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More Detailed Sex/Relationship Generalizations


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While very few truly commit to a single person, almost everyone has a ‘favorite’ or two.  Favorites are closer to regular relationships in that they seeeach other over a long period of time and that there is at least some emotional attachment between them, the big difference they would not consider anything to be cheating on them (though fights are still entirely possible for other reasons).  This is an open but very rarely acknowledged secret.

Since the school discourages even this sort of bonding (many students do too, while almost everyone participates you may be mocked if it is too obvious) most people enter and leave such a relationship without acknowledging it to anyone, even the ‘favorite’ in question.  Practically the only time it is mentioned would be as a warning to a new student, especially if they have found themselves in such a relationship without recognizing it.

The Ryouseiku way of dances and formal events – While some people invite a favorite to such an event, most go alone to look for someone new.  It is also a competition of sorts as most of the popular and/or famous students attend and many will try to get their attention, only going after a more average student when they fail.

The big events tend to happen only a few times a year, smaller ones which may attract just a few notable students are more frequent, perhaps a monthly event.

‘Love’ duels – An audience favorite.  These could happen in one of two ways, either an attempt to get the attention of someone you are interested in
but otherwise ignores or finds you unworthy, or an attempt to take someone from what is judged to be an unworthy partner.

Cohabitation – While easy enough for same sex couples, Ryouseiku Academy still insists male and female students should not live together.  There is no rule against spending a night in someone’s room but if the authorities start to suspect the couple is living together they will be separated and possibly disciplined further.

It is supposed that this is because the academy is committed to open relationships and encouraging people to move on quickly.  In one of the cultish attempts at group bonding, you are to consider every Ryouseiku student/alumni (within your orientation and excluding siblings*, those outside your orientation are to be treated as siblings as well) as a group boyfriend/girlfriend with no special treatment for any individual and everyone else outsiders.  Even the same sex couples who live together do their best to appear as roommates or friends and with at most the hint of sleeping together, just to be safe.

* Cousins are considered a borderline exception due to the varying acceptability of it around the world.  No one would blame someone for being uncomfortable with it, but no one would care if two cousins were sleeping together either.

Advertising Orientation:  This is not mandatory, it was a voluntary system set up by the students to make things easier for those who wish to use it.

Lesbian:  The girl in question chooses to wear the uniform coat and puts a pink handkerchief in one of her pockets, in a fashion that part of it sticks out of the pocket.

Bisexual Female:  The School Store includes a small jewelry section.  The girl will usually buy two rings, one with a blue gem, one with a pink gem.  Usually it is the blue gem on the right hand and the pink on the left.  The opposite can be used to indicate a preference for girls.

The men have methods too, but I have a harder time thinking of some, and don’t consider it a great priority due to the lack of characters that would use it.

Pregnancy: With such open sexuality, birth control is obviously easily available, to the extent that everyone is issued some and can easily get more if
necessary. Some people obviously choose not to use it, either because they don't care/enjoy the risk, or even want a kid. This all means pregnancy is rare but not unheard of. It is usually not considered much of a big deal except to the pregnant girl in question, (sometimes) the father, and other close friend/family. Child care is provided by some staff/interested students. It is also possible to offer them up for a sort of `adoption' (still putting some thought into this idea. It will get its own post later, maybe today).

Very brief Future faction summaries:

Empire of Pandemonium: Free for all. Breeding stock is one of the few roles for the remaining, enslaved, humans. Demons are also used for this. Inbreeding among the Uomizus/other children of Urbanus is not common but there are some shamelessly open examples of it.

Knights of Ryous: Ryouseiku has made it known that all women in his lands belong to him first. They can have other relationships, but the women have to leave any other man on a moments notice if Ryouseiku calls for them (or likely bring their partner if they are with another woman). They are separated by class as well – the former Student Council members and their relatives at the top, then other lords, and finally everyone else.

Heaven's Legion: There are no rules regarding relationships; marriage, Ryouseiku style openness and everything in between are all present. However there is also a mandatory breeding program where individuals are teamed up with their ideal matches. Any couples have to live with this reality and the semi-frequent visits to/from other men/women. Orientation is not considered an excuse, every man/woman has to at least occasionally endure an experience with a woman/man

Other locations: Varies widely, some hold onto prewar anti-Ryouseiku traditions, others try their own thing (for example the religiously open relationships in the fertility cult that sprung up around Ranna, against her will).

`Courtship' Priorities: An average student, who is not noteworthy enough to get many random advances, would act in this order. This is not an established rule, but more a matter of etiquette. Someone who handles the order differently may insult someone who feels they should come first:

Roommate (if orientations are compatible).
Dorm Neighbors (again assuming orientation compatibility)
Club Members
Any compatible friends met under other circumstances
"Conquests" (see below)
Random Encounters (someone else on the train, or sitting nearby at the cafeteria
tend to be the most common for those who are not well known).

In theory someone is expected to spend at least one night with every compatible person in the above categories. And everyone is expected to be a member of at least one club as a matter of proper socialization, though this is an unofficial rule, and varying forms of stigmatization are more likely than actual punishment for those who fail to join anything.


Basically someone who has lost a particular variant of love duel. They are semi-unique among Ryouseiku students. They belong to the opponent who defeated them, they can only see others on their master's orders/approval.

It is something of a contradiction to the Ryouseiku lifestyle. It violates the open sexuality, but banning it would violate the nature of the duels – in which the participants should be allowed to pick any post victory conditions they want. This contraction has prevented the process from being banned, but the master is strongly encouraged to do at least some sharing to diminish the contradiction.

Student-Teacher Relations: Neither officially allowed or forbidden.

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