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My Character Profiles (Long List)


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Some of these are more detailed than others.  They were written over a long period of time and many of them are secondary/minor characters.  I certainly don't play all at the same time.  They are being copied from a .txt file, so the formatting isn't always great.  May clean it up some later.


Name: Su-Chi Uomizu
Gender: Female
Race: Demi-Goddess, Asian (Chinese), formally a Reborn human
A.K.A: The Divine Terror, Horseman of Death, Princess of Hell
Age: 15
Eyes/Hair: pale green hair usually in single long braid, yellow eyes
Height: five feet
Weapon: katana
Short bio/Personality summary:  Born as Su-Chi Long in China Su-Chi had no idea of her destiny.  She had lived a simple
life until her parents offended local crime lords who quickly killed them to set an example.  Su-Chi was sent to live an
uncle, but the childless uncle had no desire to start raising children now and was wealthy enough that he managed to get
Su-Chi enrolled at Ryouseiku Academy and had servants pick her up and take her to the academy before she had any chance to see him.

Su-Chi did not start out the way she is now instead she tried to make things better on her first few days at the academy.
But then met and got into a fight with Hanako Uomizu, she quickly became interested in Hanako and respected the fallen angel
as another warrior.  This was the beginning of her fall, but it was not Hanako that brought her down to her current level.
Shortly after meeting Hanako the two of them encountered the fallen god Urbanus, residing in his current host Irini Necrite.
Urbanus was Su-Chi’s real father.  Her mother had been infertile and sold her soul to Urbanus to have a child.  Urbanus
revealed this truth to Su-Chi and enlisted both her and Hanako as two of her Four Horsemen.  As a test of their loyalty, and
some personal vengeance against Hanako for past troubles between them, she sent them on what become known simply as ‘the
Personality: Dark, serious, an apparent barely concealed inhuman violence
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Name: Su-Chi Uomizu (future)
Gender: Female
Race: Demi-goddess
Parent God/Angel: Urbanus
Faction: Princess of the Empire of Pandemonium
Age: 35
Hair: Pale green
Eyes: Yellow
Height: 4'11 or 5'8 (she sometimes appears as she does in the present, sometimes takes an older appearing form, sometimes depending on her mood and sometimes depending on others' tastes.)
Weapon: Katana
Usual Clothing: A see-through sleeveless black gown that goes down to her knees.
Sometimes wears lingerie underneath.
Short Bio: After the training/breaking (in the current mian timeline) the creature plus boys put her through, Su-Chi was no longer easy to satisfy and a constant hunger remained just under the surface. Running into Ashkray and noticing his interest in her, she made an advance on him and offered herself to him. After their business was done she would have lashed out at him only to be overpowered again. After it was over and she found out who and what he was, she accepted his superiority. She told him she would be whatever he wanted her to be: Slave? Concubine? Unrelated partner/assistant? Wife? Her first loyalty was still to her father, but she would do anything he asked that did not contradict that. She was not unhappy with that, in fact having a god who was interested in her was wonderful. She understood she did not deserve it, just like her human partners were beneath her, she was beneath him. A mother of twin girls now, Su-Chi tries do be affectionate and shower her children with love all the love she wished for as a child. She allows them to peep on her when she has sex with their father and regularly bring them along on her daily strolls through the human recycling-camps. After all, most Uomizus get involved much earlier and she works on teaching her kids these things not just because they are their duties, but because she thinks they are wonderful experiences and the sooner the two of them (and any other possible children) learn the happier they will be. After all, for goddesses like them, their young bodies are a matter of choice that they could abandon if they wanted and/or it helped. She is also Urbanus' favorite and official 'First Princess'. This does not give her a great deal of extra authority over the family, but she is excessively spoiled and openly favored. This is intended to help reinforce her loyalty and make the others jealous enough to try harder for his favor.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual/above orientation, depending on how one considers it.

Name: Hanako Uomizu
Gender: Female
Race: Angel
AKA: The Bladed Thorn, Horseman of Pestilence
Age: Appears 18, really over 2000
Eyes/Hair: Short black hair red eyes
Height: 5'10
Weapon: Scottish Claymore
Short bio/Personality summary: Hanako really hates her name (it means flower-child) Anyways Hana is rather rough, and well
can be rather mean to.  Top of her class in law and debate she strives to be the toughest bad-ass on campus, scaring girls
into submission more then winning their hearts. She is the Horseman of Pestilence.  She is Su-Chi's lover and mother of
Prior to meeting Su-Chi she had mostly mild troublemaker, trying to avoid the notice of her fellow angels who had spent
millennia hunting her down.  She had some regret about bringing Su-Chi down with her but those concerns were overshadowed
when she learned the truth about who Su-Chi was.  Hanako had an unpleasant history with Urbanus and still hated him but she
thought it was more important to support Su-Chi and followed her to the massacre that followed.
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Name:  Tsuko Uomizu
Race: Demi-godess (god, angel)
Gender: Female
AKA: Angel of the Moon
Age: looks 17
Height: 6'0
Hair\Eyes: H:Short black hair with small blue streaks E:Dark green
Weapon: Battle axe
Short bio/Personality: Kind and loving around her family.  But the devils personality can take over easily around others.  
And so can be quite morbid.  more details soon.  Daughter of Hanako and the devil making Su-Chi a mix of step mother and
half sister
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Name: Ha-Bu Uomizu
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Hair: Short black
Eyes: Sometimes green sometimes red
Height: 5'11
Weapon: Broadsword
Short bio: The twin brother of Tsuko more dark than Tsuko but perhaps not as evil as Su-Chi and Hanako. He as all Uomizu's
holds no loyalty to anyone except the family. He keeps a lower profile than most of the Uomizu's and spends more time among
the other students he enjoys watching them fear him. He looks for something to do to make him as feared as Su-Chi and Hanako;
he holds some contempt to family agents ambig
 Baramushi and Subaru Wantabe for joining the Student Council and hopes they do
something to redeem it soon.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Name: Liliko Uomizu
Gender: Female
Race: Demi-goddess
Parent God/Angel: Ha-Bu and Tsuko
Faction: Empire of Pandemonium
Age: 20/16 (she has already been conceived but Tsuko's particular, peculiar,
maternal instincts are at work to hold her in).
Hair: Long back hair, left free flowing.
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'2
Weapon: Her mother's axe
Usual Clothing: She wears what could best be called a black bikini most of the
time. She likes the freedom, wants to show off, but thinks complete nudity
would make her look a little desperate.
Short Bio: Liliko has some fame among the family (and infamy to her enemies) as
being conceived after one of the only unspoken `rules' was broken by her
parents. Though Urbanus had never considered it a rule himself, he just did not
see a reason to push any of them in that direction, especially after observing
Ha-Bu's lust for Tsuko. He shared Ha-Bu's philosophy that it was pointless to
confine a god's behavior within human taboos. The eventual birth Lumuna further
reinforced this belief. Though Lumuna was born out of what was considered
practical necessity, Liliko was born from what many still considered a
disgusting lust. With parents like these, Liliko has always looked at her
family in a different way from the rest. Tsuko made her family situation extra
complicated, keeping Liliko in her womb for several years (which
strengthened/twisted their bond). It was not long before Ha-Bu joined.

She has not had a great deal of luck, not because she offends her family, but
because most do not share her particular sort of love. It is not considered
taboo, but only some find any appeal in the idea. She considers demons and
humans to be inferior. She might use them for manual labor, but would
indifferent at best, offended at worst if one tried to touch her. Her mother is
one of the exceptions.

On the warfront, she tends to be one of the more vicious Uomizus. Her main
purpose is to impress the accompanying family members though. She rarely goes
on solo trips and instead picks her interest(s) of the moment and goes along
with them. She wants to impress them, she wants them to love her. She is not
opposed to the thought of capturing the enemy and breaking them enough to make
them honorary Uomizus/married into the family (something some of the Uomizus
quite enjoy). But she would give them to another relative rather than keep
Sexual Orientation: Uomizu, she does not have preferences beyond that.

Name: Za-Nur Uomizu
Gender: Male
Age: Appears 17 or 18
Hair: Short black, with blood red streaks.
Eyes: Red
Height: 6'2
Weapon: Seven foot long, 2 feet wide black bladed sword.
Short bio: Eldest child of Su-Chi and Hanako, his loyalty to Irini is weaker than any member of the family except Hanako,
but he has a disturbing loyalty to and obsession with his 'father' Su-Chi. Though like Hanako as long as Su-Chi is loyal to
Irini, he will remain so reluctantly as well. He tends to keep a calm personality but enjoys tormenting people and making
them suffer. He tends to avoid actually killing anyone though unless they try to seriously hurt him, since his tormenting
will come to an end with their death. He tends to have a hate for humans as a whole, even though he has a limited amount of
human blood still in him. He has been seen breaking into random rooms in the girl's dorm, both to torment the girls an to
'spread the Uomizu seed' as he puts it.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Name: Nir-Zan Uomizu
Gender: Hermaphrodite (Just had to make one.)
Age: Appears 16-17
Hair: Long dark green, much of it free but there is many thin braids
Eyes: Red
Height: 5'8
Weapon: Two thin pointed spears, red shafts and black points.
Short bio: If one was to look at a clothed Nir-Zan they would see a well built, beautiful girl. But the few who are
unfortunate enough to find her unclothed are in for a surprise, as her hips are equipped with both sets of equipment. And
if she ends up with a girl she tends to let them choose, but when with a guy she tends to try to humiliate them if they are
uncomfortable with her 'manhood'. She has an addiction to pain as well and tends to both hurt the one she is with and ask
them to hurt her as well. She has a number of scars now, which she is quite proud of. She has an evil attraction (well lust
really) to the Avatar, as she sees the 'pain potential' as especially high with him, and the idea of sex with the enemy
excites her anyways.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Name: Lun-Unir Uomizu
Gender: Female
Age: Appears 16
Hair: Long black tied into a pattern of a round loop with two long braids hanging off.
Eyes: Yellow.
Height: 5'2
Weapon: Staff with a number of points at the end.
Short bio: A student of the forbidden magic that led to the Sorcerer War. Upon discovering the Cult of Zorn and discovering
Maxim's return Urbanus reluctantly decided to start teaching one of the Uomizu children the old arts, and Lun-Unir had the
greatest natural potential. She has been a quick study surpassing the normal human rate of learning by many times. She has
been kept in the Uomizu section, never having left since first brought there. Other than Su-Chi she is the Uomizu that
Urbanus is spending the most time forcing her loyalty on, it seems that her personality has been nearly destroyed and has
almost become an extension of Urbanus.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Name: Irini Necrite (Urbanus)
Gender: Female (Male)
Race: White
A.K.A: The Devil himself
Age: Her host body is 18, but is actually as old as the universe
Eyes/Hair: Long black straight hair.  Light green eyes
Height: 6 feet
Weapon: Trident (Pitchfork ya know) and flame sword
Short bio/Personality summary: Irini used to be an ugly unpopular even had a slight mental handicap until she gave her soul
to the devil for beauty and intelligence.  She loves playing with girls emotions pretending to love them.  Often getting
them thrown out by their families.  And has been known to have harems in the past.  The Devil is now waiting patiently for
the four horsemen to unite, as she can only truly take control when they are united and the end is at hand.
Yuri?: Bisexual

Name: Schala Montgomery
Gender: Female
Race: White
Age: 18
Eyes/Hair: Long blonde hair blue eyes
Height: 5 foot 6
Weapon: Katana
Short bio: A regular child genius a student at the school since kindergarten.  She is a member of nearly every club and is
the captain of almost all of them.  And she is the student council president.  This naturally makes most of the student
body practically worship her.  With good reason to.  With even one bad look she can ruin a students or even a teacher’s
career.  She hears everything that happens in the school.
Personality:  Quiet but bold.  Won’t back down from a challenge.  She’s also a fairly ruthless leader making sure everyone
knows her place.  It’s said she’s even a little crazy.  Something inherited from her parents.
Yuri?: Bisexual. (She only gets into relationships with girls but will often sleep with guys even in the middle of a

