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What are your favorites?


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There are two more I really like but can't remember their names, similar animation so they may be done by the same people but one is about some ninjas who get captured and fucked in this arena and the other about these women who are like space cops that get brainwashed on a spaceship.

Anyone know what I am talking about?

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Hmmmm...I'm more on the mangá side. Sure I got some favorite anime hentai, let me think...A Kiss for the Petals is very nice (preferred the game tho), Its a yuri, the anime don't delves much on the story, buts its...More than hentai, its very cute and romantic to some extent, I like these styke. 

Sora no Iro, Mizu no Iro is pretty good too, a good vanilla and the two girls are nice. There's a game for this one too, but I never played it since I as my knowledge goes, a translation never happened. I really liked it, was one of my first hentais ever. 

Immoral Sisters. Not like a faaavorite, but I like it. It was indeed my first hentai and is a somewhat strange one to a "beginner", it has incest, yuri, netorare, some weird stuff to a young boy huh iashduisah I'm more fond of the sequel tho, that is more about the sisters and the mom with Takedo than some...Rapey kind of story.

And I couldn't let out, the meme, the internet wrecker...Boku no Pico. Yes, I like it, judge me heheh. Everyone knows this one. Here in Brazil was kinda a prank to suggest "Boku no Pico" for someone during the first season of "Boku no Hero", people could misunderstood and search for it.

But in the Mangá Side, I have countless recomendations. So much names and authors I can't even remember them all aisudhuias! But I have some authors I'm very attached like Kisaragi Gunma, Gotoh Juan, Minazuki Juuzou. I like the works and the draws by Yukino Minato but often his doujins get into things I don't like much. But my favorites here:

Take on Me. By Takemura Sessyu. This man...This man is a legend, and he should release some new things and not just Love Live doujins (¬ . ¬''). Take on Me has a 2000's like art, and can pass a messed up hentai, but I kinda found in it some warmth. Tsuda is a short boy in highschool that likes cameras and is a tech nerd, and one day he stumbles in Oono Hikaru, tha tallest girl in his class. His camera happens to get a record of under her skirt, and she uses some...toys? Tsuda uses this to (very guilty) blackmail her to have sex with him. They got to screw for some weeks and when he confesses that he will stop because his actions are terrible, he discovers that Hikaru always liked him and fell in love during their...Sex sessions? And she kinda liked to "roleplay" this blackmail. Then the story got to develop from there. My favorite hentai ever, since his sequel Take on Me 2 adds two new characters I love most: The Trap Incest Twins. 

Its a Straight Line Once You Fall in Love. By Kisaragi Gunma. Kisaragi's art is very good, and I like all his designs. In this work's universe, there's a Sex Sport called "Seikodou" and the MC join the club to pursue his crush. Its very nice and I don't really know why I love this thing so much. The Teacher is the best imo.

Tokoharu Apartments. By Sir Kisaragi again. Its a very simple story, with a hot development. A guy moves into a shared household in which a childhood friend works. Happens that this woman, Yue, maintains sexual relationships with everyone that lives there and is straight up a nympho. Her younger sister, likes the MC too. Its a simple story. Likeable aishduiasd.

The Sumizomi and Hakusen series. Its in fact a series of small works in this feudal japan written by Iocon. Its on the shota-yaoi side. Hakusen is the best cutest trap puppy ever. And Sumizomi is a nice tsundere. If you like traps/yaoi, its a very good work.

JosOna Ekstasis. By Aogiri Penta. Aogiri is one of my favorite trap authors too...JosOna Ekstasis is in my opinion, his best work. Touches a bit on the incest side with the protagonist 'sister. But Houkenshitu no JK-san, is pretty good too.

Weeelll...Thats my share. As always...Too complex aisdhausd 

PS: Fault! Is very good! I almost forgot it. Anime too.

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Dropout, A tentacle romance, Tinder box, Tsuma netori, Imouto bitch, Mizuryuu kei land (Alice no Tarabanko serie), Ichigo chocolate flavor, Tsuma ga onsen..., Misuzu Ikenai koto, Bible black, Houkago initiation, tsf monogatari, kanojo wa dare to demo sex suru

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I really love those seasonal hentai like Joshi Ochi and stuff like that. They have that episodic format that really fun and dynamic.  

