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APPLICATION: For Trainers, Elite Four, and Gym Leaders!


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For other RP'ers convenience, it's appreciated if you make an album of your chosen character/s, if they're a regular challenger, a Gym Leader (which will be decided by the Champion), and the Elite Four (the mods, chosen by the Champion again). 

  • You can have no more than six Pokemon; no legendaries, Dynamax, Mega Evolution, Z-Moves or Ultra Beasts. Gym Leaders and Elite Four must stick to their chosen Type.
  • For challengers, levels will be scaled depending on the opponent: the Champion has Pokemon in the late 70's, Elite Four has late 60's to mid 70's, Gym Leaders will have early-mid level 60's only. Everyone will be tied to the specific level evolution (e.g. Dragons will need to be quite high-levelled, while Bug types will be at max potential early on, so keep these facts in mind).
  • Specific trade evolution Pokemon (i.e. trading, needing to trade with this item) must be discussed before use, due to some requiring levels or rare items that might prove difficult to normally obtain.
  • Applications to be Gym Leaders/Elite Four should be sent to the owner for approval. These can be either OC's or actual trainers.

Sexual preference: 
Type: (required if Gym Leader/Elite Four; optional for challengers if they want to go for a specific Type)
Rank: (Challenger, Gym Leader, Elite Four)

(List your Pokemon and their level. Challengers: levels will be scaled depending on the "battle", so keep in mind that some Pokemon might not be at their final evolution for battles.

Sexual Experience: (optional)
Cup size: (if applicable)
Penis length: (if applicable)

Likes: (What they enjoy in their partners)
Dislikes: (What they don't like in a partner
Turn off's: 

Bio: (Basically just talk about your character's beginnings, personality, etc.)

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Steel Type User - Rico Strong


Name: Rico Strong
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Sexual preference: Heterosexual
Type: Steel
Rank: Gym Leader

Bisharp - level 65

Lucario - level 65

Metagross - level 64

Steelix - level 62

Mawile - level 62



Sexual Experience: Has had multiple partners, mostly short flings. Currently in a polyamorous arrangement with Ice Queen Melony after cucking her husband. ❤️ 
Cup size: N/A
Penis length: 12 inch

Likes: Mature women. Young girls. Thicc ladies. Muscular/toned ladies. Virgins. Femine Pokemon. Submissiveness. Motherly types.
Dislikes: Cock teases. 
Kinks: Netorare. Fluff. Lactation. Creampies. Gang bangs. Double penetration. 
Turn off's: Bathroom stuff. 


Rico Strong, Galar's most prominent crime lord who successfully managed to monopolize the region's black market through bribery and extortion. Many speculate that he holds more influence over the region than it seems, especially with how generously he donates to Chairman Rose's league. He also runs the Strong Steel corp. Which provides the region with all its construction materials. This company, of course, is a cover for his true business - a criminal empire that spans even over seas.

Despite being such a busy man, Rico is always ready to take on any challengers who approach his gym. He also pays regular visits to the champion, Melony.

The two seem to be oddly close.

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