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Name: Alexander

Age: unknown speculated to be over at least a couple hundred years

Gender: male

Rank: jounin/ Rogue depending on timeline of rp

village: Yukigakure

Appearance: Tall , fitting of a giant. brown hair and beard blue eyes black horns sprouting from his head. wearing a Brown cloak over a segmented breastplate, brown coat, dark green pants and fur boots 

Weapons: Scutum, Spatha , and a celtic broadsword, his own super human strength, a rage potion

Bio: A warrior from a time long past or rather perhaps world. displacement of reality and time is a fickle thing. he was found in the Land of Snow wandering village to village for far beyond any known time. When he speaks he speaks of a land called Gaul from which he hailed. curiously he doesnt have any knowledge of Jutsu despite having control over ice. When the village was founded he served honorably as a Jonin. However after the coup from the daimyo's younger brother he went rogue.

He is a warrior and despite how long he has lived has no real grasp of chakra nor jutsu simply passing it off as magic sometimes referring to ninja as Druids or shamans at times. he controls some form of ice magic though he rarely if at all uses it. He respects physical and mental prowess above all. Now he wanders the lands stories are told of bandit groups wiped out in brutal ways. He was last seen in a small village in a dango shopspacer.png

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