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Captain's Quarters


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Captain Venus' quarters are the richly appointed stateroom below the fantail. Broad windows with diamond shapes lights form the majority of the stern wall.

Her desk is a massive, heavy oaken affair with brass fittings, built into the deck and lacquered to a dark sheen. Glass baubles, silver treasures and various trophies, among them a skull rumored to belong to Monster's original master, hold down charts and prop up log books.

To one side sits a small dining table, suspended by ropes from the overhead. Opposite is her bed. For shipboard living it is large and covered by a tumble of cushions, quilts and comforters. The drawers under the bed show the corners of rich fabrics sticking out of ajar fronts.

Captain Venus herself is very likely lounging here, with her boots crossed on top of the desk.

Crew members may petition the captain by banging on the hatch and awaiting her permission to enter.

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Venus proudly struts into her quarters as the cabin boy was in already cleaning. Taking her trench coat off she tosses it off onto the bed as she sits onto her chair leaning back watching the boy clean. 

Lickin her lips she grabs the bottle of rum on her desk taking the cork out swigging it down making her body shake and her body hot and bothered from eating Marjia out. 

Looking at Albrect she gave a throaty command,"Boy, come here." Albrect halted in his cleaning and went to her immediately. "Yes, captain," he asked as he approached her. 

Venus grabs him by the shirt to bring him close giving a whisper,"Tell me boy...still hard from that little show with Marjia?" 

As she asked her other hand slides up his leg going to his harden shaft finding her answer before he could even let out a word. Giving a smirk Venus let's out a hearty laugh,"Oh, full of surprises! Wouldn't you like to do the same to your Captain?" 

Nodding eagerly he brings his hands to her pants pulling them down to reveal her lower mound. 

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Venus let the cabin boy push her pants to the tops of her boots then gave him a questioning look, "And what's your plan for that?"

She grabbed the waist of his pants and pushed him to kneel on the floor. "Problem solving - most important thing a captain does."

She lifted her booted feet and planted the soles on the edge of her desk and rolled her knees apart. "There you go, boy - Venus' yummy cunt for your dining pleasure." she grinned with a warm twinkle in her eye. She grabbed his head and pushed his face into her waiting sex. "That's the lad."

Albrecht had experience with Marjia's demands and was well prepared for Venus' as well. "Aye aye!" he agreed, his words muffled by the damp folds of of Venus' splayed lower lips. He lifted his hands to spread his captain's thighs and ass cheeks.

Venus slapped them down, "Keep your filthy cock floggers off me, boy!" she grumbled.

He waved his stinging appendages and began to lap away at her pink slit, worming his tongue inside as best he could.

The captain gave a soft sigh of satisfaction.

A knock sounded at her hatch, and the boy started, lifting his head from his assigned task. Venus pushed his face back against her pussy, "No one's her to see you boy, tend your duties."

She looked up from the boy to the polished wooden door, "What?"

"It's Talia, Venus - you summoned me about the quartermaster?"

"Come on in."

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