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Marjia's Port


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Marjia's Port: 

Known for it's best trading and best desirable place there lies a darker secret to all who venture here. 

For the woman Marjia who owns the port is known to have the beauty of Aphrodite and the largest harem known to those who have ventured there. 

It is said that Marjia likes to keep hold of those within her harem. If any should try to leave a curse is laid upon them until they seek repentance from her or their death. 

Only very few have left with her blessing for they are always drawn back to Marjia to visit from time to time. 

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Bell rings out from the crow's nest crew member calls out,"Land Ho! Land Ho! Marjia's Port in bound!" 

Talia gives a shout out," All hands on deck! Look alive you lubbers! Get the sails ready for port!" 

Talia watches the crew scramble about and directs one of the men to inform the Captian. 

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Marjia leaned on the railing of her balcony. Venus had returned, and her thugs would be flooding the streets hungry for sex, rum and food not cooked by whichever convict poisoned them the least.

Majira was no longer young, but her figure remained and her generous bosom had not sagged far. She called behind her to one of her many concubines, "Albrecht! Come here, boy!"

The youth scurried over, eager to please the mistress in the hopes of spending the night in her large soft bed, between her thighs. "Mistress Jia?" he answered.

She pointed to the ship that had just pulled into post, "You see that ship, you run down there and fetch me the captain, Venus. If you do, you'll have these tonight." she lifted her fat tits out of her dress and pushed the youth's face into them. She pushed him back by his shoulders gently. "Hurry now." she said with a spreading smile.

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At the port once the ship docked Captian Venus walked down the walking plank onto the docks. Looking around she waited for Talia to follow her down the docks. 

Talia leans into Venus' ear," Bet she'd have someone take you to her." 

Sure enough she sees a young man coming towards them. Venus nods towards the youth to lead the way. 

Heading into a small alleyway that leads what looks like a wooden fence Alberht knocks on the wood with three double taps. An eye slot open revealing one brown eye and a gruff voice spoke,"Password?" 

Albhret says gently,"Temptations." 

The eye slot closed and then a door opens to reveal a cyclops guarding the door. Stepping aside revealed an extravagant bar setting with many tapestries hanging off the ceiling. All manner of beauty was found here. From flowers to the beings in the bar showed nothing but beauty. 

Albreht points to the stairs and leads them over. Venus heads up the stairs with Talia in tow as they reach the inner sanctum of Marjia's brothel. 

Marjia herself was laid back against large pillows surrounded by different beings even humans that were either naked or partial naked some were kissing others some were caressing Marjia. 

Marjia was a beauty to the eyes. For her long brown tasseled hair cascaded behind her and she showed off her heavy set breasts with an hour glass figure. Her legs spread as a woman was licking her pussy making her velvety voice rang out in pleasure. 

Upon seeing Venus her eyes sparkled with joy and she pushes the woman aside to walk to her. 

"Venus my beautiful flower," she exclaimed as she wrapped her in a hug giving her a kiss to her cheeks. Taking Venus' hands she leads her to her pillows and have her ontop of Marjia. 

"Oh, beloved wandering flower, how goes the adventures?" 

Venus smiles and kisses Marjia's lips gently moaning softly," It sails beautifully, Marjia. Maybe one day you'll venture out of your haven?" 

Marjia gives her a playful slap on Venus' shoulder," Then who would run my beautiful home?" 

Venus backs away from Marjia slightly but keeps within arm distance of her. "Now I'm sure you would find someone one day as I will eventually for Captian. Enough of that now. I need to talk buisness." 

Marjia let's out a frustrated groan," Venus...Venus...Venus...always with the buisness....now what is it you need?" 

"Straight to the point I need a cabin boy. Hard working, durable, sturdy lad, that handles the sea better than if he was on land," Venus says as she looks at Marjia with a little bit of a stern look. 

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Marjia gave the pirate captain a skeptical scowl.

"How would I know if any of my harem were any good at sea? And why, Emma," Venus winced at the name she'd been born with, but the older woman continued unfazed, "woul I give another of my darlings to the life of a pirate?"

Venus knew she had leverage but was loathe to use it. She pursed her lips briefly, steeling herself for what was to come.

"Beloved Mistress, have I not honored you? I bring you gifts and lovelies As I find them. I bend knee to only you. May not one of my siblings join me?"

Marjia's stern face softened slightly. "You always knew how to ask me for things, didn't you, Emma?" The older woman folded Venus in another hug and kisses her on the mouth.

"But now you're Captain Venus, Master of the Monster. You are no more my darling, are you?"

Venus started to give her a hard look but stopped herself, "Mistress, I have always been yours, have I not?"

Marjia gave a broad, satisfied smile a lifted her long skirts, "Then show me, Venus, who your mistress is."

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Venus gives a small smile as she pushes Marjia's skirt up high enough to reveal her pussy. Taking off her captain's hat and putting it aside she leans down and spreads Marjia's lower lips apart to let a cool breath brush against her clit. 

Marjia shivers from the breath as her pussy glistens with her arousal. As Venus slips her tongue between her spread lips slowly getting the sweet taste of her arousal juices making Venus moan softly from the taste. 

Venus slips her tongue from the bottom of Marjia's vagina up slowly and tantalizing up to her clit making sure her tongue roughly brushes against her clit. Marjia moans softly feeling her vaginal walls clenches as she takes her top down to massage her breasts. 

Looking up at Marjia she slips her tongue inside her vagina curling her tongue up against the roof of her vaginal wall then moving the tip around in a circular motion inside. Marjia was moaning in pleasure arching her back reaching down to Venus' head to push her down into her.

"Oh, Yes Venus, you still have that talented tongue..." Marjia moans giving a smirk. "You know what I want." 

