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Adverse as Viridian


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Name: Viridian, Dian for short.

Career: Trainer, Field Research Specialist

Pokémon: (Festival only) Jolteon, Nuzleaf, Crawdaunt, Scyther, Sneasel, Luxio

Pokédex Data: Hailing from the bustling Ryme City, Dian found himself more enamored with observing and interacting with Pokémon more than he did with battling. Make no mistake, in his chest beats the heart of a trainer, but he has all of the curiousity of a professor. As such, he took to traveling and offering assitance to the professors of various regions in their research of the species native to their respective region.

Not bad as a trainer, himself, he entered into this new competition as a learning opportunity, naturally joining Team Mystic. The chance to see various Pokémon in the designated capture zones, the way trainers behaved outside of their comfort zones for battling with all new teams, it was all very exciting for him, but nothing was so exciting that word was breaking out of an unknown Pokémon in the capture zones. He wasn't able to find one while they were appearing for the limited time, but he was intrigued nonetheless and was anxious to see one up close, for himself.

Dian is a fan of music and generally drowning out the rest of the world while he works, he is commonly found with headphones over his ears or around his neck.

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