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Officer Jenny says:


Below are various rulings for different aspects of the role play and what to do/not to do. Any questions can be answered easily, just ask. Obey the law and we won't have any trouble!

General rules

- The goal here is authenticity. I love Pokemon, I respect the source material and I am going to do my best to make this feel like the most authentic Pokemon story that I possibly can. Not to say things should be taken too seriously. Laugh, play, be goofy.

- Rules ARE going to change and certain posts will be edited as things develop in the role play. Expect this. It will always be noted when it happens.

- There is a plot, there is a point. I will move things as steadily as I can. The plot is not to advance without me. While I DO appreciate creativity and coming up with new things to add in, don't try to take the wheel in the event of my absence.

- I've seen the way some users behave when a partner is behind on a reply. You are not to pester anyone for a response. If they appear online and don't reply in a scene they have started in private messaging, that is one thing. In a group role play, where others may be waiting on them to advance something, we will move on without them. A warning that things will commence will be issued to the absent member.

- Respecting the ToU, sexually explicit images of underage characters (even if they are drawn older or as adults) are not to be shared. Some characters in Pokemon do not have canonical ages and I'm not sure what the site's rulings would be with them, but it's best not to risk it if you are not sure. 



Obviously, I'm not going to say smut isn't welcome, but I have rules for it that I expect to be respected, I'm really serious about these:

- The goal of this role play is not to fuck gym leaders for badges, to fondle your Gardevoir or anything of the sort.

- Sex scenes are to be done in private threads. When you're about to leave for one, put (Continued in (insert name of thread) ) at the end of your post in the main thread, and in the private thread do the same, (Continued (from where you were) ). This is for the sake of time keeping and keeping track of where everyone is.

- Do not initiate a sex scene if you're going to take forever, or if you're going to interfere with anyone else in the group doing anything, such as if you're working as a team. I will creatively interrupt if I see that I need to.

- Really, it's at your discretion, but try to not meet someone, grab their ass and expect to fuck within two responses. That's not what we are doing here.

- No one is obligated to make their character have an interest in having sex with your own if yours shows interest.

- Sex scenes are NOT to be constant. Meaning, I don't want to look at the club and see three sex scenes happening in tandem, or in succession depending on how long I was away.

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This role play takes place shortly after the events of Pokemon Sword/Shield in the Mega universe.

For those of you unfamiliar with the super fascinating multiverse in Pokemon (which they have yet to advance the story of in SWSH...), I'll try to make this as painless as I can.

For the sake of this role play, we will say there are two universes, the original universe and the mega universe.

The original universe would consist of the events of games Red/Blue - Black2/White2. The Mega universe would consist of the events of games X/Y - Sword and Shield. Two separate universes and even timelines.

The original universe took place several years before the events of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. We know this because Anabel existed in the Battle Frontier in Ruby and Sapphire and was pulled through an ultra wormhole to end up in the Mega Universe. Which is how she was able to go from this slightly annoying looking girl...


To the black suit wearing Interpol hottie that we meet in Alola...


There are several years of difference between the two timelines, as this same character from Ruby and Sapphire. HOWEVER, in Sun and Moon, Wally appears in the Battle Tree and has not aged a day since Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, meaning that May, Brendan and others are the same age as they were. This also means that the events of Red/Blue and Gold/Silver take place several years before Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire in the Mega universe.

Another way to put it. This version of May would be an adult by the time of this role play...


... While THIS May would be the same age.


It might be a bit confusing, but this is the logic we are following. I can clarify anything If you want to ask a question. 

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Pokémon and Battles


- Pokemon are not to be portrayed as human, furry or anything of the sort. Pokemon are their original forms.

- Shiny Pokemon are meant to be exceedingly rare. Let's keep it that way.

- No one can possess a legendary or mythical Pokemon. An encounter with one in the past may be acceptable and several may appear in this role play.

- We are not using Mega Evolution, Z-Moves, Battle Bond or Dynamax... For now.

- Battles don't have to be like they are in the games, we all love the excitement of the anime style battles where they make use of the Pokémon's skills and abilites outside of their attacks. Have a great time being creative and showing what your team can do.

- Unlike in the games, any Pokemon can be competent in this role play. Obviously, some Pokemon will be stronger than others and have their advantages and disadvantages, but no Pokemon is useless.

- Pokemon are limited to four attacks each, just as in the games. I expect you to have attacks that make sense for the Pokémon's type and existing move pool. I can answer literally any quesiton about this if necessary.

- It should be noted, a battle and a fight are very different. A battle is a contest of the bond of trainer and pokemon, where they learn about one another, themselves and grow together. A fight is more life and death.

- I expect if two role players decide their characters should engage in a Pokemon battle, they should work out how it will go on their own. Winning a game Pokemon battle in a role play will not get you clout, do not be a bitch about it.

- There may be NPC trainers that are not meant to be defeated in certain points of the story. Don't get pissed if you get smoked. 


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Obviously, Pokéarth is a fan term for the world in which Pokemon exist with regions to mirror those of our own world, such as Kalos being France, Galar being England, etc. 

This role play will take place across various regions and locations, which will each be added here as they are mentioned or discovered.

For the sake of this role play and mining the franchise for all that it is worth, all regions, locations and cities featured or mentioned in the games are valid, including the Orre region. I may expand this a bit.











Other Locations

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