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Someone once dared to ask, "If we have them... Why can't we use them?". The year was 20XX, the question was answered. For decades, tensions were sustained between various nations and peace was so unstable that the drop of the pin should shatter the glass barrier. Finally, with the advancement of defense technologies, the arms race was on once more, only this time the tensions grew to a boiling point. Finally, the first bomb was dropped. Then, the second. The third.

I was a child when it all happened. Despite being young at the time, I don't think it will ever be any less vivid in my mind for as long as I may live. I remember panic. I remember screaming, hustle bustle. I remember crying, everywhere, I remember the scent of burning rubber and gasoline, of my mother and father screaming at one another, not out of anger, but our of terror. I remember sitting in the back seat, confused and afraid, watching the chaos out the window as the car sped through our neighborhood and past traffic. 

We made it to my father's place of work. It was a sturdy facility for need broadcasts, built to withstand high intensity weather and had a basement primarily used for storage, but now we were using it as shelter. We weren't alone, and we were welcomed. I felt comfort, recognizing some faces, seeing that I wasn't alone in being afraid, but the support made the difference. Then, I remember silence. Then I remember a sound I will never be able to describe, followed by heat, as though someone had opened an oven right in front of me...

We stayed down there for a few days. We had some food, water and clean air that came in through a filteration system, but I remember being hungry. I remember wanting to go home and sleep in my soft, warm bed. I remember laying in my mother's arms each night on the hard floor as she tried to sing a lullaby, but she would start crying and I didn't understand. Finally, the doors were opened.

The world no longer resembled the one we left when we entered the basement. Everything was broken. Burnt. The sky was an odd shade of blue with a sick tinge of green in the clouds. It almost didn't look like we were still in Earth at all, but we had to leave town. I wanted to go home. I would never be in the comfort of my home again.

In our travels, we met other people traveling as well who banded together with us. They described fire in the sky, in the clouds. The wrath of God, punishing humanity, brazen and full of hubris. It came to be known as Heaven's War, or the Cloud War to some.

I sometimes still think about the people we passed on the road that day. Neighbors. I wonder if they made it...