Name: Kanami Kanari (She was adopted by Japanese parents)
Gender: Female
Race: African
Age: 17
Eyes/Hair: Long black hair, brown eyes
Height: 5'5"
Weapon: Broadsword
Short bio/Personality: Her parents came with her to Japan when she was still a baby but her parents died in a car accident
and with no other close family members in America she was put up for adoption in Japan. She got sent to the academy for
being a practical genius rather than for being trouble. The student council vice president.  And really the only member of
the student council that’s popular to the other student council members. She also has the abnormal trait of having honor
and actually caring about the general student body.  Something the average student council member isn’t interested in as
to most people who reach it see the student council as advancement as being a member of the student council of Ryouseiku
Academy can make you set for life
Sexual Orientation: Bi-sexual

Name: Miya Nyoko
Gender: Female
A.K.A: The dark one
Age: 17
Race: White
Hair/eyes: Long blue hair/pink eyes
Height: 5'10
Weapon: A long knife
Short bio: The student council treasurer.  One of the small number of people that has an idea of what’s really going on in
the school.  She is a manipulator.  Uses others to as far as she can then drops them.  She intends to use others to get the
mysterious power.  recruiting outsiders into the fighting.  Something the rest of the Council is fairly unsupportive of.
Personality:  Pretends to be friendly. but is really cruel and cold only thinking of herself.  She has a reputation that
precedes her though she can still usually trick people into helping her.
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Name: Hitoko Ikoma
A.K.A: Judge of the duels
Gender: Female
Race: Japanese
Age: 18
Hair: Short messy pink
Eyes: Pink
Height: 5'7
Weapons: She generally doesn't fight due to her position but uses to Sais if she needs too
Short Bio: A student council member who fits into about fourth place in influence and importance.  She is the judge of the
duels, interpretations of the rules are up to her and she can end a duel and punish someone if they break an important
rule.  Other student council members can ask her to judge a particular fight in her place if they have an interest in it
but no one else can ask.  She has a thing for her brother, which is an open secret in the school though a student could be
punished for talking about it, the fact that she is an important student council member is the only reason the rest of the
council tolerates it at all, as it's very difficult for the council to remove one of their members from power for any reason.
Personality: A little on the weird side, destructive, willing to hurt people or bend or break the rules other that the rules
of the duels which she takes very seriously
Sexual Orientation: Bi technically, but focuses on her brother.

Name: Kitsune Takashima
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Race: White
Hair: Long light pink
Eyes: Pink
Weapon: two ended spear
Short Bio: The messenger of the student council. The one who is usually seen giving messages to particular students when
necessary.  She was accepted into Ryoseiku and placed on the student council due to her parent's money and influence in the
Japanese government.  She was unhappy that she got such a low position in the council but accepted it because it was very
difficult to get into the Student Council period. She has a disrespect for students who or not either Council members or on
elite committees. There is never a wrinkle or a crease in her uniform at any time and wears her uniform at all times even in
her dorm.
Personality: Arrogant, self absorbed. Only respects wealth and power. Too her marriage is only a business proposition and
a way to get heirs to her wealth. Love is something she doesn't believe really exists and is simply a dream of weaker
people. And friendship is only useful as long as she can get something out of it.
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Name: Julie Young
Gender: Female
AKA: The Minister of Propaganda
Age: 18
Race: White
Hair: Long blonde
Eyes: Blue
Weapon: Mace
Short bio: The very well endowed public speaker for the Student Council. Whenever the student council speaks at an assembly
and it's not so important as to require Schala herself to speak it's her that speaks the messages. One of the few Americans
to get into Ryoseiku Academy. Often referred to cynically as the Minister of Propaganda by those who believe the Student
Council isn't much more than an autocratic party dictatorship. She goes through girlfriends quickly granting her a not
perfect reputation. (The student council has given its approval to lesbian relationships but much of the student body
doesn't approve of it).
Personality: Aloof, quiet when in class or meetings. Often a flirt in other circumstances. Will go for any girl she thinks
is cute or pretty.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual but is usually with girls.

Name: Edahiko Furansowa
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Race: White
Hair: Long silver
Eyes: green
Height: 6'3
Weapon: Spear
Short bio/Personality: The 12th Grade President of the Student Council of the student council.  He is the most desirable
man in the school to the female members of the student council.  He tries to be a gentlemen with ladies he's interested in
but with brush off girls that don't interest him easily. And has no respect for any other man in the school that isn't a
fellow student council member.  He is arrogant but not as arrogant as some members of the student council (he has no
problem going out with a girl that isn't a student council member if she’s old and attractive enough).  He once tried to
go out with Ranna but found out the truth of her curse quickly and has been disgusted with her since. He's been with every
female member of the student council at least once (As well as their secretary).
Yaoi?: Maybe if he was paid a lot of money but not otherwise.

Name: Subaru Wantabe
Gender: Female
AKA:  Famine, 'that skinny girl'
Age: 17
Race: White
Height: 6'5"
Hair/Eyes: H: a orange-yellow color E: Lavender (very light)
Weapon: Lance
Short Description: Let's say Subaru is the Anorexia nervosa cover girl.  She is so thin that you can see her bones poking
out.  She is quite tan though.  She is a melancholic girl who doesn't say much for her actions speak for her.  She is a
newer member to the Student Council.  She usually sits back and lets others decide policy.  She doesn’t understand why she
and War were suddenly appointed to the Council but figures it gives her mistress a voice and ears in the Council.  She is
the Horseman of Famine
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Name: Rei Baramushi
Gender: Female
AKA: 'War', Brutal Midnight
Race: White
Age: 16
Height: 5'5"
Hair: Dark Brown (almost black short, shaved on the sides)
Eyes: peacock blue
Weapon: Bare-hands, mace
Short Bio: Rei is well Rei. Her eyes tell of torment, but her actions speak as tormentor. Three long scars reach from the
left side of her forehead diagonally to the right side of her chin. She just has a way about her that tells you something
is not quite right.  Recently with Subaru she has been introduced into the student council.  She believes they intend to
try to use her but she doesn’t intend on letting that happen.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Name: Mikku Arai
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Hair: Short Blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'10
Weapon: Two handed Axe
Short Bio: Mikku is the 11th Grade President of the Student Council.
The much younger brother of Mikari Arai the President during the year the Council came to power.  Though he has the
experience of being in his third year on the Council he is still in a position that is considered of lesser importance as
all the grade specific positions are (At lest other than the 12th Grade ones.) He certainly has the ruthlessness and
ambition to have remained in the Council but over the years had been judged less worth than other long time members like
Schala or Miya he had in fact been in direct competition with Miya and Kanami for promotion the previous year but had been
disgusted by the unexpected last moment decision of graduating President Futako Kasai to give the Morally disgusting Kanami
promotion above him. He only holds back his disgust completely because he is looking forward to one more year in the
Council and is looking forward to one more good promotion. He doesn't really trust anyone and only uses the other Student
Council members as they are useful to him.
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Name: Sadeki Hike
Gender: Male
Age: 14
Hair: Short brown
Eye: Brown
Height: 5'0
Weapon: Two pointed spear
Short Bio: Sadeki is the 9th Grade Treasurer, the bottom wrung of the Council, and he knows it. Granted the average
Student is still expected to grant him respect just for the fact that he is a member of the council. But inside of
Council meetings his opinion is not especially valued. He knows he has three years ahead of him and thus plenty of room
for promotion but he's always been more focused on the present, and while he knows freshmen can't get any position other
than the 09th Grade positions he still thinks he could have done better. He tends to keep quite during council meetings
placing his vote when asked for it but otherwise staying quite quiet.
Sexual Orientation: Straight, uses his position to get girls that he otherwise might not be able to especially because of his age.

Name: Kenko Kinaki
Gender: Female
Race: Asian (Japanese)
Age: 16
Hair: Long black
Eyes: Brown
Weapon: Scimitar
Short bio: The receptionist for the student council, keeps track of their meeting schedules and arranging appointments
between the Council and regular students. She is the person who knows the most about the Council and its members who
isn't a member herself. She's a closet lesbian and an admirer of most of the council. She got into Ryoseiku due to good
grades and hard work and rumors from the council which she tends to believe indicate she may be the next person to be
brought into the council either if someone resigns or when some of them graduate.
Personality: Hard worker. Serious about her job, loyal to the Student Council. Disrespectful towards people who don't
follow the rules specifically or are just troublemakers in general.
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Name: Hayuko Asano
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hair: Shoulder length dark green
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'9
Weapon: Sword with a curving blade
Short bio: The chairwoman of the Committee of the Council. The committee has no authority over the council but receives
applications for people trying to join the Council in the middle of the year. You have no chance of getting in if the
Committee denies you. But their approval doesn't automatically mean you get in. All applications that get past the
committee go to the Council for final approval.  Hayuko as most committee members approves of the Councils current way of
running the school. And as all of them knowing if the Council goes down they will too work their best to keep the Council
strong.  On the part of her committee making sure only strong and ruthless people get past her. Certainly not more people
like Kanami. At the Council's insistence they approved letting Rei and Subaru into the Council in a hope to control the
Uomizu's. But it looks more and more like the two of them are just spies for the Uomizus with no loyalty to the Council.
Whereas the Committee of Academic Peace and Order was under Julie Young's supervision, this committee is answerable to
Schala only.
Sexual Orientation: Bi

Name: Leiko Ashida
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair: shoulder length dark blue
Eyes: blue
Height: 5'4
Weapon: morning star
Short bio: The chairwoman of the committee of Academic peace and order. Being in such a position she is loyal to the
Student Council completely and is loyal to them she takes direct orders from either Julie or Akuin as their positions
affect their jobs. It's rumored she has an off and on relationship with Julie, but age difference with it being a
boss/assistant relationships has prevented it from being anything serious. She believes no one but the Student Council is
fit to run the school, and that it's right to rule the school the way they are. And though as part of propaganda she
publicly pretends the Headmistress is an important ally, in truth she hates the Headmistress. She is being prepared to
become a Student Council member next year, after a number of important members graduate.
Sexual Orientation: Bi, but she only respects power in relationships. She would only get with a Student Council member, another
committee member or a higher ranking security agent.

Name: Hideki Asahara
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hair: Long silver tied into a ponytail
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'8
Weapon: She is forbidden to enter the duels for her own safety, and
to keep her identity a secret. But a ceremonial sword (with a real
blade) is always at her side
Short bio: You could call her the Empress of the school. A position that was created just after the student council came
to power as an authority who could resolve arguments between the student council and the headmistress, her power in
theory is greater than both of theirs combined, but so far her position has largely been ceremonial. She is a secret from
the general student body, only the Council and the head mistress know of her as she stays in a large room on the top floor
of the student council building with her own private tutors. She is reluctant to take control of the school doing her best
to resolve arguments between the council and the Headmistress fairly, but won't make independent decisions of her own, not
knowing if anyone will actually listen. She doesn't understand the extent of the evil of the Student Council or the
Headmistress because the student body isn't allowed to know of her or speak to her.
Personality: Fair but not very bold or ambitious, using her power so far only to resolve arguments between the council and
headmistress, usually in a way that didn't particularly benefit one more than the other.
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Name: Jeikobu Hasekura
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Hair: Short Orange (Yes I think it's an awful color for hair but I wanted something I haven't used yet and I don't think
I have given a character Orange hair yet, with good reason I suppose)
Eyes: Blue (I think I just made him look even worse combining those)
Height: 6'0
Weapon: Standard issue katana
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Name: Junko Hasekura
Age: 17
Gender Female
Hair: Short blonde (I won't give them both orange even if they are twins)
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'8
Weapon: Standard issue katana
Orientation: Straight
Short bio(for both of them): Members of the imperial guard in fact probably the most important of them these are the two
that guard the door to the "Empress's" main chambers, they put themselves above school politics not listening to orders
from the council or headmistress, though they follow the unwritten rule not to let anyone else into her chambers. They
realize that it is a mistake to keep Hideki sheltered to keep the school as it is, but don't feel they have a right to
speak out about it. They are twin brother and sister. The council isn't really sure how these two who had no loyalty to
them got appointed to this particular position but now that they are there only Hideke can remove them.

