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- Trainer Card -


Name: Keiko

Age: TBD(adult tho)

Career: Photographer whose a part time trainer

Pokémon: Houndoom, Flygon, Braixen, Roserade, Vaporeon and Shinx {{festival pokemon}}

Pokédex Data: Keiko is a outdoors loving gal, she loves pokémon and tends to obsess over them. She reigns from Ever Grande City which helped push her obsession of pokemon. She’s a very sweet but easily excited female. Tending to be air headed at times. She took up photographing pokemon as her job to fuel her need to see and interact with them. She’s traveled quite a bit and took up battling for sport. She’s apart of team Instinct for the festival due to her spunky attitude and wanting to excel more in battle. Usually one of her pokemon are always out with her to keep her company, her camera is always with her as well as she would never miss a chance to snap a picture of a pokemon! 

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