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Name: Talia

Age: 18

Species: Human

Abilities: Singing, pillaging, lock picking, and steering ship. 

With hair long and wavy as the sea on the cool clear moon full skies. Eyes shine like golden doubloons in torch light. Standing at 5'6 she has a feisty temper when messed with. Talia wears a black corset around her waist that emphasizes her c cup breasts under her white tunic. Wearing a dark red slanted skirt shows off her ass for how tight it is on her. Black thigh high boots hides her legs mostly from those who try to see. When she sings it is said that those who hear falls into a trance that makes them obey her every whim and command and even calm the most agrivated of storms. Why that be? It said that Posiedion always looks for her just to hear her sing to calm his nerves. 


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