Name: Ai Tsukino
Gender: Female
AKA: Chief
Age: 18
Race: White
Hair: Long deep purple
Eyes: Purple
Weapon: Short sword
Short Bio/Personality: The head of the student council's new security forces. She was picked due to her good work ethic
firmness in her beliefs and most importantly loyalty to the student council.  She is also rumored to have a confidential
and very intimate relationship with student council president Schala. This has brought some concern to other Council
members that she is more loyal to Schala than to the student council but they tend to ignore their fears for the most
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Name: Haku Araki
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Hair: Short dark blue
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'1
Weapon: His standard issue security forces katana
Short bio: A man of an honor of sorts. He has an unshakable absolute loyalty to the student council and to a lesser extent
the security chief Ai Tsukino (If Ai rebelled against the council, he would follow the council). He is one of those people
who take it to the extreme and if he failed in a really serious matter might kill himself. He personally is waiting for
the order by the student council to attempt to strip the headmistress of her power. As he often ends up patrolling the
Student Council building he's ended up with most of the female members of the council that have interests in guys. And
while he wouldn't admit that he had to anyone outside of the council he is proud of the fact as he views himself as
beneath them.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Name: Setsuko Harada
Age: 33
Gender: Female
Hair: Long very dark purple
Eyes: Grey
Height: 5'10
Weapon: She isn't technically allowed into the duels, but a long
knife is always at her side.
Short bio: Setsuko is the headmistress of Ryouseiku academy, the woman who founded the dueling system in the first year of
her administration (before any of the students in the school now were around) as a way to keep the students under her
thumb and to give them a sick form of entertainment. Unfortunately though, in her mind anyways it was early in her
administration that the student council rose from being an unimportant club of students elected by the student body into
the darker power group who appoints their own replacements now, whose power as a whole is about now about equal to hers.
The biggest problem preventing her from removing the student council is the student school security force which she has
no authority over and wasn't able to stop from forming quick enough (This wasn't the actual reason for the Student Council
forming the security force originally, something more drastic which will be explained later was the cause of that.) It is
said Setsuko has a thing for the students, boy or girl but no student who has met with her personally will either back up
or deny this rumor.
Sexual Orientation: Bi

Name: Kenko Aida
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hair: Silver to her mid back
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'7
Weapon: Due to her unique position she isn't allowed to fight.
Uniform: Outside the arena she wears the standard uniform, inside the arena she wears a top that is mostly a gray see
through though black at the breasts the black part looking like a bikini top, it cuts off just past her stomach. And she
has a black almost sleeves shots. And black leather boots.
Short bio: For most of Kenko's time at the arena she has been a quiet girl. Decent grades. Avoids trouble of all sorts
only has a few friends, none of whom are on the Council's blacklists. Due to the fact that she never stuck out as a
problem the council chose her as a duel announcer, to give something for the students to look forward too. Of course
though the watching the duels were already one of the only things the students enjoy doing. She's not sure how much she
is going to enjoy this position but to avoid trouble and because she may find a boyfriend easier this way she's going to
put up with it.
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Name: Hisa Hoshiko (Long lasting star)
Gender: Female
A.K.A: The pale light
Age: 16
Race: White
Eyes/Hair: White hair to shoulders and red eyes (Albino)
Height: 5 foot 3
Weapon: (only if she had to use it) Glaive
Short bio/Personality summary: Hisa is an Albino and has always been pushed aside and mistreated, causing her to keep
quiet and hidden avoiding people scared of being hurt or mocked.  But on the inside is kind to everyone and doesn't want
to hurt anyone.  Her number one desire in life is to have someone who looks at her or even beyond hope in her mind to be
touched by someone besides her mother with respect if not love.
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Name: Ranna Rangorn
Gender: Technically Male but....
AKA: Princess of princes
Age: 17
Race: White
Height: 5'2
Hair: Utena pink. sometimes long (Female) sometimes short (male)
Eyes: same pink
Weapon: sharp edged fan
Short Bio:  Changes gender whenever she sneezes.  He had been born a regular guy then when he was 16 he went exploring
into a haunted mansion after going into the basement he discovered the demon that haunted the house.  Not showing proper
respect or fear to the demon he cursed him into becoming a girl whenever he sneezed and remaining one until he sneezed
again.  He went into hiding for the next year but now is going to Ryoseiku academy with or without his problem though
expecting to be treated fairly poorly especially by the guys.  More than once he has gotten fairly close to a girl only
to get it screwed up at an intimate moment by a sudden sneeze.  By now s/he's realized sometimes the demon has a habit
of forcing him to sneeze at awkward moments.
Sexual Orientation: Prefers girls but has since the curse had privately thought about guys once or twice.

Name: Marie Rangorn
Gender: Female
Race: Half-demon
Faction: Warrior-Priestess of her mother's/parent's fertility cult (Ranna may
technically be a father too, but both she and Marie would be more likely to
consider her a mother, assuming they even know the truth)
Age: 19
Hair: Short pink
Eyes: Pink
Height: 5'6
Weapon: A staff, possibly enchanted
Usual Clothing: The robes that make up the cult uniform.
Short Bio: Daughter of Ranna Rangorn and Ilyia Marie F'roni. Marie has been
instrumental in the protection of her family and the cult members. She is
capable of fighting off many of the threats to the temple they live in. While
she would be no match for a god or even those with a significant fraction of
divine blood, they are not the sort to care about such a small and isolated
location. Groups of human criminals, random demons, and the occasional Knight
of Ryous (they are in or near Ryouseiku's territory) are no match for her.
While she has `religious' obligations to the cult, her primary purpose is to act
as their chief protector.
Despite the usual circumstances of her conception, she considers both Ranna and
Ilyia to be her mothers, Kappei may be considered a father figure of sorts, but
she is closer to her mothers. She does not really favor one more than the
other, but when she has choose she is more likely to spend time with Ilyia, to
learn more about being a demon, and looking for inspiration in new ways to use
her talents.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual. She prefers the girls, but does not mind doing
her duty with the guys.

Name: Reiko Rangorn
Gender: Female
Age: 21
Hair: Long Pink, tied into many thin braids
Eyes: Purple
Height: 5’9
Weapon: None (it’s not allowed, as she is not a student.)
Short Bio: Ranna’s elder sister and a former Ryouseiku student.  Having no other siblings and not having seen their
parents in years she is practically a mother figure to Ranna.  When Ranna became cursed she decided to set it upon herself
to make Ranna into a more proper woman and get her together with a fine husband.  When she heard he had been accepted to
Ryouseiku Academy she got worried but was unable to follow her immediately but as soon as possible she got through a an
application to become a student teacher.  She has now got her application approved and is now on her way to Ryouseiku
Academy.  Though while she knows a lot of what to expect she is in for a big surprise at what awaits her.
Personality:  Often air-headed and nice but often gets extended streaks of being very strict and firm, especially to Ranna
who she has fallen into a mother role towards.
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Name: Selena Cervano
Gender: Female
Faction: Independent
Age: 18
Hair: Short sky blue, she often wears wigs over it
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'6
Weapon: A long metal rod, rumored to be a piece of theater railing
Selena had torn off in a moment of rage when she felt her actors were
doing a poor job.
Usual Clothing: She tends to dress up elaborately when she can, to
the point that many who only know her through the club would not
recognize her when she is wearing her uniform.
Short Bio: The manager, producer, director and occasionally actress
(star/lead female) of the drama club. She's an eccentric person who
in return for the relative freedom of the theater does not mind being
the occasional pawn. She has no issue producing propaganda for the
Student Council, as long as it isn't the only thing she does and even
if it was she would probably stop caring eventually, the creation and
performance of her art is far more important to her than what it is
used for. The blank checks the school gives her for wardrobes, props
and anything else she needs further buys off any rebellious thoughts
she might have. She is a casual reserved student with average grades
but becomes rather fanatical and strict the moment she steps into the
arena. Nothing less than perfection is enough for her and she can
become violent if even a few mistakes are made in a short time.

She has been fairly happy with her success so far, despite the
occasional need to whip her staff into shape, but one prize has
eluded her for some time. When she heard of Ranna Rangorn she
immediately saw the unique potential of someone who could
convincingly play any role and has constantly harassed her in an
attempt to recruit her. Such efforts were a failure as long as she
was forced to deal with Ranna directly, and the school's authorities
were uninterested in helping her but fortunately she finally found an
ally in Reiko.
Sexual Orientation: Bi

Name: Emilia Schneller
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Faction: N/A
Age: 18
Hair: Short red
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'8
Weapon: Medium length double-edged sword.
Short Bio: A Ryouseiku adoptee, actress, and Knight of the Rose. Emilia has
never known life outside of the campus. She believes in the system and
lifestyle in a way that only someone raised to venerate it in combination with
knowing no other way could. She despises the very idea of trying to rebel
against the system, though she is usually pretty easy to get along with as long
as you do not seriously complain about the system around her.
As an enthusiastic supporter of the academy's society and occasional girlfriend
of Schala's, she is an unofficial agent of the Student Council within the drama
club, making sure Selena never crosses a line that would make anyone in charge
look bad. Selena tolerates Emilia's presence because she only objects to
blatant attacks against the school and those who run it, the sort of criticism
Selena would be reluctant to make anyway. More subtle criticisms are either
ignored or go unnoticed. That and she is a good actress of course.
Her opinion of Ranna is not very different from the average student and like
most girls she assumes Ranna is still more boy than girl and only uses her curse
to go where any other boy would be unwelcome or have a harder time getting
accepted. And many are offended by this assumed deceit on a matter of
principal. Some of those girls would feel less offended if Ranna was more
`honest' about it, though Emilia is not one of them. Despite this she is
prepared to do what she has to when it is her turn to initiate Ranna and if they
are paired together in a play.
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Name: Tsukino Hoshiko (Usually goes by Tsuki)
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Race: Half Asian/Half White
Eyes/Hair: short messy black hair/ green eyes
Height: 5'6
Weapon: Sledge hammer
Clothing: black leather pants and boots, white tank top covered by a
black open vest. wears small glasses tilted down her nose and usually has a cigarette in her mouth
Shot Bio/Personality: Hisa's older sister though she usually avoids her as best she can. Fairly quiet but aggressive
not afraid to get into a fight. Doesn't trust people very easily. Has had few friends. But is rumored to have been a
friend of Su-Chi Uomizu at one point and to have had a relationship with Su-Chi's slave Livonya. But besides that
doesn't seem to have any friends.
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual.

Names: Akiyuki and Akana Enako
Gender: Male, Female
Ages: 17
Races: Both White
Eyes/Hair: short sky blue hair, green eyes/Long sky blue hair, green eyes
Heights: 5'4
Weapons: Akiyuki: Large sword Akana: broadsword
Short bio: Twins.  They are obviously close. But it's rumored they are closer than they should be. But it's only rumors
they are almost always with each other but don't do anything obvious with each other in public.  its also rumored they
have some form of mental communication as they are never seen talking to each other.
Sexual Orientation: (They'll always welcome a third person).

Name: Nicole Sutherland
Gender: Female
AKA: The Pimpess
Age: 20
Race: White
Hair: long brown
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'8
Weapon: (Not a student. Doesn't get into fighting with students)
Short bio: Nicole is the keep and watcher of the dancers. She meets with those who want their services then sets up time
and place (Usually in out of the way areas. In specified dorm rooms.) She isn't a student in the school thus spends most
of her time in the dancers rooms unless she's arranging business for the girls. She was a former student of the school
and even a student council member but got this job when she insisted on remaining in the school
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Name: Bakazan Nyoko (Baka for short, yes this name was chosen intentionally for the fact Baka is part of it)
Gender: Male
Race: White
Height: 5'11
Hair: Short sky blue
Eyes: Pink
Weapon: Katana
Short bio: One of the few remaining admirers of Ranna who has known her from some time.  He has seen her change back to
a male in front of his eyes but is too stupid to realize it for what it is.  He gets really jealous when someone tries
to hit on her and is more than willing to fight for her.  He's also too stupid to realize Ranna really dose hate him (As
do most girls in the school).  He also happens to be the older brother of Student Council member Miya Nyoko.  Their
relationship while not close is well enough they can get along with each other
Personality: A hard worker as far as school goes, he gets decent grades.  But whenever he sees Ranna it all goes out the
window, happy and attempting to be affectionate if she’s alone or with other girls.  Jealous and angry if she’s with a guy.
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Name: Hisa Hikari
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Race: White
Eyes/hair: shoulder length sky blue hair/pink eyes
Height: 5'1
Weapon: none (hard to fight in a wheelchair)
Short bio/Personality: Hisa was born without use of her legs she is permanently stuck in a wheel chair (not an electric
one either, too expensive for her) she doesn’t usually let it get to her though unless there is something she cant do.
She tries to be nice and outgoing but she doesn’t have very many friends.
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Name: Livonya Di Corci
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Race: White
Eyes/Hair: pink hair cut short, blue eyes
Height: 5 foot 4 inches
Weapon: two long daggers
Short bio/Personlity summary: Livonya grew up in the country and had mostly self educated herself but was taught fighting
by her mother who was a samurai of sorts, she is usually pretty open and friendly at school but speaks her mind too
often and had said something to offend Su-Chi who in response challenged her to a duel which Su-Chi won and have to
much compassion to kill Livonya she made Livonya honor bound to be her servant.
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Name: Masura Ryouseiku
Gender: Male
Age: Looks around 25
Hair: Long light green
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'4
Weapon: He's not a student so he's technically forbidden to fight in
the duels but he always has a katana at his side.
Short Bio: The schools mystery man, he obviously isn't a student but as far as anyone can tell he isn't a member of the
staff either. No one is really sure either if Ryouseiku is really his late name or that he's related to the schools
founder at all. But the Student Council, the Headmistress and the Security Forces all leave him alone. He has several
times been spotted going into the Student Council building, though no one but the Council knows why.
Sexual Orientation: Straight, he would have to be desperate to get with a guy.

