxers down. His cock sprang out, long and thin and ready. He lined up, pressed his head against her tight little pucker, and pushed.

She was riding Oz slowly, staring up at the looking asteroid, and as Howard pressed his head against her ass, she nodded. "Don't be useless, Howard. Fuck my ass."

He pushed hard and felt his head pop inside of her, her warmth and the tight ring of her sphincter made him almost cum at once. He pushed into her, felt something else push against him, and realized that he could feel Oz pushing into her pussy right through her insides. He gasped.

Teresa started moving quicker, a sense of urgency in her gyrations, and when Howard looked up he could see why. The asteroid was even closer now. It looked like someone was dropping the state of Texas on them. He began to thrust into her desperately, his hand on her hips, hammering into her tight little ass with everything he had as his eyes stared art his impending doom.

Teresa did the same, bouncing on Oz's cock as if her life depended upon it. She was also staring up at the asteroid, watching as it grew larger, feeling the temperature rise as the mass of rock hurtled closer.

Oz pushed up into Teresa and felt himself aroused by these two panicked lovers. Their insistent movements started to get him off, and he reached up and pinched her nipples hard. She cried out, looked down at him and he grabbed a handful of her hair, tugging it to one side, forcing her head to turn.

"Bitch, look at your man." As he said it, his hand grasped her chin and turned her head so she stared at Howard.

Howard's eyes lit up as their gaze met, and he grasped her hair in one hand, the other smacking her ass hard. She growled a playful, excited sound at him and he redoubled his efforts, his cock like a tiny jackhammer pounding into her ass. 

In that moment, she saw his love in the fistful of hair, the steely gaze she had never seen on his face before. He saw her love in the utter submission as she melted into his commanding touch.

Oz smiled as he watched the husband and wife, and shot his load up into her, pumping hard, pressing his cock deep inside of her, feeling her convulsing around him as she hit her orgasm too. He looked at the little dude back there, flailing away, and saw that look in his eyes as he came, too. 

Teresa squealed in pleasure, her mouth opening to say something to Howard through the orgasmic waves rushing through her body, but just then a blast of hot air struck them. They stopped, two cocks still inside her, and all of them craned their necks out over the balcony edge. The initial blast of air had blown past, and they could see a cloud of dust coming their way. 

"Well, shit," said Oz, and the cloud engulfed them. For a moment they couldn't breathe. Teresa clenched every muscle in her body, squeezing the two cocks inside of her, and then the shock wave hit, and they were no more.

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