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A Long-needed Vacation


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Mariko slipped into the warm water, a soft moan of delight parting her lips as the warm liquid encased her sensitive skin. Immediately, the hotness of the springs worked to soothe her tired and aching muscles. She relaxed at the edge of the pool, leaning against some rocks placed mostly for decorative purposes, and watched the others present. It was an interesting sight to behold, some intermingled closely with one another while others moaned with pleasure, and a sort of envy settled in the woman's heart. Her fingers slid beneath the water as she fought the urge to touch herself.

It was a well-needed vacation from her tireless days at work, always trying to please her superiors in an attempt to work her way up the chain, and yet nothing she did was ever enough. At times, she pondered sleeping with them, but she wasn't entirely sure it'd work and the last thing she felt she needed was a reputation. But oh! the fantasies that graced the young woman's mind were endless, and there was an unfed lust deep inside her that she wished to have fulfilled.

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