Name: Haruka Takara
Gender: Female
Aka: crazy
Age: 17
Race: White
Height: 5'4
Hair/Eyes: short sky blue hair/pink eyes
Weapon: Anything sharp she can get her hands on
Short Bio:  Haruka is a poor crazy girl sent to the school after her parents were brutally murdered by her cousin as she
watched.  She sees things no one else dose and hears voices now one else dose. She constantly has nightmares where she
sees her parents killed over again and usually ends with her being killed.  And so in an attempt to stop her tormentors
she usually dose whatever they tell her to do.  Things which would be better not to list
Personality: Always nervous, quiet.  tries to stay away from people considering what usually happens to people she gets
close to.  And of course crazy
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Name: Julia Tenko
Gender: Female
Race: White
Age: 18
Hair: Shoulder length blonde
Eye: Blue
Height: 5'7
Weapon: Nunchucku
Usual clothing: General student uniform in class. A blue small bikini in the pool
Short bio: The attractive and charismatic swim team captain. She is very fit and has a healthy tan and silk smooth
skin. She is one who isn't afraid to show off her body or to go out with her team members. It is likely she has gone
out with every member of the team at least once…And has probably slept with all of them at least once but as of yet
hasn't gotten into an incredibly serious relationship. She dose extensive exercises most of the day when not in class
Personality: Hard working. Honest, somewhat flirtatious. Doesn't really desire anything but to be with other girls and
to swim.
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

Name: Jun Fujiwara
Gender: Female
Race: White
Age: 16
Hair: Long blonde tied into a ponytail
Eyes: Green
Height: 5’3
Weapon: Scythe
Short bio: Jun is an outsider in every sense of the word.  She doesn’t have any friends and doesn’t have much interest in
them and only has been in one relationship which was abusive, thus she doesn’t try to get another one.  In class she
always works alone even if it’s supposed to be group work she goes into her own corner and dose her own thing.  If a
teacher forces her to get into a group she will ignore the group and do her own thing.
Personality: Cold, distant, tries to avoid talking to people in general and can be fairly depressing if you get her to
talk to you.  She’s often looking down and when she looks up she has a blank stare to her eyes that avoids you or looks
through you.
Sexual Orientation: Difficult to get into a relationship or even a one night sexual stand.  But if someone succeeds she doesn’t care
if it’s a boy or girl.

Name: Jumi Hanari
Gender: Female
Race: Human turned archangel
Age: 17
Hair: Long black
Eyes: Green
Weapon: Broadsword
Short bio: A long time student of the school Jumi is one of the school’s leaders greatest annoyances because she
considers the student council and the headmistress entirely evil.  She has attempted in the past to cause mass resistance
but most students fear the council too much.  She is also a resister of the evil Uomizu clan that lurks in the background
of the school.  With all these enemies she is always on the guard for attack.
Personality: Deeply religious, abhors evil and attempts to fight all of it in the school.  Believes in marriage before sex
but probably isn’t completely immune from being seduced.
Usual clothing: In protest of the student council she wears her own variant of the uniform, a blue vest buttoned over a
white dress shirt with a red tie just visible and a blue skirt that goes just above her knees.  Also wears a gold cross
on top of her vest
Sexual Orientation: Being religious as she is she would try to avoid a relationship with another woman but once again under the right
circumstances and stresses a woman probably could seduce her.

Name: Bianka Kuromori
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair: Brown, tied into two ponytails, one on each side of her head.
Eyes: Brown
Height: 5'3
Weapon: Anglan Sword; A sword made out of materials only available in Heaven. Against a normal human it isn't anything
special, other than it being nearly impossible to be broken by an Earth made weapon. But against demons and spirits it
has great power.
Short bio: The daughter of Jumi and Dai, born in a time where the conflict at Ryouseiku had ended with the destruction
of the campus (only to be have a castle built by Ryouseiku on top of the ruins), but the conflict has been replaced by
a larger world wide version ofthe old conflict. Due to a great increase in numbers of the Uomizufamily and its conquest
of much of the world, the other Godsreluctantly went out in disguise with a number of Angels and led to the birth of
the 'Godlings' children born from a divine parent.  Bianka was born into this conflict, living on the 'Star of Heaven' a
floating combination of living quarters for Godlings and BattleStation, commanded by Maxim and his wife Kazuki. Even with
Jumi, Dai, several other former Ryouseiku students, and younger Godlings Maxim found the conflict likely could not be
won under the current circumstances, and so risking trouble from Heaven he sent Bianka back in time to try to contain the
conflict to Ryouseiku Academy and prevent the larger escalation.  She is a generally outgoing person, very curious,
cheerful and quick to trust and befriend everyone who isn't known to be evil. She is quick to forgive and has an
especially close relationship with her parents (which may lead to some awkwardness when she meets her considerably
younger parents.) She is also quick to get 'close' to boys in general; she has got into considerable trouble over rumors
of being loose. But her good aspects tend to keep her out of serious trouble.
Sexual Orientation: Straight for now, but like I said she is a curious person.

Name: Haiko Nagai
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Height: 5'7
Hair: Short brown
Eyes: Blue
Weapon: Broadsword
Short Bio: Haiko is a weird girl. A fairly attractive girl, but
she doesn't know that. She believes she is a guy. She looks in a
mirror and she sees a guy. If you talk to her she gets quite upset
if you call her a girl. And like the average guy she is attracted
to girls and doesn't understand the average girl’s unhappiness with
this fact. Some people pretend she’s a guy to humor her or be friendly
but most people don't bother and she ends up getting into fights with
them usually guys but she doesn't really have a problem fighting girls
either if they push her enough. In an act of uncommon fairness the
Student Council allows her to wear the boy’s uniform.
Personality: If you are nice to her and go along with thinking of her as a
guy she'll try to be friendly but is quick to violence if you call her a
girl or if a guy starts to hit on her.
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian. But she doesn't see it that way.

Name: Gasu Furansowa
Gender: Male
Race: White
Age: 15
Height: 5'5
Hair: Short brown
Eyes: Blue
Weapon: Two Gladius' (Roman short sword, stabbing weapon)
Short bio: Edahiko's little brother and practically his opposite. He gets nervous around most girls and though at times
he has his brother's sex drive he tries to suppress it as he would prefer to be more of a gentleman than that. His brother
has tried to teach him so that he can go for the girls his brother finds too young but he hasn't been a good student.
Personality: Quiet, shy around girls, nervous. But generally friendly.
Sexual Orientation: He might experiment but it's very unlikely and would never be serious.

Name: Hazumi Karube
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hair: short red
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'6
Weapon: Mace (Hope this is obvious, but not pepper spray)
Short bio: A general unpleasant girl, a leech of the Student Council. Always praising them and quick to report those who
seem to be trouble. People pretend to like her for safety but most people fear and hate her because of her connections
that get her picked first for everything. (At least as long as a student council member isn't around to be chosen first.)
Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Name: Kazuki Akita
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Race: White but has lived in Japan all her life, thus her Japanese
Hair: Long light green
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'5
Weapon: She is forbidden to fight as others fight to posses her.  (Male or Female doesn't matter)
Short bio: The end result of a student council plan (All of the members of the council who started it have since graduated,
but the current council continued the project.) that has been in preparation for three years, ever since Kazuki arrived at
the school. She has been trained to be completely obedient to whoever has won her in a fight but further conditioned to be
able to immediately switch her loyalties if someone defeats her current controller. She is currently in the ownership of
Student Council member Miya Nyoko but it has just been made public to the student council that anyone can challenge her
for control in a formal duel. It's rumored that Kazuki is the key to something greater but the student council just
advertises her a servant or sex toy available to whoever can win her.
Personality: Quiet, completely obedient to whoever is currently in control of her. She tends to generally ignore everyone
Sexual Orientation: Depends who 'owns' her. But she'll have sex with either a guy or girl depending on who last won her.

Name: Hayako (Or Haya she doesn't care) Hike
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair: Short black usually covered by a plain black baseball cap
Eyes: Green
Weapon: Two bouey (spelling?) knives
Short bio: Haya here is a strange girl, she wanders the basements and crawl spaces of the school, generally going places
she shouldn't. It's rumored she even knows secret ways into the student council and administration buildings but more
often just wanders around in the schools dark places, sometimes playing with the wiring and causing other trouble. Guys
find her interesting just for her ability to get them into private places where no one is likely to find them. She
dislikes the fighting system and the oppression so he spends her time in the corners of the school.
Distinct features: Doesn't wear the school uniform. She wears blue jeans and a black sweatshirt and tinted glasses. (Isn't
seen in class much so those in charge aren't very aware of it.)
Sexual Orientation: Is only serious about guys but doesn't mind an occasional girl.

Name: Asaka Etsuko
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hair: Long sky blue tied into a ponytail
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'0
Weapon: Halberd
Short bio: If there is one girl who fits in perfectly comfortably with the schools sexuality it is Asaka. She is very
openly sexual.  She is also well built firm muscle but at the same time not so large that they bulge out. She really gets
around and has a sex life that could make the student council jealous. As long as the guy is at least decent looking he
has a very good chance especially if the student is mistreated or doesn't have much of a chance getting other girls as
some times she get with a guy out of pity for him as much as for his own benefit. (I'm practically creating a character
idea for someone here.) She tries to ignore the more arrogant guys like Edahiko and others guys who make a point of having
sex with every girl in the school. If they can get girls so easy they don't need her (talk about trying to add character
development to this kind of person) she lets them go. She’s willing to try basically anything once. She exercises often in the gym to keep
her build and since she is well built and wears very little when working out (tight sleeveless shorts and a sports bra) a
lot of guys tend to come to watch her.
Sexual Orientation: Basically straight, though due to her try anything once attitude she has slept with a girl once (Hayako Hike,
both of them were experimenting with the idea and Asaka was willing to try it to do it in Hayako's unique basement

Name: Sakuzou Arishima
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Hair: Short blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'8
Weapon: Katana
Short bio: One of the schools more noble people. A former boyfriend of Jumi's. He is also a hunter of evil has fought
Uomizu's to a standstill several times (One at a time, he can't fight them in groups.) He is a decent student, spends a
fair amount of time in the gym, again as Asaka he has a firm muscular build but again the muscles don't stick out. He is
one of the few people to have openly resisted the Student Council though he doesn't do it so often anymore, focusing more
on the Uomizus who are the greater evil to him. He is usually opposed of the schools open sex policy though takes
advantage of it every once in awhile when he needs to release stress. He lost a sister to the courtyard massacre which
has never left him the same and has fueled his hatred of the Uomizus.
Sexual Orientation: Bi, he's equally comfortable with guys and girls, though he has been with more girls than guys.

Name: Imiko Hattori
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hair: Long black
Eyes: brown
Height: 5'9
Weapon: two katanas
Short bio: The schools hired gun you could say it had one, she isn't really loyal to anyone but has an enjoyment in
fighting and will generally fight anyone else’s battles, it is said she is a good fighter. Any challenge she’s up
to...except that she doesn't really want to go up against an Uomizu. The Council came to her to see what can be done
about Dai. She has no great love for the Council but the challenge sounded interesting so she took it up.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Name: Fei Arakida
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hair: Red hair to just past her shoulders
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'9
Weapon: Pole with axe blades on both ends
Short bio: Fei ended up in Ryouseiku after a path of unexpected circumstances. Her father was an elite military commando
and her mother a high profile intelligence agent. They were both killed by foreign assassins. Fei still a child trained
in the fighting arts by her parents was on orphan at age 14 she ended up being adopted by a rich distant relative who
sent her to Ryouseiku so he didn't have to take care of her. At Ryouseiku she is disgusted with what she sees but those
in power seem to strong to her for her to challenge them.
Sexual Orientation: Mostly straight, but doesn't mind the occasional girl.

