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Kane Daichi


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Name: Kane Daichi 

Age: 18

Gender: male

Rank: jounin 

village: Sunagakure

Appearance: A tall lanky yet muscular albino man, white hair, crimson eyes, black and white outfit consists a black headband, t-shirt, combat pants, combat boots and a overcoat with many hidden pockets. Also wears a personalized gas mask.

Weapons: Kunai launcher, puppets, smoke bomb and needles (coated in various poisons, from paralyzing someone, making someone full one aroused, to slow yet painful death)

Bio: grew up with an abusive alcoholic mother, doesn’t exactly know his father as he left right after he was born, but was soon sent to the orphanage as his mother died due to alcohol poisoning and was adopted by a jonin puppet master. Kane was a young child prodigy and an inventor of sorts, as he grew up he quickly learn the skill of using the puppet from his adopted father and quickly learn how to make his own designs. An another achievement on his path to be Shinobi kane designed himself a fully function kunai launcher, a gas mask and concoct him various poisons he use on needles and his puppets. But is also quite skilled using seals as well.

On the side note, due his alcoholic birth mother being a kunoichi, he held a certain disdain for female Shinobis but doesn’t show it. And Oh no, by all means he’s not gay, he’s still hold great interest in the opposite, in fact he’s quite lecherous and a pervert, but doesn’t openly show it and can be quite the ladies man, though if he were to have to fight a enemy kunoichi... let’s just say once he’s defeats them he will have his way with them, humiliated, deprave and abuse in all sort of manner on them to the point they break, and either keep them as trophies or sell them to a brothel. Even out of battle, during intimate moments kane will be quite dominant still releasing his pent up frustration and agression he had for his mother on his female partners.

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