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Pokétopia, GO Fest Phase 3!


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Pokétopia, a wonderland for Pokémon lovers and Pokémon alike! Packed with attractions, hotels, games, rides for thrill seekers, shops, it's own Pokémon center and an unprecedented eleven arenas for battle, there was certainly no other possible place to host the final phase of the GO Festival! 

Glowing brilliantly like a beacon after the sun rested behind the horizon, large, Lapras-styled ferries finally dock at the entrance to the utopia after their journey from the mainland harbor in Canalave City, containing the qualifying members of the three competing teams, each of them eager to find out their place in the brackets of the battle competition in the final phase of the three day long challenge...


Out of one, exiting ahead of Team Mystic was their calculating leader, Blanche, who was busy hacking away with one hand on a laptop, fingers working like a spider that couldn't find grip on a surface while the other arm cradled it in front of her. She stared down at the screen with intense focus, but navigated her way out of the enclosed ferry and out to the docks with eerie precision, her stride was long and quick. She walked with purpose as her team, clad in arctic blue shirts with a large, deep blue decal of their symbol emblazoning the chests. They filed out relatively organized and followed after Blanche.

Out of another in the dock beside was Team Instinct, wearing black tees with their symbol decaled in electric yellow. They piled out, highly disorganized, but laughing their asses off about Arceus-knew-what. Spark, their leader, had a toothy grin on his face, his arms draped around the necks of a few trainers as they laughed together and generally looked more like a team than either of the other two.

Finally, was Team Valor, who came nearly exploding out the door, shoving past one another in white shirts, their team symbol a burning red on their chests. Immediatley, they hooped, hollared, shouted "TEAM VALOR RULES" at the closest team they could, which happened to be team instinct, and carried on. After a long, long few moments, Candela, their beautiful, but fierce leader, came trudging out of the ferry, her fingers pinching the bridge of her nose as she followed after her team, not too closely. She had a legendary headache.

Reaching the main entrance to Pokétopia from the docks, Candela glanced up and saw Blanche walking towards her with what she could only describe as fury. 

"Candela.", Blanche greeted her comrade.

"Blaaaaanche?", Candela greeted in response, but with skepticism. Blanche always seemed calm but she knew all to well of her silent rage and didn't want to provoke the ice queen.

"You don't seem well. Sea sickness? I have something for that.", Blanche asked, a brow lifted inquisitively.

"No, no, I did fine on the trip itself, just...", Candela began, but glanced over at the gathering teams, Mystic and instincr mingled well but Valor seemed a bit isolated with themselves, but they would let out loud, prideful "WOO"s at any other member that would come anywhere close. Candela looked back at Blanche and gestured with her hand towards the group.

Blanche looked over at the teams and blinked a few times, then, with complete disinterest, shifted her attention back to Candela. "So I was looking into data gathered from from phase one, when... It happened.", She began to explain.

Candela deflated a bit at her friend's apathy, but looked down at the computer screen as Blanche turned it around to show her.

Just then, a chuckling Spark came out of almost nowhere and rested his forearm on Candela's shoulder in a very relaxed manner, then let oh a dragged out sigh as he came down from laugh.

"Spark, what do you make of this?", Candela asked, pointing at the screen as she looked over at Spark.

Spark blinked and looked at the screen, his eyes scanned back and forth, then he stood up straight and put his hands behind his head with a toothy smile. "I don't have any idea what I'm looking at.", He said with the utmost confidence. 

"It's... It's...", Blanche started, looking between her clueless teammates, then her expression intensified, "It's the data I've been able to compile and analyze from the time of the anomaly!", she scolded, "I told you I was going to be gathering information so we could send it to the professor!".

"I... Must not have heard you.", Candela said, sheepishly, as her eyes shifted back and forth.

"I definitely didn't hear you!", Spark said, still smiling, twisting his pinky back and forth in his ear, "Didn't we have a few of the participants send some of those to the Prof anyways?".

"Y-Yes, to study the creatures themselves, but that isn't...", Blanche began to stumble over her words and trip up a bit, aggravated and at a loss for words over her cohorts being careless on the verge of what could have been the greatest discovery in their careers, maybe their lifetime. "We don't know anything about them! There's no recorded information, no other documented sightings, nothing has ever been found in ruins depicting these creatures, they're not in the data for the Pokédex for any region...", She began to huff, catching her breath.

"Relax, snowball.", Candela smiled and shook her head, crossing her arms over her very obvious breasts, "We'll contact the professor once we're inside, it's gonna take a little time for the battle brackets to randomize, after all. We'll see what he dug up, upload the data and bam, we can finish up the festival and take it from there.".

"You know what I always say!", Spark winked, "We'll cross that bridge when we get there!".

"We're... We're there.", Blanche responded with a confused, squinted eye, "We're at that bridge. We've gotten to it.".

"Tsk.", Candela tutted, rolling her eyes back as she closed the laptop, then settled her gaze on Blanche again, "Come on, brainiac, let's just enjoy the rest of the festival, we can worry about that research once it's over, alright?", she placed her hands on Blanche's shoulders and spin her around, then shoved her forward a bit.