Name: Kaiko Montgomery
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair: Short blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 5'5
Weapon: Double edged katana
Short bio: Student Council President Schala Montgomery's younger sister. They don't really get along with each other
and Kaiko is quite unhappy with how her sister and the others run the school. But to Schala blood is thicker than water
and so for now she is tolerated. Kaiko generally tries to avoid the spotlight not wanting to be treated specially for
being Schala's sister. She doesn't find the fighting system that appealing as it reminds her to much of gladiator combat
in the Roman Empire. But she still trains with her sword knowing it can be difficult to go though all four years at the
school without getting into a duel.
Sexual Orientation: She doesn't really care, guy or girl.

Name: Rokurou Hiraga
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Height: 5'10
Hair: Short black
Eyes: blue
Weapon: Halberd
Short bio: Another rebel against the Council, Uomizus, The Headmistress all of them. However unlike Jumi Rokurou is more
dangerous in she's willing to sacrifice anyone and anything to destroy them, in a way this has made those in the control
pay less attention to her as her ruthlessness prevents her from getting the support of the student body that Jumi might.
She wears the boy’s uniform in contempt for the rules and is generally quite masculine and doesn't care much for the
stereotypical standard girl activities.  She lost all of her friends and her twin sister in the massacre. And that was
when the change began but instead of focusing on the Uomizus as others might she also targets the Council and Headmistress
for allowing it to happen, and her disgust with the security forces as well.
Sexual Orientation: Bi, but she wouldn't get into a relationship unless it was with someone willing to go as far as her thinking
otherwise it would weaken her too much.

Name: Maxim
Gender: Male
Age: Appears 16
Hair: Short Sky blue
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'6
Weapon: Staff
Short Bio: One of the lesser Gods he was banished to a plane of void during Irini's rebellion. He has never stopped
watching the world of the living though and has finally managed to break through the seals that had held him back. Seeing
the focus of unholy energy at Ryouseiku he has made it his point to go there immediately. He is aware of both Irini's
and Ryouseiku's individual plans from the school and humanity as a whole and hopes to stop both of them.
Sexual Orientation: He doesn't care much for sex but would be considered straight.

Name: Ottaviana Silvia
Gender: Female
Age: 2,600 (looks 17-18, claims to be 17)
Race: Half human Half Angel
Hair: Long dark purple
Eyes: Light purple
Height: 5'10
Weapon: Two broadswords
Short bio: Ottaviana is one of a rare race of half angels one has not been born in over 2000 years though as she was a
citizen of the ancient kingdom of Zenis, which is now known as Atlantis, thought the current myths of it aren't accurate.
Zenis was a Heaven on Earth of sorts, directly ruled Augustin where humans who were judged morally and wise enough where
allowed to live in peace and prosperity until their deaths. It was the one place on Earth where Humans and Angels lived
together and while they rarely married as Angels are less concerned with such things it still did happen occasionally. And
Ottaviana was born of one of these unions in the last few hundred years of the kingdom. When the Kingdom was destroyed the
Angels all returned to heaven while the humans who were not allowed to enter it until their death were sent out
throughout Earth to help advance human civilization. As a half Angel it was decided Ottaviana would be allowed to go into
Heaven but she should spend some time on Earth first to help humans.  With all the human survivors of Zenis long dead she
is now one of the last citizens of Zenis left on Earth, she has judged it is still not yet time to leave. She came to
Ryouseiku Academy upon the realization of all the power gathering there good and evil.
Personality: Fair, nice, detests evil. Doesn’t tend to back down from something she believes in.
Sexual Orientation: She has generally inherited the Angels disinterest in anything to do with relationships and sex.

Name: Isako Endo
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hair: Dark blue, short, with a ponytail.
Eyes: Green
Height: 5’10
Weapon: Broadsword
Short bio: The founder and leader of the ‘Askar Organization’ the organization was founded in response to the
assassination of Jumi’s informant organization upon the belief the Council had finally crossed the line and armed
resistance is now necessary.  They stay a loosely organized group making smaller strikes such as taking out individual
security agents or damaging school property.  They do not have the numbers to make larger strikes.  She is always on the
move herself she judges herself in much more danger than Jumi is especially since Jumi’s organization was gutted.  She
keeps no records of the organization and the only member list is in her own mind.  She spends as much time as she safely
can in the combat training building because she knows she will probably have to fight for her own life soon enough.
Sexual Orientation: Bi

Name: Canata Sodana
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hair: Dark Green, cut short
Eyes: Red
Height: 5'8
Weapon. Staff with a short blade along it's top.
Short Bio: The current leader of the 'Cult of Zorn'. The cult of Zorn is a group of mages founded by a small group of
fallen sorcerers from the Sorceror War. The cult has always been on the move to avoid being caught by the Gods and
punished, perhaps even killed for keeping forbidden forms of magic that were not meant to survive the war. They have
ended up in Ryouseiku as the see the power of many students there and have judged it a place they could blend in better.
But they keep a low profile because they are aware of the presence of the Gods that are there and judge them as a threat.
Canata is working to recruit more members but to do it in a way that they won't be noticed by the Council or the Gods.
She was initiated into the cult at a very young age but came to power recently through defeating the last cult leader in
a duel, as by the ancient tradition. They center most of their activities in the basement of the girl's dorm, a place
which is otherwise usually empty. Canata is ruthless and will do anything that she judges necessary to get what she wants,
as long as it doesn't create more trouble than it's worth.
Sexual Orientation: Bi.

Name: Hidemi Kasai
Gender: Female
Age: 18
Hair: Long purple, with several braids
Eyes: Pink
Height: 5'10
Weapon: Bladed pom-poms (I couldn't resist)
Uniform(Putting the cheerleaders uniform here for convenience, I'll add it to the uniforms file later.) Black sleeveless
shirt, with a red shield on the chest the shield is marked with a large black 'R' with two golden swords crossed above it.
A black skirt going a little above the knee, Black shoes, no socks.
Short Bio: The captain of Cheerleaders. Unlike the average cheerleader who is assigned to one sport she covers them all,
often more as an administrator than an actual cheerleader, though she still wears the uniform. She is also an admirer of
Schala and the head of a clique of boys and girls that follow her around when she isn't on official Council business. She
is the younger sister of the previous years Student Council President Futako Kasai. This and her connection with Schala
gives her some insight into the Student Council (though she doesn't have access to everything they know and do). Like with
Security Chief Ai it is rumored that she is in some sort of relationship with Schala.
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian.

Name: Selezende Tarazor
Race: Elf (Zan/'High' Elf)
Gender: Female
Age: 260 (looks 16-17)
Hair: Short silver
Eyes: Purple
Height: 5'10
Weapon: Spear with extending shaft and point.
Extra clothing: Thin silver tiara with an oval shaped gem in the center, purple on the outside, silver in the center.
Short bio: A survivor of the ancient Elf race. The Elves lived before humanity and even before the current Gods came to
power, it was a very different world and even universe. Since the war of the Gods though they have been in too small of
numbers to resist humanity well and have been in hiding, either deep in the wilderness or underground. But recently they
have finally reached high enough numbers to consider resistance. She has been sent with her brother, sister and fiancé to
judge the strength of humanity (any of those three are available to any member, new or old). The gems (called Zols) are
where the souls of the elves are kept. If the gem is destroyed (extremely difficult to do) the elf dies. If it and the
tiara are taken from them and worn by someone else they become enslaved to the new wearer. Selezende hates the Student
Council, Uomizus and the Avatar and four warriors, seeing them all as pawns of the as she sees it illegitimate Gods. She
sees the Sorcerers as potential allies but is reluctant to work with any humans.
Personality: When around humans; aggressive, suspicious and even violent sometimes. When around other Elves; passive,
obedient, cheerful.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Name: Kayoko Arakida
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hair: Shoulder length sky blue, with a wave over her left eye.
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'9
Weapon: Kryss
Short bio: Well there’s not much to say about Kayako until recently. Because she literally doesn't remember most of her
life. The first thing she can remember is being on the middle of the train ride to Ryouseiku and the feeling that she
had to go there, though she has no idea why. When she got there she was disgusted with what she found.  She understood
that schools could be slightly repressive by their nature but she couldn't understand how this school has been allowed
to degenerate to the condition it's in. And since the introduction of Schalaism (see post 1311) she has felt the need to
take action.  She tends to get into fights with both the Security agents and bullies in general...not always to her
benefit. She is beginning to get a reputation around the school, though she is not yet as well known as Jumi, the
Council's oldest opponent, or Dai, the new boy who could actually defeat Uomizus. But she's getting their and intends
to be that well known.
Sexual Orientation: Undecided, but she could probably be pushed either way by the right person.

Name: Keito Dazai
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hair: Long dark blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'9
Weapon: Black bladed broadsword.
Short bio: A member of the Dazai clan a technically noble family though it has lost much of its old land and wealth. It is
however a family that has had a vendetta against Hanako Uomizu for 2000 years due to her murdering an ancient member of the
family. Nearly every member of the family has attempted to defeat Hanako over the centuries, though most have died in the
attempt. She has finally traced Hanako to the school and has been watching her, she is in the minority in believing the
massacre happened and she is convinced Hanako had a part in it which makes her concerned about waiting much longer. She is
preparing to move against her. She is just waiting for a better opportunity and preferably to not face her alone. She wears
armor under her uniform.
Sexual Orientation: Bi.

Name: VIXI
Gender: Doesn't really apply, it looks like a very feminine man
Age: Billions of years
Hair: Very long, several times the length of its body, trailing a
great distance behind it, glowing blue like starlight.
Eyes: Red.
Skin Color: A pale silver/gray.
Height: 6'1
Weapon: The Spear of Fate
Short bio: Last of the Vanilia; a race of being that lived in a very different universe, before the birth of the current
Gods. There was a war for control that far exceeded any conflict between the current Gods. The younger Gods won after the
introduction of the Angels as infantry. Most of the race was wiped out, VIXI was bound to Spear of Fate, an ancient
manipulator of fate under the Vanilia, but now subdued to the control of the new rulers. She was forbidden to alter fate
but was instead given the task to help important beings move through time if fate is disturbed. This has been heavily
restricted, and very rare. It needs the permission of the majority of the Gods under most circumstances. It is hostile to
most life of the new universe, simply letting it flow through the time stream, only occasionally being distracted by
problems it doesn't really care about.
Sexual Orientation: It hasn't thought of such things in eons.

