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Teacher of the arts.


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My first day here and I am so excited to get started and help shape the younger generations into proper and good people with active imaginations and creativity.

I have spent a fair deal of my life trying to make it as an artist and even though I got praise all around, the big leap just never seem to come. While that was rather frustrating and depressing, one day I began to find new ways to utilize my knowledge and talents for creating art.

Then one day, as if fated to be, I ran into one of my older girl friends from college, who studied to be a teacher. Sadly we lost touch after school ended, but we had a pretty good friendship going on and we always enjoyed spending time together. Despite the rather sudden and awkward way to meet, we quickly got into our old routine and the anxiety and uncertainty about the relationship suddenly ending. She offered to take me out for some coffee, so we did just that.

Naturally, I ended up telling her about my woes in the art world and how I wanted to use my talents for something. Fate was not done with me yet, as she proceeds to tell me about this new position at her school for someone like me.

So not only did I get my good friend back, I also got a decent job.

The next thing I know, the school bells are ringing and while I am not extremely nervous, it is of course very new to me....I hope it goes well.


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I sigh, closing the car door, waving my parents goodbye. I breathed in, taking in the huge school building. I was sure to get lost here. It looked ominous in a way, like a maze. I was hoping to find friends in here.

I went through the door, crowds already filled up the hallways. It was the first day afterall. The entrance ceremony was about to begin. I followed the signs to a huge hall, and took a seat, waiting for the ceremony to begin.i watched many teachers and staff members come in and introduce themselves. Suddenly , I noticed one of the teachers just come in. She had long white hair, large lips, a cute mom-like face, and even huge breas-

I gasp quietly , feeling something stir in my pants. What was this weird feeling? I never had it before. It's as if my penis had a heartbeat. Did I want to pee?  It started swelling a bit. I tried to close my eyes and breathe, calming myself down. After a few minutes, when I felt normal, I looked up again. I saw her again, her hourglass body so clear in the crowd

I felt it again this time, even stronger. My penis started swelling , as if I was growing another leg. I quickly got up , walking as fast as I could go the closest toilet, hoping no one saw it


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