"Yeah!", Spark said, hanging his arm limply around Blanche's neck as he guided her towards the gate, where the teams were piling in to meet up at Gateway Colosseum, the designated arena for phase three, "Our teams worked real hard, you know? Harder than I've ever worked.".

"I don't doubt that.", Blanche responded, hugging the laptop against her chest as she was lead by the others, following after their teams.

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The moment that Bronwyn stepped out from the door behind another trainer, her blue eyes were searching around, studying the docks around them. The salty tang of the sea hit her, and she breathed deeply, appreciating the smell. Like the rest of her team, she was wearing an arctic blue shirt with a large deep blue decal of their team symbol on her chest. Most of the other trainers in her team seemed to have a rather stiff posture, whereas she was a little more relaxed as she studied the environment with a curious gaze. She was close to the back of the group, as she had been pretty much delegated towards the back to allow other trainers to go before her. Not that she was bothered, as she was brimming with nervous energy and thus was all too happy to let others go ahead in front of her. She was just glad that the stiff posture of the others allowed her to remain stiff with nervousness without attracting too much notice.

She was still questioning why she had even entered this festival in the first place. She was not much of a battler, although she could hold her own at times. But she still wasn’t too confident in her skills as a battling trainer. It was her hope that getting involved in this festival would help expand her horizons even further and with any luck, improve her battling skills. She had already travelled to several regions, getting to meet new people and Pokémon, and learning how to care for them. This was the first time she had been here, to Pokétopia. Quite the opposite to battling, she was much more confident when it came to caring for a Pokémon. She had made quick friends with the ones that she had captured during the first phase and trained in the second. They had warmed up very quickly, even if Gabite had been the most resistant but her persistence had paid off. She just wished her precious Cayne was with her and she sorely missed his comforting presence.

She was brought from her thoughts when they reached the main entrance of Pokétopia. She looked up, gulping a little at the intimidating sight but she took a deep breath and straightened her shoulders as she followed the rest of her team inside, chanting in her head repeatedly, ‘Get a grip of yourself, Bronwyn. Get a grip on yourself, Bronwyn…’ She glanced behind her and saw the three team leaders that were now trailing behind them, talking. She wasn’t able to make out the words, but while they seemed interested on what was Blanche’s laptop, there didn’t seem to be anything amiss so she turned her attention forwards again, filled with a nervous anticipation for what was about to come. 

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A pair of blue orbs shot around curiously as Keiko walked off with some of the trainers from her respected team. Sharing the same goofy smile on her face like so many other Instinct team members had. The salty taste of the air made the hair on the back of her neck stand with excitement as her smile grew even wider if possible. So far this entire festival was fun to her, she loved to learn more of the battling side of pokemon and adored seeing so many. Keiko was one of the trainers that seemed like she was festering with energy as she made sure to be in the front of her team with a few others. 

Keiko’s blue gaze wandered about the docks, only briefly looking to people as she was more focused on seeing if there was any pokemon to take a look at. The woman had her hands firmly gripping her hips as she walked, sporting a respective team shirt as her heels lightly clicked on the surface below. Slung lazily over her shoulder was her small camera bag that inside held what she prioritized over her pokemon. Her camera was her livelihood, she couldn’t afford to break her precious device as it paid the bills. Even so Keiko had built up a decent follower base from online postings of her pictures. But she couldn’t blame anyone for loving her pictures, they were of pokemon for Arceus sake! Who wouldn’t love pictures of them?!

During phase one and phase two Keiko had focused on building her team and connecting with them. Her original partner was a Absol from her home region of Hoenn. But she decided to put him on hold for this due to wanting to meet more pokemon! Keiko honestly had never really saw herself wanting to be a better trainer in the aspects of battling. She was always so curious about it, so she took a leap of faith and joined the festival. During phase one she had only caught four out of her six pokemon, then during phase two the other two joined her team. Keiko’s team was almost filled with fully evolved pokemon but she could only admit she evolved only three of them. Roserade was her first she had gotten to evolve from a little Roselia, then she gotten Braixen to from a spitfire of a Fennekin, and finally her most proudest moment was having her Flygon evolve, which she had started her journey with it as a Trapinch, and her first pokemon she caught during this festival. Keiko had not caught but convinced (somehow) Houndoom, Vaporeon already at their fully evolved states to join her side. Shinx was her newest recruit and obsession as she never had a electric type before!

The photographer had worked hard on training alongside her team and making sure they were well cared for. The silver-haired lass had learned so much so far about battling that she couldn’t wait to learn even more! She came to a halt when she got to the gate, her head whipping around as she saw other trainers. She eyed trainers from the other teams, the collected Mystics and the competitive Valors. Her nimble fingers started to tap viciously at her own hips, her festering excitement seemed like it was about to boil over as the waiting seemed to take a toll on the silver-haired trainer. Oh Arceus, why couldn’t you bless me with the power of patience? Keiko thought as she looked up towards the sky.

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