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Looking for a simple vanilla roleplay


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Have a simple roleplay idea of a shy girl working at a cafe falling for a regular customer who is a dork but accidentally discovered her feeling for him and takes charge of things.looking for someome to play the role of the girl

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      Hina Nakamura is an Otaku who no one really likes. No one except you, that is. You’ve had a crush on this unpopular girl ever since she came to your school, and suddenly, she asks you out!
    • Chewby
      By Chewby
      Looking for a dominant person to role play with I'm new to rp and want to try other people's roles I'm open to most thing's like fantasy taboo or any settings you can think of just pm me and explain your idea and I'll play along thanks
    • bluelennon
      By bluelennon
      Looking for a male character (30-40s) to play against my own (F, early- to mid-20s).
      More info on themes, settings, and partner preferences below. Thanks for reading x
      ⭐️ Female MC key traits
      Down-to-earth; authentic  Direct to the point of tactlessness. Tends to use the fewest words possible without much thought for connotation, or how they might sound to the listener / in the situation  Warm, sunny  All or nothing. She's either wholly invested or not at all Appearance: Standard East Asian build. Slim; narrow waist and shoulders. Average height. Her lips are small, full, strangely stained against her pale skin. Light brown eyes, wide-set, with a slight slope upward at the outer corners. 32A chest with a disproportionally fuckable ass ⭐️ Themes 
      Contrast—between the characters' appearances (female MC does love getting physically crushed), but also in personality, background, values, dis/likes, etc. Anything that makes for interesting conversation and unexpected character dev Non-verbal affection—Female MC's love languages are touch and action. Sweet talk and pet names are [usually] a no-go   Hard-mode domination—Female MC isn't interested in dominating, but submission also doesn't come naturally to her at all. If we're doing a long play: Slow burn is super. I'm also a huge fan of more subtle acts of domination (e.g., unconscious hand placement, a look or tone of voice), in addition to the more explicit ones 🙃 Seniority and age gaps—Female MC is in her early 20s, which puts her at the bottom of most institutional hierarchies. Rank isn't something she cares about, but it is a dynamic I'm a sucker for Exceptionalism—Pieces of each character that only show up around each other (e.g., bouts of shyness, possessiveness, sass)  Monogamy—I'm open to multiple partners and/or adultery as themes, so long as monogamy is the end ⭐️ Settings
      Slice-of-life—Something slow and small, like: an office romance. Repeat encounters between strangers. A new neighbor. University. A long-haul flight, or a long train ride. Etc. Fantastically normal stuff  Myths and legends—Specifically something also slow and small, but within a big and atmospheric world. Greek, Roman, and ancient Chinese god/desses are the *feel* I'm looking for right now ⭐️ Partner preferences
      Good grammar—In roleplay, good grammar is important to me. It's hard for me to enter and stay in a story when I get tripped up by its construction. IRL, I think as long as others are able to understand what you mean, grammar is whatever Knowing what you want—Own your preferences! I'd love to talk about them 
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      A Vanilla story (Some kinks will be present but mainly vanilla) about dating Saori.
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      Moving is never easy - though, it can be exciting! Moving from Japan to America would be so much fun for you! You were old enough that you could still contact your friends via messages, but still going through highschool. You'd get to meet a bunch of people...!
      It was your first day, and the class was stirring. The rumors had already spread that a new Japanese exchange student would be coming to school. The excitement seemed to grow as the teacher stood in front of the class, whilst a new student walked up front beside him.
      "Alright, everyone settle down. Now, you may know we have a new exchange student. This is Y/N, please be respectful, give some space..."
      You answered a few questions and talked about your home, before you finally took a seat and class continued as usual. It was obvious you were going to be fairly popular here...
      Sam was hooked. He was so intrigued by the new student. And they were sitting in front of him! He didn't want to get them in trouble, so he quickly scribbled down a little note and, when nobody was looking, tossed it onto your desk. He hoped that would be a decent first impression. It read:
      Welcome to America! I hope you're not too stressed by all the attention. I'm Sam, the blonde kid in the Beatles hoodie sitting behind you. Next period's lunch, and I know it can be annoying to be crowded by people. If you want, I know a spot where you can eat your lunch in peace?
      Below that was a couple of sketches for you.
      So, you read my post! My preferences are listed above, but are subject to change based on starters. This one may be a little bit vanilla compared to what I'm capable of. I'd like this to be a bit of a slow burn, and I want it to be enjoyable. I'm okay with Male or Female characters for this RP, though I'll be playing male. I hope to find a partner than can really make this fun and interesting! Please let me know if you're interested!
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