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Psyche Assesment


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The format to adhere to for creating your character is as follows:



Constitution: (How psychologically fragile are you?)

Mental Flaws: (Include fears, regrets, etc)

Page of Memory: (A summary of your character's life that lead them to this point. Were they born in Silent Hill? Are they in The Order? What did they do to end up in Silent Hill?)


(Insert image of character)

These are to be posted here individually. If any edits are necessary I will point them out. Don't take too many liberties, especially if you decide you want your character to have history with a Canon character.

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Name: Larry O'malley 

Age: 28

Constitution: State 1 - calm, not worrying about a thing

                       State 2 - hesitant, suspecting things

                       State 3 - Nervous, a bit of anxiety, he breathes a bit heavier

                       State 4 - He breathes faster and sweats constantly

                        State 5 - He gets in panic, he breathes heavily and might scream in constant dread

                        State 6 - He gets tougher but depending on the situation he might cower away.

                        State 7- If attacked, he fights back entering in a state he has a rage attack becoming violent if provoked.


Mental Flaws:

  Regreats: Fighting his brother and cause his death

                  Never confess the authorities he killed his brother by accident

    Fears: Never have the will to forgive himself for everything he did

               His relatives paying for his actions

               Be judged or called a murderer

    Goals: Find Wanda and talk to her

               Visit Mitch's grave

               Find out about Mitch's past before being adopted (Optional)

               Investigate about the order, who are they? what do they do?




              Resistance : 45/100

              Speed: 72/100

              Power: 63/100




Page of Memory: Larry was born in Broodweek,FL (Fictional city), and was raised there alongside his half brother, Mitch, who was adopted from the Wish House orphanage of Silent hill when Larry was 6 years old, he always got along well with him, even with his parents giving more attention and love to Mitch than to himself, that bothered him in many ways, Mitch was the one who was popular in school, a talented jock, intelligent and wished by every girl in the school grounds, he was the student that everyone wanted to be like, while Larry was the weird quiet boy who always got rejected and seemed to struggle to make friends of at least try to talk to someone, he started to get jealous of Mitch through their teenager days. Years passed, they grew up and always visited Silent hill since Mitch was adopted, they used to spend their summer vacations, the town on the mountains was like a special place for the O'malley family. When both were 17 years old, they were allowed by their parents to hang around the town, only to play around a bit, one day Larry met Wanda, a girl who lived in the town, they became good friends, until he started having feelings for her. 1 year later, they headed back to spend another summer vacation, that's where Mitch ends up meeting Wanda also becoming friends, she developed a crush on Mitch, much for Larry's disgrace, he hung around with them all the time, but he could see the expressions on Wanda's eyes when she looked at Mitch, Larry didn't like that and began feeling a grudge on him for that. Days later he finds out that they were dating without him knowing, that lead Larry to confront Mitch at the Touka Lake and both have a fight, Larry accidentaly pushed Mitch out of the fence making him fall off from a great high and have all bones broken and head smashed, Larry not believing what happened, freaks out scared and runs away not knowing what to do and what to say to his parents. He finds Wanda and asks her why was her dating Mitch behind his back, she answered that she didn't want to hurt him, however, she never loved him like he did, Larry yelled at her but she didn't seem to care too much about it. Hours later, Mitch was found already dead, he didn't resist his injuries and his cranium was teared apart leading him to die of blood loss, Larry remained quiet about it, the case was investigated and closed as a suicide. Larry who was extremely depressed, went to look for Wanda but when he reached her house, his mother told him she was busy with a "Family and friends reunion" at the moment he sees her father walking through the corridor with a strange environment suit, Wanda used to say her father was a "soldier of the order" he neved understood what that meant.

His parents buried Mitch at the Monroe cemetery as Silent Hill was his favourite place, they headed back home and tried to go back to a normal life since Mitch was going to be missed, they never visited the town never again as it would remind them of him too much.

On his 19 years old, Larry rented an apartment and went to live by his own and still carry the blame for what happened, it's been years of sufferement for him, he wanted to make it stop, he has been having nightmares about his half brother and Wanda blaming him for everything. He can't take it anymore, he then decides to back to Silent Hill and find Wanda then talk to her, he hasn't seen her for years, its time to settle this once it for all.


[Larry O'malley]




(If it needs any editions, let me know)

Edited by Brennan887
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