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    • zombiequeenkai
      By zombiequeenkai
      Hello everyone! My name is zombiequeenkai. You could call me Zombie, Queen, or Kai if you guys want a nickname for me. I'm a long time roleplayer. I've been roleplaying for about... nine years now(?). I've been around the block in different roleplay communities from tinierme, deviantart, f-list, and random roleplay forums. I roleplay as a hobby and as a stress reliever from school (I'm in college). That being said, I am a busy college student with a social life (surprisingly). So I won't be able to reply every single hour or day. But I will be at least able to reply once a week and if luck has it, more.

      I have lots of cravings for roleplays but to save everyone time, I'm going to set up a "Roleplay Forecast" that I'll change every so often when my craving change
      Roleplay Forecast

      -Plot Craving-
      ~A Villainess’s Mutiny~
      (Note: To quickly explain the thought behind with this plot, let me point to an anime called My Next Life As A Villainess. It may seem new, but the tropes in it are old af. A girl wakes up to find out that she reincarnated as the villainess of an otome game or a shoujo light novel. Knowing that her future will lead to destruction, the girl now wants to change her destiny. Basically, taking this premise and mixing it with the Chinese trope: system transmigration. You don’t really need to perfectly understand the tropes, but I’m willing to explain if you want me to.)
      After meeting an unfortunate accident, Kai wakes up in a strange and empty dimension. She died! Or rather… she’s in a coma. Having her soul trapped in a ‘game’ of sorts, a mysterious figure called “the gamemaster” (or GM for short) gives Kai the offer of a lifetime. Participate in the GM’s game as a ‘character’ for a chance to come back to life or refuse and die. The rules were simple: follow your role, and if your performance was entertaining, you earn points. These points are used to purchase cheats or items through the System (video game style), and of course, you use points to buy your second chance. The option Kai chose was a no brainer, but she was given the unlucky role as the ‘villainess’! A role that can earn easy points at the beginning of the story but ultimately lose everything once the heroine takes the spotlight.
      What rotten luck! Out of all the roles!
      Thinking it through logically, Kai figured the role fit herself well, and she wouldn’t miss the chance in knocking those braindead heroines down a peg! Petty women like Kai always get dealt a bad hand in the end. Time to show that not every story is a fairytale and that wickedness wins (sometimes)!
      (Info: So, this is a very flexible plot where the aim is to world build with my partner. Anything really goes since I don’t have my heart set in a specific story arc. It could be a reverse harem story where Kai wins over the heroine’s love targets. It could be more RPG for a monster boy direction. It could be a 1x1 idea where your character is in the same position as Kai, either trying to score points or maybe someone who lost and your ‘role’ consumed you… becoming the GM’s characters. Or one of GM’s NPCs who gain sentience. Really, I’m open to a lot with this.)
      ~Far From Home ~
      (Note: this is a reverse harem plot)
      While looking for her lost dog, Kai found herself pushed into a hole she was trying to avoid. She expected herself to reach the bottom with a broken arm but when she opens her eyes, she found herself in the middle of a fantasy like town. Shocked and confused, she looked around; only to see that she was surrounded by obviously non-human beings. Before she was able to do anything, a set of guards takes her and drags her off to a castle. There she learns of a “prophecy” that says that a hero would come from another world to lead these people to peace and prosperity. To Kai’s realization, the prophecy was actually just a summary of a shitty romance novel from the book section of walmart. Since no one would believe her on this, Kai is now showered with attention and gifts from the people… which includes a harem. Now Kai has to juggle being a proper leader and trying to figure a way out before anyone finds out that she’s a fake.
      (Note: this is a reverse harem plot)
      Hiring people to date you is not a new concept. It’s a big industry in Japan but due to it’s increasing popularity, the industry has now become worldwide. Lonely people can now hire someone to date, chat, or just hold hands with. It’s an expensive rental service but if you’re lonely enough, most people are willing to fork over the cash. And if you have the right amount… you might end up being lucky. While traveling to school, Kai saved a business woman from fainting into oncoming traffic. After thanking Kai and exchanging contacts, Kai thought that was the end of it but when she woke up the next morning, she found a couple of hot guys before her door. To her surprise, the woman she said the day before was actually the CEO of one of these dating businesses. As an act of thanks, the CEO sent her top workers as a free month’s trial.
      ~Island Vacation~
      (Note: This is a MBE plot. I'm not exactly begging for this but the craving is here)
      After accidentally getting separated from her group of friends during a beach trip, Kai found herself crossing a boundary that she shouldn't have. An island far removed from what we consider reality with its own unique ecosystem. The inhabitants being otherworldly creatures: monster boys and an eccentric scientist/goddess who created them. A guilty pleasure experiment... or maybe nefarious scheme, either way; the scientist/goddess realized her creations may go extinct with no solution in sight for how they can reproduce. Scientist/goddess would volunteer but she's unfortunately unfertile. Cue Kai, who fell right into her lap. A control freak, scientist/goddess wasn't interested in inviting other women or creating female monsters but the scientist/goddess see a part of herself reflected in Kai. Trapped now in this snowglobe like work, Kai is now playing cat and mouse with the scientist/goddess who wants to turn her into a breeder.

