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In order to escape, you must follow the rules...


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Being a huge fan of Silent Hill and inspired by the impending spooky time, and for some reason trying to get my mind out of a dark place, here's this role play club. 

Horror has a limited appeal here, it's pretty niche, but I intend to go through with it all anyways. This role play isn't about getting off to gore, though both gore and getting off could be evident, not in the same place necessarily, it's about the thrill of psychological chills and the terror that lies in the confines of humanity's fragile psyche. 

I've got just a few rules here that I expect everyone to adhere to.

- I can keep things secret from you. You can't keep things secret from me. If you have a plot idea then please, share it so we can work it in easy and not interrupt the main plot.

- This probably won't be 100% seamless, but I intend to keep things as close to following Canon of the Silent Hill franchise as I possibly can.

- This takes place in the universe of the games, not the movies. If you've seen the movies but haven't played the games, at least you'll have a decent idea.

- Violence is a huge part of Silent Hill. It is gonna happen. Sexuality is a huge part of most Silent Hill entries, subtle or not. It is gonna happen. It's gonna get sticky one way or another. Just don't get fucking gross. I don't want to elaborate on that unless I absolutely have to. 

- No one gets out of Silent Hill once they're taken by the purgatory dimensions, unless they fulfill their purpose for being there in the first place. The franchise is not consistent about exactly how that works, but we can figure it out for ourselves. 

- The idea is to avoid fights as often as possible. We aren't super heroes. We're people who don't know what the shit to do about the monsters in this hellish place. You can defend yourself, win fights, but it won't be easy. You're not going to overpower certain monsters. 

- Characters need to be able to die. Not saying they will, but the threat needs to be real. Bad choices have consequences.

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