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    • Trappy
      By Trappy
      Hey hey, i've been wondering if anyone wants to do some incest RP with me?
      Not the type where its like we aleardy had feelings for each other and wanted to do sex in the same day, but something that builds up story from a normal family to incest.
      So if anyone feels interested, lets talk it out~ I can rp as boy or girl, mom or dad, uncle or aunt, anything you find desirable and you can tell me what you wanna rp :d
      Im fine with any age as long its not the forbidden one as example (8) if ya know what i mean, unless its the looks then it might work out, as in a demon looking loli whos age is 9000 or some stuff like that xD as example.
      Im just willing to try out amazing long story rp about a family that leads into incest, it dont matter about subs or doms, just imagine yourself in that situation and what you would do :d realistical logic type of rp instead of just going and groping someone and be like "ooops" you wouldn't do that irl to your family xD but thats just example.
      If you are interested hit me up and lets talk it out who you will be and who i will be and how many characters we both gonna roleplay as or so :d
    • Quotation
      By Quotation
      ~ Where Do You Belong? ~
      The Archean era burned once the cyanobacteria rose to claim their home. For even the most incompetent organisms bested the forces of nature, making it give into their barbaric desires. Knights, spartans, samurais, and vikings roamed to take over once the fossils were buried into the Earth. Such giant creatures, destroyed by the one organism that created them. Terra, Earth. Not a tuned mechanism, but a highly evolved organism! Even the best neurological scientists couldn’t comprehend the sheer vast complexities of the being they lived on, Gaia. The solar system was living, breathing, and the humans never even knew it. How come Earth was the only planet with life on it? Or so one may think, but perhaps there were... Forces beyond cerebral comprehension? The beings who went up, yet never came down. Were they the ones who assisted mankind? Where was Olympus and the underworld? Was Plato suppressed from telling those secrets..?
      Natu was a peculiar one to document all of mankind’s history, considering if man saw him, he’d be considered history to the vast knowledge of all life. A round stone that developed consciousness, growing an eye over thousands of years. Witnessing the tragedies and benefits made of humankind. Yet there were secrets he needed to prove to his ancestors, even if they were dead. The secrets of Atlantis, the eighteen gods, and the extra terrestrials that ran away from the burning fire that was awareness. Naturally summoned a girl to help him, one who didn’t have much purpose in her old life, but now did. At least she may’ve thought so, and so... Would she be able to uncover the truth of all creation with the assistance of the eye? 
      ~  ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~  ~
      Hey there! It’s me! I have another little bulletin post for you all! And this time, things are quite a bit different if you haven’t read that up above. Or at least, this idea’s a bit different from the others I’ve made. This one was kinda made up on the fly, so it may be a little confusing, but that’s honestly kind of the main factor of it. Confusing like the world we live in.
      This roleplay is a heavily story focused, ancient mystery sort of thing... Not something you could really summarize I suppose, but basically. It’s about a girl who is suddenly transported to this ancient being who wants to fulfill some sort of quota of knowledge. She is needed to reach others who know secrets about her world’s creation. That’s as basic as I can tell it, for this is a much more lore and story based roleplay. So that may mean not a lot of smut, and that could be a big turn off for some, so I can understand that. 
      For this roleplay, I’d like to play... Well... Many characters actually, as I won’t focus just on the ancient eye, Natu. And for my possible partner, I wouldn’t say to just stick with one character either, perhaps you could do a handful of roles too? I’m not sure, but there’ll have to be a lot of discussion before we’d start.  (Also, there are references at the bottom..!)
      Here are some things I look for in roleplay: 
      Decent Length  (I can write about 3 - 4 paragraphs usually, but I can negotiate!) Decent Spelling/Grammar  (As long as it’s not too distracting, it doesn’t have to be perfect!~) Expression  (Mainly with character details and dialogue, I love a good personality in writing..!) And here are things I don’t look for: 
      One Liners  (It’s a little frustrating to write a whole bunch of paragraphs, only to get a few sloppy words back.) Excessive Fluff  (Small details are nice, but when they slow down or contradict the story, then we have a problem...) Ghosting  (Please do not ghost anyone. Because what’s the point of starting a new roleplay just to corrupt it? It’s discouraging to others, so please let me know if you want to pause or stop the roleplay, I’ll always understand.) With that out of the way, here are some additional details I’d like you to remember. For one, I do NOT care what your IRL gender is, this is fiction after all. So I don’t mind if you’re a man or woman roleplaying with me, as long as we can both play the part well, then we’ll be good! Now... Here’s the one thing that most people roleplay for... K... K... Well, actually, I’m not exactly sure what to put here for kinks. This is a more plot focused idea, so for now I’ll just put... 
      Vanilla! And... H-Hand Holding..?
      And that should do it! I do apologize for the lack of... Well, anything smut related. Yet I really do believe that this is one of my more ambitious ideas. I mean, ambitious is a strong word, but it’s something I thought would be more fun than just another romance themed story. Something a little bit more adventurous I guess you could say? I’m not sure, but anyways-- one request I’d like to ask for, is to have a preference sheet of some kind! I think preference sheets are very important when it comes to communication, so we can always see if we’re somewhat compatible as roleplayers or in more spicy terms I suppose, even if there’s very little of that in this particular story...
      Anyways, with all that wrapped up, I’d love to see one of you take interest! Even if this one doesn’t get much traction, I still hope it was at least an interesting read. I truly do enjoy making these bulletin posts for you to see, so know that! Roleplaying is an incredibly enjoyable hobby, and I’m sure we can all agree on that, so I hope I can make someone’s day with a great story! I’ll see you there!~   (>///O)
      And thank you for reading this~ ♥️

    • Busterbugs
      By Busterbugs
      Looking to start a role play or a series of role plays focusing on a new dating site that was made to hook up monsters with humans.
      The world is based in modern times but with a fantasy element that that fantasy races live their to. Monsters and humans kept themselves apart from each other for for the most part, humans doing it because they feared a monsters looks and abilities and monsters because of how humans viewed them. But over the years, monsters and humans slowly started to grow closer and work together to make the world better, but still kept a distance between each other. 
      Intill a business woman came out one day, saying that she had fallen in love with a monster and that their was nothing to fear from to becoming closer with them and even loving a monster. She also said that she was releasing a online dating service for monsters and humans to meet. 
      The role play starts soon after the app goes live and I’ll be playing as either a male monster, if you want to play as a human woman or I’ll be human male if you want to play as a female monster. Be aware that this is, while is going to have a lot of sex, I want to always do a good story  and bond between the characters to(Unless you just want to do a quick story  for a hookup between the characters.) If your interested and have a idea you want to do let me know.
      My pairing Cravings(Will add more)-
      A father Orc who was secretly married to Imp before and had two sons. When his tribe found out about it they banished him and his family. His wife died soon on the after and so with a broken heart and a hate for his kind, he turned to joining a human construction company that was hiring monsters. He did a good job their, due to his incredible strength and work ethic, but after ten years he felt a longing to love again. So when the service for a monster and a human came out he immediately signed up.(Preferred partner would be a motherly woman, due to his two teenage kids, but younger is fine to.)
    • Aura
      By Aura
      Warning: The following story includes content that some may find disturbing. This story deals with such matters as human trafficking and nonconsensual sex. This story is entirely fictional, but if such topics still make you uncomfortable, do not read any further.