Name: Adalia Runai
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Hair: Long brown hair, tied into two excessively large hoops that then
hang off it a long strand on each side.
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'6
Weapon: Two large Sais.
Short Bio: A member of Muneria (no the name doesn't have a specific meaning, at least not yet), an ancient group of
independent Demon Hunters, using a form of magic that evolved from Heaven's magic, though few could tell anymore.
Unfortunately they have had a long period of misfortune, many of their members being killed and few replacements joining.
The result in when the trouble at Ryouseiku Academy was finally seen they were hard pressed to find someone to send, and
so with great reluctance they sent Adalia. She has proven to learn her skills and magic at record speed, unfortunately
though she has bad memory, poor academic skills, clumsiness and a bad habit of hurting others, or causing them misfortune.
They had to create forged documents that greatly exaggerated her academic record to get her into the school; they also
claim she is from a wealthy family just to hedge their bets. What will happen when the truth comes up is unclear.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Name: Lana Unmie
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 16 (not including period she was dead).
Hair: Long red, much up kept under her shirt.
Eyes: Purple
Height: 5'5
Weapon: None...yet.
Short Bio: The former lover of Dai, killed by Necromancers of the Rhum House, resurrected by Yukami to divide Dai and Jumi.
She and Dai had met before his arrival at Ryouseiku Academy when he was passing through her home town. She has no idea
where she is now, or why she was here. She isn't even aware she was dead yet, she is very emotionally unstable at the
moment as bits of her memory tend to trickle back. All she knows is the boy she loves is here, and with a new girl. She is
looking for him to remember and to try to regain what she lost. Unaware she is simply a pawn of greater powers, who simply
desire to break Jumi and Dai apart. Though they don't care if he chooses Lana or is unable to choose between them.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Name: Edaka Furansowa (Future)
Gender: Male
Race: Human, but with divine blood and considered an unofficial
Hair: Long Silver
Eyes: Green
Height: 6'2
Weapon: Giant red axe
Short Bio: The son of former Student Council members Edahiko Furnasowa and Kanami Kanari, the only Student Council members
to truly break away from Ryouseiku. In appearance he has inherited the dark skin of his mother, and the hair and eyes of
his father.  Unfortunately his father has found himself unable to stay faithful, leading him to be greatly disgusted with
him. And his mother is often very busy serving Maxim in any way she can. This has led him to become cold and rise himself
mostly on his own, spending much of his time attempting to become stronger. His ultimate, but impossible goal is to be able
to eventually face and defeat Ryouseiku on his own as he blames him for the world's problems. But he will face a Uomizu at
any chance he gets. He is one of two potential boyfriends-to-be of Bianka's as she admires him greatly and often tries to
goout of her way to get his attention, but he generally ignores her.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Name: Indika Asahara (Future)
Gender: Female
Race: Godling
Age: 17
Hair: Long blonde
Eyes: Purple
Height: 5'8
Weapon: Seven foot spear, silver shaft, with a large golden point.
Short Bio: The daughter of Hideki Asahara, and an unknown father.  She has refused to acknowledge the identity of the
father, other than that he is divine; either a God or Angel. She says she bore the child, both out of duty to the war,
and to help atone for being a puppet of Ryouseiku and the Student Council. They have a generally warm relationship,
except when the question of her father's identity comes up, when that happens it often erupts into a long and hostile
argument. She is Bianka's best friend, to the point of considering each other sisters. She is usually Bianka's voice of
restraint keeping her out of the trouble she tends to get herself into.
Sexual Orientation: Mostly straight, but has a confused and complicated relation with Bianka, not quite to the point of
love yet, but getting close.

Name: Vanos Balian (Future)
Gender: Male
Race: Human, no special power or blood.
Age: 16
Hair: Short black, usually uncombed.
Eyes: Blue
Height: 5'8
Weapon: Jumi's old sword.
Short Bio: The son of refugees killed by soldiers of Urbanus. He was saved by Bianka and Indika as they happed to be
passing by. He fell in love with Bianka very shortly afterwards, though because he is very shy and awkward so he hasn't
been able to tell her. Bianka feels sorry for him and often spends a lot of time with him, though she doesn't feel the
same way as he does. He was semi-adopted by Jumi as given her sword, acting as the mother he lost. Though this only
complicates things for him. He tries to get Bianka's attention in much the same way she tries to get Edaka's, but as
Edaka ignores her, she misinterprets Vanos.
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Name: Signus Montgomery (Future)
Gender: Male
Race: Godling
Age: 19
Hair: Shot blonde
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6'4
Weapon: 'Excalibur' a special sword made for him by Ryouseiku.
Short bio: The son of Schala, the father is unknown but everyone assumes it to be Ryouseiku. He is a member of the inner
circle of the Knights of Ryous, a man of exceptionally tall and muscular build. He has been told of the relationship
Schala and Jumi once had, and then observing the strength that has come from Dai and Jumi has made him ambitious. He has
come to the conclusion that if he manages to capture Bianka and get a child from her the child would be extremely powerful.
He would prefer Bianka to love him willingly, but will have his way any means possible. He has chased Bianka throughout
the world constantly trying to capture her, but he has lost track of her since she went back into the past.
Sexual Orientation: Straight.

Name: Lumuna (Future)
AKA: The Thunderbird
Gender: Female
Parent God/Angel: Augustin and Aisuka
Faction: Heaven's Legion
Age: 16
Hair: Long blond, it naturally glows like sunlight but she can
suppress it if she wants.
Eyes: Right – green Left – blue.
Height: 6'1
Weapon: Two long spears, one in each hand and both with points on
each end. When thrown and infused with her power they look like
bolts of lightning - the source of her alias.
Usual Clothing: A baggy white dress, covering everything but her
hands, neck and face. A wide red belt, gold high-heels
Short Bio: The first true second generation goddess and daughter of
Heaven's rulers, with no other obvious openings in the pantheon
Lumuna has inherited Urbanus' long vacant pre-fall position of
Captain of Angels and is a reluctant member of Heaven's Legion. The
conception of more gods was a reluctant decision on Augustin's part
but with the divine arms race created by the unending breeding of new
godlings it was seen as an inevitable action and it was best if
Heaven was the first to create more gods. Despite the fact that no
goddesses had fallen there was always the chance that Ikazd'yix could
bear children for Ryouseiku and/or Urbanus.
Her first few years were spent in her parent's palace in Heaven
before being sent to Earth and put under Maxim's command. This was
where the trouble began, not only a goddess but a princess she saw
herself superior to everyone else and felt she should be in command.
She was ultimately loyal to her parents however so despite constant
tensions and insistence that she should be in command none of the
expected attempts by Ryouseiku or Urbanus to turn her were ever
After Maxim sent Bianka backing time Lumuna made another request to
her parents to be given ultimate authority over Heaven's Legion. For
now Maxim remains in command but Augustin is taking his daughter's
request more seriously than in her previous attempts and everyone is
aware that she might take over in the near future.
She can work semiprofessionally with all her companions while on duty
but is not very friendly with any of them. Her down tends to be
spent in isolation and sometimes checking up on her cousin Su-Chi to
evaluate her true loyalties.
Sexual Orientation: Straight, though uninterested in any sort of
relationship (believes everyone is beneath her anyways).

Name: Mishiko Arai
Gender: Female
Race: Demi-goddess
Parent God/Angel: Ryouseiku
Faction: Knights of Ryous
Age: 18
Hair: Long brown
Eyes: Red
Height: 5'9
Weapon: Sword
Usual Clothing:
Short Bio: One of at least several children of Mikari Arai and Ryouseiku. While
capable of fighting, she tends to be the politician of the family, taking care
of things her father does not have time to deal with.
Much of her time is spent trying to convince independent territories to worship
her father (he is a god after all, and is not opposed to including religion as
another factor in running his empire). She also works on reducing the number of
women hoping to be chosen by him to reasonable numbers and proper standards. A
necessary task, there are many applicants since it is one of the few ways to
improve the life of the applicant and her family. Some women may be
uncomfortable with the idea, but for many others the safety, luxury, not to
mention experience of sex with a god, more than makes up for any discomfort they
might feel.
She has had some contact with Ranna's cult, she is trying to peacefully get them
to join her father, or at least provide some of their children. She is patient
though, and would not attack even if they have so far refused to even offer
gifts. She has not informed her family of the location either. The knights
Marie occasionally fights are random patrols that happen to stumble across the
temple. She wants loyal recruits, not a conquest. While it is not official,
she likes to call herself an ambassador.
Her personal experience with the cult has not included participation. She has
had several polite-if-tense discussions with the leadership (Reiko, Ranna,
probably Ilyia, maybe Kappei) and witnessed a few cult activities but declined
to join or take advantage of their services. As a daughter of Ryouseiku it
would be easy enough for her to obtain anything the cult offered back home.
Sexual Orientation: N/A and/or bisexual, depending on how you take a goddess not
being bound by such things.

Name: Anista Dunai (Past).
Gender: Female
Age: 23
Race: Human (Zenisian)
Hair: Long waving black, usually tied up and covered in a bandanna
or hat.
Eyes: Red
Height: 5'11
Weapon: Six foot long blood red bladed katana.
Short Bio: A young woman born in Zenis, in training to be a Templar; the highest rank of the Augustin Knights. This order
is made up almost entirely of Angels. She would only be the seventh human in the history of Zenis to become one; and the
first human girl. She is not a very secure person though and to honor the will of her parents recently killed in the war
she has lived he life as a boy for the past three years. Those who have known her for years know she is a girl, but most of
the population of Zenis is unaware of it. Unlike Haiko Nagai (one of my other characters) she isn't so into it that she
believes that she really is a boy, but she will always deny being a girl as long as there is any chance of confusion.  Even
though she was already an adult when her parents died she was adopted by the War God Cicero. He felt she had a great
potential and wanted to prove she was capable of becoming an Augustin Templar. The combination of a lack of any female
role models, friends or family and the desire to impress Cicero was what caused her to take up the role of a man. She has
also been promised that the Gods may change her into a man someday if she lives a proper life.
Sexual Orientation: Straight, but because of her life style most
people think of her as a gay man rather than a straight girl (depending on how things work out this might cause her to give
up herwish to become a man eventually).

Name: Yukami Garahau
AKA: Ami
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Hair: dark green, down the middle of her back with two long strands
in front of her ears reaching down to rest on her breasts.
Race: Japanese human
Eyes: beady and dark, almost black
Height: 5'2
Weapon: short staff
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Short Bio: Short tempered, easily offended, and very crass. She’s trained hard for the last 15 years before joining the
academy, becoming a very skillful mage. Now she intends to find a place on the council and put people in their place.
Yukami is an extreme elitist. She is pretty but tough most guys are too intimidated to approach her.

Name: Ashley Stryfe
AKA: She refers to herself as 'The Lady Stryfe'; but most
underclassmen refer to her as 'Ashley-sama'.
Gender: Female
Age: Seventeen
Hair: Black, and somewhat past shoulder length. Lets it fall in
front of her face, and it's parted so that it covers the left eye.
Hangs loose in a clean bob cut, and relentlessly straightened.
Eyes: Dark brown, almost black. (Sometimes wears black glasses, as
she is near-sighted)
Height: 5'6
Race/Ethnicity: Haf human, half fairy, of Hispanic ethnicity; Dark skinned compared to other races, but still
light compared to most her ethnicity.
Appearance: Medium framed, slightly toned from spending some free
time weightlifting. There is a scar on her forehead that is barely
visible, but cannot be seen unless she moves her hair away. There is
a large, five-inch scar on her stomach, but none have seen it.
Weapon: Twin short swords, which are on the same level as the
kodachi. One regular-sized sword with an odd-shaped blade, looking
very much jagged, but still symmetrical.
Abilities: Psychic powers; Telekinesis and Telepathy, mostly. Has a
slight reach of a precognetic sense, but nothing too unbridled.
Personality: Lethargic, stoic, and mostly introverted. Keeps to
herself, but she has a mysterious aura about her, which somehow
draws people to wish to approach her.
When spoken to, she is generally sarcastic and witty, using her
knowledgeable vocabulary every once in a while. She values her
intellect, and is somewhat vain when it comes to things related to
such matters.
She is rather kind-hearted when one looks past her withdrawn
demeanor, but she is a pretty big realist, and doesn't trust anyone.
Usually a loner, she is very capable, and very strong-willed.
Sexual Orientation: Leans more towards males, but if females approach her,
she will consider them as relationship material. So, more or less

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Nan-yo Uomizu
AKA: Hope
Gender: female
Age: around ???
Height: 4'10 (146cm)
Weight: 90lbs/41kg
Hair: Red
Eyes: Gold
Weapons: Dual wielding Broadsword or barehanded

Mother: Su-chi
Father: Ashkray

full siblings: Nea-chi, Enn-ah
half-siblings: Za-Nur, Lun-Unir, Nir-Zan

Short Synopsis: The older sister of the mischief and strife twins. She is a very troubled individual
cause for both her own hope and despair. Playing a big part in the loss Urbanus suffered in the
original timeline she avoided getting erased when Urbanus gambit set in motion to remove the cause
of his defeat. Trapped between time and space as she was conceived outside of reality she has reestablished
herself in the current timeline.
While Nan-yo's true allegiance still remain shrouded in mystery, "Ikazd'yix" have taken an interest in the young girls
role, using her as a playing piece in a very sick game.

Name: Nea-chi Uomizu
AKA: Princess of mischief
Gender: female
Age: around 9-12
Height: 4'1-4'5
Weight: 25-31kg
Hair: Green
Eyes: Gold
Weapons: Lance

Mother: Su-chi
Father: Ashkray

full siblings: Nan-yo, Enn-ah
half-siblings: Za-Nur, Lun-Unir, Nir-Zan

Other relatives: Uomizu family

Short Synopsis: She is the older of the twins. She is very protective towards her twin.
 She is identical looking to her sister and only their hair color is what makes them look different.
 Su-chi would easily have been able to tell them apart even if they did have the same hair color though.
This older twin has a very strong sense of wanting to be of use so she would probably seek her mother
 and fathers approval often.

