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Clean floor, Dirty mind


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Please dm me to role play

Andrew has never been one to stick to anything very long. He was always the type to rush from one thing to another; Leaving half finished messes for other people to clean up. 

As the son of two wealthy upper class women, his future has already been set in stone for him. Who really has time to make there bed in the morning when you have to catch a flight to Milan in three hours? 

That’s where your character comes in. Andrew decides to hire a cleaning service which (y/c) is a part of. Andrew just desires a tidy house, but one look at (y/c) and Andrew’s desires become a little less clean. 

Please dm me to role play

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      By Rosemary Jay
      It had been quite sometime since the rumors had spread about the Holmes and Achlys family. < Adelaide Holmes was murdered by her husband. > < Wasn't she killed for having an affair with someone else? > < It's said she was killed for knowing a dark secret of the Achlys. > Those kind of rumors spread like wildfire after word was caught that Adelaide Holmes, the wife of Dolion Astrae de Achlys had died suddenly. That, alongside his second son, Silas having gone missing.
      The Holmes and the Achlys family were quite influential. They had their place within nobility, and especially with the royal family. They both held their status in the high class of society. 
      It was now around twenty years since Adelaide Holmes' death, and the disappearance of Silas Achlys. There currently was a birthday banquet being held at the Achlys' house for Dolion, and to celebrate his eldest son, Lucas having taking on as the head of the household. It was to be all bright and dandy for sure. One thing they weren't expecting was the reappearance of a certain someone. 
      You were a noble. A young one at that. You weren't engaged, so your mother had sent you to this in order for a possible opportunity to arise for you. As you were enjoying the party, the doors suddenly flew open, and in came a rather bloodied pink haired male. A rather cruel and what seemed to be a cold smile on his face as he approached Dolion and Lucas. "Ah.. Father, brother. It's been quite a while, hasn't it? Don't worry. I'm the head of mother's family, so do wait until the day comes to when you meet her," He paused, staring at the frozen people around him. "Though, I'm quite sad the people in this house didn't recognize me. But, I'll be on my way. Ah~ I'll also be sending a gift to you two soon. One you would enjoy." He gave a grin before quickly leaving. You had snapped out of your daze soon enough.
      You had gone to chase after the male that had just left after causing quite the ruckus. "...What are you following me for?" The long, pink haired male asked, turning to face you.

      Hello all! I haven't made a post for a roleplay in quite a while so I thought I would post this to see if anyone would be interested! This scenario and roleplay will absolutely be more story-driven rather than smut driven. You do have the freedom to choose whether it be a male or female (though I'm leaning more towards male!) character you play! Do EcchiText Me and we can talk more there!
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      Bonjour everyone!
      I am looking to do a twincest rp and have a few ideas.
      1) Supernatural world,  where certain characteristic or sequence of birth determines who will be superior and who will be inferior. Twin A could have been born first and seen as the perfect one while twin B was born second and was seen as the inferior one. Some Master x Slave or Master x Pet.
      2) The twins have been complete opposite since birth, from personalities to the path they've chosen in life. One of the twins could be in love with the other one, this could be played as one sided at first or playing out how its used against the twin.  Sadism/ Masochism, Master x Slave or Master x Pet.
      3) The twins have been together since birth, they do everything together and practically act like the same person even though their personalities might not be identical. One is more sadistic and extroverted while the other one is more introverted and masochistic. They could have decided to explore with each other their desires.
      Of course, we can also come up with our own plots. I'd like either MxM or FxF, I tend to play dominant characters
      Check out my reference sheet to see if we match up and if we do,feel free to send me an ecchi text!

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      This just to see who is interested, but Im not going to outline a bunch of ideas or nothing. But if you like to play between 12-14 Im interested in something smutty with a good story! I have very few limits and I prefer interracial 
    • Klarus Astras
      By Klarus Astras
      Hello everyone,
      I am looking for a submissive male pet to do a Master/ Slave or Master/Pet rp.  I have some ideas but we can brainstorm as well if you'd like.
      Some of the possible kinks: Bloodplay, Anal,  Sadism/ Masochism, light bondage, Sensory Deprivation, Alcohol/ Drug use, flogging/ whipping, Spanking, Face Slapping.
      Possible settings:  Modern City, Supernatural, Historic

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      one day while at work finally getting a raise, became manager bump into you,a striking model and famous celebrity and out of  no where you grab me and shout "My love!" striking me in question. "what!?"
      in my past lives we were lovers. you a god and me a simple human. each time we met we fell in love and married till i died. but each time i do im the only one who doesnt remember,unlike you. each time we meet in a new life you have to make me fall in love with you or admit that i do before the 'curse' bestoyed upon you ends the cycle of our rebirth each time. 
      (im looking for a dom and im fine with most kinks besides,urine/scat, adult  baby/diapers and such) 
      if you wanna add details or any question just go ahead and ask! here or in pms for the rp works. after we do the plot characters must be described before we rp so i know what i can do or go off exactly?
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