      It wasn't fair from the start. From before I even walked in the door, you already knew I'd be there. You knew what I was after. I have no idea how, but you knew... And you also knew there was nothing I could do to stop your plan. I stepped in fully expecting to take command. I'd practiced at poker all my life, I knew all the tricks and traps even the dirtiest casinos in the world were capable of pulling. I thought there was nothing you could do to catch me off guard. You had to be cheating, no man was as lucky as you supposedly were. I knew for a fact this would either be a fair game, or I would catch you in the act. The simple knowledge that you were cheating was enough for me to be assured victory.
      Yet, one by one, you disproved all of my theories. No stacked deck, no trick cards, no mirrors or cameras, no sleeves... But it was impossible. No man could possibly be so lucky. There had to be something I was missing. Every single hand I laid down... I was beat. Surely, if it was a fair game, I would've won at least once. I was no amateur! It was impossible to guarantee victory, sure, but every time you beat my 3 Kings with your 3 Aces, my Straight Flush to your Royal Flush, my Hearts to your Spades... Every single play I was not only beaten, but merely one-upped. I felt my breath catching in my lungs every time I heard the smack of your cards against the table. I felt sick.
      You were toying with me. You had full control of the game from the beginning, yet you consistently made me think I had a chance of figuring you out after just one more game... I knew you were cheating, but every time the cards were dealt, I just felt more like a fool for having learned nothing since the last deal. You even offered to allow me to inspect the cards, to deal myself... you mocked me as I investigated every possible theory and laughed as I shakily passed each card one at a time from the top of the deck. I couldn't believe it... you one-upped me again.
      $1K, $2K, $4K, $10K, the deficit kept rising until I couldn't possibly pay the prices I was betting... I was out of chips, yet you allowed me to keep playing. I was about to leave. Perhaps you read the hopelessness on my face and took pity on me.
      "We can work out a deal," you said. "You work for me to pay off your debt. Then you can continue playing."
      I was a fool to take your offer. If I was in any other mindset, I would've have so thoughtlessly accepted. I should've cut my losses... But I was desperate. I was ashamed, I felt humiliated. I wasn't going to empty my entire bank account to line your greedy pockets with millions just because I gave up. You weren't going to defeat me.
      You had me in your hands by this point. You knew I was desperate enough to do anything if it meant another chance to catch you in the act. You made me agree to yet another deal. We turn the game into strip poker. Alongside money, I gamble with my clothes. You saw the blush paint my entire face red at the very idea, and you loved every moment. It was like I was in bondage, tied to my seat, and you took pleasure just in sitting there, watching me squirm under the pressure you put on me. I will never forget your cruel chuckle. You knew exactly where my mind was. You knew as well as I did that I would only continue to lose but that I was so caught in your web of deceit that I had no choice but to continue saying yes. I was already working for you, already playing myself...
      One by one, my clothes were removed. My face was burning with humility. I could feel every pair of eyes in the still-operating casino that landed on me. I could feel the sting of every camera pointed at me, the cold wind of every whisper as people stood by. I was so desperate, I was even wishing somebody would come and help... of course, nobody did. All they saw was a blushing beauty stripping down more and more, being crushed, toyed with, and humiliated by the untouchable ruler of the house. I have no idea how long the game lasted, I just knew how tired I was. How sloppy I was. It didn't matter how good my hand was. Unless it was perfect, I never won. I was drained, and finally, you said it.
      "Do you understand yet? You can't defeat me." You said it with such a snide voice that made me want to vomit. You were basically confirming that you were cheating, but I had no evidence to prove it... no way to call you out. There was a glimmer of hope, yet it felt so impossible to reach that it was more like a carrot dangling in front of my face. I was almost entirely naked by this point. At some point, you'd even convinced me to allow you to choose which clothes I'd remove. I was so desperate to avoid irritating you that I just went along with it... And now, even though our game hadn't ended, you moved around behind me when I dropped my hand. You and I both knew the result. I hated myself for allowing things to get this far. Once your hand reached my left breast, I knew it was over.
      "Do you think your sister will be happy to see you like this?"
      I opened my mouth to speak, but no words could escape my choked voice. You lifted another glass of wine to my lips which I accepted... how long have I...
      "It seems you understand your place now. Welcome home."
    • Quotation
      By Quotation
      ~ The Dearest Darkest, Most Delightful Maid ~
      Looks can be deceiving, one's words can be dishonest, and one's true self can be devastating. Many would fall into one of these categories of trickery, but to be all of them was rare. How would someone live as so? One would think they'd be living a lie? To only lie and deceive towards others can only result in lying to yourself after all. And one of the least expected types of people to do such a thing was a peculiar maid that seemed... Attached to her master. Yet not fully showing it, but why? She was so normal, yet little did the master know what he had residing in his own house. She was just a maid, helping clean up, preparing meals, and generally watching over his home. He was a regular man as well, working a tough job to come home to his maid, which he rather enjoyed as she was very sweet and kind. It was worth it just to see her. 
      Occasionally, just before going to bed, she'd be a bit extra, and tell him a story of hers. Almost in a motherly fashion. She'd tell tales of an apparent inverted world that lied just beneath the Earth, and how mystical monsters lived together similar to humans. The master of hers was used to it, until the time he came home after a long day of work. A meal was prepared, the house was clean, and her bright smile was seen from a mile away, it was a perfect evening! Yet eating her delicious meal made him... Sick, no, revolted inside. He didn't know why, until he took a look of himself. His body became dark, with a ghastly aura around him as he worried for his life. Only to see his dearest maid turn into a... Monster? She acted like this was normal, but it turned out that this was what she wanted! She was a shoggoth! She told him that this was her true self, and that she truly wanted him like this to love him, as she couldn't tell him any other way. The master would soon have to embrace this new form, as well as his monstrous maid... 
      ~  ~  ~ ~ ~~~ ~ ~  ~  ~
      Bbbbpppprrrr! Alright then! Here's a new roleplay since I haven't made in quite a while. And this one... Jeez! I've had it in my head for so long, and as many of you know, I'm a bit of a monster enthusiast. It's one of my favorite things ever, so naturally I made... Well-- another one... But I hope that's okay! Because this idea is one I'd love to try out, and I would adore if someone could do it with me! 
      For this roleplay, I would like to play as the master, who starts out as a regular human guy, but is eventually turned into a monstrous form of himself by his loyal maid. Which turns out to be a monster as well! A shoggoth girl! Which I have to say, are incredibly cute to me, I mean, they just look so squishy and fun... How could you not love them?   (Also, there are character references at the bottom..!)
      But anyways! I'd absolutely love it if someone could fill in the role for the monster maid, but for the story. I've kept it slightly vague at the end because I would like to discuss what the end would be with you! I think it's best to talk about how the story would be best with someone before playing through it, and this goes for all the other parts of it, unless... You like it to be a surprise of course.   (>///O)