      (I deadass can't explain why I made this plot. I just suddenly had the craving for a breeding/impregnation/dub-con/non-con plot. I've been helping a fanfic writer create the monster boy encyclopedia and I just remember how much I like the concept haha. My smut-heavy idea of the month I guess.)
      ~The Big Reset~
      (This is a MBE plot)
      After five billion years, god decided to retire from being the reigning deity over the Earth and pass it on to his/her/their child to rule and watch over. Excited to finally have a world of their own, god 2.0 inherited Earth only to receive a shock of a lifetime. Earth is so… lame! No magic, no monsters, and only dull humans. UGH! That’s like… so boring! It’s like receiving socks for Christmas! But who said that they need to keep Earth the same? Now that god 2.0 calls the shots, they can have any type of world they wanted!

      Out with the old and in with the new. Practically overnight, god 2.0 hit the big reset on Earth to create their fantastical new Earth! Everyone got an update with those boring ass humans practically extinct. Unfortunately, it seems like Kai missed the memo. While the world outside her apartment was changing, it seemed like herself, and her home was kept out of the loop. Instead of the normal city landscape, she was born and raised in, Kai found herself staring at large castles and cottages upon waking up. The sparrows and pigeons that flew past her windows were replaced with harpies and dragons. What in the world?!

      Mistaken as an ancient race based on her clothing and human heritage, Kai is paraded around as a scientific discovery that people wanted for one reason or another.
      Aspect/Theme Craving-
      Reverse Harem
      Recycle Bin
      Here lie my half-baked ideas that never properly got developed into plots. These are mostly jumbled trains of thoughts that I would like to put into a roleplay but never made anything concrete. But as a man once said: "One man's trash is another man's treasure." Who knows? Maybe these streams of consciousness would inspire a potential partner for a roleplay plot.

      Concept One
      A generic isekai idea where my human OC, Kai finds herself in another world and was (kinda) adopted by a wizard/mage/sorcerer/magician as an apprentice. The wizard/mage/sorcerer/whatever is the strongest magic-user in (that) world and it's strange for him to just pick up an apprentice (or whatever). Turns out wizard is in a bit of a pickled being cursed/bound/whatever and he needs a magic-user strong than him to break whatever spell is on him; but yikes, he's the strongest magic-user in that world. What is a man to do besides groom a lost other-worlder with unknown potential to break the spell for him and/maybe groom her into a bride while he's at it. IDK.

      Concept Two
      Something about aliens, I guess. Something like soulmates where an alien race comes to earth using their advance technology that tells them who's their best mate or whatever. Maybe some alien general who thinks it's a sham to breed with humans and paired off with my human OC? Idk I'm not a sci-fi nerd.

      Concept Three
      Some kind of urban fantasy idea where our characters are forced to team up to search for a mysterious artifact or solve a mystery (Like National Treasure nonsense) to save the world from disaster.
      Concept Five
      I read a shoujo manhwa where there's a world where it's all men and to solve that issue, they summon women from other worlds to take them as brides or something of the sort. I like this idea of a world full of men summoning women for x reason... could easily combine this concept with Far From Home but I'm open to other suggestions that go along with this concept.

      Pairing Craving-
      (Note: The ** means the role I want to play as)

      (Ask me for more information)
      Onyx Stone
      Alex Bells
      Kai Corcuera
      Kura Fujioka

      - No switching roles
      - I expect the same amount of effort in responses that I give you. The same goes vise verse, if you give a longer response, I will return it too. If you're curious about my average length, I could do an average of 500 words or more.

      I have a lot, just ask me. But these are my top kinks right below
      White haired characters (highkey, big kink my dudes)
      Happiness (UwU)
    • Trystan
      By Trystan
      I'm a submissive guy, that loves to be put in his place, and i'll do anything and everything that you ask of me. Hurt me, spank me, humiliate me, fuck me, and anything you could ever possibly imagine of doing!~ but in this one I would prefer you to either be a lolli, or a monster girl (of your choice). The story is: one day on the way to work, I was walking down a dark alley way, as it was 10:46 PM. I was listening to some Slipknot, and I was quietly humming to myself. I kept walking feeling something a bit ominous, but I just shrugged it off. Little did I know that my entire life was about to change. If you can, please send me the picture of the lolli/ or monster girl you want to be. Thank you and have a great day
    • Mysthero
      By Mysthero
      Far away from civilization, secluded by mountain ranges is a hotel resort nestled at the top of one of the lower mountains. With wonderful slopes, natural hotsprings, lakes, and rivers, the resort provides a year round attraction for anyone who knows of it's existence.
      But if it's not the wooded trails, the swimming, or skiing that interests you, then the staff definitely will! They are trained in traditional and modern methods of providing either the pinnacle relaxation or the ability to sate any craving for adventure!
      The men and women who serve at the Glass Lake Resort can fulfill the craving of almost any client, all you ever have to do is ask.
      Come relax with us, or have an adventure!  Or perhaps you crave something more enticing that's just beyond your reach? Let us help make your dreams come true!
      Sounds too good to be true right? Or far too expensive for your average tourist? Well, you would be half right. The Glass Lake resort has catered to the rich and powerful for years but with such a small, discerning clientele... hard times are falling on the resort. Financially speaking they are having a difficult time keeping the lights on!
      The last owner has unfortunately passed away and the staff are worried they will lose their jobs and their homes without a guiding hand! Luckily the owner had an heir, maybe they can keep the Glass Lake Resort from going out of business?
      So I had this idea where someone who didnt even know they were related to the owner of the resort, ends up inheriting it! Along with all the debts that come with it! Also... there is something strange about everyone who works here...
      Looking for the new owner of the Glass Lake Resort! Let me know if you are interested!
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