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The Pantheon of Gods


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+*Augustin (M)- Royalty/Prince of Heaven

+Aisuka (F)- Love, Marriage, Princess of Heaven (Married to Augustin)

+Maxim (M)- Magic

"Gar" (M)- Fire/Rebirth

+*Cicero (M)- Just wars/Commander of Heaven's armies

+Honorato (M)- Time/fate

Salmoneus (M)- Judge of the dead

Junae (F)- Nature/Plants/Animals

Maura (F)- Water/Oceans/Seas

*Ryouseiku (M)- Illusion/Human mind and perception.

Ambiguity (F/M)- Chaos

Urbanus/Irini (M/'F')- Previous captain of Angels, now evil/darkness.

+*Davos (M)- Light

*Estia (F)- Human good.

Pardus (M)- Weather

Marcian (M)- Crafting (Weapons, buildings, vehicles, everything)

Nadina (F)- Youth, Virginity

**Lumuna (F) - Captain of Angels

Ashkray (M) -

+ Lord/Lady of Heaven

* Involved in Avatar program

** Second generation, Bianka's future.

Physical appearances of the Gods

Augustin: Short blonde hair, blue eyes.  6'0.  Golden armor, red cape, golden many jeweled crown, Jade Scepter.

Aisuka: Long black hair, Green eyes, 5'8, red kimono, silver tiara.

Maxim: Short sky blue hair, blue eyes, 5'6, brown robe, staff.

Cicero: Short Brown/Brown, 6'3, silver armor, long sword.

Gar: Short Green hair/Golden Eyes 6'4.

Honorato: Long grey, with long beard/Brown, 5'10, grey robe.

Salmoneus: Bald/brown, 6'2, black robe, black staff

Junae: Long dark green/green, 5'11, brown leather vest and pants.

Maura: Long sky blue/blue, 6'3, deep sea colored blue dress that ripples like water.

Ryouseiku: (true form) partially bald, with black hair on the sides/brown, 6'1, black dress coat and pants with golden buttons and trim.

Ambiguity: Appearance constantly changing, 5'4.

Urbanus: Long black/red, 6'4, black armor, broad sword.

Davos: Long brown/grey, 6'1, white robes.

Estia: Long purple in many braids/pink, 5'9, white dress, golden jewelry.

Pardus: Short reddish/brown hair, grey eyes, 5'11, Dark blue robes with constantly moving lightning across it.

Marcian: Short brown/brown, 6'3, red armor.

Nadina: Long red/blue, 5'1, light green blouse and skirt.


Nature of the Gods:

Even the best of them are likely to look down on most humans. They do want to protect humanity from Urbanus or any similarly dangerous threat, but viewing their direct approach in ancient times as a mistake, they try to avoid intervention as much as possible. With a few exceptions they do not care a great deal about any particular individual even if they do want to protect humanity as a group.

They are not bound to one form, or even a humanoid form, but find such a form is usually most convenient for their purposes.

All first generation gods and angels started out as soldiers for their creator. After that war ended and they settled down there was more specialization. The original purpose of the remaining soldiers was to deal with isolated uprisings of survivors from the old universe, but in time first sorcerers, then fallen angels and gods became a much greater concern.

Many gods do have specialties, and they tend to be better than the others at any activity that involves their specialty but they are capable of mimicking many of their siblings' abilities.

Relations between the gods: For simplicity, they call each other siblings, but more accurately it would be a combination of this and believing they were aspects of the same being, due to the circumstances of their creation.

Powers of creation: They have some ability to create new life, but are reluctant to do so without permission from their own creator. Ryouseiku's
attempts to improve humanity are already rather risky, but might be forgiven under the circumstances. Interbreeding with humans/angels and even having children born of two gods has been discouraged until recently out of fear of the imbalance that might be caused a large number of new divine beings.

They are capable of bending reality to a limited extent - resisting changes to the past, or potentially being seen in sever places simultaneously. There are limits to this type power, minor/small scale alterations are not too difficult, the larger the scale the more difficult. Anything that might cause worldwide change would be beyond their power (except perhaps if they were all willing to work together and were willing to allow the change to be gradual), though it would be within the abilities of their creator.

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