Venus chuckles into Marjia's labia as one of her hands slides down to brush her thumb against her clit as her tongue thrusts in and out of her vagina. 

Suddenly Marjia turns to be on her hands and knees lifting her skirt to present her ass to Venus exclaiming with firmness," I can't stand it anymore! You know what I want!" 

"As you wish Marjia," Venus drawls before bringing her face down to her puckered anal hole. Slipping her tounge out behind her lips to lick the starfish entrance getting saliva coating the anal hole. 

Licking her anal hole with a slow sensual tease she slips two of her fingers up into Marjia's vagina getting it coated with the clear liquid of her juices. 

Marjia's face is flushed with her pleasure going higher as her vaginal walls contract and detract around Venus' fingers that were stroking within close proximity of her g-spot causing Marjia to moan loudly. 

Taking it as a cue Venus jabs her tongue into Marjia's anal hole and licks inside curling her tongue around in a circular motion before thrusting in and out. 

Marjia moans out loud as she feels Venus taking her in both holes causing her body to shake as she cums onto Venus' fingers. 

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Albrecht had followed the captain back to his mistress' harem, expecting a far different exchange. Usually the inbond ships paid Mistress Marjia a berthing fee and landing tax.

This woman strode in as if she were Mistress' equal.

As the scene unfolded he was fascinated. Stories abounded about Marjia's favorite concubine who'd been freed. Was this her? This Emma, or Venus, now?

When Marjia had ordered her to go down on her, Venus had dropped and had Mistress wriggler harder and in less time than anyone else. Albrecht had spent an hour between Marjia's legs, trying desperately to elicit the kind of response the captain had gotten in minutes.

He could see the glaze on the captain's face, see, Marjis twisting and bucking her hips and he felt his dick stiffening in the thin cotton trousers. He began to surreptitiously rub himself through his pants. The matron's hole was open wide and soaked, eager, he knew to be filled

Then the older woman had demanded Venus tongue her ass. Marjia dropped to her knees and the captain had knelt behind her, her pink tongue worming up Marjia sensitive ass as he long thin fingers slipped in the mistress' wet slit.

With Marjia distracted and facing the other way, he slipped his hand into his pants, ignoring the rest of the harem who ogled the captain and their mistress panting and groaning on the floor in the parlor. Several of them, aroused by the show were beginning to fondle each other.

It was hard to flog his aching cock the way he wanted inside the confines of his pants, and he shoved them down, letting his fist slide along the length of his shaft for a few strokes before he began to concentrate on the sensitive end.

When Mistress came, Albrecht was close to his own orgasm but the captain turned away from Marjia's quivering ass and looked directly at him. His hand froze and the captain tapped the big round cheek of Marjia's ass. The older woman turned out, her big tit's hanging down out of her bodice, the dark nipples long and hard.

"How 'bout him?" She asked.

Marjia looked first at him, then her. "What's my cock doing in your hand, boy?" the domineering matron demanded. To Venus she said, "My darling Albrecht? He's such a pretty lad, certainly your thugs will fuck him near to death."

Venus wiped her mouth and rolled over, leaning against Marjia's thigh, her head resting on the other woman's fat ass, "Well it's a lovely prick he sports - not the biggest ever, but it's pretty and straight. Fetch us that cock, boy."

Albrecht held still and Marjia smiled, rolled over herself, nearly dumping Venus on the floor. "See, he's a darling boy. Come along Albrecht, let Emma see your pretty cock."

He crossed the room in a hurried shuffle, struggling to manage his half down trousers. "Fuck, boy," Venus grumbled, "just take them off."

He stopped and looked at Marjia, who looked in turn at Venus, "You were once just as well behaved, Captain." She gave the boy a nod. He let his pants fall and stepped out of them.

As he neared Marjia pointed to Venus who took his cock in her hand.

He was shocked at how soft her skin was. Venus idly stroked it, exploring his length, "I'd say I still am." she replied to Marjia looking up at the boy. "He is a pretty thing, isn't he?"

"What do you think boy," Venus asked, glancing at his cock as she slid her fist along it, her thumb rubbing over his hole and under the shaft, "would you like to come and sail with me."

Albrecht nodded, not really thinking. Her hand felt nearly as good as Marjia's pussy.

Marjia snorted, "Thin you could asking while you weren't tugging on his pud?"

"I could," Venus answered, "but that's not nearly as much fun."

"Marjia shook her head and ran her fingers through Venus' hair, "Why did I ever let you go, Emma?"

Venus smiled, "Because I was your favorite and it made everyone else miserable."

Albrecht's knees shook and a spasm ran up his body as a jet of cum spurted against Venus' thumb. Several more spasm shook him but only a few drops more dribbled onto Venus' fingers and blouse.

"Oh, now that is disappointing, boy."

Marjia shoved Venus. "He nutted a quart on my tits this morning. He's only a lad, you be nice."

Venus looked at the boy, "Did you give Mistress a big load already today?"

He nodded again. Confused, terrified and aroused.

The captain gave him a look that even he could tell was an evaluation, "Fetch me my hat, boy. And your britches."

Venus kissed Marjia as she stood up, "I'll take good care of him." She winked as she watched the youth's pale bubble butt sway as her turned to his tasks, running half naked through the parlor.

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Down the hill from Marjia's palatial fortress, the rest of the port that bore her name spilled toward the docks.

Taverns dotted the streets and alleys and the sprawling waterfront town was home to well known brothels. Most were announced by large signs bearing their names but some you had to know where to look. Tucked away, down the winding streets and cramped alleyways were several other establishments known to only the chosen few who were instructed to be discrete and not share what they knew with just anybody.

Where in Marjia's Port have we found you? And which of you would meet her at the docks at dawn?

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