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My Favorite Hentai is quite a bunch and it is all for completely different reasons xD Though I do wanna show and tell why I do think they are good for people who share my view 😉 

  • Genre: Rape
    • Aku no Onna Kanbu: Full Moon Night
      • This one is quite an old Hentai for me since I do know I love it quite some just because of the Blue Big Titty Chick in it, as well as the Animation for that time in my opinion is just lovely, the Voice Actors
        did amazing job with the character's voice since I can easily see that being their voices~ Ooh I also really love the self incest kinda vibe the episode was giving with the other chick being there and whatnot~
    • Kuroinu
      • This one just had to go onto the list because come on who doesn't love brown stacked elf chicks??~ 😉 Like the thing that got me in this Hentai the most was the Elf Girl getting gangbanged by Orcs the way
        their monstrous cocks just forced their way inside her tight body and molded it into their shapes was just lovely~❤️ for not to mention how she later on fucks her own Queen while drooling like whores~
    • Gakuen de Jikan yo Tomare
      • This one is also amazing to me since it shows how a normal student with hate gaining otherworldly powers is a bad idea 🤣 Yet it also has an amazing way of showing expressions and how jizz looks in it is
        just so lovely~❤️ Not only that the girls look so beautiful especially when you see them frozen and afterwards screaming from taking his big cock in one go without preparation so lovely

  • Genre: Cheating
    • Ano Ko no Kawari ni Suki na Dake
      • Now this one is one of my guilty pleasures I do really like this one with how he is just such an honest man that he even mistakes his lover's mother for being her, though not only that I do love how horny the
        mother is for him even though she knows it is wrong, and she even helps him by having sex behind her daughter's back which is just so wrong but feels so right when watching it, as well as mommy is hot ❤️
    • Hajimete no Hitozuma
      • This one is so amazing for me now do bear in mind I hate Ugly Bastards, yet I still look to this Hentai for the lovely woman in it, her looks are so amazing for me she is a 10/10 with her looks as well as her fucked
        up personality with her just going along with having sex with her lover's father because she can't tell him she has slept with him in the past
        🤣 The Animation is also lovely as well as Discreet Sex is just mngh~💞
    • Ane wa Yanmama Junyuu-chuu
      • This one caught me off guard the first time I watched it since it was an Incest NTR Hentai which is rare, so I watched it and wasn't dissapointed in the least with the Animation and their personalities especially the Big Sister she was so lovely, my favorite part is definitely in Episode 2 with the Beach Sex Scene and 'Sleeping' Sex scene. They are so lovely together behind the lover's back that I can't help but love them ❤️
  • Genre: Vanilla
    • DokiDoki Littlre Ooyasan
      • This one I just found randomly one day searching for some good Hentai, and I must say it really shocked me quite some how it was so cute and well animated in my eyes not only that *but the story
        was chill and cute all over~ I couldn't help but want to watch more with the big guy having sex with the little owner of his apartment such a lovely cute and wholesome Hentai to watch~ 🥰
    • Watashi ga Toriko ni Natte Yaru
      • This one has such an interesting style to it kinda like Hajimete where I love the art and animation so much I can just keep watching it, now the story is pretty chill and funny at times with their expressions 🤣
        I do love this one mostly because of the Tomboy Muscle Girl in it, and how she tries to act girly around him in Episode 2 only for them to fuck like monkeys all the time, such a cheerful funny Hentai
    • Cafe Junkie
      • Now this is one where my reasoning is Nostalgia since this was one if not the first Hentai I can remember watching it is Vanilla as well as Cheating but it has such an old school vibe to it with it being old 😛 
        Now I do love it because of all the different scenarios happening in it as well as the cast of Characters are quite something if I do say so myself, if you want to go back in time then watch this Hentai 😉 

 aku-no-onna-kanbu-full-moon-night.jpg kuroinu-1.jpg gakuen-de-jikan-yo-tomare-1.jpg   ano-ko-no-kawari-ni-suki-na-dake-1-cv1.png hajimete-no-hitozuma-1-cv1.png ane-wa-yanmama-junyuu-chuu-1-cv1.png   dokidoki-little-ooyasan-1.jpg watashi-ga-toriko-ni-natte-yaru-1.jpg cafe-junkie-1-caffe-macchiato.jpg

Ooh also if any of you are loving these Hentai as much as I do then please do not hesitate to write to me if you want to talk with me about them or other similar Hentai so we can talk about them or watch them together 😉 Anyway that is all from me hope you like my little post here ❤️ 

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