      Here are some things I look for in roleplay: 
      Decent Spelling/Grammar  (It doesn't have to be perfect though!) Decent Length  (I can usually write about three or four paragraphs, but I can negotiate..!~) Expression  (Emotion through character dialogue and details are my favorite~) And here are things I don't look for:
      One Liners  (I don't expect a whole novel, but it's frustrating to write a lot and only get a few words back.) Excessive Fluff  (Small details are nice and everything, but if they slow down or contradict the roleplay, there's a problem...) Ghosting  (Please do not ghost anyone, it's very discouraging to people. If you want to stop the roleplay or aren't available, please let me know, I'll always understand.)  Now with that out of the way, though I can always discuss on writing preferences, here's the real meat of this roleplay... 
      Kinks! Here are some kinks I think would fit nicely in this roleplay:
      Ecchi Scenes, Femdom, Yandere, Kissing, Paizuri, Slight Mind Break, Cuddling, a-and... Hand Holding... ~
      Yayyy! That's all done and done. So with all this shown and hopefully clear, let me remind you that I'd greatly appreciate it if you would take a look at my preference sheet if you plan on EcchiTexting me. And please, have a completed profile with a preference sheet as well before doing so as mentioned, I like to see what kind of roleplayer someone might be before starting out, so that is all I ask. Anyways, I hope this catches the interest of someone. I do genuinely enjoy making new ideas and posts for everybody to see, so I hope this'll interest someone, as I do make these from scratch! So, if you are interested, please EcchiText me, I don't bite...  (>///<)
      So with that, I'll see you soon~  
      And thank you for reading this~ 💝

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