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A list of various clubs organizations on campus.  Put together to have an extra way for characters to interact:

Student Council
Committees (list not yet available)
Horseback riding
Martial Arts (various kinds)
Football (American)
Football (Rest of the world/'soccer')
Marching Band
Track and Field
Yearbook (Council Controlled)
School Newspaper (Council controlled)
Science (Council controlled)
Photography&Film Club
Newspaper Club (Council controlled)
Honor Roll Society
School Store - One can buy school supplies some smaller decorations or furniture for the dorms among other things.  Money to spend here can either be sent
from friends and family off campus or earned by doing basic chores around the campus.  A few positions such as security are also paid regularly (location
is the second floor of the cafeteria building).

Unofficial Clubs:

Rose Knights:  Group of lesbian students dedicated to supporting protecting their sisters.  Protect them both from men who do not care about their lack interest, and to fight in duels for those who are not very skilled.  They offer other general study/student life support as well.  Each girl who seeks their support is asked (but not forced) to join, and is given a Knight to support them, though other members can offer occasional support if the usual Knight is unavailable or unable to help.

The authorities know about them and tolerate them, but never granted official permission for the clubs existence.  In previous years they even had a Council member or two among their members, though they do not have that sort of protection at the moment.

Members tend to be cold/hostile towards men and straight girls.  Bisexual girls cannot join but they can ask for help from the Knights.  Any girl that lies about her orientation help will find themselves severely punished.

Blind Seekers:  A group of occult/supernatural believers and would-be practitioners.  The club started with a few members who heard and believed Jumi and Jun’s claims about the massacre, it has recently had a small explosion in membership with the recent chaos at the arena.  They suspect Ryouseiku is more than he seems, but have not determined just what he might be.  They do not advertise themselves except to those they think would be sympathetic, they hide their existence from the authorities.

Princessmaker Club: A group dedicated to record and archive all sexual activties at the academy. They have a database containing the measurements of all students. male as well as female.  Measurements aren't the only thing they keep track of however since you can even found details such as favorite sexual position, sexual dreams, what kind of underwear they usually wear ect ect ect.

Various "Fetish clubs": Finding "regular" sex may be exceptionally easy but those with particular fantasies/tastes may need some help.  That is what these groups are for, chances are you can find a group for anything you can think of if you know where to look or who to ask.  These are closer to social gatherings/parties than real clubs.  They get together at specific times and places but have no formal membership or leaders.  One can be a
regular or only show up every once in a while.

Maternity Club: An unofficial organization who those girls who who not only avoid any sort of contraception, but want to have a child.  Careless/indifferent girls who get pregnant are also welcomed.  The group's main purpose is for mutual support and to make the child raising easier.  A male branch for the few males that want to take responsibility for the children also exists.

Matchmakers:  A very small, semi-taboo group.  For those who don't want to what the Academy expects of them, and are looking for a single person to be with.

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