Name: Enn-ah Uomizu
AKA: Princess of Strife
Gender: female
Age: around 9-12
Height: 4'1-4'5
Weight: 25-31kg
Hair: Magenta
Eyes: Gold
Weapons: Lance

Mother: Su-chi
Father: Ashkray

full siblings: Nan-yo, Nea-chi
half-siblings: Za-Nur, Lun-Unir, Nir-Zan

Other relatives: Uomizu family

Short Synopsis: The younger of the two twin girls. Being the younger sister she would be more "coquette".
 Since her older sister would always be "protecting her" this would also make her personality a little bit "twisted"
 in that sense that she would think it okay for her sister to murder people that even said something bad about
 the younger sister.


NAME: Kanako Sawai
GENDER: Female

AGE: 14

'RACE': Japanese

HAIR: Snow White reaching a short bit past her shoulders.

EYES: Azure Blue

HEIGHT: 4 ' 9

WEIGHT: 36 kg

ASSOCIATIONS: Younger Cousin of Kappei.

STORY: Youngest child in a family of martial artists she was a bright and lovely girl and

Accepting the scholarship offered by the Ryouseiku academy, Kanako's hair turned from a brilliant
starkly bright red to a snow white overnight.

SEXUALITY: Undecided/ has non. Meaning that she isn't interested in
sex and such but that everybody got as big shot on her as the next

NAME: Kappei Sawai


AGE: 18 (He is really 22 but since he flunked out a couple of times
he goes to school anyway)

'RACE': Human Half-Japanese

HAIR: Dark red crimson

EYES: Dark blue almost black

HEIGHT: 6 ' 3

WEIGHT: 86 kg

OTHER: Always wears the school uniform but he never bothers to button
his shirt or jacket and they are always in a rumpled state. Always
with a cigarette in his mouth he loves beautiful girls.

ACADEMICS: Having flunked more subjects than he has passed he is still rather liked by the teachers and he has been known to fill in for a few of them.

STORY: A pervert and a scoundrel his attraction for Ranna grew into genuine love as he got to know her. Having been a lazy jerk most of his student life he is a bit stumped at how to proceed though, jealous and a bit awkward he tries to make Ranna like him as much as he likes her. His plan seem to be to get her pregnant and marry her.


Name: Ikazd'yix (pronounced and spelt in a greenish-purple tone)

Gender: Female, though it is rumored that she has taken male form in
the past.

Race: Usually white, and unusually Pale, but has been known to be any
shade of color.

AKA: The Lady Ambiguity. Most people outside her family refer to her
as Ambiguity

Age: usually physically manifests as a fifteen year old.

Eyes/Hair: Ambiguity's eyes are like an opal, changing color as light
falls upon them at different angles. Flecks of gold and silver
speckle whatever other colors are visible. Sometimes, however,
 Ambiguity's eyes show flat color, that reflects her mood.
  Ambiguity's hair changes style and color on a regular basis. It is
 debatable if this is something that she has conscious control over or
not. On particularly formal occasions, or on the rare occasion when
Ambiguity is both serious and in fully lucid - her hair is straight,
reaches to her heels, and is a dark black in color, with a sheen that
 reflects all the colors of the rainbow, much like spilled oil does.

Height: 5'

Weapon: Ambiguity has never felt the need for a weapon.

Short bio/personality summery: Those who know of such things, can
find references to Ambiguity's existence in the secret histories
dating back thousands of years. She is known to often be the
companion of the insane and the deluded, but other than this, little
is known of her nature, or her agenda.

Name: Ilyia Marie F'roni

A.K.A: LyiLyi

Age: 14

Race: Demon

Hair: Black, usually worn in a braid.

Eyes: Black

Height: 5'4

Weapon: Whip

Short bio/Personality summary: She is quite spontaneous, fun-loving, and a bit
zany at times. She insists on being free and independent doing as she wished.
She dopes not react well when someone tries to change her basic habits or
routine. She is very much drawn to the natural world. A duality between natural
impulsiveness and a need for stability can confuse everyone even herself. She is
used to being the boss and is very rebellious.

Sexual Orientation: Straight


Name: Midori Venagis

A.K.A: The light of God

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Race: Midori appears to be a mixed race of Japanese and Puerto Rican
and her skin is a deep shade of bronze, but she is truly
a "Nephilem", half Angel, half human.

Hair: Her hair is a fiery red and is pulled up into a high ponytail
that reaches past her lower back. Jagged rows of bangs cascade into
her face and partially cover her eyes. Two small strands of hair fall
down on either side her face just in front of her ears and reach past
her collarbone.

Eyes: Emerald

Height: 5'11"

Weapon: Long Sword, she uses fencing style and she is skilled in hand
to hand combat

Short bio: Her father was the Angel Gabriel and she was born unto a
human mother. Her earthly father is a Puerto Rican politician and her
mother was a young Japanese girl. Her father, thinking it would be
for the best, due to her high intelligence and over achievements in
athletics, sent her to Ryouseiku Academy in hopes that she would gain
the best education she could get. In reality it was a plan made in
the heavens. Midori was born to help bring down the evils that were
being committed with in the school. Though, in her mind this is not
her top priority, she is more set on just enjoying life and maybe
she'll come across situations in which she can help, but she doesn't
view herself as the "savior" of anything. She has dulled supernatural
senses, which come and go. Depending on the situation she can sense
the feelings of others and can at times sense danger.
Personality summary: She's very active and always on the go. She
never meets a person that she'll be outright mean to. Whether they
seem cruel or not Midori will never fail to attempt to make friends
with them. Sports are her thing and her main one is volleyball. She
can spike a ball clear through a brick wall if she wanted to, though
she is not limited to that one genre; track, swimming, tennis, and
fencing are at the top of her list. She'll never get mad at a person
no matter what they say or do to her, unless they're picking on
others. Putting down people is a sure way to tick her off and she'll
be quick to start a fight, and she doesn't go down easy. She has a
weakness for wanting to protect others and can trust people too

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Name: Xaleia Aguilar

Gender: female

Age: unknown, but looks 18

Race: Catgirl. She is also a vampire. She has a very voluptuous
 figure, with smooth cream-colored skin that has reddish stripes on
the outside of her arms and legs. Her body is covered in a dark
purple fur from head to toe. Her tail is long and tapering, with
orange patches of fur interrupting the normal purple, she carries it
straight. Her ears are wide-set on her head, pointed and alert, and
 covered in red fur. When she walks she makes very little noise, and
produces an extremely sensual air about her. Her usual manner of
dress is best described as being "as little as possible, and are you
 sure that's not a bikini?" She also wears a long, flowing black cape
that is enchanted to respond to simple mental commands.

Hair: She has neck-length, wavy, golden hair with gray bangs in
front, worn in a wild style.

Eyes: deep-set, slit red eyes. When she feeds, her eyes begin to

Height: 5'5"

Weapon: Long sword that has a blade with a crimson hue to it, styled
to resemble a plume of smoke. The pommel bears a series of
moonstones. Its grip is of a silver metal set with moonstones and
sapphires. The guard is an octogram with blood rubies at each point.

Short bio/Personality summary: Xaleria is a member of the Loire tribe
of vampires. She has been around for several hundred years, but she
has lost count of exactly how old she is. As a Loire vampire, she is
much faster and stronger then she was before her transformation. She
can heal from minor wounds in moments, larger ones require more time
to heal. Sunlight is not lethal to her, but it does irritate her
skin and prevent her body from healing as quickly.
She tends to be a mysterious figure, lurking around the shadows
searching for her next source of blood as a meal. Her vampirism was
acquired when she was mortally wounded by hunters seeking her skin.
She fell off a cliff while she was fleeing, and her body was battered
during the fall. The local vampire lord, Drosaviem Spellcry of the
Barony of the Grand Jewel, was drawn by the scent of her blood as she
lay dying. He offered her a choice, death or transformation to a
vampire. She chose to live, and thus became a vampire. She learned
much about what it was to be a vampire from Drosaviem, but after
several decades she decided she was ready to move on, and left his
castle to seek out a place of her own. She returns to see her old
master and friend every few decades, and to catch him up on the
happenings in the world. Over the years, she has encountered many
vampires from all the different tribes, from the regal Jezerel
descended from the Father of All Lord Dracula, to the Goya who were
little more than animals themselves. She learned that to survive
requires her to exhibit extreme caution in how she deals with others.

Sexual Orientation: bisexual


Name: Elisabeth Malady

Gender: Female
Age: apparent age 16 but she is around 200+ years old

Race: Vampire

Eyes: yellow
Hair: blond/golden in long curls.
Skin: very pale.

Height: 5'2
Weight: 43kg

Weapon: Rapier

Powers: Stronger and faster than normal humans she can only show a very small amount of her strength during daytime.

Her family in particular were bloodmages which is what allows her to walk in the sunlight. This however would be impossible even for her if she ran low on blood.

Blood weapons: She can form various sharp weapons using her own blood or that of others. She would rather not however since it would leave her weaker during daytime.

Bestialism: she is able to call forth the aid of rats, bats and other vermin. If there had been any wolves nearby she would have been able to call for their aide as well but if there are non...

Transformation: She can turn into a cloud of bats but only so for a very brief time. She can also turn into mist but this leaves her weakened afterwards.

Personality: Although she is always pleasantly 'smiling doll' she is a very cold person. Only in the arena where she is able to fight do we see some of her true feelings. She retains her smile even there, but her cruel and bloodthirsty way of fighting is truly fearsome.

History: She isn't the only vampire hiding in plain sight at the school. Her reasons for going there seems to be to make connections of some kind? Or maybe to just find somebody she can turn into a ghoul?

I dunno if she will exist in any of the other universes since her character is a pretty influential and powerful one. If she doesn't then she will most likely have been murdered by the Uomizu family or somebody else.

Sexuality: Lesbian
Virgin: Yes


Name: Kenji Minami
Gender: Male

Race: Human

Age: 17

Hair: Short black

Eyes: Brown

Height: 5’11
Weapon: (Temporarily) A special golden flat headed mace.
Short Bio: Already something of a star of the arena.  Fighting has always come naturally to Kenji.  While he is not officially an agent of the Student Council they have used him before and have rewarded him well for his efforts.  But no matter how skilled, no matter how much Jumi held back, he was setting himself up for a rather difficult fight.  Ryouseiku provided the equalizer, a weapon that on impact could temporarily ‘restrain’ Jumi’s power.  It was a temporary weapon, its power would not last beyond their fight, but it would accomplish what was needed.

Sexuality: Straight
Virgin: No


Name: Charlotte Celia Lockhart

Gender: Female

Race: Human

Age: 17

Hair: Dark Purple; short at the nape of the neck, straight bangs and two shoulder length pieces that frame each side of her face.bangs and two shoulder length pieces that frame each side of her face.

Eyes: Deep, bright blue – also wears little oval framed glasses. She wears them not because she needs them but because she believes they make her look smart and gives her an aura of professionalism. They also serves as one of her demon hunter talismans.

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 95ibs/43kg

Weapon: ...Adalia – her partner.

Bio: Celia, like three previous generations of her family, joined
Muneria as their birthright. She was an excellent student, quick to
learn her spells, demon types, key indicators, information about each
species and the whole shebang, however, she was a less than average
combatant. Despite the long hours she put into practicing, she could
not seem to pull off anything that even barely passed Muneria
regulations. Much to her chagrin, the solution the Agency came up
with was to pair her with Adalia Runai, the most `absentminded'
Muneria agent. The reason sited being that what she lacked in
physical power, Adalia made up for in spades and what Adalia lacked
in mental prowess, Celia more than adequately compensated for. Faced
with the choice of leaving the agency or accepting her new partner,
Celia begrudgingly accepted.

Personality: Celia is about as sarcastic and cynical as they come –
almost bitter at times. She is very uptight and serious about her job
and rarely relaxes, preferring to spend the brunt of her time
studying or practicing new magical techniques. She's very intelligent
and very capable, able to see through people who are lying pretty
easily. Because of her high Intelligence and serious nature she's developed an over-inflated ego and had a hard time bonding with other people.

