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Our Story So Far...


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The world of Pokémon, a spinning globe of wonderment!

Home to an infinite array of creatures too varied to fully comprehend. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, meticulously fashioned by the forces of nature in all it's glory, as only nature can. No matter what corner of the world you find yourself in, rest assured, you will find Pokémon there as well; Soaring overhead, skimming the clouds. Riding the currents undersea. Sharing the mountains' majesty and animating our many lush, green forests. Happily making their home in fields of grass. Why, even our sprawling cities are teeming with them!

People and Pokémon find common ground in sharing the goal of victory in the Pokémon battle, vying to become friends, comrades and Pokémon masters!

Some such trainers have been recently called from around the world to join in on a new sort of competition, hosted by a Professor who prowls the world with his three assistants in search of answers to all of our questions about our Pokémon friends we share our home with.

The GO Festival


Pokémon trainers and the curious alike from every region gathered in the designated meeting spot for The upcoming competition that they were calling "GO Fest", which was to consist of three phases, working towards the goal of claiming victory for one of three teams, each lead by one of Professor Willow's assistants:

Team Mystic, lead by the calculating Blanche, a team that called to the brilliant and the curious.

Team Instinct, lead by the livewire Spark, a team made up of those who share their passions of growth and living in the moment.

Team Valor, lead by the fiery Candela, a team comprised of those who seek strength and challenge.

The competition worked differently than any ever before it, trainers were required to store their usual partners, as phase one of the competition was to observe and capture as many Pokémon as possible within the allotted time limit, then build a team based on your collection! Phase two was all about training your team and earning points for capturing miniature "gyms", the more gyms your team had control of, the more points earned. Phase three, where the festival has finally made it to after three days, is a test of skill, determining who is the best of the best in a tournament setting with a select few members of each team representing them in the heated competition.

Along the way, however, there were reports and even captures of a creature no one had ever seen before. They were everywhere for a very short period of time one day, and the leaders of the three teams were getting so many calls that they were backed up several messages about the same thing; A mysterious little creature that could have only been a Pokémon... Right?


The leaders of the teams urged the members who contacted them to keep it hush-hush, as not to alarm the other competitors or, worse, the rest of the world over the potential appearance of a completely undocumented Pokémon. It didn't appear to be much for the way of battling, so they didn't think too much of it, but intended to contact Professor Willow as soon as they reached their destination for the final phase of GO Fest; Poketopia!

(This thread is not to be replied to. To be continued as the role play advances...)

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