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"Hey, I don't think we've met. I'm Honey; my mom, Melony, is the champ. I'm overseeing the Pokemon Centre, and helping out Elite Four, Gym Leaders and challengers alike. If you've got any questions, or just want somewhere to discuss battling ahead of time, this is the place for it. Oh, and I'm not taking part in the competition, but if you're interested in having a round with me, feel free to ask~"


  • Q: Who are the Gym Leaders/Elite Four/Champion?

"Right now?" Honey chews on a toffee as she counts off her fingers. "We're still settin' things up, but we have Melony, the Ice Queen as the champ, Steel King Rico Strong in the Elite Four, and The Furious Juri as a Gym Leader. If you're interested in becoming a Gym Leader, challenger, or a member of the Elite Four, send through your application -- here's a copy of the forms you have to fill in," Honey slides over some papers, "send 'em through to me, and share them here so everyone knows who you are and what you look like, 'kay?"

  • What is the minimum length expected for responses?

"We expect at least a paragraph of a reply; foursentences for those who need something a little more specific. Manage that, and you'll be fine. So long as your grammar's clear, then spelling error's are fine, just make sure it's readable, folks."

  • Are Dynamax/Z-Moves/Mega Evolution allowed? Are items allowed in battle?

"No items or transformations are allowed in battle, to keep it fair between opponents. That includes PP-Up's and other boosters. And viagra, of course. We wanna keep it fair for everyone, so we expect the rules to be followed."

  • Are there any forbidden Pokemon?

"Legendaries and Ultra Beasts are strictly prohibited."

  • What are the preferences of each Gym Leader/Elite Four?

"You can find those in the album section; if not, you can ask them to link it to you. Not everyone's a fan of certain things, so be a lil' thoughtful about how you're going to go about it, yeah? Common courtesy and all that."

  • What happens if I break the rules?

"You'll get a warning from me directly; and if you continue to disobey the rules, then you'll be removed from the club."

  • What if the question I have isn't listed?

"Add a reply with your question, or ask my mom, and we'll update this as per needed."

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out of curiosity is this strictly a club for RPing pokemon trainers, their battles, and the resulting sex... or are roleplayers allowed to play either a wild pokemon or directly play another trainers pokemon?

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Hi! So I was wondering if there was a chance I could become an Elite 4 member? If so, I have the application filled but there are Pokemon that evolve not by level up. Nidoking and Nidoqueen are evolved by Moonstone, and Mamoswine is evolved by learning Ancient Power. I was wondering if it'd be alright to have those three; of course, I'd have six Pokemon, these are the three with abnormal evolutions.

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Erm, I hope this place isn't dead since I'm a bit interested in wanting to play as a trainer. But, how far would the roleplay be included? Would you use the latest version of pokemon/pokemonshowdown to conduct battles? Would you also include that the gym leaders/elite four rules could also be applied to random trainer battles to encourage roleplay between other people? 

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On 16/06/2020 at 16:41, DreekShen said:

So this place still active and can we RP anything Pokémon related or only certain types of RPs for this one?

I think this place is deader than an obese floating hooker. You can message the clubs creator but they haven't answered me back on something, so not necessarily sure how much good it'll do.

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yeah, seems like it sadly. A bit of a shame I guess. I mean the next best thing is to have one of us remake the club but I don't know if someone will do it. And I know I don't really have the courage or boldness to make it.

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