Sexuality: Bisexual
Virgin: Yes


NAME: Ji-Won Jee

GENDER: Female

RACE: Human (Korean)

AGE: 53 (looks around 24)

HAIR: Shoulder lenght lavender colored

EYES: Lavender colored


WEIGHT: 75kg

WEAPON: Dual wielding

OCCUPATION: Homeroom Teacher + History Teacher + Magic Combat Instructor

BIO: Ji-Won has remarkable talent at using magic and a very large mana pool. Growing up she was often referred to as a genius. Her main talent at magic is for fighting, and before being recruited by the academy she was a member of the South Pacific Military that patrool the area around the forbidden zone (see Ground Zero for the great Cataclysm). Her reasons for allowing herself to be recruited by the academy, is unknown and something she keeps to herself.


VIRGIN: ????


NAME: Arai Sawai

GENDER: Female

RACE: Human/Magical girl

AGE: 12-13

HAIR: Dark Blue; Long hair tied up in a high ponytail. She has straight bangs/forelocks.

EYES: A bright deep ruby red.

HEIGHT: 4'9 (145cm)

WEIGHT: 86ibs/39kg

PARENTAGE: Mother: Ranna Father Kappei

WEAPON: small dagger and sword thin sword.

OTHER: She can change gender. It seems to be random but there might be a an actual trigger. Her changes happens extremely seldomly though and she spends most of her times as a girl.

BIO: One of Kappei's children, she shares their unique trait of having a very low libido. Unlike the rest of them, she doesn't just have a low libido, but seems to lack one altogether. Spending most of her time in her labs and gardens, she keeps away from other people as much as possible. When she doe interact with people, it's mostly her father or one of his biological children. The reason for this is that she finds the whole pestering about sex annoying.

PERSONALITY: Arai has a snarky attitude acting like a know it all and showing little to no respect for her older siblings. She has no interest in sex and as she finds that in theory it is just a huge waste of time and energy.  The young girl is interested in finding out how he world works, taking interest in magic and science alike. She is a highly intelligent little girl, inheriting her mothers intelligence and her fathers quick thinking. Despite all this she actually cares about her family. While she views her siblings as annoying family members, she has a soft spot for her mother which even though she has a hard showing it -- and she practically adore and idolize her father. Not in a sexual way, but in a "my hero" kind of way. She's a daddies girl. She makes damn sure to hide this though and thus could be said to be a bit of a "tsundere".




NAME: Nero Nagai
RACE: Half-vampire Half-human

GENDER: female

AGE: 1?


HAIR: Silver, but more white than grey.

EYES: A bright deep ruby red.



PARENTAGE: Mother: Haiko Father Kappei
WEAPON: Dual wielding blade guns.

BIO: The daughter of Kappei. Acting as a problem solver she roams the hidden underground city, helping anyone that is in trouble to the best of her ability. Because of her earnest personality she ends up being the butt of the joke a lot of times as her siblings play pranks on her. Whenever there is need to go outside. is always among the the first to volunteer. While putting her family first, she is an apprentice demon-hunter and was trained by Adalia and Celia when she was younger.


PERSONALITY: She has a no-nonsense earnest attitude towards life. She is honest and very responsible and takes her promises very seriously. She considers her family the most important thing in her life and she doesn't consider even her most fiendish siblings "monsters". She feels disappointed in her father and consider him just a lazy pervert.


OTHER: The Profile of Nero is left unfinished because I am still searching for her original profile. When I find it, I will fix and all the missing info. (lol I don't vern remember if her actual name was Nero.)


NAME: Mana Rangorn

GENDER: Female

RACE: Abomination

AGE: 15?

HAIR: Pink


HEIGHT: Human form: 152cm / Monster form 3meter

WEIGHT: 300kg+ (her weight remains the same even in her human form since her mass doesn't disappear but just changes and solidifies)

PARENTAGE: Mother: Ranna Father Kappei


BIO: One of the more unfortunate children of Ranna seeing as she has the mind of a normal insecure teenage girl. Just like her mother she can shift between looking human and looking like something out of a horror movie. However unlike her mother she is unable to control her transformations. There isn't an actual trigger to her transformation, instead she changes form in cycles. Unlike her human form, her monster form changes appearance a lot but they all resemble insects or spiders to some degree. Varying from having an arachnid body with a human torso, to a combination of centipedes, preying mantis and even scorpions, Mana keeps to herself a lot and does not participate in any of cult rituals. Her most recognizable and iconic monster form has large preying mantis scythes as arms, a torso that looks like a combination of a spider and a centipede... and an extremely long tail that is a combination of a centipede and a scorpion. In all her forms she has (even the human looking one) she is able to create a form of ectoplasm dark webbing from shadows. When Tendril got lost in the catacombs the first one to find her was Mana. Alone and sad she kept her little sister as her own and hid her away from the rest of the family. She understood that what she was doing was wrong and that it hurt her mother not being able to find one of her children, but she just couldn’t stop herself. As a result she became a bit of a yandere concerning the little girl and became even more vicious in her monster form if she suspected somebody would find her and possibly take Tendril away from her.


PERSONALITY: Mana is a teenage girl that loves her family very much. She is interested in fashion and likes looking at pretty clothes, be they on herself or on other people. When she was younger she loved helping Marie put make-up on, doing her hair and picking out clothes and accessories for her to wear. Originally not being affected by the cycles she was long believed to just be a normal human girl, but around the age of eleven she had her first transformations. Mana hates her monstrous forms and has take on a self-imposed exile every time her body starts changing into a monster.




NAME: Dante Rangorn


AGE: 19 (when Marie is 19)**

HEIGHT: 7'0+


EYE COLOR: Gold colored with slit catlike pupils

OTHER DESCRIPTIONS: Large part of his body is covered by striped fur. He has a striped tail and his ears are pointy (although human shaped.) His face looks human but he has tiger-like stripes on his cheeks. He has normal teeth except for his canine teeth which seem a bit vampiristic.

PARENTAGE: Father Kappei, Mother Ranna History: He is Ranna and Kappei's oldest son.

PERSONALITY: He has his fathers seriousness but non of the lecherousness. He has his mothers brooding nature (the way she was when she was young) He is very responsible and conscious about being the eldest brother. he feels he needs to take care of everyone because he feels his father is a no god idiot and his mother has been forced to be something she never asked to be. He finds his siblings problematic since they are so horny and he is especially annoyed with Marie because he feels she should know better and be more responsible.

BIO: Dante  was always a very serious boy and was inseparable from his sister Marie. When the catastrophe happened and the wars began he shouldered more on his shoulders than he should have been expected too... In the "temple of love" time period he is busy doing his part to keep their "cult" safe from invaders. He doesn't care for sex though so he tries to discourage such behavior from his siblings even if he has to 'spank' them. When Tendril 'disappeared' he helped look for her, but even when she 'showed up' he never stopped looking for her. He may or may not have been the first boy that his sister Marie did something sexual with.





NAME: Tennille Rangorn

GENDER: Female

RACE: Slime?

AGE: 7? (when Marie is 19)

HAIR: varies

EYES: varies

HEIGHT: 1.23cm -- 1.70cm (her height varies)

WEIGHT: 10kg? (she mainly seems to consist of liquids and air)

PARENTAGE: Mother: Ranna Father Kappei

BIO: One of Ranna's youngest children. Born looking like a black haired human little girl Ranna gave her the name of Tennille which mean "light". Fully aware that her children might not display any monstrous characteristic until years later, she kept a close eye on the little newborn. At around the age of two the little girl displayed what Ranna believed to be form of power, creating what could only be called floating and mollusks the little girl stayed close to her mother. Half a year later however when Ranna wasn't looking, Tennille transformed, o rather liquefied and disappeared. Ranna was beside herself of worry and immediately did everything she could to find her missing child but to no avail. Nothing could leave or enter the underground city without Ranna being aware of it so logically her child should still be there... but whether it was magic, science or just good old fashioned physical searching... she was till not able to find her daughter. As a mother though she could feel that her daughter was still alive and out there... so where was she? This was when she found her... or so she had thought at first. Her hair color and eye color different, Tenille was spotted by a lot of the cult members roaming around the upper layers of the tunnels of the city. However what had been found was not Tenille herself but rather what could only be called a clone... or an extension of the girl. Consisting of what could only be called water or other fluids... the "not Tenille" kidnapped anyone she found in the tunnels and subjected them to all kinds of sexual horrors. Having at first thought she had finally found her daughter again, Ranna did not really know how relate to these copies of her child but decided in the end to consider them all her children even though their personality was different than that of Tenille. Considering the nature of these copies and how they could create tentacles and transform their bodies, Kappei's daughter "Nero" accidentally called her Tendrill... and the name stuck. Unbeknownst to Ranna, the reason she was unable to find her daughter was because of another one of her daughters was keeping her hidden. Mana had found the crying Tennile and cared for her and dotted on her. Using her Shadow web she was able to hide away her little sister even from her mother... because such was the nature of the shadow web that even a god would not be able to find anything hidden behind it.


PERSONALITY: She was a very shy and easily frightened little girl. After she disappeared however... her clones show no sign of being scared or shy... the traps just seem determined and horny.


OTHER:  Her eye colors, her height, her hair color and the color of her clothes vary depending on what Tendril's 'clone' is made out of. The truth about Tendril is that her bodies are all created from the semen, the water, the female juices, the blood, the sweat and whatever other fluids she absorbs from the caves/tunnels. Each trap are just some tentacles... but when being activated by nearby victims they form into a new Tendril. (Yes in fact it has even happened on occasion that one or more of these clones have accidentally activated each other and started fighting.) The traps will drain the victims of fluids... create new clones during the battle if necessary and finally dissolve and reform somewhere else as several more traps. 

SEXUALITY: Has no concept of it but will trap anyone and anything and play with them.

VIRGIN: Yes, but she has used tentacles and traps on people.... and she is a slime so... she is only a virgin as a female... not as a tentacle slime monster.



NAME: Justice Sage Kingsley
AGE: Appears to be 16 but has really been alive since long before the war.
HAIR: Golden blond hair kept rather short with a short thin braid on the right side.
EYE COLOR: Eyes are an emerald green.
WEAPON: Custom Claymore

THRONE SUMMARY: Thrones being one of the variety of angels closest to the gods,
 much like archangels they posses three sets of wings. Possessing an even
 greater love for fighting than the Archangels themselves, the thrones were
 generally used to carry out judgment upon other angels, humans or even gods
 themselves. Unlike the archangels they were never used in wars and due to
 their violent nature could not be trusted as body guards. Thus their existence
 were that of executioners. Due to their extreme nature when the wars started
 these angels were seen carrying out divine punishment upon both sides, this
 the cause of their destruction.

SHORT BIO: Having been sealed since the wars, in the distant future also
 referred to as the third age, he and another of his kind was released from
 their prison. Kept in check by a seal, half his soul is still restrained.
 Should the seal break he will once again be sucked back into the rift where
 he is chained.

PERSONALITY SUMMARY: Noble and cheerful, although easy to get along with
 Sage has an royal air about himself.





Here is a list of some of the more monstrous children. When I have time, these might change and/or be fleshed out.

Beshram: height/lenght: 3 meters 3 tails each 4 meter long four human like arms instead of legs/feet. is head would look very much like that of a gharial. His entire body would be covered in green/greyish scale and give him a very crocodile look. Sadly he would only be slightly more intelligent than a crocodile... placing his IQ just slightly above that of a chimpanzee. He would mostly eat fish but would snap at and bite humans if given a chance. He would not eat humans though.


Sevanna: 5 meter tall ravenous daughter/son. Crowlike wings and feathers, Sevanna torso would be covered by a mix of bloodred feathers as well as black ones. His feet/legs would be those of a hawk. He/she would have two heads, both distinctly human. One would be female and one would be male.both heads would have red eyes and slit serpent tongues and jagged sharp teeth. It would have no arms. It would be as intelligent as a human... an intelligent human. Sevanna would be a predator and eat humans when given a chance.


Taurum: ???? Dunno, but the name sounds nice


Ishram: looks like a beautiful pale young man. He eats life energy though. Touching other people he seduces them with dreams and then sucks their life energy out of them leaving them a dry husk. (sort of the same way Nea-chi did) His eyes turn completely black in his real form. his hair is white.


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